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Catalogue # 171
(July-August 2018), online version

Cosmic Egg label Cosmic Egg label  Ultimate Transmissions label 

Krautrock & Kosmische Musik
Rock, Jazz, Folk, etc.
Electronic, non-rock & weird stuff

Various Artists


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Krautrock & Kosmische Musik


AK MUSICK -  AK MUSICK (Mental Experience MENT008CD) CD £11.00 - Curious & very moody/atmospheric Kraut avant-jazz. © 1972.

ALCATRAZ - LIVE "TROCKENEIS ZUM FRÜHSTÜCK" (Cosmic Egg UTCE 007 CDR: RE) CDR £8.00 - Their 3rd album (recorded 1980) was an instrumental return to the jazzy edge of their debut, but also felt a little more like later Kollektiv or many other jazz-rock band of the era, but still with that unique Alcatraz "fire". Limited Edition licensed reissue.

ALCATRAZ - MADE IN GERMANIA (Cosmic Egg UTCE 004 CDR: RE) CDR £8.00 - On this 1976 live recording they adobted German lyrics & a more offbeat satirical twist sometimes hinting at the likes of Checkpoint Charlie, Floh De Cologne or Franz K.

AMON DUUL - COLLAPSING (Spalax 14949) CD £13.00 - An all-time underground psych Krautrock classic, notable for its patchwork nature, with shorter snippets sewn together with tricky studio editing, sound effects, loops, joke glitches & the likes! Their 2nd LP, © 1969.

AMON DUUL - DISASTER (Spalax 14948) CD £12.00 - Raw & Krauty Velvet Underground almost. More, mad chaotic underground from the original Amon Duul sessions.

AMON DUUL II - PHALLUS DEI (Revisited REV 050: 2xBT,DP) CD £15.00 - Their 1969 debut contained a charged & purely innovative music, with bizarre structures, almost operatic & crazed (male & female) vocals, with lots of distinctly Teutonic angst, tons of percussion, duelling violins, Eastern-scale guitars, & all really tripped-out to the point of excess. This was especially so on the side-long title track!

AMON DUUL II - TANZ DER LEMMINGE (Revisited REV 052: DP) CD £15.00 - Aka "Dance Of The Lemmings" & the one that's so schizophrenic & twisted, on to deep space with the instrumental 2nd LP, with ethnic psych moving towards Cosmic Jokers territory. © 1971.

AMON DUUL II - CARNIVAL IN BABYLON (Revisited REV 078: 2xBT,DP) CD £15.00 - 4th album, featuring Danny Fichelscher & Renate Knaup, both later of Popol Vuh.

#  AMON DUUL II - LIVE IN LONDON (Revisited REV 080: DP) CD £15.00 - Live at The Greyhound, Croydon (16/12/1972), featuring radically different versions of classic tracks & a 3'42" improvisation.

#  AMON DUUL II - MADE IN GERMANY (Revisited REV 092: DP) CD £15.00 - Their 1975 2LP complete on 1 CD! The Duul "opera" on post-war Germany & lyrically their ultimate stab at German society, attitudes, the media, the record industry, etc.. Similar in style to "Hijack", often resembling Slapp Happy.

#  AMON DUUL II - PYRAGONY X (Revisited REV 093: DP) CD £15.00 - 10th album (© 1976), a more ethnic fusion & hard-rock album. First album without Renate Knaup!

ANIMA - ANIMA (Spalax SPALAXCD14530: DP) CD £11.00 - The weirdo's of Pilz & Ohr, not quite free-jazz, & hardly classifiable as rock! With Friedrich Gulda. © 1972.

ARMAGGEDON - ARMAGGEDON (Kuckuck 11003-2: RE,with Barcode) CD m/ex+ £9.00 - (Reactive EREACD 1016: RM) CD £11.50 - Heavy German progressive (© 1970), featuring Frank Diez. Includes an excellent version of Jeff Beck's "Rice Pudding"!

ASH RA TEMPEL - ASH RA TEMPEL (MG.ART 111: RM) CD £18.00 - The 1971 debut from the legendary Berlin acid-space-rock trio: Manuel Gottsching, Klaus Schulze & Hartmut Enke. This is free-rock in the truest sense!

ASH RA TEMPEL - SCHWINGUNGEN (MG.ART 112: RM) CD £18.00 - Cosmic blues in a acid daze! A true cosmic-Krautrock classic. © 1972.

ASH RA TEMPEL - SEVEN UP (MG.ART 113: RM,RE) CD £18.00 - Actually credited to: Timothy Leary & Ash Ra Tempel. Tripped-out beyond the realms of Pink Floyd, an electronic space-rock delight featuring "acid" guru Timothy Leary. © 1973.

ASH RA TEMPEL - JOIN INN (MG.ART 114: RM) CD £18.00 - Classic spaced-out trips, with Manuel Gottsching, Klaus Schulze & Rosi Muller. Recorded during "Tarot" sessions. © 1973.

ASH RA TEMPEL - STARRING ROSI (MG.ART 115: RM) CD £18.00 - Just Manuel Gottsching & Rosi Muller + guests. Most varied & accessible of Ash Ra Tempel albums, with songs & instrumentals, from cosmic Pink Floyd to Camel to Nico... © 1973.

ASHRA - NEW AGE OF EARTH (Virgin CDV 2080: RE) CD £9.00 - This album showed much Klaus Schulze influence along with Manuel's unique new way of using sequencers. © 1977.

BETWEEN - AND THE WATERS OPENED (Intuition INT 3602 2: 3xBT) CD vg/ex £6.00 - Their most cosmic excursion, with subtle electronics & processing from engineer Walter Bachauer, swirling organs, oboe & lots of magical glissando "moto-cello". © 1973.

BETWEEN - CONTEMPLATION (Intuition INT 3603 2: 1xBT) CD £16.00 - German international band, sounding like a classical ambient Popol Vuh & contemporary blend on this one. With Peter Michael Hamel, Robert Eliscu, Roberto Detree, etc. © 1977.

BETWEEN - SILENCE BEYOND TIME (Intuition INT 3604 2: 2xBT) CD £16.00 - Their last LP was an atmospheric blend of ethnic & jazz musics. © 1980.

BIRTH CONTROL - HOODOO MAN (Repertoire REP 5047: 5xBT,DP) CD £11.00 - Classic heavy experimental progressive. Outrageous cover! © 1972.

BRAINSTORM - SMILE A WHILE (Lion Productions LION 633M: 3xBT) CD £11.00 - A highly inventive blend of songs & instrumentals, with nods to Zappa & Canterbury (Caravan, Hatfield & The North, Soft Machine, etc.) styles, fused into a music that was all of their own. © 1972. Note: the bonus tracks are a SWF-Radio session by Fashion Pink (pre-Brainstorm). Better price!

BRAINSTORM - LAST SMILE (Garden of Delights CD 051) CD £13.00 - WDR concert recording 6/4/1974. Final recorded document, 3 very different versions of LP tracks plus 2 new numbers.

BRAINTICKET - PSYCHONAUT (Reactive EREACD 1005: RM) CD £11.50 - 2nd album (also 1971). This was more your typical trippy progressive, with actual songs & compositions, sometimes in the vein of early Hawkwind, yet often closer to Quintessence & Group 1850.

#  BRAINTICKET - CELESTIAL OCEAN (Reactive EREACD 1006: RM) CD £11.50 - 3rd album (© 1973), classic ethno-cosmic psychedelic trip, kinda: Nik Turner's Sphinx "Xitintoday" mixed with Ash Ra Tempel, Hawkwind, "Psychonaut" & beyond... Yep, another classic!

BROSELMASCHINE - BROSELMASCHINE (ZYX OHR 70007-2: RE) CD £10.00 - Their trippy Pilz folk-prog classic, for Emtidi, Holderlin, Emma Myldenberger fans. © 1971.

CAN - MONSTER MOVIE (Spoon CDSPOON4: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - 1969 debut, wild & manic, aggressive psychy sound, with vocals by Malcolm Mooney.

CAN - SOUNDTRACKS (Spoon CD 005) CD ex+/ex £11.00 - (Spoon CDSPOON5: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - Music for films, including 3 tracks for Roland Klick's "Deadlock", "Mother Sky" from Jerzy Skolimowski's "Deep End", etc. © 1970. Vocals by Malcolm Mooney & Damo Suzuki.

CAN - TAGO MAGO (Spoon CD 006/7) CD ex+/ex £11.00 - (Spoon CDSPOON6/7: RM) CD £13.00 - Can's ultimate classic! A double on LP. Although starting on safer ground, the opening 3 tracks are definitive Can. With each track it draws the listener in with a succession of even greater weirdness & invention, not least with two LP side-long excursions, the groove-along "Halleluwah" & then "Aumgn" with Jaki's manic drums & electronic effects wizzing off into space. © 1971.

CAN - EGE BAMYASI (Spoon CDSPOON8: RM) CD £13.00 - (Spoon CDSPOON8: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - A collection of mostly shorter accessible songs, though still odd & uniquely Can, unexpectedly breaking-out with the avant-garde "Soup". © 1972.

CAN - FUTURE DAYS (Spoon CDSPOON9: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - At their most spacious & flowing, featuring understated songs & strong melodic content, underpinned by lots of Irmin's electronics. © 1973.

CAN - SOON OVER BABALUMA (Spoon CDSPOON10: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - Furiously & heavily percussive, kinda tribal industrial head music, mostly instrumental & very energetic. © 1974.

CAN - LANDED (Spoon CDSPOON25: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - Featuring their most esoteric & brooding opus, the aptly entitled free-form avant-garde "Unfinished"! © 1975.

CAN - UNLIMITED EDITION (Spoon CDSPOON23/24: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - Archive recordings (1970-75), featuring "Limited Edition" LP plus an LP of previously unreleased material. This contains some of the most eclectic & weird Can. With edited version of "Cutaway".

CAN - SAW DELIGHT (Spoon CDSPOON27: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - Basically the Can live sound of the era, but on a more ethereal cosmic level, with a slight Santana edge too. © 1977.

CAN - OUT OF REACH (Spoon CDSPOON51: RM) CD £11.00 - Their schizophrenic 1978 album.

CAN - DELAY 1968 (Spoon CDSPOON12: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - Originally unreleased 1968-69 sessions featuring Malcolm Mooney on vocals.

CAN - THE LOST TAPES (Spoon LCDSPOON55: DP) 3CD £17.00 - Excellent collection of previously unreleased studio, soundtrack & live material from 1968-1977. P&P = 3 units.

CAN - THE SINGLES (Spoon CDSPOON60: CC) CD £11.00 - Compilation of all their singles tracks, some of them are non-LP tracks, some are also edited versions of LP tracks. © 2017.

CIRCLES - CIRCLES (Mental Experience MENT001CD) CD £11.00 - Experimental German duo of the early-1980s. Their debut was an electronics & guitar mix of spacey & motorik Krautrock. © 1983.

CIRCLES - MORE CIRCLES (Mental Experience MENT002CD) CD £11.00 - 2nd LP (© 1984), in the vein of Cluster, Harmonia, Fripp & Eno, Camera Obscura, etc. Synths, guitars, etc.

CLUSTER - CLUSTER II (Spalax 14864: DP) CD £11.00 - The influential duo of Dieter Moebius & Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Industrial space-electronics: tripped-out, free floating processed organ, guitar, etc. © 1972.

CON-HERTZ - FACE ON RADIO (Auricle AMCDR 131: 2xBT) CDR £7.00 - Conrad Schnitzler + Wolfgang Hertz = Con-Hertz! This contains extracts (chosen by Auricle) from 6 hours of Wolfgang's remixes of archive recordings (1980-82) by Con in the style of "Conal".

CON-HERTZ - CONTRASTS (private) 2CDR £11.00 - Conrad Schnitzler + Wolfgang Hertz = Con-Hertz! December 1986-January 1987 recordings, a varied collection ranging from complex neo-classical music onto totally abstract soundscapes.

COSMIC CIRCUS MUSIC - WIESBADEN 1973 (Garden of Delights CD 168) CD £13.00 - Excellent Krautrock kosmische obscurity, originally issued on cassette. This contains an extended 81'58" recording! Features guest appearance by Tim Belbe (Xhol) on flute.

COZMIC CORRIDORS - COZMIC CORRIDORS (Mental Experience MENT011CD: RM) CD £11.00 - Dark, spooky, gothic cosmic & systemic music, circa 1973-ish, with hints of Terry Riley.

DIES IRAE - FIRST (Ohrwaschl OW 026-2 CD: DP) CD £12.00 - Heavy & spacey, blues-rock & psych progressive, little known German 1971 Krautrock originally on Pilz. Hints of early Scorpions, Virus, Armaggedon, etc.

DREAMWORLD - ON FLIGHT TO THE LIGHT (Spalax SPALAXCD14841: DP) CD £13.00 - Klaus & Rolf Fichter (ex-Yatha Sidhra), with hints of Yatha Sidhra in a more synth based rock setting. © 1980.

DZYAN - TIME MACHINE (Long Hair LHC00142: RM) CD £13.00 - Nothing like the previous incarnation, this  is incredible psychedelic jazz-fusion by the trio of Eddy Marron, Reinhard Karwatky & Peter Giger. © 1974.

EELA CRAIG - ONE NITER (Reactive EREACD1007: RM) CD £11.50 - 2nd album from this Austrian dynamic & mainly instrumental classical progressive band, with Hubert Bognermayr & Harald Zuschrader. © 1976.

ELECTRIC ORANGE - NETTO (Studio Fleisch SFCD01: DP) CD £11.00 - Extraordinary groove-along trippy Krautrock, another modern/retro/instrumental sizzler from Dirk Jan Müller & co. © 2011.

ELECTRIC ORANGE - WURZBURG CAIRO 2015 (Sunhair Music SH 0022) CD £12.00 - Live in concert, trippy Krauty space-rocky excursions. © 2017.

ELOY - INSIDE (Harvest 7243 5 22681 2 2: 2xBT,RM,RE) CD £10.00 - 2nd LP (© 1973). Enter Eloy the space-rock band, an astounding LP with long trips of organ based rock & a mix of heavy & cosmic styles. The bonus tracks are the "Daybreak/On The Road" single.

ELOY - POWER AND THE PASSION (Harvest 7243 5 22760 2 8: 1xBT,RM,RE) CD £10.00 - 4th album (© 1975), sci-fi concept, taking the heavy "Floating" style to lighter realms, prequel to "Dawn". Also included is a 1999 remix of "The Bells of Notre Dame" track.

#  ELOY - DAWN (Harvest 7243 5 35159 2 8: RM,RE) CD £10.00 - 5th album (1976), following on from "Power & The Passion" with a new line-up, featuring Schmidtchen & Rosenthal.

#  ELOY - OCEAN (Harvest 7243 5 35160 2 4: RM,RE) CD £10.00 - 6th album (1977), Floydian space-rock classic, based on the Atlantis legend, synth & guitar fronted with long tracks.

ELOY - SILENT CRIES AND MIGHTY ECHOES (Harvest 7243 5 63774 2 4: 2xBT,RM,RE) CD £10.00 - 7th album (© 1979), very Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here", & even a touch of Tangerine Dream! The bonus tracks are the aborted "Child Migration/Let The Sun Rise In Your Brain" single.

EMBRYO - OPAL (Materiali Sonori MASO CD 90012: 2xBT,RE) CD £13.00 - Classic pioneering fusion (ex-Amon Duul II), breaking out of the psychedelic, blues, jazz & rock, & making something radical & new. The bonus tracks (29'05") are by a rare trio line-up from 1969: Edgar Hofmann, Lothar Meid & Christian Burchard.

EMBRYO - EMBRYO'S RACHE (Materiali Sonori MASO CD 80050: 2xBT,RE) CDR £8.00 - 2nd album (1971), this defined the typical Embryo sound, a free flowing fusion of rock, jazz & world musics, & much more. The bonus tracks (11'47") are from 1991, again featuring Jimmy Jackson.

EMBRYO - STEIG AUS (Revisited SPV 49472: DP) CD £13.00 - Incredible supersession of Embryo+Mal Waldron+Jimmy Jackson = ethno Kraut fusion nirvana! Recorded December 1971, released on Brain in 1972.

EMBRYO - SURFIN' (Garden of Delights CD 157) CD £13.00 - LP #7 (1974). Burchard & Bunka plus Uwe Mullrich (later of Dissidenten), with guests: Charlie Mariano & Edgar Hofmann. A lighter, funky edged album with poppy & weird bits, ethnic slants, sitars, organ & Mellotrons!

EMBRYO - BAD HEADS & BAD CATS (Garden of Delights CD 163) CD £13.00 - Combining the "We Keep On" & "Surfin'" line-ups, with American jazz singer Maria Archer, this funks & twists, chills-out & really grooves. Very varied & full of surprises. © 1976. Along with the bonus track "Human Contact" on the Disconforme CD, this also has the track "Sidetrack" from the very rare "Vlotho-Winterberg 1975" Festival LP.

EMBRYO - LIVE (Garden of Delights CD 173: 1xBT) CD £13.00 - Classic Embryo live in 1976, strongly featuring Roman Bunka & Charlie Mariano, with excellent vocals from jazz-funk singer Maria Archer. This is Embryo covering all bases from Krautrock through to ethnic, from weird groove through jazz, & nearly all original material not documented anywhere else.

EMBRYO - NI HAU (Schneeball/Indigo 3062-2: DP) CD £12.00 - Superb 1996 Embryo world cross-culture trip, with an international cast of musicians, including a Chinese & a Russian.

EMBRYO - 2001 LIVE, VOL. 1 (Schneeball 0835-2) CD £12.00 - A much more stable band that the 2000 one, with more of that typical Embryo ethnic rock we love, flashes of "Ibn Battuda" & "Ni Hau" styles, & much more... Tracks from various gigs in Germany & France.

EMBRYO - LIVE AT BURG HERZBERG FESTIVAL 2007 (World in Sound WIS-T 2504) CD £12.00 - Excellent live set from 22/7/2007. Just three 24-26 minute tracks, featuring old & new grooves, everyone being give room for long solos... "This shows the 'plucked' side of Embryo".

#  EMBRYO - RIDING (Cosmic Egg UTCE 005 CDR: RM,RE) CDR £8.00 - Classic Embryo live in Hamburg 29/6/1973, featuring Mal Waldron & Charlie Mariano. Numbered limited edition reissue of the Tramp Records official bootleg LP from 2003.

