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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I join? See the homepage
How do I join a group? Contact the Group Leader - contact details (e-mail address and telehone number are on the website and the the printed programme. (On the website, look under the Groups tab on the Home page, then select the Group in which you are interested. You will be given the printed programme after joining us and after receipt of your subscription). The Leader will let you know if there are vacancies in the Group and can also advise of times and locations of meetings. Some groups have an additional subscription (to pay for venues, speakers and /or hospitality).
How do I start a new group? Contact the Study Groups Liaison Secretary or any member of the committee. See the committee page.
I am a little hard of hearing. Will I be able to hear the speaker? The sound system in the Apex is very effective. However, there are a small number of headphone sets available from the Apex main desk.
Do I have to join any groups, or take an active part? Participation, at any level, is always welcome but not essential. However please remember the aim of the U3A is educational and all members are welcome, indeed encouraged, to share their lifetime's knowledge.
If you have any questions please contact us at mail@u3aburystedmunds.co.uk or telephone the office 01284717196.

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