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Catalogue # 168
(January-February 2018), online version

Cosmic Egg label

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The main catalogue listing...

ALTO STRATUS - TENSION! (Auricle AMC 002) MC £5.00 - An ode to the psychedelic era, partly the free-form space-rock of Guru Guru & early Heldon, meeting Kluster styled use of echo.

ALTO STRATUS - THE RITUAL (Auricle AMC 035) MC £5.00 - With lots of sampling, clever looping, ethnic & percussive techniques, this is a sureal experience.

ALTO STRATUS - CATHARSIS (Auricle AMC 049) MC £5.00 - The return of Alto Stratus, over a decade after "The Ritual" & full of creative daring & invention.

ANT-BEE - NEW MATERIAL (demo) MC m/vg+ £7.00 - Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Invention inspired US band, 1991 material - don't know if it ever got released officially.

ATAVISM OF TWILIGHT - ATAVISM OF TWILIGHT (AP 1) MC m/ex+ £9.00 - Excellent US instrumental progressive band, they're friends of Djam Karet! © 1992.

DEAN CARTER - GRIMOIRES (Audiofile Tapes aT 97) MC ex+/m £9.00 - Varied early release from English experimentalist, his echo-guitar style often resembles Gunter Schickert! He later adopted the name Psychomuzak. © 1989.

CHRIS CONWAY, MARY BROWNE, SUDHA KHETERPAL - SOUNDTRACKS (TRG Music 015) MC m/m £10.00 - Chris Conway's instrumental film music is a lighter angle on The Rain Garden sound, with hints of Terry Riley, folk & ethnic musics. © 1993.

COURTYARD MOTH - ALIVE 'N' GIGGING + (Auricle AMC 045: RE) MC £9.00 - Leicester progressive band (sadly defunct), 75 minutes live at their most inventive & daring. The heavy psychedelic progressive sound of the late-1960's/early-1970's revitalised with amazing energy.

ENDGAME - STRETCHED ACROSS THE SEA (Auricle AMC 046) MC £9.00 - Steve & Alan Freeman (aka Alto Stratus, etc.) with Jim Tetlow. Debut release, this ranges from Lightwave meets Schnitzler with Stockhausen at the mixing desk onto musique-concrete/electroacoustic. Refound copies!

ENDGAME - EARLY STASIS (Auricle AMC 047) MC £5.00 - Vast & dark cosmic expanses featuring the very first session from July 1999 & some of the deepest synth expanses close to Lightwave.

ENDGAME - TREPPENHAUS (Auricle AMC 048) MC £5.00 - Dedicated to M.C. Escher, this is the most visionary picture music from Endgame, in the realms of early Michael Stearns.

#  HENNING FLINTHOLM - HENNING FLINTHOLM (demo) MC £10.00 - Private demo cassette from 1992, seems to be all unreleased, sympho synth from fried of Ole Højer Hansen, reminds me of The Enid.

OLE HOJER HANSEN - NUDITY (Auricle AMC 032) MC £5.00 - Undoubtedly amongst the greats of European synth music (though in debt to Klaus Schulze) with a unique angle of his own, beyond the realms of "X" or "Mirage" to where Klaus only hinted. © 1988.

HELIOTROPE - ROLLING OVER ALBION (Trope 004) MC £9.00 - Another defunct local band. 90 minutes live in Summer 1995, with Kev Ellis from Doctor Brown as the new vocalist.

LEIF KEANE - THE WIDE VESSEL (Arrival Music AM 004) MC ex+/m £7.00 - Inventive synth, adventurous sound experiments, space & industrial surf music? What! Fascinating. © 1993.

#  DOUG MICHAEL & THE OUTER DARKNESS - DOUG MICHAEL & THE OUTER DARKNESS (Tradewind Music) MC ex+/ex+ £5.00 - Rare demo tape of experimental rock fusion from an obscure American trio, © 1989.

KEN MOORE - THE CHESS KINGDOM (Anvil Creations AC 2206) MC m/m £15.00 - Experimental synth & rock works from this USA multi-instrumentalist. © 1986.

MOORE/MYERS - REACHING BEYOND THE SPHERE (Auricle AMC 026) MC £5.00 - Amazingly fiery instrumental progressive rock duo (Ken Moore & David Wayne Myers), with all the right moves: Camel, Egg, ELP, Finch, King Crimson, Shylock similarities. © 1987.

STEVE MOORE - THE WAY IN (Inner Ear) MC £9.00, m/m £8.00 - A very surprising & different release: not avant-garde electronics (like his ReR LP) but reflective "ambient", yet still quite unusual. © 1990.

MORPHOGENESIS - STROMATOLITES (Direction Music DMC 19) MC m/m £25.00 - Thick wedges of electronic & acoustic sound, this rides the edge of chaos & turn it into sonic art.

THE NICE - FIVE BRIDGES (Charisma 7208 567) MC m/ex+ £5.00 - © 1970.

PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI - STORIA DI UN MINUTO (Great Expectations PIPMC 011) MC ex+/ex+ £4.00 - Classic Italian band, their 1972 debut of otherworldly, dreamy King Crimson inspired progressive.