EMBRYO - ETERNAL FORCES (Cosmic Egg UTCE 009 CDR) CDR £8.00 - Live recording from Mogliano Veneto, Italy (3/9/1980). Featuring lots of patent Embryo Krautrock, tons of wicked grooves, lots of middle-Eastern ethnic spice, lots that is familiar & also quite a bit that isn't. A rescued piece of Krautrock history to savour. Numbered limited edition.

EMBRYO - UNA GIRA PER CATALUNYA (Cosmic Egg UTCE 011 CDR) CDR £8.00 - Live in Spain, early July 2001 (exact venue and date unknown). This gig goes through many stylistic changes, largely acoustic at the start with some reflective duos & trios, often close to the feel of later great studio albums "Zack Gluck" & "Ibn Battuta". Numbered limited edition.

EMBRYO - ANTHOLOGY+ (Cosmic Egg UTCE 014 CDR: RM) CDR £8.00 - Historical collection of rare recordings (9/1970-9/1979, including other recordings from the "Reise" sessions), originally released by Materiali Sonori on LP in 1980. This also contains 2 bonus tracks recorded in 1969. Limited numbered edition of 100 copies.

EMBRYO & THE NO NECK BLUES BAND - EMBRYONNCK (Staubgold 67) CD £12.00 - Extraordinary & surprising jamming, a fresh & vital new twist on old Embryo really, some of it feels like Hapshash & The Coloured Coat. © 2006.

EMMA MYLDENBERGER - EMMA MYLDENBERGER (Garden of Delights CD 119: 5xBT) CD £13.00 - Classic 1978 all acoustic folk/prog band, hints of Broselmaschine/Ougenweide, but with their own sound. One of the finest German folky outfits.

EMMA MYLDENBERGER - TOUR DE TRANCE (Garden of Delights CD 127: 4xBT) CD £13.00 - LP #2, with considerably longer tracks & much more instrumental interplay, going beyond the pioneering music of Between or Third Ear Band, mysteriously ethnic & medieval, not really rock but with a lively rock energy, surprising for what was still a totally acoustic ensemble.

EMMA MYLDENBERGER - EMMAZ LIVE! (Garden of Delights CD 131: 3xBT) CD £13.00 - Excellent live set, a largely instrumental fusion of folk cultures. Originally an obscure cassette-only release. © 1981.

EMTIDI - EMTIDI (Garden of Delights CD 145) CD £13.00 - Their 1970 acoustic & very folky debut, all English vocals & a delight for all Trees fans.

ERLKOENIG - ERLKOENIG (Garden of Delights CD 054: 4xBT) CD £13.00 - 1973 private pressing rarity, a little towards bands like Murphy Blend, Hanuman & more folky/classical spiced German underground. This is a mellow haunting gem with lots of unique touches.

EROC - EROC 3 (Universal Brain 060249833883: DP,6xBT) CD £15.00 - (Revisited SPV 49622: 6xBT,DP) CD £12.00 - Eroc's 3rd solo (© 1979) is actually an anthology, featuring rare early & pre-Grobschnitt tracks, plus solo recordings. Includes unedited version of "Sunny Sundays Sunset".

FAUST - FAUST (ReR F6: RM,DP) CD £12.00 - Fuzzed-out Krautrock weird classic (© 1971), a totally revolutionary album. Pure experimentation on the rock form, beyond Can. Extraordinary!

FAUST - SO FAR (ReR F7: RM,DP) CD £12.00 - © 1972. Excessive, bizarre, brazen, full of invention. Though more musical here, even when doing songs, Faust continued to break the rules.

FAUST - THE FAUST TAPES (ReR F2: RM,DP) CD £12.00 - Archive material (originally released in 1973 at the price of a single!), rock & avant-garde invention of high Krautrock calibre.

FAUST - 71 MINUTES OF (ReR F1: RM,DP) CD £12.00 - Collecting the "Faust Party" & "Munich & Elsewhere" tapes from the mid-1970's. Nearly all unique Faust studio, demo & live recordings. And all excellent! The material here was previously issued on two LP's by ReR.

FAUST - EDINBURGH 1997 (Klangbad: CC) CD £13.50 - Aggressive & challenging Faust live at the Flux New Music Festival 1997. Now deleted?

FAUST - RAVVIVANDO (Klangbad frav 199: DP) CD £11.00 - The groovadelic Faust album! It does get a little 1960's cheesy in parts, & there's a track with glam-rock feel, but... © 1999.

FAUST - BBC SESSIONS + (ReR F5: DP) CD £12.00 - The legendary 1/3/1973 John Peel session, plus 7 extra tracks: the 2 missing tracks from "Munic & Elsewhere" & "The Last LP" - omitted from the "71 Minutes Of" CD; alternative versions of "So Far" & "Meer", plus 3 unreleased tracks.

FAUST - PATCHWORK (Staubgold 37: DP) CD £14.00 - Faust oddments collage (1971-2002), kinda "Faust Tapes #2". No description needed, unless you don't know Faust!

FLOH DE COLOGNE - FLEISSBANDBABYS BEAT-SHOW (ZYX OHR 70042-2: RE) CD £14.00, m/ex+ £9.00 - Their 1970 Ohr classic! Devishly satirical & outrageous. The ultimate Kraut beat show!

FLOH DE COLOGNE - ROCKOPER PROFITGEIER (Spalax SPALAXCD14891) CD £11.00 - (ZYX OHR 70011-2: RE) CD m/ex+ £9.00 - © 1971, originally on Ohr, & a strange psychedelic polit-rock opera! Definitive Floh De Cologne with a complex concept booklet featuring all the lyrics, but no giblets!

FLOH DE COLOGNE - GEYER-SYMPHONIE (Spalax 14918: DP) CD £11.00 - Strangest LP (& best) from this pioneering polit-rock cum musical theatre band. Strange, dark, theatrical & oh so extroverted. Essential! © 1974.

PETER FROHMADER - NEKROPOLIS 2 (Spalax SPALAXCD14573: 2xBT) CD £11.00 - Lots of powerful Jannick Top styled bass, with electronics, percussives & outer-world space sounds. A classic! © 1982.

PETER FROHMADER - ORAKEL/TIEFE (Cosmic Egg UTCE 010 CDR) CDR £8.00 - Just 2 big sprawling works, at the darker end of melodic, scuttly, bubbly, biomechanical, oozing invention growing out of the mire onto Krautrock. © 1986. Limited Edition, 2nd batch of 20 copies.

PETER FROHMADER - JULES VERNE CYCLE (Cosmic Egg UTCE 012 CDR) CDR £8.00 - Fantastic, dark, surreal & visionary electronic music, inspired not only by Jules Verne's stories, but also by the images conjured, the atmosphere of "Nautilus" extraordinarily vivid, hurtling through the water.

PETER FROHMADER - STRINGED WORKS (Multimood MRC 006) CD £11.00 - The brilliant bass symphony works, including the "Winter Music" Mini LP plus two 22+ minute works. Think Jannick Top meets Robert Fripp. Incredible stuff! © 1994.

PETER FROHMADER - HOMUNCULUS+RITUAL (Multimood MRC-020) 2CD £13.00 - The complete gothic symphony opus "Homunculus, Parts 1-4" & the intensive rhythmic "Ritual". 3 LP's on 2 CD's! Excellent value. © 1995.

GALACTIC EXPLORERS - EPITAPH FOR VENUS (Mental Experience MENT014CD: RM) CD £11.00 - Totally ethereal avant-garde synth music circa 1974, featuring Reinhard Karwatky of Dzyan. From the "Cologne Curiosities" Pyramid Records archives.

GAM - 1976 (Auricle AMCDR 021: RE,numbered) CDR £8.00 - A lost Krautrock legend! For Ash Ra Tempel, Ozric Tentacles, Steve Hillage, Pink Floyd space-rockers. This unique archive session recording is high fired improvised rock with lots of psychedelic fire!

GAM - EISZEIT (Cosmic Egg UTCE 002) CD £11.00 - Previously unreleased 1978 album. Think one part Gunter Schickert, one part Ash Ra Tempel, with unique & raw energy, pure innovation & more guitars than you could wish for!. Classic stuff!

GERMAN OAK - DOWN IN THE BUNKER (Now-Again Reserve NA 5151: CC) 3CD £14.00 - Collection of tracks previously released on the Witch & Warlock CD plus lots of bonus material.

GILA - GILA "FREE ELECTRIC SOUND" (Garden of Delights CD 179) CD £13.00 - Gila's 1971 debut. The best LP Pink Floyd never made! Imagine a mix of cosmic "Umagumma" styles, Ash Ra Tempel & Popol Vuh. This is widely regarded as one of the finest Krautrock albums.

#  SERGIUS GOLOWIN - LORD KRISHNA VON GOLOKA (Lion Productions LION 628) CD £15.00 - The embryo of The Cosmic Jokers (circa 1973), a surreal psychedelic cosmic & folk trip, featuring Jerry Berkers, Jurgen Dollase, Klaus Schulze, etc. Last copies.

GROBSCHNITT - DIE GROBSCHNITT STORY 0 (MiG 00242: DP) 2CD £18.00 - "The very first Grobschnitt recordings, never released before!" Includes live recordings & sessions, with lots of classic compositions featured on their debut & "Eroc 3". As you can guess, all excellent stuff!

GURU GURU - UFO (Spalax 14296) CD £12.00 - Incredible Krautrock freaked-out space-music trip, way beyond Pink Floyd. The pure, ecstatic demented acid-rock trip, a guitar freaks delight! © 1970.

GURU GURU - HINTEN (ZYX OHR 70015-2: RE) CD £10.00 - 2nd album, & another classic slab of acid-space-rock, a guitar freaks delight! © 1971.

GURU GURU - DANCE OF THE FLAMES (Revisited REV 043: 1xBT,DP) CD £13.00 - © 1974, moving towards Mahavishnu Orchestra style. Plus bonus live track.

GURU GURU - WAH WAH (Revisited REV 069: 1xBT,DP) CD £13.00 - Guru Guru 1995! Back on form, with a new style! Radical, creative, eccentric! So hip & so unhip! Great!

GURU GURU - WIESBADEN 1972 (Garden of Delights CD 129) CD £13.00 - One of the very first gigs with Bruno Schaab on bass, & thus very different to what you know! Vastly extended "Kanguru" material (3 tracks: 28'32", 23'50" & 22'05").

GURU GURU - EARLY ARCHIVES, LIVE 1969 (Auricle AMCDR 207) CDR £8.00 - Rare 1969 recordings featuring guitarist Jim Kennedy (42'05"), the raw roots of a lot of the material heard later on the UFO album. Plus 3 bonus tracks (1970-72) with Ax Genrich on guitar (13'32"). A numbered limited edition.

HARMONIA - MUSIK VON HARMONIA (Brain POCP-2387, Japan: IN,no obi) CD m/m £15.00 - (Grönland CDGRON149: RM) CD £11.00 - Classic Cluster/Neu! hybrid, pre-"Zuckerzeit" trippy ambient space music & weird Eno-esque edge. © 1973.

HARMONIA - DELUXE (Brain POCP-2388, Japan: IN,no obi) CD m/m £15.00 - (Grönland CDGRON151: RM) CD £11.00 - 2nd album (© 1975) from Cluster (Moebius & Roedelius) & Rother (½ of Neu!), here with Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru) guesting on drums. Definitive electro-Krautrock 1970's style.

HOELDERLIN - HOELDERLIN (Spiegelei/Intercord 0946 3 85380 2 8: 1xBT,RM,RE) CD £9.00 - After a slight change in name, Hoelderlin's 2nd hints at "Trespass" era Genesis, Curved Air & King Crimson. © 1975.

IBLISS - SUPERNOVA (Garden of Delights CD 146) CD £13.00 - A logical jazz-fusion diversion on the Organisation sound, heavily featuring flutes, saxophones & an overdose of percussion. All this in a typically Teutonic cosmic concoction, kinda Kraftwerk meets Miles Davis & "Rocksession" era Embryo, & also hinting at the later Kollektiv & instrumental work of Thirsty Moon. © 1972.

JANE - TOGETHER (Brain 843 075-2: RE) CD £10.00 - Legendary 1972 debut, heavy psychedelic bluesy & classical mix with Pink Floyd/Raw Material/Frumpy type feel.

JANE - FIRE, WATER, EARTH & AIR (Brain 831 748-2: RE) CD £10.00 - A step back to the original Jane style, but more symphonic & spacey, with strong songs & Floydian instrumentals. © 1976.

JOY UNLIMITED - SCHMETTERLINGE (Garden of Delights CD 111: 4xBT) CD £13.00 - Ambitious conceptual rock ballad suite that runs from spacious jazz (hints of Xhol & Out Of Focus), via psych onto a wild tongue-in-cheek raunchy blues, etc. Originally on the Pilz label, © 1971.

JOY UNLIMITED - REFLECTIONS (Garden of Delights CD 132: 10xBT) CD £13.00 - 3rd LP, with Joy Flemming being replaced by Ken Traylor, akin to Colosseum, Gravy Train, Raw Material, etc. The bonus tracks include the "Early Morning Moanin/Proud Angelina" single.

JOY UNLIMITED - MINNE (Garden of Delights CD 141) CD £13.00 - A very Teutonic, slightly Floh De Cologne like, progressive folk-rock, fleshed-out by a near-on mini orchestra version of Joy Unlimited, with German vocals. © 1975. Plus bonus tracks: "Atlantic", "Rhinozeros", "Jaguar", "Spiralnebel", "Early Morning Moanin", "Proud Angelina" & "Achtigall", by Gerd Kothe: "Time Machine" & "Electric Circus".

CHRIS KARRER - THE MASK (Cosmic Egg UTCE 013 CDR: RM) CDR £8.00 - Dazzlingly creative fusion recorded live at the 1996 Burg Herzberg Open Air Festival, with Jens Pollheide, Peter Paul Kuen, Christian Burchard & special guest Mani Neumeier (introduced on track 3). A superb live example of the unique Karrer fusion style. 2nd edition of 20 numbered copies.

KLUSTER - KLOPFZEICHEN (Bureau B BB 110: RM,DP) CD £14.00 - Trio of Schnitzler/Moebius/Roedelius. Their 1971 debut of fantastic dark avant-garde Krautrock.

KLUSTER - ZWEI OSTEREI (Bureau B BB 111: RM,DP) CD £14.00 - Manic echo avant-garde industrial krautrock, pre-Cluster with Konrad Schnitzler. 2nd LP, also from 1971.

KONTRAST - KONTRAST, VOLUME I & II (Cosmic Egg UTCE 003) CD £11.00, ex+/ex+ £6.50 - One of the finest examples of 1980's Krautrock (alongside Embryo's "Zack Gluck"), featuring Remigius Drechsler, Ingo-Schmidt Neuhaus & Moran Neumuller (all ex-Out Of Focus). Reissue of the 1986 LP plus 29'21" of unreleased material.

#  KRAAN - KRAAN (Intercord/Universal 7243 8 22668 2 2) CD £11.00 - Krautrock fusion goes to Arabia & trips-out! Superb debut (© 1972) with long jams, the definitive Kraan sound. Plus 4 demo recordings (circa 1971).

#  KRAAN - ANDY NOGGER (Intercord/EMI Electrola 7243 8 22670 2 7: RM,RE) CD £10.00 - LP #3 (© 1974), definitive Kraan, full of invention, it's psuedo-Arabic Krautrock (hints of Karthago/Guru Guru), full of solos.

KRAAN - LIVE (Intercord/EMI Electrola 7243 8 22671 2 6: RM,RE) CD £10.00 - Great 1970's German rock fusion, their astounding live set recorded at the Quartier Latin, Berlin (10/1974).

KROKODIL - GETTING UP FOR THE MORNING (Bacillus 288·09·107: RE) CD £11.00 - Acclaimed as the Swiss answer to Man. A heavy, spacey, psych mix. Their 4th LP, © 1972.

KROKODIL - SWEAT & SWIM (Bacillus 288·09·115: RE) CD £11.00 - This also has elements of Groundhogs & Nektar, in a bluesy spiced rock. Excellent value 2LP on 1 CD set (© 1973).

LIED DES TEUFELS - LIED DES TEUFELS (Ohrwaschl OW 032: RE) CD £12.00 - Ex-Hanuman, with a Lokomotive Kreuzberg/Floh De Cologne type edge. © 1973.

LIMBUS 4 - MANDALAS (Spalax 14277: DP,RE) CD £13.00 - Weird tripped-out ethnic/jazz/folk/cosmic? Ohr Records avant-garde psychedelic. Challenging! Imagine a very strange Third Ear Band with Krautrock & free-jazz asthetics. © 1970.

MAMMUT - MAMMUT (Long Hair LHC00070: RM) CD £13.00 - Underground Krautrock from South-West Germany, hints of Amon Duul II, Deep Purple, Popol Vuh, etc. © 1971. Also contains the "Dä Du Dä" track by The Rope set from the "Under Party Ground" compilation.

McCHURCH SOUNDROOM - DELUSION (Ohrwaschl OW 012: DP,RE) CD £14.00 - Classic Swiss Krautrock in Thirsty Moon, Gomorrha, Gravy Train vein. A Pilz classic reissued! © 1971.

MESSAGE - THE DAWN ANEW IS COMIN (Bacillus 288·09·111: RE) CD £11.00 - Complex heavy Krautrock band that featured 2 Scottsmen! Great psychy heavy sound. Their 1972 debut LP.

MESSAGE - FROM BOOKS & DREAMS (Bacillus 288·09·119: RE) CD £11.00 - Some of the heaviest Krautrock psychedelia, beyond Gravy Train or Raw Material. A killer! © 1973.

MISSUS BEASTLY - MISSUS BEASTLY (Garden of Delights CD 061) CD £13.00 - Strangely off-key, out-on-a-limb, jazz/bluesy psych sounds, kinda Hendrix gone Kraut meets Embryo & Dauner. Very dated, but nicely so! © 1970. Aka "Nara Asst Incense".

MISSUS BEASTLY - MISSUS BEASTLY (Garden of Delights CD 113: 4xBT) CD £13.00 - Top rate 1974 Kraut jazz-fusion. Kinda early Passport meets Embryo & Niagara, & totally riddled with solos. The bonus tracks include their "Vlotho-Winterberg 1975" contribution.

MISSUS BEASTLY - BREMEN 1974 (Garden of Delights CD 122) CD £13.00 - Excellent quality live, with unique line-up featuring Eddy Marron from Dzyan! Just 3 big tracks - all unique!

