U3A in BSE Study Groups

Dante: the Divine Comedy

Group Leader
Martin Hayden
01284 766691
When do we meet?.....

We meet every second and fourth Thursday, usually in the Quaker Meeting House in St Johns St


What do we do?.....

Dante's Commedia, a narrative poem which divides into the Inferno, the Purgatorio, and the Paradiso, is a 'vision'  in which Dante, lost in a dark wood, is rescued by Virgil and led on a monumental journey, by him, and later by Beatrice, through those three realms. Much of the interest centres on the people they meet and converse with.

The first group have read through the Inferno, and the Purgatorio, and are well into the Paradiso, though we are unlikely to finish before the autumn, so, although  I intend to start again, with a new group, if there is enough interest, it will probably not be until towards the end of the autumn term.

This group is for all types of reader: anyone who has always wanted to get to know this great work better but has little knowledge of it as yet, as well as anyone who has started, or dipped in, but never finished or read the whole. Those who know part or all of the work well would of course be especially welcome and anyone with knowledge of Italian (though Dante's Italian, I gather, is different from modern Italian) and Italian culture would obviously be especially welcome!

Can I join?.....

Yes. Either at the beginning of the term (when we will however be just finishing the work!) or later in the autumn when I will be ready to start a second group. Please email Martin

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