PSYDEBOARD - PSYDEBOARD (demo) MC EP m/m £8.00 - 10 minute demo from ex-Cardboard (yet another defunct Leicester rock band). They never released anything else as far as we know.

THE RAIN GARDEN - BACK OF BEYOND (TRG Music 002) MC ex+/ex+ £18.00 - 2nd album (© 1989) from the Leicester duo of Chris Conway (guitar, keyboards, etc) & Carl Peberdey (sitar, percussion, etc). Innovative instrumental ethnic-fusion/world music.

THE RAIN GARDEN - PRACTICAL CANDLE MAGIC (TRG Music 006) MC ex+/ex+ £12.00 - Lively & varied assortment of folk tunes, ethnic & jazz fusions, etc. A must for world-music fans.

SHAPESHIFTER - GODSEYE (Oblong 23) MC ex+/ex+ £18.00 - Fronted by gifted poetess Maureen Anderson, featuring Heliotrope & Rain Garden members. A delight for those liking Lady June, Mother Gong, etc. Poetry & music unite! © 1995.

TELEDU - WITCHKITCHEN (Axis) MC ex+/ex+ £7.00 - Solo project of Dave Higginson (aka David Teledu, The Stinking Badger), a Nottingham based experimentalist. © 1996.

TOMITA - SNOWFLAKES ARE DANCING (RCA ARK1 0488) MC m/ex+ £5.00 - Japanese classical synthesist. © 1982.

ADRIAN WAGNER - KARMING THE ELEMENTS (Music Suite MS 105) MC £5.00 - Inventive melodic synth with ecological theme. © 1989.

ZIRCON & THE BURNING BRAINS - OUT OF THE ASHES (Auricle AMC 022) MC £9.00 - Alan & Steve Freeman (see Alto Stratus entry) together with Nigel Harris (now resident in Japan). Bordering industrial, avant-garde, synth music, musique-concret, audio collage & more.


Various artists...


#  'SCHNEESTURM' (Schneeball SCHNEEBAND 5) MC ex+/vg+ £18.00 - Part sampler, with lots of unreleased Krautrock & fusion material: Argile, Captain Sperrmüll, Checkpoint Charlie, Embryo, Kling Klong, Schäggi Bädsch, etc. © 1983. This very rare cassette release is presented like a mock radio show.


Some promo, live & copy cassettes that may be of interest...
AEOLIAH - THE LIGHT OF TAO (Sona Gaia C-126) £2.00 - no cover
ANGE - L.S.E. 1976 (bootleg, Maxell c90) £2.00 - terrible quality
ASH RÁ TEMPEL - ROUNDHOUSE LONDON 1975 (bootleg, TDK FE90) £5.00 - also has a fragment of the Battiato set
CHRIS CONWAY TRIO - MEET YOU THERE (TRG 007) £2.00 - no cover
FAR EAST FAMILY BAND - LA TROUBADOUR 25/3/78 (bootleg, Philips c90) £5.00
PETER FROHMADER - NEKROPOLIS '81 VOL.1 (TDK copy) £5.00 - never properly reissued as yet
PETER FROHMADER - NEKROPOLIS '81 VOL.4 (TDK copy) £5.00 - never properly reissued as yet
RALPH LUNDSTEN - RALPHINATED MUSIC (AMC18) £9.00 - segue/mix compilation - comes with 20 page A4 Ralph Lundsten brochure
NEVERLAND - DEMO (demo, Jan 1993) £10.00 - Derby folk-rock band's debut - no cover
NEVERLAND - MAGAZINE '93 / CHARLOTTE '94 (bootleg, c90) £5.00 - Derby folk-rock band live in Leicester
NOODLE - DEMO (demo, Maxell XLS-II, 19m) £10.00 - with original insert, to quote from Audion #39 "This Californian band sent us a tape of a recent concert, just 'cause they thought we'd be interested I guess. Noodle play a cool rock that steps back to the 60's (notable Zappa humour and commentary, and Quicksilver stylisms) but is also obviously now. Long tracks, no songs as such, and largely jamming rock fronted by two guitars (oops, a few bum-notes, and then one guitar's out of tune) noodling nicely. Definitely worth seeing based on this, and I imagine they could do a great studio album."
PASSPORT - CONTROL (VSOP CD 246) pre-release "listening cassette" £5.00
PULSAR - BOGARTS BIRMINGHAM 12/3/75 (bootleg, TDK FE90) £5.00
TANGLE EDGE - COPENHAGEN 8.6.94 (Mitsubishi, 2xc90) £10.00 - no cover or tracklist
FRANK ZAPPA - ARLINGTON 73 (bootleg, TDK D c90) £5.00
FRANK ZAPPA - PIGS 'N' REPUGNANT '68/'69 (bootleg, That's TX c46) £4.00
FRANK ZAPPA - SON OF PIGS 'N' REPUGNANT '68/'69 (bootleg, TDK D c60) £4.00
FRANK ZAPPA - HOLLYWOOD BOWL '72 (bootleg, TDK AD c46) £4.00

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