MYTHOS - SUPERKRAUT (Sireena 2086: DP) CD £13.00 - "Live At Stagge's Hotel 1976". An excellent document of Mythos live (in between the "Dreamlab" & "Strange Guys" albums), mainly featuring material from the "Dreamlab" album.

THE NAZGUL - THE NAZGUL (Mental Experience MENT016CD: RM) CD £11.00 - "The Lord of the Rings" comes alive as a weird sonic underground avant-Krautrock epic. A weird twist beyond Galactic Explorers, recorded by Toby Robinson in Cologne.

NEKROPOLIS - LIVE (Ohrwaschl OW 033: 2xBT,RE) CD £12.00 - Peter Frohmader's live band from 1983, heavy Krautrock sounds, hints of Spacebox, Guru Guru, with Zeuhl & agit-rock touches, sometimes Can meets Magma!

NEKROPOLIS - THE AWAKENING: LIVE '79 (Ohrwaschl OW 035) CD £12.00 - Technically by Kanaan & CIA, heavy Krautrock with a Metabolist/Zeuhl edge. All previously unreleased recordings.

NEU! - NEU! (Gronland CDGRON I: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - Inventive industrial Krautrock from 2 ex-Kraftwerk members. Highly influential & an all-time classic! © 1972.

NEU! - NEU! 2 (Gronland 7243 5 30781 2) CD £11.00 - Their 2nd LP from 1973, featuring more Kraftwerk styled drum riffing, walls of guitar & much weirdness...

NEU! - NEU! 75 (Gronland CDGRON III: RM,RE) CD £11.00 - The embryo of La Dusseldorf: Dinger, Rother, Dinger & Lampe. Varied album with Neu! & Rother solo styles. © 1975.

MANI NEUMEIER & GUESTS - TERRA AMPHIBIA 2 (Captain Trip CTCD-108) CD £15.00, m/vg+ £9.00 - More of a hybrid of late-1990s Guru Guru incarnations than volume 1, with Archetti (Guru Guru & Tiere Der Nacht) & Reffert (Flute & Voice & late-1980's Guru Guru) making a more upbeat music. © 1998.

NIAGARA - NIAGARA (MIG 00230: RE) 2CD £13.00 - Klaus Weiss super-session project. This contains their 3 LP's: "Niagara" (with Cotch Black, Keith Forsey, Udo Lindenberg, etc. © 1971), "S.U.B." (with Udo Lindenberg, Daniel Fichelscher, Ack van Rooyen, etc. © 1972) & "Afire" (with George Brown, Charlie Campbell, Dave King, etc. © 1973).

NINE DAYS WONDER - NINE DAYS WONDER (Bacillus 288·09·106: RE) CD £11.00 - These were totally out & radical Krautrock fusion, complex, eccentric, beyond Message! Lots of complex changes, rock & jazz schizopheria akin to classic Zappa. © 1971.

NOSFERATU - NOSFERATU (Ohrwaschl OW 020: RE) CD £12.00 - Incredible psych-space Krautrock fusion in Thirsty Moon, Message, Xhol vein. Heavy, furious & shooting into space! © 1970.

NOVALIS - NOVALIS (Revisited SPV 49522: DP) CD £13.00 - Pioneers of a uniquely German symphonic complex progressive, largely instrumental (featuring lots of synth) with German vocals. Their 2nd LP from 1975 plus 10'36" live version of "Impressionen" (Hagen 1975).

NOVALIS - SOMMERABEND (Brain 841 354-2: RE) CD £10.00 - Their 3rd LP from 1976, a trippy/spacey step-on from Camel/Pink Floyd with lots of keyboards & lengthy tracks.

#  OCTOPUS - THE BOAT OF THOUGHTS (Sireena 2051: RE) CD £14.00 - 1977 debut from German progressive with fine female vocalist Jennifer Hensel. Hints of Curved Air (but without the classical edge), with good chunky rhythmic structures, plenty of instrumentals & nice synthesized arrangements. Jewel case version.

#  OCTOPUS - AN OCEAN OF ROCKS (Sireena 2075: DP) CD £14.00 - 2nd album (© 1978), more synthesized with less Curved Air similarity, that follows on from their debut, this also hints at fellow Garman bands Pancake, Birth Control, etc.

ORANGE PEEL - ORANGE PEEL (Bellaphon 9687127) CD £13.00 - Early Bellaphon Krautrock (© 1970), gutsy psych-blues, from 2066 & Then onto Arzachel & beyond... Peter Bischof went on to Emergency, drummer Curt Cress went on to Passport.

ORGANISATION - TONE FLOAT (Bootleg: RM) CDR £9.00 - The legendary Krautrock space-fusion LP, pre-Kraftwerk, for Kollektiv, Thirsty Moon, Ibliss, Et Cetera, freaks. A timeless classic! Note: also contains bonus track "Ruckzuck" from German TV 1970.

OUT OF FOCUS - WAKE UP! (Kuckuck 11006-2: RE) CD £12.00 - (Reactive EREACD 1010: RM) CD £11.50 - 1970 debut from these legendary Krautrockers, very underground and still with an air of psychedelia.

OUT OF FOCUS - OUT OF FOCUS (Kuckuck 11010-2: RE) CD £12.00 - 2nd album (© 1971), a Krautrock spacey fusion & psychedelic classic. Possibly their most refined, & the most well-balanced mixture of songs & instrumentals.

OUT OF FOCUS - FOUR LETTER MONDAY AFTERNOON (Kuckuck 12032-2: 1xBT,RE) 2CD £18.00 - Astounding double set, 3rd & best by this revolutionary Krautrock band. Definitive Munich Kraut-fusion. © 1972.

OUT OF FOCUS - NOT TOO LATE (Cosmic Egg UTCE 001) CD £14.00 - (Cosmic Egg UTCE 001: 2nd pressing) CD £11.00 - Lost for 25 years, this is very much in the spirit of LP1 from "Four Letter Monday Afternoon" with great Out Of Focus songs, & brilliant Softs "Third" era cum Embryo instrumentals! There were plans for a release with the April/Schneeball collective in 1975, in fact an album was recorded, & then lost, this is that lost 4th Out of Focus album, restored from those old lost tapes.

OUT OF FOCUS - RAT ROADS (Garden of Delights CD 064) CD £13.00 - Lots more material recorded during the "Four Letter Monday Afternoon" sessions. Some familiar themes, lots of totally new & dirrefent ideas, all excellent! Definitive Munich Kraut-fusion.

OUT OF FOCUS - PALERMO 1972 (Garden of Delights CD 135) CD £13.00 - Really nice previously unreleased live document (26/5/1972). Some of Moran's vocals are a bit wonky, but that's live music for you!

PATERNOSTER - PATERNOSTER (Ohrwaschl OW 004/Green Tree GTR 122: DP,RE) CD £12.00 - Legendary Austrian underground. Heavy & complex prog typical of the Krautrock era, fronted by an unusual vocalist, with equally bizarre/surreal lyrics, & a trippy Pink Floyd edge. Akin to Virus, Gila & Jane, Paternoster blended classical motifs, psychedelic flights into the cosmos, & much more! © 1972.

PELL MELL - MARBURG (Bacillus 287·09·004: RE) CD £11.00 - Early German progressive with a strong classical edge, comparable to many an Italian band of the era, yet also surprisingly towards Amon Duul II. © 1972.

#  PYRAMID - PYRAMID (Mental Experience MENT022CD) CD £11.00 - Mystery supersession, 1 track (33 minutes) that starts like Agitation Free, goes Amon Duul 2, onto a jazzy Mellotron trip.

RADIO NOISZ ENSEMBLE - YNIVERZE (Garden of Delights CD 148: 6xBT) CD £13.00 - The German Third Ear Band, excellent ethnic raga fusion, ex-Emma Myldenberger, with Mani Neumeier. © 1982.

RADIO NOISZ ENSEMBLE - ODISZEE-PARCK (Garden of Delights CD 155: 7xBT) CD £13.00 - 2nd album (© 1983), previously only released on cassette, plus 45+ minutes of live material. More excellent ethnic raga fusion from ex-Emma Myldenberger troupe!

RUFUS ZUPHALL - WEISS DER TEUFEL (Long Hair LHC 00029: RM) CD £13.00 - Rufus Zuphall's masterpiece debut. Raw energy tripped-out psych prog fusion with lotsa flute, acid guitars - just incredible! Plus LP 4 of the "Avalon & On" box set: "Farewell! Live Aachen 1972 (continued)".

SAHARA - SUNRISE (Ohrwaschl OW 022: RE) CD £12.00 - Complex progressive with flutes, guitars, lotsa keyboards, from ex-Subject Esq musicians. © 1974.

SAHARA - FOR ALL THE CLOWNS (Ohrwaschl OW 021: DP,RE) CD £12.00 - Very complex progressive with hints of Focus, Camel, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, etc. 2nd album, © 1975.

#  GUNTER SCHICKERT - UBERFALLIG (Bureau B BB 96: RM,DP) CD £13.00 - Master echo-guitarist, a pioneer of the genre alongside Manuel Gottsching, but working in darker realms, with stranger moods in his art. A unique concoction! © 1979.

GUNTER SCHICKERT - KINDER IN DER WILDNIS (Bureau B BB151: DP) CD £14.00 - Remastered version of Gunter's 3rd album (© 1983, originally cassette only) by the Teutonic master of the echo-guitar. Yes, he was doing it over a decade before the Ozric Tentacles were formed! This contains 2 different bonus tracks than the Auricle CDR issue.

IRMIN SCHMIDT & BRUNO SPOERRI - TOY PLANET (Spoon CDSPOON011: RM,CC) CD £9.00 - Apparently an inspiration for "ambient house" music. © 1981.

CONRAD SCHNITZLER - ROT (Bureau B BB 102: RM,DP) CD £14.00 - Incredible 1973 avant-synth solo debut from former Tangerine Dream, Kluster & Eruption member. A must for fans of early Cluster & analogue electronics. With 24'23" bonus track "Red Dream".

CONRAD SCHNITZLER - BLAU (Bureau B BB 103: DP) CD £14.00 - Remastered issue of the 1973 LP, this was more subtle than "Rot" with oozing organic electronics akin to early Cluster with an air of Schulzian spaciness. With bonus work "Wild Space 1-6" (source unknown).

KLAUS SCHULZE - IRRLICHT (MIG 01482 CD: DP,1xBT) CD £16.00 - The awesome, very atmospheric but powerful 1972 debut by master synthesist (not actually synth music though).

KLAUS SCHULZE - CYBORG (MIG 01332 2CD: DP,1xBT) 2CD £17.00 - His classic cosmic double, even more esoteric than "Irrlicht", like a series of meditations of pulsing twittering electronics, Mellotron-like orchestra, & shimmering organ. © 1973.

KLAUS SCHULZE - BLACKDANCE (MIG 01492 CD: DP,2xBT) CD £16.00 - Odd diversion for Klaus, with acoustic guitar, hand percussion, organ, etc. © 1974.

KLAUS SCHULZE - PICTURE MUSIC (MIG 01502 CD: DP,1xBT) CD £16.00 - The album that defined the Schulze synth-sequencer style. © 1975.

KLAUS SCHULZE - TIMEWIND (MIG 01532 2CD: DP,1xBT) 2CD £17.00 - Amongst the ultimate in 1970's synth-sequencer cosmic masterpieces. © 1975. CD2 contains 3 bonus tracks!

KLAUS SCHULZE - BODY LOVE (MIG 01592 CD: DP,1xBT) CD £16.00 - The classic original soundtrack to the porno movie by Lasse Braun, definitive cosmic music in 3 phases. © 1977.

#  KLAUS SCHULZE - MIRAGE (MIG 01562 CD: DP,1xBT) CD £15.00 - The classic cosmic dreamscape! This echoey mist-like music is purely evocative, with articulate arpeggios, sequences & resonant atmospheres. © 1977.

KLAUS SCHULZE - BODY LOVE, VOL. 2 (MIG 01602 CD: DP,1xBT) CD £16.00 - Additional recordings from the "Body Love" sessions, again with Harald Grosskopf on drums.

KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE (P&P = 4 units on all these 3CD sets.)

#  KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 1 (Revisited 108: DP) 3CD £17.00 - 1968-72 non-LP material, compiled from the "Editions" sets. Essential stuff if you don't own the 50 CD's: early experiments in "Irrlicht/Cyborg" vein & space-rock trips.

#  KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 2 (Revisited 109: DP) 3CD £17.00 - 1973-75 non-LP material. Innovations in new technology: rich organ & synth excursions, & many surprises!

#  KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 3 (Revisited REV 110: DP) 3CD £17.00 - This one covers May-October 1975.

#  KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 4 (Revisited REV 111: DP) 3CD £17.00 - Containing 1975/1976 concert recordings.

KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 5 (MIG 00142: DP) 3CD £19.00 - 1976-1977. This includes "Berlin Schöneberg" & "For Barry Graves" only previously available on amended discs in "The Ultimate Edition" set.

KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 7 (MIG 00162: DP) 3CD £19.00 - 1977-1979 material. With previously unreleased 2'30" interview.

KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 10 (MIG 00192: DP) 3CD £19.00 - 1985-1992 concert, studio & soundtrack recordings. With previously unreleased "Weiter, Weiter!" (Aachen encore in 1985, 10'37") & 4'56" interview from his Spanish tour in 1991.

KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 11 (MIG 00692: DP) 3CD £19.00 - 1992-1993 recordings, all culled from "Silver Edition".

KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 12 (MIG 00752: DP) 3CD £19.00 - 1992-1993 recordings, like Vol. 11 these are culled from "Silver Edition".

KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 13 (MIG 00772: DP) 3CD £19.00 - 1993 recordings, culled from "Silver Edition", "Jubilee Edition" & "The Ultimate Edition".

KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 14 (MIG 00782: DP) 3CD £19.00 - 1993-2000 recordings. Mainly culled from "Jubilee Edition" & "The Ultimate Edition", plus "Conquest of Paradise" single track, a track each from "A Tribute to Klaus Schulze" & "Trailer" samplers.

KLAUS SCHULZE - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 15 (MIG 01082: DP) 3CD £19.00 - 1997-1999 recordings. Getting lazy on this one, containing disc 25 from "Jubilee Edition" plus discs 46 & 49 from "The Ultimate Edition".

SHAA KHAN - THE WORLD WILL END ON FRIDAY (Sireena 2052: DP) CD £13.00 - 1978 debut from this very complex German progressive, with a lyrical rock style comparable to Grobschnitt, Gentle Giant or Druid.

SONIC SCULPTURE (Cosmic Egg UTCE 015 CDR: RM) CDR £8.00 - Obscure experimental free Krautrock jazz & electronics outfit, previously issued as a demo circa 2000. Partly Krautrock, partly avant-jazz, & partly a genre no one has given a name for yet.

SUBJECT ESQ. / SAHARA - LOST TAPES (Ohrwaschl OW50: CC) CD £9.00 - Classic collection of rare studio & live recordings (1971-1975), most of it songs you won't know! © 2016.

SULA BASSANA - LIVE AT ROADBURN FESTIVAL 2014 (Sulatron st1502-2) CD £13.00 - Heavy space treks in Electric Moon vein, featuring Mellotron on one track. © 2015.

#  TANGERINE DREAM - ALPHA CENTAURI (Reactive EREACD 1021: RM,RE) CD £11.50 - 1971 trip into deep space beyond Pink Floyd. This also contains: "Oszillator Planet Concert" (from the "Ossiach Live" festival album), & the complete "Ultima Thule (Part One+Two)" single.

TANGERINE DREAM - ZEIT (Reactive EREACD 21017: RM) 2CD £13.50 - The ultimate cosmic dream opus, largely based around echo & glissando guitars, organ & synthesizers. © 1972. CD2 is a bonus disc featuring "The Klangwald Performance" live in Cologne 11/1972.

TANGERINE DREAM - ATEM (Reactive EREACD 21019: RM) 2CD £13.50 - Bubbling from the ether, to "Phaedra" from the Krautrock space-acid trip, mind-bending! © 1973. CD2 = "The Deutschlandhalle Performance (Recorded In Berlin, 29th November 1973)". 40 minutes duration.

TANGERINE DREAM - PHAEDRA (Virgin 7243 8 40062 28 TAND 5: RM) CD £8.00 - The album that gave them their big break internationally! With a rhythmic structure spurred on by bass guitar & lots of Mellotron. © 1974.

TANGERINE DREAM - RICOCHET (Virgin 840 064-2/TAND 7: RM) CD £8.00, ex+/ex+ £4.50 - Compiled from concerts at cathedrals in France & England, with a stronger melodic focus, much use of sequencers & rhythmic structures. © 1975.

TANGERINE DREAM - STRATOSFEAR (Virgin 840 065-2/TAND 8: RM) CD £8.00 - With strong Baumann sequential & rhythmic structures, & unusual instrumentation feature in this oddly balanced album, with much guitar & even harmonica! © 1976.

TANGERINE DREAM - SORCERER (Reactive EREACD 1023: RM) CD £11.50 - Aka "Wages of Fear" soundtrack, the classic film by William Friedkin. © 1977.

TANGERINE DREAM - ENCORE (Virgin 7243 8 39443 23 TAND 1: RM) CD vg+/ex+ £4.00 - Live in USA 1977. Amalgams of themes from "Sorcerer" & "Stratosfear", plus familiar live themes from the era.

TANGERINE DREAM - FORCE MAJEURE (Virgin 7243 8 40259 22 TAND 10: RM) CD £8.00 - Developing ideas from "Cyclone", but all instrumental, with sequencers flying alongside rhythms, & all sorts of (then new) digital synth textures. © 1979.

TEMPLE - TEMPLE (Mental Experience MENT019CD: RM) CD £11.00 - Stoned varied mix of heavy space-rock & folky sections, like a mixture of Cozmic Coridors, Golem & Hawkwind styles. With Birth Control members.

THIRSTY MOON - YOU'LL NEVER COME BACK (Long Hair LHC00053: 1xBT) CD £13.00 - 2nd album, featuring 2 contrasting sides: 1) typical Thirsty Moon, complex & radical rock; 2) a spacey fusion in Xhol, Kollektiv vein. © 1973.

THIRSTY MOON - BLITZ (Long Hair LHC00054: 3xBT,RM) CD £13.00 - 3rd album (© 1976), instrumental progressive from the Drogies brothers with some classic moods.

