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University of the Third Age

Bury St Edmunds

Lectures 2017 - 2018
Our monthly Lecture Meetings will be held in the APEX auditorium on the third Tuesday of the month but there may be occasions when we have to change the date, in which case adequate notice will be given to members. Some have already had to be changed as listed below. The Lecture will start at 10.00am and normally finish by 11 - 11.15am. Visitors will be admitted free for 2 visits, thereafter will be asked to join the U3A.
Coffee is available in the reception area at a very reasonable cost.
** For parking, see below **
Our Speaker & Subject

September 19th

Ian Sanders

Last Boat to Nubia 

Ian speaks on unusual episodes about the Life of his Father-in law, Alan Sorrell (1904-74), who was best known for his archaeological reconstruction paintings he produced from 1930s to his untimely death. The talk is based on his 1962 adventure in Egypt and Sudan where he was commissioned to draw the monuments and villages before the flooding of the Aswan Dam.

October 17th

Ruth Miller

The Foundling Hospital 

Ruth was accepted into the care of The Foundling Hospital in September 1939. Changing attitudes to Illegitimacy together with opening of the Foundling Museum have Ruth to “Feel Loud and Proud’ enough to be able to speak on the interesting social history of Thomas Coram, founder of the Foundling Hospital, its 200 year history and her own experience.


November 28th

NB  4th Tuesday 9.45 start

Richard Mann

The Tragedy of the Titanic

Decried by the press originally, fascination grew with as the ships were built until they were declared by the media to be ’unsinkable’. So why on the maiden voyage to New York did one of the wireless operators start sending out distress signals on 14/15th April 1912? Richard tells the full story with other less known facts.

December 12th
NB  2nd Tuesday

Ancestral Voices

Tudor Christmas with words, images and live music 

Sarah Doig makes a welcome return, this time with two original part of the trio, who were unable to attend last time due to family illness. This time we will be a full show of Tudor Christmas.

Followed by a social gathering in the Apex Gallery free wine & soft drinks.

January 1

Paul Stancliffe

Birds of the Scilly Isles

Paul currently works for the British Trust for Ornithology is back with popular demand with another talk this time on the Birds of the Scilly Isles, where he lived for 7 years.

February 20th

Mark Mitchel

The Duke of Wellington 

Mark is a well known lecturer in East Anglia, an author , and photographer speaking on many subjects.  Mark will gives a tour de force review of this figure warts and all on the Duke of Wellington – ‘The Man who saved the World’.

March 20th

Tim Passmore

Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk 

Tim is currently the Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk.

He will speak about his current role and public sector reform in our county.


April 24th
NB  4th Tuesday

Dr Helen Geake

The Portable Antiquities Scheme

Helen leads the team at the British Museum dealing with archeological finds by members of the public in the UK. She does focus on several key items found in Suffolk.

May 15th

Margo Harrison

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People 

Margo is profoundly deaf and will be partnered her Cocker Spaniel ‘Pebbles’ and will speaking on behalf of the charity “Hearing Dogs for Deaf People which will have celebrated it’s 35th anniversary in 2017. Apart from speaking she will be demonstrating what the partnership is.

June 19th

Stephen Poulter

To the Hammer Born , Confessions of an Occasional Auctioneer

As an auctioneer and online dealer in antiques, vintage items and collectables Stephen reveals the insider secrets of how to make a living in the trade. Using examples from the wide variety of items, pictures, furniture and jewellery he sells, we learn the fascinating stories behind all sorts of historical objects dating back over the last 300 years. There is a fun quiz element with the audience members being invited to identify unusual objects and to guess the value of other items.

July 17th

Sally Cummins

Women can Fly 

From following in her brother’s footsteps jumping from the landing window and off the garden fence, to out of perfectly serviceable aeroplanes. Sally finally saw the light and became a pilot, first civil and later military. She shares what led her to becoming the first woman through the RAF’s fast-jet flying training system.



The best and easiest place to park is in the underground section of the ARC car park. If you go as far in as you can a short flight of stairs (there is also a lift) will bring you out in front of the APEX. The cost is quite reasonable.

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