U3A in BSE Study Groups

German Conversation & Reading

Group Leader
Kathryn Harper
01284 765006 or 07789 494240
When do we meet?.....
Every Thursday morning 10.00 to noon
What do we do?.....

Each meeting is normally divided into two parts. The first hour is taken up with general conversation in which all present participate. Sometimes individual members give a presentation on a topic of interest, particularly as regards the German speaking world. In the second hour we move on to the book we have underway, which is usually a modern German novel, and which we then read and discuss.

Can I join?.....

Over the past year the Group has benefitted from an increased interest in the German language and now has eleven active members. This number is the maximum that can be managed. Consequently, whilst we hope to welcome new members in the future, the names of U3A members wishing to join the group will be placed on a waiting list. It is important to stress that, to benefit from the group’s activities, potential members should already have a working knowledge of the language to at least intermediate level. Please contact Kathryn if you wish to join. In the event that she is not available then please get in touch with Michael Green, a member of the group at; mjgreen1010@icloud.com or 01284 700152

Updated 2017