THIRSTY MOON - I'LL BE BACK - LIVE 1975 (Long Hair LHC00055) CD m/m £9.50 - Previously undocumented line-up (with Gert Lueken on keyboards) doing original material plus tracks from "Thirsty Moon", "Blitz" & "A Real Good Time".

THIRSTY MOON - LUNAR ORBIT (Sireena 2085: DP) CD £13.00, m/ex+ £9.00 - "Live At Stagge's Hotel 1976". A surprisingly good live set from the "A Real Good Time" line-up, mainly instrumental, with the obscure "Music" track, 5 tracks from "Blitz", 2 tracks that would later appear on "A Real Good Time", plus a 12'20" rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone From The Sun".

TYLL - SEXPHONIE (Mental Experience MENT004CD: RM) CD £11.00 - Eccentric Krautrock underground with folky & psychedelic touches, sometimes close to Floh De Cologne & Eulenspygel. © 1975. Contains liner notes & Teflon Fonfara interview by Alan Freeman.

VINEGAR - VINEGAR (Garden of Delights CD 091) CD £13.00 - Psychedelic spiced rock circa 1971, in the realms of Tractor or Elias Hulk, but with a very Teutonic sound, lots of instrumentals & guitar textures akin to Gomorrha.

VIRUS - REVELATION (Garden of Delights CD 169: 2xBT) CD £13.00 - An awesome cosmic Krautrock trip, with "Endless Game" the ultimate Floydian space-daze! © 1971. The bonus tracks are the A & B sides of their debut 1970 7" single.

WALLENSTEIN - MOTHER UNIVERSE (Spalax 14273: RE) CD £11.00 - 2nd album (© 1972), much more varied & eclectic than "Blitzkrieg", with folky touches, hints of Supersister, Pink Floyd, etc. Features Cosmic Jokers Jurgen Dollase & Harald Grosskopf.

#  WONDERLAND BAND - Nº 1 (Sireena SIR 2149: DP) CD £14.00 - Outrageous psych-progressive by Achim Reichel & Frank Dorstal circa 1970. Elements of The Mothers, early Jade Warrior, "Atom Heart Mother" period Pink Floyd & those unique Reichel songs.

XHOL CARAVAN - ALTENA 1969 (Garden of Delights CD 116) CD £13.00 - Transitional Soul Caravan to Xhol Caravan concert recording. Note: "Freedom Opera" is the same as that released on the "Motherf#@kers Live" 2CD set, meaning there is only 19 minutes of unreleased material here.

XHOL - ESSEN 1970 (Garden of Delights CD 152) CD £13.00 - Another classic live concert recording from the "Hau-Ruk" line-up, with Tim Belbe also playing flute!

YATHA SIDHRA - A MEDITATION MASS (Universal Brain 06024 9813084 1: DP,RE) CD £13.00 - The legendary cosmic cult classic: cosmic rock, jazz, Indian music & lots of flute make this a timeless classic & probably one of the finest albums ever made! © 1974.

ZONE SIX - LIVE WIRED 2004 (Nasoni 043: DP) CD £12.00 - Live at Sudhaus Tübingen (5 tracks 67'59", 8/10/2004) & Schlachthof Lahr (1 track 10'00", 16/10/2004). © 2005.

ZONE SIX - LOVE MONSTER (Sulatron st1504) CD £13.00 - Still one of the prime contemporary Krautrock/space-rock bands around, though sounding more like Electric Moon with synths. © 2015.

ZONE SIX - ZONE SIX (Sulatron st1504) CD £13.00 - The original 1997instrumental studio session that was used for their debut CD (only previously released as a demo cassette).

ZOPPO TRUMP - ZOPPO TRUMP (Garden of Delights CD 154) CD £13.00 - Unreleased archives from Munich band, wide-ranging Krautrocky stuff, from Xhol to Eloy & everywhere in between! Includes their 2 tracks from the "Scena Westfalica" compilation.


Rock, Jazz, Folk, etc.


AARDVARK - AARDVARK (Esoteric ECLEC 2286: RM,RE) CD £11.50 - Classic English psychy progressive for those liking weird sounds, Egg, & beyond. © 1970.

#  RABIH ABOU-KHALIL - BUKRA (Enja ENJ-9372 2: DP,RE) CD £11.00 - Vibrant ethnic fusion, kinda Arabic/Indian jazz. Timeless! Features Sonny Fortune, Glen Moore, Glen Velez & Ramesh Shotham. © 1989.

RABIH ABOU-KHALIL - AL-JADIDA (Enja ENJA 6090 2: DP,RE) CD £11.00 - Fantastic ethnic fusion that really trips out, blending Middle Eastern themes with jazz & folk. For Embryo, Oregon, Indo-jazz fans. © 1991.

ACINTYA - LA CITE DES DIEUX OUBLIES (Musea FGBG 4521: 2xBT) CD £11.00 -  French flowing instrumental violin-fronted progressive, akin to Daryl Way's Wolf, Wapassou, Kebnekaise, etc. © 1978.

#  AGUSA - AGUSA (Laser's Edge LE 1080: DP) CD £15.00 - 4th album from this excellent Swedish band updating the Kebnekajse type sound with a touch more prog & space-rock. © 2017.

AHORA MAZDA - AHORA MAZDA (Pseudonym CDP-1114: DP) 2CD £18.00 - Dutch experimental psychedelic! Excellent value set. CD1 = their 1970 LP + 4 bonus tracks, CD2 = previously unreleased demo versions (includes 3 tracks that didn't make it onto the original LP).

AKSAK MABOUL/MARC HOLLANDER - ONZE DANSES POUR COMBATTRE LA MIGRAINE (Crammed CRAM 101: RE) CD £11.00 - The improved 1981 version of this classic ex-Cos, RIO & neo/primitive hybrid, with Look De Bouk feel...

ALGARNAS TRADGARD - FRAMTIDEN AR ETT SVAVANDE SKEPP, FORANKRAT I FORNTIDEN (Silence SRSCD 3611: 2xBT,RE) CD £12.00 - Aka "The Garden Of The Elks" this Swedish combo from the early-1970's were amongst the most ground-breaking of bands. Kinda RIO meets folk (Achimedes Badkar, Arbete & Fritid or Third Ear Band territory) & Faust, & it's before RIO or Faust existed! © 1972.

ALGARNAS TRADGARD - DELAYED (Silence SRSCD 3626: RE) CD £12.00 - Unreleased 2nd album (1973-74 recordings), which is much more "prog" than their 1st, very powerful with Mellotrons, electronics, complex rock & folk mixes, but all uniquely Swedish!

DAEVID ALLEN - DIVIDEDALIENPLAYBAX80 (Spalax 14837: DP) CD £11.00 - Daevid Allen + machines = one-man industrial Gong. © 1982. A classic! This issue is the same mix as the original Charly LP.

#  DAEVID ALLEN - THE DEATH OF ROCK & EVEN MORE ENTRANCES (Voiceprint VP 114 CD: RE) CD £9.50 - This contains his "Death Of Rock" EP (20 minutes) from 1982 plus 3 bonus experimental works (41 minutes)!

DAEVID ALLEN & GILLI SMYTH - MAGICK BROTHER (Spalax 14812: DP,RE) CD £11.00 - Pre-Gong 1969 psych delight for Gong & Soft Machine fans. Complete with original cover art.

ALUSA FALLAX - INTORNO ALLA MIA CATTIVA EDUCAZIONE (VM2000 VM CD 103: CC) CD £13.50 - Extraordinary complex Italian progressive (© 1974), full of invention & experimentation.

AMA - NOT BLOBS (Auricle AMCDR 223: RM) CDR £8.00 - Inventive UK instrumental rock trio (two members of Rancid Poultry plus a drummer) inspired by Guru Guru, Ash Ra Tempel, etc. A throwback to the late-1960's/early-1970's being basically a space-rock freak-out for guitar, bass & drums. Previously released on cassette in 1988.

AMA - LOUDLIVEANDLUMPY (Auricle AMCDR 231: RM) CDR £8.00 - Inventive UK instrumental rock trio (2 members of Rancid Poultry plus drummer). Heavy, experimental underground space-rock "Excessive kind of UFO era Guru Guru meets Metabolist, one track pre-empts Acid Mothers Temple by a decade - sizzling!" Official reissue of the 1988 cassette.

AMA II - GENUFLEX (Auricle AMCDR 258) CDR £8.00 - With a new member & with a new concept (all basses, no lead guitar) they unleashed what was their craziest & heaviest release ever. Fans of old Guru Guru, Spacebox, Faust & Nekropolis take note.

ANGE - AU-DELA DU DELIRE (Mercury 842 239-2) CD £11.00 - Pioneers of stylish lyrical French progressive. Their 2nd album was even more refined & eclectic in its mix of stylisms, with creative/unique songs & instrumentals. © 1974.

ANGE - EMILE JACOTEY (Mercury 842 240-2) CD £11.00 - 4th album (© 1975) from this classic French progressive band (fronted by the Decamps brothers), complex musically with refined lyrical style & French vocals - a charmer - even if you don't understand a word of it!

ANGE - PAR LES FILS DU MANDRIN (Mercury 842 237-2) CD £11.00 - In folky realms, towards "Trespass" era Genesis. © 1976.

ANGE - GUET-APENS (Musea FGBG 2111: RM,CC) CD £12.00 - Their last 1970's classic (© 1978). After a 2 year split they were back on top form with a dynamic Mellotron-fronted brainstormer.

ANGLAGARD - BURIED ALIVE (Musea FGBG 4167.AR) CD £11.00 - Swedish symphonic progressive rock band, live in Los Angeles at "Progfest '94" (5/11/1994).

AREA - ARBEIT MACHT FREI (Sony Music/Cramps 88843073512) CD £11.00 - Highly innovative Italian fusion band. This is their 1973 debut, beyond Passport & Perigeo, with outrageous vocals courtesy of Demetrio Stratos!

AREA - CAUTION RADIATION AREA (Sony Music/Cramps 88883775532) CD £11.00 - Their 2nd album from 1974. This is probably their most experimental album, with more use of electronics & avant-garde techniques.

AREA - ARE(A)ZIONE (Cramps/Sony Music 88875135252) CD £11.00 - Concert recordings, at their most creative with the accent on improvisation. © 1975.

AREA - MALADETTI (Cramps/Sony Music 88875135262) CD £11.00 - One of the most avant-garde & extreme of Area albums, this covers a lot of ground: from jazz-rock through to free-jazz.

ART BEARS - HOPES & FEARS (ReR ab1: RM,DP) CD £12.00 - Born out of Henry Cow & Slapp Happy, at the same time as "Western Culture". © 1978. Featuring Dagmar Krause extensively.

ART BEARS - WINTER SONGS (ReR áb2: RM,jewel case) CD £12.00 - 2nd album (© 1979), in a furiously inventive & creative mood, with a wide variety of styles, songs, not-songs, collage & controlled mayhem, in a sizzling fusion.

ART BEARS - THE WORLD AS IT IS TODAY (ReR áb3: RM,jewel case) CD £12.00 - 3rd album (© 1981), their most lyrically scathing & sonically intensive, condensing a wealth of everything Henry Cow.

ASIA MINOR - CROSSING THE LINE (Musea FGBG 4082.AR: RE) CD £11.00 - One part Pulsar, one part Camel, the rest: a unique fiery rock by this Turkish-French prog-rock trio. © 1979.

ASIA MINOR - BETWEEN FLESH AND DIVINE (Musea FGBG 4035.AR: RE) CD £11.00 - Legendary French progressive with Pulsar, Finch & Camel overtones, much flute & guitar. © 1980.

#  ATILA - INTENCION (Wah Wah Records WCD008: 1xBT,RM) CD £11.00 - Complex & powerful Spanish classical rock (© 1976), lotsa keyboards & well-known themes. With O-card sleeve.

ATLANTIC DRONE - ATLANTIC DRONE (Noiseville #65) CD £9.00 - Little-known classic of largely instrumental psychedelic space-rock from an unlikely cast of musicians, © 2006.

ATOLL - MUSICIENS MAGICIENS (Musea FGBG 4008.AR: 4xBT,RE) CD £11.00 - Ange styled progressive, debut from this legendary 1970's band with Yes & King Crimson twists too! The bonus tracks are live at the Palais des Sports, Metz (23/6/1973).

AVALANCHE - PERSEVERANCE KILLS OUR GAME (Guerssen GUESSCD057: RM) CD £11.00 - Classic Dutch folk onto trippy psychedelic & shimmery space trips. © 1979.

IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO - SIRIO 2222 (Lion Productions LION 677: DP) CD £14.00 - Legendary as the 1st Italian progressive rock LP recorded in 1969.

IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO - YS (Polydor 523 693-2: 1xBT) CD £9.00 - The ultimate, most perfectly conceived & complexly dazzling, Italian progressive rock album! © 1972.

BANCO - AS IN A LAST SUPPER (Manticore MANTCD 1010: RM) CD £11.50 - English vocal version of "Come In Un'ultima Cena", curious in that how the music is re-arranged to fit the lyrics comes across quite Gentle Giant like! © 1976.

BARDO POND - UNDER THE PINES (Fire Records FIRECD476: CC) CD £12.00 - A back to their roots album, this has Bardo Pond again in lethargic stoner underground territory & vocals that somewhat remind of Renate from Amon Duul II. © 2017.

BARN OWL & THE INFINITE STRINGS ENSEMBLE - THE HEADLANDS (Important IMPREC335: DP) CD £13.50 - Spacious stuff from Evan Caminiti & Jon Porras (Barn Owl) plus Ellen Fullman, Theresa Wong & The Norman Conquest. © 2010.

BEAK> - BEAK>> (Invada INV 107: DP) CD £11.00 - 2nd album, with a sound that had gelled into something totally their own, this could only be Beak>. © 2012.

BEN - BEN (Repertoire REPUK 1177: RM) CD £11.00 - Excellent cool Canterbury-esque fusion, reissue of a Vertigo classic. © 1971.

PHILIPPE BESOMBES - LIBRA (MIO 008: 4xBT,RM) CD £12.00 - An extraordinary album by Pôle & Hydravion member. A surreal film soundtrack combining psych-rock: weird trips with Pink Floyd styling, electronic trippy rock in the vein of Pierre Henry's "Mass For The Present Time", weird electronic avant-garde & ethnic musics. Fascinating throughout. © 1975.

PHILIPPE BESOMBES - CECI EST CELA (MIO 010: 6xBT,RM) CD £12.00 - Obscure 1979 album. Forget the 1st track (hidden here as track 0!) this is the weird Besombes album, very Pierre Henry goes Dada, & the most likely contender for inclusion on the NWW list.

BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO - IL TEMPO DELLA SEMINA (btf.it TRI 1009: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Previously unreleased 2nd album (recorded in 1974), complex classical rock full of invention & surprises!

BI KYO RAN - PARALLAX (Spalax SPALAXCD14532: RE) CD £11.00 - The Japanese answer to King Crimson: dazzling guitar, bass, drums trio, just 3 long tracks. Help from guest violin & keyboards (inc. mellotron). © 1983.

BLACK CARROT - DRINK THE BLACK FOREST (Tin Angel TAR009: DP) CD £9.00 - © 2008. Excellent follow-up to "Cluk", with 2nd drummer, again full of invention & lots of surprises. Think: somewhere between Volcano The Bear & Bablicon, with RIO/Pere Ubu spirit, jazz, psych & Dada, with wicked complex composition & refined innovation.

#  BLANDBLADEN - I GREVENS TID (Transubstans Trans030) CD £13.00 - Awesome Swedish trip-rock, pre-Oresund Space Collective, hints of Kebnekaise & Bo Hansson, lots of folk references (elements of Nordic polkas & other dances) all mixed into a hybrid of classic space-rock.

EMMANUEL BOOZ - DANS QUEL ETAT J'ERRE (Musea FGBG 2117: 1xBT,CC) CD £12.00 - The Booz masterpiece (© 1979), actually by the band Booz (featuring Jean-Claude D'Agostini & Gilles Tinayre, both members of Mama Bea Tekielski "La Folle" band). As someone once said: somewhere between Ange & Mahavishnu Orchestra!

BRAST BURN - DEBON (Phoenix ASHCD3021: #1000,CC) CD £12.00 - A Shamanistic Faust? Japanese avant-rock sans the drum set, with guitars, electronics, hand percussives, & a Amon Duul/Magical Power Mako do a grungy hybrid trip! Another of those famed NWW list bands!

SERGE BRINGOLF STRAVE - VISION (Soleil Zeuhl 35) CD £12.00 - Zeuhl fusion betwixt Magma, ZAO & Miles Davis. Serge was once 2nd drummer in Magma, this album also features ex-Art Zoyd guitarist Alain Eckert. © 1981.

#  ROBERT CALVERT - CAPTAIN LOCKHEED & THE STARFIGHTERS (Atomhenge ATOMCD 1017: RM) CD £11.50 - Classic concept album, with Hawkwind, Adrian Wagner & Arthur Brown. © 1974. Plus extended version of "The Right Stuff", single versions of "Ejection" & "Catch A Falling Starfighter".

CAMEL - MIRAGE (Deram 8829292: RE,4xBT) CD £9.00 - Their most progressive & inventive, on par with the great Euro-Rock acts. Highly influential classic progressive rock. © 1974.

CARAVAN - CARAVAN (Verve Forecast ‎ 8829522: RE) CD £7.00 - The legendary debut! 2001 remastered version with both mono & stereo versions of the LP, plus a 7" single track.

CASSIBER - MAN OR MONKEY (ReR CCD2: RE) CD £9.00 - Chris Cutler with Goebbels & Harth, plus Christoph Anders. Their 1982 debut was a kind of hybrid between polit-rock, experimental art rock & jazzy edged stuff, with the unique semi-prose of Anders' vocals.

CATALOGUE - ANTWERPEN LIVE (Spalax 14966) CD £11.00 - Not long after Jac Berrocal worked with NWW he formed Catalogue. A weird storming avant-garde band. Their debut also featured Jean-François Pauvros, Michel Potage, Patrick Prado & Jean-Pierre Arnoux. © 1979.

CATHARSIS - LE BOLERO DU VEAU DES DAMES (Spalax 14203) CD £12.00 - Legendary 1970's French progressive. This is their most technically crafted, powerful & rock structured album, with strong Camel-like keyboards, guitars, sitar, etc. © 1975.

