U3A in BSE Study Groups

Writing Your Memoirs

Group Leader
Jayne Gilbert
01284 789335
When do we meet?.....
First Monday of the month starting at 10.30 in Stansfield
What do we do?.....
This self-help group aims to give support to its members by sharing memories thus prompting recollections of our own past. Each month everyone reads something they have written and the Group discusses each piece and makes (helpful) comments. Some hope to publish, others just want to compile their life story for family and friends.
There is the occasional lunch or visit.
Can I join?.....
Yes. Please contact Jayne
Activities For your enjoyment, click below to see two small articles written by a member of this group. If you can imagine a Midwest voice telling the tale in that distinctive accent, well.. read it and see for yourself!
Click here for 1st Article and here for 2nd Article

And here is a poem written by Brenda Fraser-Newstead who has re-located and which she dedicated to Sue Rawlings. a member of the group, who passed away n  sept. 2016


Updated 2017