#  CLEAR BLUE SKY - CLEAR BLUE SKY (Esoteric ECLEC 2595: RM) CD £11.50 - Legendary Vertigo guitar rock, with lengthy tracks & lots of fuzzed-out guitar & space treks. © 1970.

#  CLEARLIGHT - VISIONS (Gonzo Multimedia HST211CD: RM) CD £13.00 - 4th album (© 1978), with Magma members & various other French underground explorers, onto ethnic & trippy sounds. No mention of "Paix Profonde" track on this (though the CD claims to contain the complete LP). Whatever, this contains 12 tracks, so at least 6 are bonus tracks.

COEUR MAGIQUE - WAKAN TANKA (Spalax SPALAXCD14822) CD £11.00, ex+/m £7.00 - French 1971 psychedelic rock originally on BYG, featuring Claude Olmos (pre-Magma) on guitar. A little like Ame Son, Triangle, etc.

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM - COLLEGIUM MUSICUM (Opus 91 2771-2: RM) CD £11.50 - One of the most famous Czech progressives. This also contains their debut EP "Hommage a J.S. Bach".

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM - CONTINUO (Opus 91 2775-2: RM) CD £11.50 - More symphonic & synthesized 1978 album, moving towards Modry Efekt. © 1978.

#  COLOSSEUM - THOSE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE SALUTE YOU (Esoteric ECLEC 2598: RM) CD £11.50 - Impressive 1969 debut, moving from their jazz & blues roots onto complex progressive music. Includes 3 bonus tracks recorded at Pye studios, London (11/1968).

#  COLOSSEUM - VALENTYNE SUITE (Esoteric ECLEC 22599: RM) 2CD £13.00 - © 1969, arguably their finest moment, losing the blues & going overboard in a complex prog classical & fusion hybrid. Disc 2 contains their "The Grass Is Greener" LP which was recorded for the US/Canadian market.

ROBERTO COLOMBO - SFOGATEVIE BESTIE (BMG Ricordi 82876639532: CC) CD ex+/m £14.00 - Italian experimental prog & fusion legend, hints of classic Frank Zappa/Mothers, PFM & Area, etc. © 1976.

COMPANYIA ELECTRICA DHARMA - DIUMENGE (PiCap 910557-02) CD £12.50 - Barcelona's most famous & successful progressive band. This is their 1975 debut, of complex but mostly mysterious jazz-rock, hints of Dedalus & Canterbury styles are notable.

COMPANYIA ELECTRICA DHARMA - L'OUCOMBALLA (PiCap 910560-02) CD £12.50 - Early 1976 album, taking in culture: Catalan folk, ethnic & progressive styles & re-inventing themselves. Unique, with such a wide range of styles blending in, a step-on from "Diumenge", hinting at the French underground scene (ie. hints of Mahjun, Komintern, etc.)!

#  COMUS - FIRST UTTERANCE (Esoteric ECLEC 2629: 4xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - Beautiful folk progressive, yet also sometimes evil crossed with innocence! Kinda The Trees meets Family. © 1971.

CORIMA - QUETZALCOATL (Soleil Zeuhl 36) CD £12.00 - Very Magma inspired Zeuhl band from Texas, with all members doing vocals. © 2012.

COS - POSTAEOLIAN TRAIN ROBBERY (Musea FGBG 4028.AR: RE) CD £11.00 - Legendary Belgian band fronted by Daniel Schell, offering a complex fusion with French & Canterbury stylings. Note: 1 track is omitted, but there are 4 bonus tracks by pre-Cos band Classroom!

#  COSMOS FACTORY - A JOURNEY WITH THE COSMOS FACTORY (Lucky Pigs Records LPR CD 0801: DP) CD £12.00 - Top 1970s Japanese progressive band. Their 2nd LP, which was a lot more varied that the debut. © 1975.

CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN - STRANGE LANDS (Esoteric ECLEC 2258: RM) CD £11.50 - Classic previously unreleased 2nd album, pretty "strange" too! They later changed into Kingdom Come. This also contains 8 tracks (29 minutes) from the Rustic Hinge "Replicas" LP.

CRESSIDA - CRESSIDA (Repertoire REPUK 1126: CC) CD £11.00 - (Repertoire REPUK 1200: RM) CD £11.00 - 1970 debut by this dreamy Vertigo progressive band, with hints of King Crimson, Moody Blues, etc.

CRESSIDA - ASYLUM (Repertoire REPUK 1201: RM) CD £11.00 - More varied melodic progressive with much Mellotron, an acclaimed Vertigo classic, towards Spring, Kestrel, Cirkus, etc. © 1971.

#  CURVED AIR - AIR CONDITIONING (Esoteric PECLEC22616: RM,DP) 2CD £15.00 - Their highly creative 1970 debut, featuring Francis Monkman & Daryl Way, with Sonja Kristina on vocals. Contains 51 minutes (approx) of bonus material: 3 unreleased studio tracks, their "It Happened Today / What Happens When You Blow Yourself Up" single, and 3 BBC sessions.

DECIBEL - FURTUNA VIRILIS PLUS... (MIO 023) CD £11.00 - 1998 album that we knew nothing about, in a much more jazzy avant-garde style. Also includes 2 unreleased studio demo tracks (1992) & the 1996 tracks from "Mensaje Desde Formalhault".

#  DELIRED CAMELEON FAMILY - VISA DE CENSURE N. "X" (Gonzo Multimedia HST208CD: RM) CD £13.00 - Comissioned for Yvan Coaquette (MEV, Spacecraft, Fondation), he got Cyrille Verdeaux & his Clearlight troupe in on the act, for a Gong meets Ash Ra Tempel "Seven Up" type trip. © 1975.

DELIRIUM - LO SCEMO E IL VILLAGGIO (btf.it VMCD145: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Superb Italian progressive full of complexities. The Italian Matching Mole?! © 1972.

DELIRIUM - III (btf.it VMCD126: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Delirium will undoubtedly be compared to Jethro Tull on this fiery complex progressive album (© 1974) with great flute. No mention of "Viaggio Negli Arcipelaghi Del Tempo" on this release.

THE DEVIANTS - PTOOFF! (Angel Air SJPCD414) CD £12.00 - Radical British psych circa 1967 fronted by Mick Farren, wilder than cohorts Pink Fairies & full of surprises!

THE DEVIANTS - DISPOSABLE (Esoteric ECLEC 2119) CD £11.50 - 2nd LP. Despite the title, this is not disposable music, but a less outrageous underground diversion, with more jamming & out-there grooves, though still pretty wacky in parts.

DJAM KARET - NO COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL (HC Productions HC 013) 2CD £16.00 - The 1985 cassette release plus unreleased bonus album "...And Still Getting The Ladies" from 2002. Great value set, all extended imrov jams, more in the realms of live Man and Krautrock. An excellent introduction to this Californian prog-rock band.

DJAM KARET - THE RITUAL CONTINUES (HC Productions HC007: 1xBT) CD £11.00 - High flying techno-progressive from one of the best USA bands of the 1980's. A different version to the original cassette, this also has tracks from the "Kafka's Breakfast" cassette release.

DJAM KARET - KAFKA'S BREAKFAST (Auricle AMCDR 245) CDR £7.00 - Djam Karet in their early days went under the names Kafka's Breakfast & Happy Cancer. This is a reissue of the 1988 Auricle cassette which contains the A-side of Happy Cancer's "McMusic For The McMasses" (HC001) cassette from 1982 plus a previously unreleased 1987 jam session.

DJAM KARET - REGENERATOR 3017 (HC Productions HC017: DP) CD £11.00 - Djam Karet's 30th anniversary album actually often sounds more like it is 40 years old, it feels very European, almost French akin to obscure prog bands like Alpha Ralpha or ? - too many to mention, & also it's quite mellow, laid back with lots of vintage keyboard type sounds. © 2014.

DJAM KARET - SONIC CELLULOID (HC Productions HC019: DP) CD £11.00 - 2017 album by the Californian prog/jam-rock band, again trying to defy being categorised - this is more like a collection of soundtrack like works (hence the title?) & unusually often resembles some of the French releases of the late-70s/early-80s by Heldon & Magma releated projects, for instance one piece sounds very mush like a Bemoit Widemann "Stress" track.

EARTH & FIRE - SONG OF THE MARCHING CHILDREN (Esoteric ECLEC 2147: RM) CD £11.50 - 2nd album (© 1972), a Mellotron drenched ambitious concept album, with long instrumental breaks, symphonics, dynamics & lotsa invention. This also contains 6 bonus singles tracks.

#  EAST OF EDEN - MERCATOR PROJECTED (Esoteric ECLEC 2033: 3xBT,RE) CD £11.50 - 1969 debut, a classic slice of psychedelia - full of invention, with Soft Machine, Krautrocky-fusion edges, etc. A very influential album.

EGG - EGG (Esoteric ECLEC 2035) CD £11.50 - Radical yet accessible debut of complex Canterbury prog, The Nice+Softs+Caravan mix & more in a blend of classical, rock, odd time signatures, etc. Remastered version with missing "Fourth Movement" & "Seven Is A Jolly Good Time/You Are All Princes" single.

EGG - THE POLITE FORCE (Esoteric ECLEC 2036: RM) CD £11.50 - Their 2nd classic (from 1970) & even more creative than their debut, a much more instrumental outing with greater depth &.complexity, not least the remarkable 9 minute weird excursion "Boilk".

EGG - THE CIVIL SURFACE (Esoteric ECLEC 2003: RM) CD £11.50 - More subdued, varied & eccentric LP than earlier ones. With extensive booklet notes. © 1974.

ELEPHANT9 - GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (Rune Grammofon RCD2198: DP) CD £13.00 - "their fifth studio album", more high energy keyboard driven instrumentals, this time with some shorter more varied moods, nice Mellotron too. © 2018.

#  ESCAPADE - SEARCHING FOR THE ELUSIVE RAINBOW (Mother West MWR 030896) CD £10.00 - High-flying instrumental space-rock from New York. Old Djam Karet meets Guru Guru & Loch Ness? © 1996.

#  ESCAPADE - INNER TRANSLUCENCE (Mother West MWR010497) CD £10.00 - 2nd (1997), space-rock with weird tonalities, beyond Djam Karet, onto free-rock tripping.

ESCAPADE - OBSCURED DIALOGUES (Auricle AMCDR 232) CDR £7.00 - Reissue of the 1997 limited CDR release featuring three live jams from this New York space-rock combo. Typical free-riffing stuff with a few familiar themes thrown in, anyone into the more out-there realms of Hawkwind & early Djam Karet should love this.

ESCAPADE - REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS UNKNOWN (Mother West MWR 0045) CD £11.00, m/ex+ £6.00 - 500 copy numbered edition! Here they tend to come across as an outlandish hybrid of spacey Krautrock forms, avant-garde textures & early instrumental Hawkwind. And, dig those clunky drums! © 2000.

ESCAPADE - SO YOU KNOW (Auricle AMCDR 241) CDR £7.00 - Archive collection of rehearsals, outtakes & unreleased recordings from 1996 to 2004, compiled by Hadley Kahn.

ETERNAL TAPESTRY - WILD STRAWBERRIES (Thrill Jockey THRILL 388: CC) CD £13.00 - A more experimental outing, with space rock trips & electronic tracks. © 2015.

ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN - LES TROIS FOU'S PERDEGAGENT (Gazul GA 8660.AR) CD £11.00 - 2nd album (1977), & their classic, featuring Jean-Pierre Grasset (Verto) on guitar. A must for RIO & French underground collectors.

#  ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN - LIVE AT THE ROCK IN OPPOSITION FESTIVAL, 1978 - NEW LONDON THEATRE (Replica RPC012: DP) CD £12.00 - Excellent live recording at the first UK RIO festival by the French representative of the original RIO (along with Henry Cow, Samla Mammas Manna & Stormy Six). They played a frenetic French twist on the very best Beefheart mixed with the psychedelic sound of earlier bands like Maajun & Komintern, here documented between their first and second albums. © 2015.

#  EYE - VISION AND AGELESS LIGHT (Laser's Edge LE 1077: CC) CD £15.00 - Latest album by current American band, playing majestic heavy prog with notable Nektar & King Crimson influences (well, at least to my ears). © 2016.

FESTA MOBILE - DIARIO DI VIAGGIO DELLA... (RCA Italiana 88697343702: RE) CD £11.00 - Devilishly complex Italian keyboard driven progressive, pre-Baricentro, in the vein of early PFM, Banco & l'Uovo di Colombo. © 1973.

FLAMENGO - KURE V HODINKACH (Supraphon SU 6069-2: 3xBT,DP) CD £12.50 - Legendary Czech rock band who had success in the Czech pop charts in the 1960's, but in the 1970's they became too risque & their 1972 LP was withdrawn. "Jubilejni edice 2012".

#  FLASH - FLASH (Esoteric ECLEC 2166: 1xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - Peter Banks & Tony Kaye's band after leaving Yes. © 1972.

FLEA - TOPI O UOMINI (VM2000 VM CD 093: CC) CD £13.50 - Ex-Flea On The Honey, pre-Etna & well-known Goblin associates. This is arguably the Italian equivalent to High Tide's "Sea Shanties" for its power & complexity. © 1972.

RICHARD FRANECKI & HADLEY KAHN - EEMN (Auricle AMCDR 233: RM) CDR £7.00 - 2004 collaboration by multi-instrumentalists Richard Franecki (from F/i & Vocokesh) on guitars, etc., & Hadley Kahn (from Escapade) on drums, etc. A superb album that bridges Pink Floyd, Faust & Can territory, & stops off some other places too!

#  FRED FRITH - PRINTS (ReR/Fred ReR/FRA 02: DP) CD £11.00 - Promoted as Fred's first collection of songs since "Cheap At Half The Price" - 1987-2001 recordings.

#  FRUUPP - FUTURE LEGENDS (Esoteric ECLEC2104: 2xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - Debut album of dreamy progressive with strong classical feel. © 1973.

#  FRUUPP - THE PRINCE OF HEAVENS EYES (Esoteric ECLEC2103: 2xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - 3rd album from this Northern Ireland band. © 1974.

FUSIOON - FUSIOON (Divucsa 32-516: RE) CD £13.00 - Extraordinary & diverse debut by 1970's Spanish prog/underground maestro's. Though psychedelic & jazzy, it's uniquely Fusioon.

FUSIOON - FUSIOON (Divucsa 32-517: RE) CD £13.00 - Spanish progressive classic. Their 2nd circa 1974, blending complex Egg, Collegium Musicum, Granada, Ibio & uniquely Fusioon styles.

#  FUZZY DUCK - FUZZY DUCK (Esoteric ECLEC2323: 4xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - Typically energetic & inventive UK heavy progressive, that hints at Elias Hulk, High Tide, Andromeda, Tractor, etc. © 1971.

GARYBALDI - NUDA (btf.it VMCD114: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Classic Italian 1972 Henrixy cosmic psych & blues rock, with guitar wizard "Bambi" P.N. Fossati.

GARYBALDI - ASTROLABIO (btf.it VMCD116: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Unique creative/experimental heavy Italian prog band that blended Jimi Hendrix styles with local culture & long tracks with majestic passages, keyboards, etc. Their 2nd LP, © 1973.

RON GEESIN - RIGHT THROUGH AND BEYOND (Headscope HEDCD 003) CD £10.00 - Sonic collage, outlandish prose & cut-up verbals, electronics, concrete, banjo's & big doses of unclassifiable uniqueness. Complete 1977 album "Right Through" + BBC recordings!

RON GEESIN - FUNNY FROWN (Headscope HEDCD 001: RE) CD £9.00 - Collection of previously unreleased recordings (1980-1990). Unusual synth & other musics by one-time Pink Floyd collaborator. © 1991.

RON GEESIN - BLUEFUSE (Headscope HEDCD 002) CD £9.00 - Ron defuses the blues, sucks it up & snorts it out, twists it up & plays with it... Some of the pottiest Geesin yet! © 1993.

RON GEESIN - BITING THE HAND (Hux HUX098) 2CD £14.00 - "BBC radio broadcasts with John Peel, Bob Harris & Wally Wydon" (1968-1975). You'd hardly believe what he can do with his mouth, a banjo & a watering can! Other bizarre musical stunts are also attempted! © 2008.

RON GEESIN - RONCYCLE1: THE JOURNEY OF A MELODY (Tonefloat TF106: CC) CD £12.00 - Extremely varied Ron Geesin album, with all sorts of styles & surprises, & that unique akilter style that could be no one else. © 2011.

#  GENTLE GIANT - GENTLE GIANT / ACQUIRING THE TASTE (BGO BGOCD1095) 2CD £13.00 - Doubleback of their 1st (© 1970) & 2nd (© 1971) LPs, both complex & lyrical prog classics.

GENTLE GIANT - THREE FRIENDS / OCTOPUS (BGO BGOCD1090) 2CD £13.00 - Doubleback of the 3rd & 4th LPs (both © 1972) from this legendary 1970s British progressive band. Complete with O-Card sleeve.

#  GILGAMESH - ANOTHER FINE TUNE YOU'VE GOT ME INTO (Esoteric ECLEC2126: RM) CD £11.50 - Late-1970's Canterbury fusion, with Hugh Hopper, Alan Gowen, etc.

GLEEMEN - GLEEMEN (btf.it VMCD 132: 2xBT,RM,CC) CD £13.50 - The band before Garybaldi, with the same heavy sound, but much more psychedelic, & shorter tracks. © 1970. The bonus tracks are the mega-rare Garybaldi debut single!

GNIDROLOG - IN SPITE OF HARRY'S TOE-NAIL (Esoteric ECLEC 2325: 1xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - On one-hand the avant-gardism of early King Crimson, on the other a mutation of Nine Days Wonder & purely underground wackiness. Bizarre, eclectic & still very fresh. © 1972.

GOBLIN - ZOMBI (Cinevox CD OST 716/s: 7xBT) CD £12.50 - Probably their second most famous soundtrack, & the range of styles is very wide. © 1978. "With digitally improved sound"

GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR - YANQUI U.X.O. (Constellation CST024-2: CC) CD £13.00 - Canadian art-rock-drone/klang maestros, recorded by Steve Albini (1998-2002).

GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR - 'ALLELUJAH! DON'T BEND ASCEND (Constellation CST081-2: CC) CD £13.00 - Extraordinary reformation album. © 2012.

GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR - ASUNDER, SWEET AND OTHER DISTRESS (Constellation CST111-2: CC) CD £13.00 - Second by the reformed band, this is more artsy with notable stoner & Glenn Branca type touches, plus some strange drone passages. © 2015.

#  STU GOLDBERG - EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (Promising Music 1784592/SPV 441112: CC) CD £11.00 - Symphonic fusion outing from well-known jazz-fusion keyboard player & band. © 1982.

GONG - FLYING TEAPOT (Spalax 14828: DP,RE) CD £11.00 - Daevid Allen's band after leaving Soft Machine, based in France. "Radio Gnome" part 1. Classic trippy space-rock, with Steve Hillage, Tim Blake, etc. © 1973.

GONG - YOU (Spalax 14834) CD £11.00 - "Radio Gnome" part 3. The most tripped-out of the trilogy, with lots of Steve Hillage & Tim Blake. © 1974.

GONG - ACCESS ALL AREAS (Edsel AAACDVD048) CD+DVD £10.00 - 1990 concert filmed for Central TV's "Bedrock" series (this only contains the tracks that what was televised). Same music on CD & DVD. With slipcase. © 2015.

GONG - I SEE YOU (Madfish SMACD1023) CD £13.00 - Daevid Allen & co in 2014. Deluxe CD package featuring 28 page booklet with lyrics & track notes from Daevid Allen.

GRACIOUS! - GRACIOUS! / THIS IS GRACIOUS!! (BGO BGOCD256: RE) 2CD £13.00 - Doubleback of their 1970 & 1971 LPs. Beyond Czar, Spring, Cressida, with powerful visionary & creative music with Mellotron & eccentric invention.

GRAILS - BURNING OFF IMPURITIES (Temporary Residence TRR 118: RE) CD £11.00 - Excellent US cross-genre prog/experimental band, with elements of Mushroom, Cul de Sac, Godspeed You Black Emperor, & lots uniquely their own. © 2007.

GRAILS - DOOMSDAYER'S HOLIDAY (Temporary Residence TRR 144) CD £12.00 - Mixing space-rock, cross-culture & occasionally dramatic symphonics in the Godspeed YBE vein. © 2008. With O-card.

GRYPHON - GRYPHON (Talking Elephant TECD314) CD £12.50 - Kinda like a progressive Wurzels, or a west country folk twist on the Trees & Third Ear Band?! Varied & fun! © 1973.

GRYPHON - MIDNIGHT MUSHRUMPS (Talking Elephant TECD315) CD £12.50 - Excellent blend of medieval, folk & progressive styles, mainly instrumental too. © 1974.

GRYPHON - RED QUEEN TO GRYPHON THREE (Talking Elephant TECD313) CD £12.50 - Their grand opus, a symphonic rock suite with a wealth of folk touches, betwixt SFF, Clearlight, Mike Oldfield & Jade Warrior. Featuring Richard Harvey & Brian Gulland. © 1974.

HALLOWEEN - LAZ (Musea FGBG 4124.AR: 1xBT) CD m/m £15.00 - (Mals MALS 040/Musea FGBG 4124.AR: 1xBT) CD £11.00 - Classic 2nd LP (© 1990), spooky & powerful French progressive, with a dark sinister air complementing the H.P. Lovecraft texts.

BO HANSSON - UR TROLLKARLENS HATT (Silence SRSCD 3615: 1xBT,RM) CD £12.00 - Dramatic instrumental rock with folk & fusion touches, featuring Kebnekaise musicians. © 1972. Aka "Magicians Hat".

HAPSHASH & THE COLOURED COAT - FEATURING THE HUMAN HOST & THE HEAVY METAL KIDS (Esoteric ECLEC 2416: RM) CD £11.50 - Classic 1967 Amon Duul-ish freaky ethnic psychedelic trip, mantric & experimental. Features pre-Spooky Tooth musicians, etc.

#  MICKEY HART - AT THE EDGE (Rykodisc RCD 005) CD ex+/m £8.00 - Drummer from Grateful Dead moves into ethno-synth-world musics. This is the UK version. © 1990.

HARVESTER - HEMAT (Silence SRSCD 3616: RE) CD £12.00 - Swedish 1970 underground. Dropping the "International" this has a more folksy edge, proto Kebnekaise touches, & a much more retrained tripped-out Arbete och Fritid meets Amon Duul feel. Plus bonus track "Hemat"!

#  HATFIELD & THE NORTH - HATFIELD & THE NORTH (Esoteric ECLEC 2139) CD £11.50 - Excellent Canterbury progressive supergroup: Phil Miller, Pip Pyle, Richard Sinclair & Dave Stewart. Their 1973 debut LP plus bonus tracks: "Let's Eat (Real Soon)/Fitter Stoke Has A Bath" (1974 single) & "Your Majesty Is Like A Cream Donut" (from the "V" sampler, © 1975).

HATFIELD & THE NORTH - THE ROTTERS' CLUB (Esoteric ECLEC 2140) CD £11.50 - Classic 2nd LP (© 1975), arguably even better than their debut! For some reason this only has 3 of the 5 bonus tracks from the "Afters" anthology that appeared on the Virgin CD!

#  HATFIELD & THE NORTH - ACCESS ALL AREAS (Edsel AAACDVD012) CD+DVD £10.00 - 1990 one-off reformation recorded live for the "Bedrock" TV series. Same music on CD & DVD. With slipcase. © 2015.

HAWKWIND - WARRIOR ON THE EDGE OF TIME (Atomhenge ATOMCD 1035: 1xBT,RM,DP) CD £11.50 - 1975 sci-fi concept album featuring lyrics by Michael Moorcock (he also does vocals on 2 tracks). Last from the classic period of Hawkwind, with lotsa electronics, Simon House adding Mellotron/violin, etc.

#  DASHIELL HEDAYAT - OBSOLETE (Replica RPC023CD: RM,DP) CD £12.00 - His tripped-out psychedelic trip with Gong members (© 1971). A weird twist on the classic early Gong sound, with an overdose of psychedelia, effects collage & phenomenal space-rock trips!

HELDON - ELECTRONIQUE GUERILLA (Bureau B BB 280: DP) CD £13.00 - The legendary Heldon debut from 1974. This features a Schizo track together with solo guitar & AKS Synthi works by Richard Pinhas, plus a track in collaboration with guitarist Alain Renaud.

HELDON - ALLEZ-TEIA (Spalax 14235) CD m/ex £15.00 - (Bureau B BB 281: DP) CD £13.00 - Aka "Heldon II", the duo of Richard Pinhas & Georges Grunblatt in a largely moody frame of mind, with Frippian guitar tones, lots of Mellotron & electronics. © 1975.

#  HELDON - THIRD, IT'S ALWAYS ROCK 'N' ROLL (Bureau B BB 282: DP,BK) 2CD £18.00 - Extravagant double album that crosses Fripp & Eno with space-rock & psychedelic! Richard Pinhas with guests: Gilbert Artman, Georges Grunblatt, Patrick Gauthier, Jean-My Truong & Ariel Kalma. © 1975.

#  HELDON - AGNETA NILSSON (Bureau B BB 283: DP,BK) CD £13.00 - "Heldon 4" (© 1976), transitional Heldon, with a bigger more powerful sound: Mellotron, synths, Frippian guitars galore!

HEMAMORPHITE - AWAITING LEWIN (Auricle AMCDR 018) CDR £7.00 - An ex-Shapeshifter, proto-Endgame project, from Jim Tetlow & co., in the vein of atmospheric "Easier To Feel" Shapeshifter. © 2002.

HENRY COW - LEG END (ReR HC1: RE) CD £12.00 - Defining the roots of RIO from Soft Machine influences, bringing in intensive Zappa fusion elements, avant-garde/neo-classical textures, songs & abstractions. © 1973.

HENRY COW - UNREST (East Side Digital ESD 80492: 2xBT,RE) CD £11.00 - The darkest realms of Henry Cow, with some incredible avant-improv sections melding with Wyatt/Softs stylisms, & unique Chris Cutler drums, Fred Frith violin/guitar. © 1974.

HENRY COW - CONCERTS (ReR HC5&6: RM) 2CD £17.00 - Reissue of their classic 2LP live album (recordings from 1974-75) featuring excellent reworks of studio material & lengthy improvisations (all uniquely engaging & vast). This also contains side 2 of the "Greasy Truckers Party" release (recorded at Manor Studio 4/11/1973). Essential RIO!

HENRY COW - WESTERN CULTURE (ReR HC4: 3xBT) CD £12.00 - Final album, © 1978. Inventive fusion, showing much influence from darker arranged Mothers, & comparable to Univers Zero.

HENRY COW & SLAPP HAPPY - IN PRAISE OF LEARNING (ReR HC3: RM) CD £12.00 - The birthplace of Art Bears, combining Slapp Happy elements into some of the most radical & complexly conceived Henry Cow music. Innovative & still remarkably fresh! © 1975.

HIGH TIDE - SEA SHANTIES (Esoteric ECLEC 2204: RM) CD £11.50 - Radical heavy psych-rock storming debut (© 1969), essential for Hawkwind fans! Plus 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks (34½ minutes).

#  STEVE HILLAGE - RAINBOW 1977 (Gonzo Multimedia HST198CD) CD £13.00 - Live at the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London (3/11/1977).

HILLS - ALIVE AT ROADBURN (Rocket Recordings LAUNCH112: CC) CD £12.00 - Live album by Swedish space trippers, adding vocals & a more loose Hawkwind type sound. © 2017.

HONDURAS - CÉLULA DORMIDA (Azione Artigianale AZAR 033) CD £13.00 - Excellent Argentinian progressive rock fusion band with Henry Cow & contemporary RIO sounds.

HONDURAS - CINCO (private) CD £11.00 - 5th release, & down to a trio. This has lots of other elements at play, hints of French 1980s French bands like DdAA, Hellebore, Toupidek Limonade, even a hint of Dead Can Dance in there. © 2014.

#  HUGH HOPPER - MONSTER BAND (Gonzo Multimedia HST128CD) CD £13.00 - Tracks 1-5 are solo recordings (1973), tracks 6-9 are by his live band recorded in Bordeaux, France (20/3/1974).

HOYRY-KONE - HUONO PARTURI (Laskeuma LR667/Nordic Notes NN051: RM) CD £13.00 - RIO inspired Finnish progressive. Their frenzied & extremely varied 2nd album, © 1997.

#  H.P. LOVECRAFT - DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE (RevOla CR REV 88) CD £9.00 - US psychedelic classics. "The complete Philips recordings" = their 2 LP's + 2 singles.

# ICEBERG - TUTANKHAMON (PiCap 802026: 2xBT,DP) CD £13.00 - restock - Iceberg's 1975 debut, unlike their later jazz-rock LP's, is a vibrant progressive in Osanna/Eduardo Bort realms. Complex mix of styles, Spanish & English vocals.

ICEBERG - COSES NOSTRES (PiCap 802025: DP) CD £12.50 - 2nd album by this famous Spanish progressive band, more fusion styled than their debut, © 1976.

IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI - IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI (Atlantide 01) CD £9.00 - The impossibly rare 1978 debut. Yugoslavian psychedelic space-rock classic. LP transcription.

INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER - SOV GOTT ROSE-MARIE (Silence SRSCD 3614: RM,RE) CD £12.00 - Legend of Swedish rock, originally only released in Finland on Love in 1969! Widely acclaimed as a psych classic, a forerunner to Arbete Och Fritid, Archimedes Badkar, etc. Stereo remix! Plus the inclusion of 25 minute "Harvest Times" which was originally recorded for side 2 of the LP!

ISOTOPE - ILLUSION (Esoteric ECLEC2273: RM) CD £11.50 - 2nd album from the Gary Boyle's jazz-rock/fusion band, here featuring Hugh Hopper. © 1974.

JADE WARRIOR - JADE WARRIOR (Line LICD 9.00548 O) CD ex+/ex+ £9.00 - (Repertoire REPUK 1244: RM,DP) CD £11.00 - 1st album (© 1971) by this really unique British band, blending rock, folk, oriental styles. Originally issued on Vertigo.

JADE WARRIOR - RELEASED (Repertoire REPUK 1245: 1xBT,RM,DP) CD £11.00 - 2nd album (© 1971), their most rock oriented outing, towards Raw Material, Gravy Train, Thirsty Moon, in other words Great Stuff!!!

JADE WARRIOR - LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM (Repertoire REPUK 1246: RM,DP) CD £11.00 - 3rd album (© 1972), last as a trio, almost like an oriental twist on early King Crimson!

JADE WARRIOR - FLOATING WORLD (Esoteric ECLEC 2210: RM) CD £11.50 - First installment of their quadrilogy for Island Records, instrumental with lots of guitars & flute. © 1974.

JADE WARRIOR - WAY OF THE SUN (Esoteric ECLEC 2198: RM) CD £11.50 - © 1978. The most varied of the lot, with more ethnic/fusion elements.

#  JORDSJØ - JORD (Karisma KAR138CD) CD £13.00 - Excellent new Norwegian band, with elements of early Landberk, Thule & Änglagård, but also a style of their own. © 2018.

#  JULY - JULY (RevOla CR REV 243: 4xBT,RM) CD £9.00 - Pre-Jade Warrior, featuring Tom Newman. Sounds like Barrett era Pink Floyd with lots of prog touches, hints of Czar, Raw Material, Jade Warrior (of course!), but mostly very psychedelic! © 1968.

#  KAIPA - KAIPA (Tempus Fugit TF VÖ 36: 2xBT,RM) CD 13.00 - Legendary 1970s Swedish progressive, with typically Scandinavian style, hints of Camel, Pulsar, etc.

#  KAIPA - INGET NYTT UNDER SOLEN (Tempus Fugit TF VÖ 37: 4xBT,RM) CD 13.00 - © 1976, hints of Tasavallan Presidentti, Miklagard, Wigwam, Atlas, Trettioariga Kriget, etc.

#  KAIPA - SOLO (Tempus Fugit TF VÖ 38: RM) CD 13.00 - 3rd LP.

#  KAMA LOKA - KAMA LOKA (Transubstans TRANS118: DP) CD £14.00 - Swedish progressive rock band, mixing in elements of Landberk, Kvartetten Som Sprangde, Kebnekajse, Flasket Brinner, Bo Hansson, Algarnas Tradgard, International Harvester, & even Pink Floyd. A classic indeed! © 2013.

KARUNA KHYAL - ALOMONI 1985 (Phoenix ASHCD3024: #1000,CC) CD £13.00 - Reputedly virtually the same band as Brast Burn (if not, they are very close in style) & even more experimental with mantric Faustian blues hybrids & lots of special effects.

KEBNEKAISE - RESA MOT OKANT MAL (Silence SRSCD 3606: RM,RE) CD £12.00 - 1971 psychedelic debut, with R&R & boogie trips, Hendrix edges, & quite tongue-in-cheek early Zappa at times.

KEBNEKAISE - KEBNEKAISE II (Silence SRSCD3608: 1xBT,RM,RE) CD £12.00 - Unlike their debut this is an instrumental rock fusion album. © 1973.

KEBNEKAISE - III: INNEHALL (Silence SRSCD 3609: 1xBT,RM,RE) CD £12.00 - With Kenny Hakansson to the fore, this finds Kebnekaise in jamming mode, with a hint of Santana here & there. © 1975.

KEBNEKAISE - KEBNEKAJSE (Subliminal Sounds SUBCD26) CD £11.00 - 2009 reformation by six members from the "III: Innehall" album line-up. Excellent as well.

KEBNEKAISE - IDIOTEN (Subliminal Sounds SUB-080-CD: DP) CD £9.00 - 2nd album from the reformed Kebnekaise, © 2011. Special offer.

KHAN - SPACE SHANTY (Esoteric ECLEC 2046: RM) CD £11.50 - Classic Steve Hillage band circa 1972, a kinda stepping-stone between Arzachel & "Fish Rising". Remastered version with bonus demo acetate tracks: "Break The Chains" & "Mixed Up Man Of The Mountains".

KINGDOM COME - GALACTIC ZOO DOSSIER (Esoteric ECLEC 2179: 3xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - Kingdom Come's debut is a crazed & wild psychedelic trip, fronted by Arthur Brown. © 1971.

KINGDOM COME - JOURNEY (Esoteric ECLEC 2187: RM) 2CD £11.50 - Space-rock masterwork from 1972 (© 1973), featuring keyboard wizard Victor Peraino. CD2 features 2 single tracks, 3 alternate versions (those on other CD reissues), plus 3 tracks from the John Peel Show session recorded 5/9/1972.

#  KINGDOM COME WITH ARTHUR BROWN - LIVE 1973 (Gonzo Multimedia HST297CD) 2CD £15.00 - Live at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester (24/4/1973), on their "Journey" tour.

BORIS KOVAC - FROM RITUAL NOVA I & II (ReR BK1) CD £9.00 - A very original blend of folk, ethnic, jazz & avant-garde musics, from Yugoslavia. All his Points East LP plus 3 tracks from his first.

VOLKER KRIEGEL - SPECTRUM (MPS 0212413MSW: RM,CC) CD £11.00 - German 1971 fusion, befitting the title in that every track is in a different style, with Peter Trunk & Cees See.

THE LAND OF YRX - TERMINATION POINT (Auricle AMCDR 267: RM) CDR £8.00 - Document of two classic performances by Shrewsbury's unique electro space-rock band: U.K. Electronica, Sheffield (24/8/1985) & Quarry Park, Shrewsbury (12/5/1984). Extended reissue of the cassette.

THE LAND OF YRX - NADIR AND THE EVENTUAL DECAY (Auricle AMCDR 271: RM) CDR £8.00 - Reissue of their 1984 cassette (BASL 23). This showcases how they mixed up influences as diverse as Kosmische Krautrock, French electronic rock as typified by Heldon, elements from the new-wave & their passion for prog too.

THE LAND OF YRX - COMING FORTH IN LIGHT (Auricle AMCDR 268: RM) CDR £8.00 - In 1986 The Land Of Yrx ceased to be a permanent band, but with a wealth of excellent material unavailable we negotiated issue of this compilation of choice cuts & previously unreleased gems (originally on cassette).

LISKER - LISKER (Elkar KD-11.112/Lost Vinyl LV-16: RE) CD £11.00 - Extremely obscure & excellent Spanish/Basque 1970's prog & folk/fusion hybrid, mostly instrumental & very lively. Hints of Gotic, Granada, Ibio, Camel, Finch.

#  MACHIAVEL - JESTER (Esoteric ECLEC2224: 2xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - © 1977, 2nd & best by this Belgian progressive rock band, with strong keyboard arrangements, etc.

#  MAGDALENA - LANEAN SARTZEN (SPA SPA1001: CC) CD £9.00 - Little-known Basque prog band, mixing in local cultural elements. © 1981.

MAGICAL POWER MAKO - HAPMONIYM 1972-1975 (Bamboo BAMBOX1) 5CD £26.00 - 1000 copy numbered edition reissue (CD's are in cardboard sleeves) of the "Harmonium" box set of out-takes & archive material from this legendary Japanese musician. Note: P&P = 4 units!

MAGMA - 1001° CENTIGRADES (Seventh REX VI) CD £14.00 - (Seventh REX VI: RE with new booklet) CD £15.00 - 2nd album (© 1971), highly inventive fusion, complex, dramatic & quite austere - foreign in every aspect, even to the French!

MAGMA - KOHNTARKOSZ (Seventh REX VIII: RE) CD £15.00 - The definitive Zeuhl masterwork (© 1974). The lion’s share is a stunning creation full of complexities, solos & weird edges.

MAGMA - UDU WUDU (Seventh REX XII: RE) CD £15.00 - Amongst Magma's finest moments, with numerous different incarnations documented here. This gave birth to Weidorje & the Vander Top partnership. © 1976.

MAGMA - BBC 1974 LONDRES (AKT XIII: RE) CD £14.00 - BBC "In Concert" 14/3/74. Classic "Kohntarkosz" era Magma, but with French guitarist Claude Olmos instead of Brian Godding.

MAGMA - SLAG TANZ (Jazz Village JV 570051: DP) CD £10.00 - One of the finest new recordings of recent Magma (even if it is rather short for an "album" release). © 2015.

MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - THE INNER MOUNTING FLAME (Columbia Legacy CK 65523) CD vg+/ex+ £4.00 - Classic fiery fusion album from John McLaughlin & co. © 1971.

MAHJUN - HAPPY FRENCH BAND (Spalax SPALAXCD14903) CD £11.00 - Mahjun circa 1977, folkier than their Saravah LP's, with a touch of Etron Fou/Albert Marcoeur eccentricity creeping in.

MAINHORSE - MAINHORSE (Time Wave IDVP001CD) CD £9.00 - Anglo-Swiss progressive band circa 1971, featuring Patrick Moraz & Jean Ristori. A little-known powerful symphonic rock classic.

#  M.A.L. - MY SIXTEEN LITTLE PLANETS (Sub Rosa SR432: DP) CD £13.00 - Lovely previously unreleased echo guitar based recordings from the 1970s by member of Kosmose, sometimes akin to Ash Ra Tempel's "Inventions For Electric Guitar" & early Ashra. © 2018. - also issued as selected tracs on LP as  MY EIGHT LITTLE PLANETS - 1 copy in stock!

MALICORNE - MALICORNE "2" (Griffe/Hexagone GRI191262) CD £11.00 - © 1975, aka "Le Mariage Anglais". Even more refined than their debut, with big developments in the characteristic Malicorne multi-vocal "canons", a Scottish folk suite, Eastern influences & some majestic ballads.

MALICORNE - ALMANACH (Griffe/Hexagone GRI191272) CD £11.00 - Most elaborate & arranged of early Malicorne albums, totally blurring out folk into other musics, making it the ideal starter. © 1976.

MAN - REVELATION (Esoteric ECLEC 2127: 4xBT) CD £11.50 - Debut album from Man (© 1969), South Wales' best loved psychedelic & heavy progressive band.

MAN - MAN (Esoteric ECLEC 2012: 2xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - Classic 3rd album (1970), with some of their longest tripped-out studio works!

#  MAN - LIVE AT THE PADGET ROOMS, PENARTH (Esoteric ECLEC 2014: RM,RE) 2CD £13.00 - The complete 8/4/1972 concert recordings. Contains some of the finest Man live, inc. the unique "H.Samuel(jam)".

MAN - BE GOOD TO YOURSELF AT LEAST ONCE A DAY (Esoteric ECLEC 2019: 2xBT,RM,DP) CD £11.50 - Take a tip from the title & buy this 1972 classic!

MAN - BACK INTO THE FUTURE (Esoteric ECLEC 2060: RM) 3CD £15.00 - CD1 contains their 1973 ½ studio, ½ live double album, the 2 bonus CDs contain the complete live recording plus 2 previously unreleased studio tracks. Box set with 12-page booklet. P&P = 3 units.

MAQUINA! - WHY? (PiCap 80 2036-02: 2xBT) CD £12.00 - Legendary 1971 Barcelona heavy psychedelic progressive with English vocals, but with a very European inventive style.

ALBERT MARCOEUR - ALBUM A COLORIER (Label Freres M2/1976: DP) CD £15.00 - 2nd LP (© 1976) from the eccentric French master, a much more sublime album. With unique colouring book cover.

MARSUPILAMI - MARSUPILAMI (Esoteric ECLEC 2095: RM) CD £11.50 - The legendary Transatlantic band: rich, complex, inventive & unique progressive. © 1970.

MARSUPILAMI - ARENA (Esoteric ECLEC 2007) CD £11.50 - 2nd LP, an amazingly complex concept progressive, produced by Peter Bardens (of Camel) & featuring Mandy Riedelbanch (later with Ex Ovo Pro). © 1971.

ISTVAN MARTHA - THE WIND RISES (ReR SD1) CD £9.00 - Aka "Tamad a Szel" (© 1987). This is a little-known gem of avant/left-field Hungarian cross-culture experimentalism. Think When & Art Zoyd mixed with offbeat folk culture like Makam. Heard of none of those? That's unique innovation for you.

MATCHING MOLE - MATCHING MOLE (Esoteric ECLEC 22311: RE) 2CD £13.50 - Ex-Soft Machine/pre-Hatfield & the North, typically eccentric Canterbury fusion. Their 1972 debut LP plus 2 single tracks (6'38"), previously unreleased studio recordings (47'59"), & 2 BBC John Peel Sessions: 17/1/1972 (9'54") & 17/4/1972 (19'36").

MATCHING MOLE - LITTLE RED RECORD (Esoteric ECLEC 22312) 2CD £13.50 - Their 2nd LP (also 1972, produced by Robert Fripp), plus "BBC Radio Live In Concert" Paris Theatre, London 27/7/1972 (27'07") & previously unreleased studio recordings (19'36"). They later transformed into Hatfield & The North.

MATCHING MOLE - MARCH (Cuneiform RUNE 172: RE) CD £12.00 - Live Spring 1972, in a very loose & improv mode, with lots of variations on known themes done very differently, no real songs either!

MAY BLITZ - MAY BLITZ / 2ND OF MAY (BGO BGOCD153: RE) CD £12.00 - Top rate British heavy progressive legend, originally on Vertigo. 3 tracks are edited to fit onto 1 CD!

#  JOHN McLAUGHLIN - THE PROMISE (Verve 529 828-2) CD ex+/ex+ £6.50 - Very varied mix of fusions, with Jeff Beck, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia, Trilok Gurtu, Zakir Hussain, etc. © 1995.

METABOLISME - TEMPUS FUGIT (Musea FGBG 4385.AR) CD £11.00 - Typically French 1970's prog, but also a unique mix, with Atoll, Visitors, Traingle touches & Italian stylisms. © 1977.

#  STEPHAN MICUS - IMPLOSIONS (ECM JAPO 60017 829 201-2: RE) CD £14.00 - Superb atmospheric music for sitars, flutes, zithers, guitar, etc. Inspired & magical! © 1977.

STEPHAN MICUS - OCEAN (ECM 1318 829 279-2: RE) CD £14.00 - © 1986, Micus' most haunting & highly acclaimed album: floating, hypnotic, spell-binding.

MONA LISA - LE PETIT VIOLON DE MR GREGOIRE (Musea FGBG 4009.AR: 1xBT,RE) CD £11.00 - The most complexly symphonic-prog of their output, still akin to Ange, but unique! Their 3rd album, © 1976.

MONA LISA - AVANT QU'IL NE SOIT TROP TARD (Musea FGBG 4107.AR: 3xBT) CD m/ex+ £15.00 - (Musea FGBG 4107.AR: 3xBT,RE) CD £11.00 - Mona Lisa at their most powerful, their answer to Atoll's "L'Airagnee-mal" possibly. Their 4th album, © 1977.

MOORE/MYERS - REACHING BEYOND THE SPHERE (Auricle AMCDR 124) CDR £7.00 - Amazingly fiery instrumental progressive rock, with all the right moves: Camel, Egg, ELP, Finch, King Crimson, Shylock similarities. Originally only on cassette! © 1987.

MOORE/MYERS - NINE DAY'S WONDER (Auricle AMCDR 133) CDR £7.00 - Unreleased 1988 album by amazing USA instrumental prog duo. A sizzling guitar delight, with organ, drums, etc., in classic Eurorock vein. Both items back in stock.

THE MOTHMEN - PAY ATTENTION! (On-U Sounds ONUCD2: 6xBT) CD £11.00 - The Mothmen's debut (© 1981) is a rare UK Krautrocky classic, with Can, Metabolist, & very cleverly twisted funk/dub ala Public Image Ltd. or Suns Of Arqua.

MOVING GELATINE PLATES - MOVING GELATINE PLATES (Musea FGBG 4062.AR: 4xBT,RE) CD £11.00 - Legendary French progressive fusion with Canterbury inspiration, their debut circa 1970.

#  THE MYRRORS - ARENA NEGRA (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records BBIBR018: DP) £11.00 - Little-known, but remarkable, US band with an instrumental free-flowing style recalling Scandinavian bands of the 1960s & 1970s. © 2015.

#  THE MYRRORS - ENTRANCED EARTH (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records BBIBR028: DP) £11.00 - © 2016.

NATIONAL HEALTH - NATIONAL HEALTH (Esoteric ECLEC 2129: RM) CD £11.50 - Debut from this classic Canterbury fusion supergroup: Dave Stewart, Phil Miller, Pip Pyle, etc. © 1977.

NATIONAL HEALTH - OF QUEUES & CURES (Esoteric ECLEC 2130: RM) CD £11.50 - Featuring ex-Hatfield & The North/Matching Mole/Henry Cow/Egg musicians.

#  MICHAEL NAURA QUARTETT - CALL (MPS 0209736MSW: RM) CD £11.00 - German jazz pianist Michael Naura (on Rhodes piano) with Eberhard Weber (bass), Joe Nay (drums) & Wolfgang Schlüter (vibraphone). Slip-sleeve reissue of the 1971 MPS release.

NEKTAR - SOUNDS LIKE THIS (Purple Pyramid CLP 0662: DP) 2CD £16.00 - Their double live-in-studio album from 1973, featuring lengthy jams. To many their tour-de-force! CD2 contains radio versions of 2 tracks, plus more live tracks from Bessunger Turnhalle in Darmstadt, Germany (13/11/1971). Another excellent value set.

NEOM - ARKANA TEMPORIS (Soleil Zeuhl SZ 21) CD £12.00 - Excellent Zeuhl fusion trio, akin to Eider Stellaire at times, but also adding male vocals in French on occasions, coming up with unique results, with solos galore & musical twists & turns, © 2009.

NETWORK - REFUSAL TO COMPLY (Wenlock WEN004) CD m/m £9.00 - Reissue of the Groon classic of fiery King Crimson meets Krautrock/Zeuhl/Canterbury mixture, instrumental too! There is also a good dose of John McLaughlin/Mahavishnu Orchestra influence too. © 1994.

NEW 7TH MUSIC & THE EXPLODING HEADBAND - NEW 7TH MUSIC & THE EXPLODING HEADBAND (Auricle AMCDR 132: RE) CDR £7.00 - Reissue of the 1986 Auricle cassette release. Take one part Third Ear Band, one part early Hapshash & The Coloured Coat, season with a small amount of Hawkwind & Rustic Hinge. This is the result!

NEWS FROM BABEL -  SIRENS & SILENCES · WORK RESUMED ON THE TOWER (ReR NFB1) CD £9.00 - This sequel project to The Art Bears was more like a Dagmar Krause solo album with backing from Chris Cutler, Lindsay Cooper & Zeena Parkins. Reissue of their debut LP, © 1984.

NEWS FROM BABEL - LETTERS HOME (ReR NFB2) CD £9.00 - 2nd LP, quite different to the first one, & more varied as this also features Robert Wyatt on vocals on a few tracks. © 1986.

NEW TROLLS - SEARCHING FOR A LAND (btf.it VMCD 139: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Legendary double album by Italian heavy progressive with Hendrix & Osanna influences. © 1972.

NICO - THE MARBLE INDEX (Elektra 7559-61098-2: 2xBT) CD £9.00 - Classic moody Nico album, with music by John Cale. © 1968.

NICO, GIANNI, FRANK, MAURIZIO - CANTI D'INNOCENZA CANTI D'ESPERIENZA (VM2000 VM CD 094: CC) CD £13.50 - Heavy progressive from ex-New Trolls members, they later changed name to Ibis. © 1973.

NUCLEUS - ELASTIC ROCK / WE'LL TALK ABOUT IT LATER (BGO BGOCD47: RE) 2CD £13.00 - Great value set, featuring Nucleus' finest 2 albums (© 1970 & 1971), with members that were later to join Soft Machine.

OCTOBER EQUUS - SATURNAL (AltRock ALT 019) CD £14.00 - This is a mix of contemporary, classical & jazz elements, in the RIO field of Henry Cow, Present & Univers Zero. © 2011.

OCTOBER EQUUS QUARTET - ISLA PURGATORIO (Clamshell Records CR 15) CD £10.00 - Alternative jazz-fusion incarnation featuring jazz saxophonist Alfonso Muñoz. © 2013.

MIKE OLDFIELD - TUBULAR BELLS (Virgin CDV2001: RE) CD £6.00 - The Mike Oldfield classic, with Steve Broughton, Lindsay Cooper, Jon Field, Sally Oldfield, Viv Stanshall, etc. © 1973.

OSANNA - L'UOMO (btf.it VMCD 131: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - 1971 debut, complex heavy & jazzy edged progressive with flutes & guitars to the fore, Italian & English vocals, akin to New Trolls.

OSANNA - MILANO CALIBRO 9 (VM2000 VM CD 092: CC) CD £13.50 - Dynamic progressive film soundtrack featuring string arrangements by Luis Bacalov. © 1972.

OSANNA - PALEPOLI (Warner Fonit 3984 28279-2: RE) CD £9.00 - (btf.it VMCD127: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Osanna's finest (& most unusual) album, features 1'45" bonus piece omited from the original LP release! © 1972.

#  OSMOSIS - OSMOSIS (Esoteric ECLEC 2613: RM) £11.50 - American psych-prog-fusion classic with Charlie Mariano. © 1970.

OZRIC TENTACLES - ERPLAND (Mad Fish SMACD962) CD+DVD £11.00 - Phenomenal instrumental ethnic spiced space-rock, beyond Gong & Hawkwind. Hyper deluxe hard-back Digipak with lavish full-colour booklet. The DVD is the "Fridge, Brixton 19.5.91" (originally released on VHS in 1991). Note: P&P = 4 units!

IL PAESE DEI BALOCCHI - IL PAESE DEI BALOCCHI (btf.it VMCD125: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Incredible Italian progressive classic, dreamy & dramatic with classic moves. © 1972.

PENTACLE - LA CLEF DES SONGES (Mals MALS 409/Musea FGBG 4131.AR: 3xBT,CC) CD £12.00 - French proggressive rock band in the dreamier realms of Mona Lisa & Ange, majestic & very French. © 1975. Limited edition reissue.

RICHARD PINHAS - RHIZOSPHERE (Spalax SPALAXCD14237: DP) CD £11.00 - Richard's solo debut (© 1977) is like Heldon "Interface" but without guitar, instead a real heavy dose of synths!

RICHARD PINHAS - CHRONOLYSE (Spalax 14220) CD £11.00 - His 2nd solo (© 1978) contains 7 synthesizer themes & the 30 minute opus "Paul Atredies" performed by Heldon.

RICHARD PINHAS - ICELAND (Spalax SPALAXCD14236: 1xBT,DP) CD £11.00 - 3rd solo (© 1980). Hautingly bleak & chillingly beautiful synths & guitar.

RICHARD PINHAS - DE L'UN ET DU MULTIPLE (Spalax 14994: DP) CD £11.00 - Richard & his guitar synthesizer & editing system = a different twist on Frippertronics. © 1996.

PLANET GONG - LIVE FLOATING ANARCHY 1977 (Spalax 14829: DP) CD £11.00 - Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth plus Here & Now freaking out in 1977.

THE PLANET SCANNERS - LIVE & SCANNING (Auricle AMCDR 054) CDR £7.00 - Excellent document of Chris Conway's improvising space music trio, with Theremin, violin, synths, percussion, etc. Oozy cosmic sounds & ethnic spiced stuff. © 2004.

PLASTIC PEOPLE - MAN WITH NO EARS (Kissing Spell KSCD 801) CD £13.00, m/m £9.50 - Historic Czech underground. Aka "Muz Bez Usi", a collection of rare live archives 1969-72.

PLASTIC PEOPLE - BEEFSLAUGHTER (Kissing Spell KSCD 809) CD £13.50 - Aka "Hovezí Porazka", possibly the 3rd best Plastic People Of The Universe album. 1982-84 recordings.

PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI - PHOTOS OF GHOSTS (Manticore MANTCD 1006: 6xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - English versions (mainly) of early material. © 1973.

PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI - COOK (Manticore MANTCD 31011) 3CD £19.00 - "Expanded Deluxe Edition" box set (CD's are in cardboard sleeves) with booklet & 2 small post cards. CD 1 = remastered version of the original LP mix (live in Toronto & New York, for some reason released as "Live In USA" in Italy), CD's 2+3 = the complete "Schaefer Central Park Music Festival" performance in New York (31/8/1974). Note: P&P = 4 units!

PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI - JET LAG (Manticore MANTCD 1007: 1xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - 1977 album, & a return to form after "Chocolate Kings", but with a jazzier, less typically PFM style.

PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI - PAPER CHARMS (Manticore MANTCD 31014) 2CD+DVD £20.00 - "The Complete BBC Recordings 1974-1976". Box set with 16-page booklet. CD1 = Radio 1 "In Concert" 21/5/1975, CD2 = Radio 1 "In Concert" 15/4/1976, DVD = BBC 2 TV "Old Grey Whistle Test" broadcasts of 22/10/1974, 23/5/1975 & 13/4/1976. Note: P&P = 4 units.

PROCESSION - FRONTIERA (Vinyl Magic VM 036) CD m/ex+ £15.00 - Their debut from 1972, a lot more aggressive/heavy than "Fiaba", highly recommended to fans of New Trolls/RDM/etc.

PROCESSION - FIABA (btf.it VMCD123: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Their 2nd LP, typically complex powerful Italian progressive with guitar, sax & flute to the fore.

PSEU - PSEU (Musea FGBG 4564.AR) CD £11.00 - Unreleased archives 1979-83. Generally somewhere between Weidorje & Art Zoyd/Univers Zero, with strong chamber music & avant-rock leanings, featuring Eric Barron in his pre-Orient-Express days!

PULSAR - HALLOWEEN (Musea FGBG 4022.AR: RE) CD £11.00 - Their dynamic & cosmic nightmare suite (© 1977), with hints of Pink Floyd, Steve Hackett & Camel.

#  QUAD - QUAD (Acme/Lion ACLN1006CD) CD £11.00 - Totally tripped-out instrumental album from Gary Ramon of Sun Dial with guitars, sitar, electronics, drums, etc. © 1997.

QUAD SAX - QUAD SAX (Spalax SPALAXCD14563) CD £11.00 - A mini version of Gilbert Artman’s Urban Sax. Four types of sax in varying combinations, using multi-tracking & lots of studio gadgetry to create a rich palette in the Urban Sax "Spiral" vein, but jazzier with more focus on solos. Original pressing with blue artwork & incorrect tracklisting/durations. © 2000. One for collectors?

QUARK - EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE (Auricle AMCDR 220: RM) CDR £7.00 - York instrumental prog/space-rock circa 1993-94, feeling somewhere between Ozric Tentacles, Djam Karet & the original instrumental Twelfth Night, full of invention, solos, & power drives galore. All with sizzling guitars...

QUATRE GUITARISTES DE L'APOCALYPSO-BAR - WORLD TOUR 1998 (ReR GQ1) CD £9.00 - Not 1998 at all! This documents the super-session project of ex-Conventum guitarists & friends with Chris Cutler on drums in 1989/90. It's an amazing cross-genre fusion of styles, with elements as diverse as Fripp/Frith mixing with the headiest RiO twisted left-field rock. This CD includes all the phenomenal debut LP plus most of the "Fin De Siecle" sequel.

QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA - IL TEMPO DELLA GIOIA (RCA Italiana 88697343672) CD £11.00 - Their 2nd LP (© 1974), complete with violins, cello, flutes & a myriad of keyboards.

QUICKSILVER - HAPPY TRAILS (BGO BGOCD950: RM) CD £11.00 - Best album from the pioneering 1960s Californian band, great guitar! Complete with O-card.

#  QUINTESSENCE - COSMIC ENERGY, LIVE AT ST PANCRAS 1970 (HUX 108) CD £12.50 - London hippie underground band with all sorts of mystical & ethnic flavours. Excellent live at St Pancras Town Hall, London (3/3/1970, filmed for the BBC), plus live at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (30/5/1971).

RACCOMANDATA RICEVUTA RITORNO - PER... UN MONDO DI CRISTALLO (btf.it VMCD117: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Excellent Italian progressive, complex & very varied in style. From Procession to Area to Il Balletto Di Bronzo to Samadhi to... © 1972.

RANCID POULTRY - DELICATE CREATURES (Auricle AMCDR 260: RM) CDR £8.00 - An early cassette release (© 1986), with some unique primitive Mellotron sampling & industrial type rhythmic grooves. Deliberately a bit mid-fi & raw on what was the B-side.

RANCID POULTRY - CONTROLLED EXPOSURE (Auricle AMCDR 221) CDR £8.00 - Remastered reissue of the rare 1989 cassette: "genuine psychedelic space-rock, full-blown trips at freak out level ... like a lost Guru Guru session or a demented Ash Ra Tempel" (Audion 12, 1989)

RANCID POULTRY - LUNGS FULL OF LEAD (Auricle AMCDR 237/8: RM) 2CDR £11.00 - A move to post new-wave/aggressive rock in D-A-F, Chrome, PiL, Die Haut vein, a music that also had its roots in the psychedelic era, but with a new raw, aggressive energy. © 1989.

RANCID POULTRY - LIVE IN LEEDS (BUT STEVE DOESN'T) (Auricle AMCDR 249: RM) CDR £8.00 - Their first live recordings in front of an audience, this opens with a novel first 10 years of Rancid Poultry in a nutshell (a crazy collage of snippets), followed by a selection of diverse tracks showcasing Rancid Poultry "in the raw" as it were! Official reissue of the 1992 cassette.

RANCID POULTRY - QAOTIC  PESTILGENCE (Auricle AMCDR 257: 3xBT,RM) CDR £8.00 - Originally planned as the first Ultima Thule vinyl release in the early 1990s, but only ever published as a demo on cassette. Elements as diverse as Metabolist, Nekropolis, Guru Guru & Heldon meet here, all in that world where space rock meets "what rock?".

RANCID POULTRY - MUSICIDE (Auricle AMCDR 279: RM) CDR £8.00 - An instrumental heavy jamming album, only ever issued before as a promo/demo cassette in the 1990s.

RANCID POULTRY - HELLO THERE! I'M A BALLOON RABBIT! (Auricle AMCDR 265: RM) CDR £8.00 - This album finds them in pure heavy jamming mode. It was compiled as a possible LP release, but only came out as a very limited run cassette in 1990. Aka HTIABR!

RANCID POULTRY - THE POLITICS OF MONOTONY (Auricle AMCDR 269: RM) CDR £8.00 -  1994-95 recordings. An intensive trip, containing a barrage of pieces that rarely let-up, with deliberately scrappy changes & editing, making it feel like a mad post-rock patchwork of pieces in the manner of "The Faust Tapes" maybe?

RANCID POULTRY - ZYXT [h5n1] (Auricle AMCDR 270) CDR £8.00 - Exclusive unreleased last Rancid Poultry album (recorded during 1998/9), unreleased until now. Still powerful & patent on-the-edge Rancid Poultry, this is going to surprise many with its frazzled electric edge!

RED NOISE - SARCELLES LOCHERES (Futura RED 01: RE) CD £11.00 - The legendary sought-after outrageous Paris 1970 underground classic. Notorious NWW listing rarity & superb too! One part bizarre Frank Zappa, one part free-jazz, one part psychedelic freak-out & weirdly French out-there stuff. English vocals about "poo poo compost heaps", etc!

JORGE REYES - PREHISPANIC (Spalax SPALAXCD14907: DP) CD £11.00 - "Authentic Precolombian Music" series. Reissue of the "Mexican Music" series release, © 1990.

JORGE REYES - FORGOTTEN SPIRITS (Spalax SPALAXCD14908: DP) CD £11.00 - "Authentic Precolombian Music" series. Same release as "Tonami". Almost totally acoustic, with such instruments as spirit-catcher, clay pitchers, seed rattles, rain stick, Mayan Tunkul's, etc. © 1994.

RICORDI D'INFANZIA - IO UOMO (btf.it VMCD143: 2xBT, RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Obscure Italian heavy progressive with lotsa organ & lyrical style, New Trolls edges, etc. © 1973.

IL ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA - IO COME IO (RCA Italiana 88697343642) CD £11.00 - RDM's 2nd LP (© 1972), a more melodic, yet still aggressive, rock with hints of Osanna, PFM, though guitar fronted & quite original.

RUIN - Leicester experimental/prog rock band. >> full listing

#  RUIN - A DIFFERENT PLACE (Auricle AMCDR 283) CDR £8.00 - In keeping with the title this ventures to places they've never been before, with some unusual instrument combinations, many abstract pieces, & so much more. So, not just "A Different Place" but eight different places! © 2018.

TERJE RYPDAL - ODYSSEY, IN STUDIO & IN CONCERT (ECM 2136-38, 279 4566) 3CD £22.00 - Box set containing the "Odyssey" 2LP set (his phenomenal space-fusion opus, a guitar fans delight) plus "Unfinished Highballs" a live CD by the Odyssey band + the Swedish Radio Jazz Band (recorded in Estrad, Södertälje, June 1976). Note: no original artwork included.

TERJE RYPDAL - WAVES (ECM 1110 827 419-2: RE) CD £14.00 - Legendary Norwegian experimental fusion strongly featuring Palle Mikkelborg. © 1977.

SAMADHI - SAMADHI (btf.it VMCD124: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Sophisticated progressive with more than a nod to Yes, although distinctly Italian, ex-Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno. © 1974.

SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA - SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA (Silence SRSCD 3603: 2xBT,RE) CD £12.00 - Sweden's RIO act were a little more restrained & moody on their debut, though still remarkably creative, focusing on intensive rhythmic work fronted by dazzling keys interplay. © 1971.

SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA - MALTID (Silence SRSCD 3604: 3xBT,RE) CD £12.00 - Samla's 2nd (© 1973) & one of their finest, full of energy & invention: a dazzling classic.

SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA - KLOSSA KNAPITATET (Silence SRSCD 3617: RE) CD £12.00 - Riotously complex & frantic RIO from Sweden, © 1974. With mad yoedelers & dizzying guitars/keys interplay.

SANDROSE - SANDROSE (Lion Productions LION 661) CD £12.00 - Classic French 1970's progressive band (featuring Jean-Pierre Alarcen) with female English vocals, in Earth & Fire, Circus 2000, Analogy vein.

SCHERZOO - 01 (Soleil Zeuhl 28) CD £12.00 - Francois Thollot (just on drums) & co. 2011 album of RIO, Zeuhl, Canterbury inspired fusions, developing styles from his solo CD's.

SCHERZOO - 02 (Soleil Zeuhl 31) CD £12.00 - Seemingly the last by these as guitarist Francois Mignot has left the band. A further refinement of their style. © 2012.

#  SECOND HAND - DEATH MAY BE YOUR SANTA CLAUS (UFO/Blast From The Past BFTP CD 004: extended version) CD ex+/ex+ £9.50 - (Esoteric ECLEC 2594: 3xBT,RE) CD £11.50 - Classic 1970 psych/underground prog (pre-7th Wave).

SETNA - CYCLE I (Soleil Zeuhl SZ 17: DP) CD £12.00 - A very fine jazz-fusion meets Zeuhl outfit with lots of new original ideas of their own. A symphonic opus, comprising many parts that fit together like an elaborate musical jigsaw. With guest James Mc Gaw (of One Shot). © 2007.

SETNA - GUERISON (Soleil Zeuhl SZ 37) CD £12.00 - 2nd album from this Zeuhl fusion band, with notable Eskaton & Magma "Kohntarkosz" influences. With special guest Benoit Widemann on minimoog & 6 other musicians fleshing out the sound. © 2013.

SHAPESHIFTER - UNWRAPPING THE FAMILIAR (Ultima Thule UTSS CD1) CD £8.00 - A creative mix of poetry, ethnic & psych. With Carl Peberdy, Chris Conway & Alan Freeman.

SHAPESHIFTER - TIME CAPSULE (Ultima Thule UTSS CD2/3) 2CD £9.00 - Disc 1 "Easier To Feel" = cosmic improvisation sessions (1999), Disc 2 "Live At The Physio & Firkin" (1998).

SHUB NIGGURATH - C'ETAIENT DES TRES GRANDS VERTS (Musea FGBG 4042.AR: RE) CD £11.00 - Excellent French RIO band, moving onto the nether regions of what isn't really rock, beyond King Crimson, Magma... © 1991.

SHYLOCK - GIALORGUES (Musea FGBG 4105.AR: 5xBT,RE) CD £11.00 - Classic French progressive, heavily inspired by King Crimson yet instrumental with keyboards galore! © 1977.

SIENA ROOT - DIFFERENT REALITIES (Transubstans TRANS 043: RE) CD £12.00 - Totally surprising. Innovative prog goes trip-rock, mutates from Earth & Fire to Tangle Edge, & more! © 2009.

SINE WAVE - SINE WAVE 2 (Auricle AMCDR 157) CDR £7.00 - English multi-instrumerntalist, more synths than his debut, towards Heldon/1970's Tangerine Dream realms, etc. © 2010.

JOZEF SKRZEK - PODROZ W KRAINE WYOBRAZNI (Metal Mind Productions MMP CD 0541 DG: CD) CD £10.00 - Concert recordings (2/5/1984 & 14/8/1984) performed on various Moog synthesizers, etc. by SBB leader.

GILLI SMYTH - MOTHER (Esoteric ECLEC 2551: RM) CD £11.50 - Classic debut (© 1978) from the "space whisper" in Gong: trippy poems & Gong trips. With Daevid Allen & other Gong members.

SOFT MACHINE - THIRD (Columbia Rewind 471407 2) CD £9.00 - Arguably the most radical & inventive of Softs albums: this took the "Spaced" experiments into a fantastically constructed album, one that's full of all the studio tricks possible. © 1970.

SOFT MACHINE - FOURTH/FIFTH (Columbia Rewind 493341 2) CD £9.00 - Great value CD, LP's 4 & 5 complete on 1 CD! "Fourth" was their jazziest LP, whereas "Fifth" was in classic Softs fusion mode.

SOFT MACHINE - SIX (Talking Elephant TECD359) CD £11.00 - Superb fusion & progressive instrumental double on vinyl, out of print on CD for quite a while, last with Hugh Hopper! © 1973.

SOFT MACHINE - SEVEN (Talking Elephant TECD360) CD £11.00 - Last album with Mike Ratledge at the helm, though strongly Karl Jenkins' show. © 1973.

SOFT MACHINE - BUNDLES (Esoteric ECLEC 2196: RM) CD £11.50 - Last LP (© 1975) with Mike Ratledge. Strongly featured here are Karl Jenkins & Allan Holdsworth.

#  SOFT MACHINE - SOFTS (Esoteric ECLEC 2202: RM) CD £11.00 - Here Karl Jenkins had took over the band & their style moved very close to Secret Oyster. © 1976.

#  SOFT MACHINE - ALIVE & WELL • RECORDED IN PARIS (Esoteric ECLEC 22234: RM) 2CD £14.00 - Synth-fronted fusion recorded live in July 1977. Disc 2 contains further recordings from their concerts at Le Theatre Palace, Montmartre, plus the "Soft Space" single.

#  SOFT MACHINE - BBC RADIO 1967-1971 (HUX 037: RE) 2CD £14.00 - Most of "The Soft Machine Turns On" 2LP/2CD set (2 tracks are on the 1971-1974 set), plus extra recordings from 1967.

SOFT MACHINE - SOFTSTAGE: BBC IN CONCERT 1972 (HUX 070) CD £12.50 - First line-up with Karl Jenkins in Summer 1972, featuring original & very different versions of classic tracks. Reissue of the long deleted Windsong CD.

SOFT MACHINE - SPACED (Cuneiform RUNE 90: RE) CD £12.00 - Not your normal Soft Machine, this is mostly looped & twisted strangeness! In the realms of "Out-Bloody-Rageous" & Hopper's "1984", but even more out-there. An extraordinary relic!

SOFT MACHINE - BREDA REACTOR (Voiceprint VP345CD) 2CD £13.00 - Live at Het Turfschip, Breda, Holland (31/1/1970). The 5-piece line-up with Elton Dean & Lyn Dobson on winds.

STEAMHAMMER - STEAMHAMMER (Repertoire REP 4871: DP) CD £11.00 - Debut from the British pioneers of progressive blues-rock. © 1969. Aka "Reflection" (name of original LP label).

STEAMHAMMER - MK. II (Repertoire REP 5081: 4xBT,DP) CD £11.00 - Birth of the progressive Steamhammer, featuring Steve Jollife. © 1969.

STEAMHAMMER - SPEECH (Repertoire REP 5132: DP) CD £11.00 - Their last & their best, very progressive psych space trek, with long tracks & instrumentals. © 1972.

SIMON STEENSLAND'S KAMIKAZE UNITED - LIVE GANG-GANG (Ultimate Audio Entertainment UAE DISC17) CD £11.00 - This is a wonderful album of Zeuhl spiced RIO with Art Zoyd & Univers Zero influences, mixes of Magma & Samla type styles & lots of that unique Simon Steensland style. © 2004.

STORMY SIX - CLICHÉ + PINOCCHIO BAZAAR (btf.it/L'Orchestra VMCD140: RM,CC) CD £13.50 - Their rare "1789/Carmine" single, the "Cliche" LP + unreleased opus "Pinocchio Bazaar"! All instrumental collection. Excellent value CD of 1976 recordings!

STORMY SIX - L'APPRENDISTA (VM2000/L'Orchestra VM CD 107: CC) CD £13.50- © 1977. The album that made them famous, catchy but complex & unique in style. A rockier album with more complex diversity.

STORMY SIX - MACCHINA MACCHERONICA (VM2000 VM CD 106: CC) CD £13.50 - © 1980. From the time they joined in the RIO tours, with ex-Henry Cow member: Georgie Born & a Futurist twist. Their most experimental & diverse album.

STORMY SIX - UN CONCERTO (Radio Popolare-Sensible SSB 004) CD £11.00 - Reformation concert recordings in the classic late-1970's to early-1980's style. Lyrical & warmly crafted authentic Stormy Six sound. Cheaper price.

STORMY SIX - MEGAFONO (Diva CD 9801/AB) 2CD £14.00 - Live anthology 1976-82, from underground folk to unique RIO! A must for the fanatic, but a little heavy-going in the politico-theatrical sections. Cheaper price.

SUBARACHNOID SPACE - EIGHT BELLS (Crucial Blast 81: DP) CD £11.00 - 2009 album, & much more grungy than before! Featuring & produced/recorded by Steven Wray Lobdell.

#  SUPERSISTER - LONG LIVE SUPERSISTER! (Pseudonym CDP-1116: DP) CD £13.00 - "All tracks are previously unreleased live versions" VPRO Radio recordings from Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn (5/1/1971) & Midsummer Popfestival, Meerlo (15/7/1973).

BERNARD SZAJNER - SOME DEATHS TAKE FOREVER (Boutique BOUCD 6620: RM) CD £11.00 - French electronic rock album circa 1980, between Heldon & Magma (features Klaus Blasquiz & Bernard Paganotti). This also contains 3 bonus tracks recorded in 1982.

TANGLE EDGE - SUMERIAN KINGS AND JOYFUL DOUBTS (Auricle AMCDR 227: RM) CDR £8.00 - 2nd pressing. Live in Norway & Denmark 1993/4 "a fusion of all sorts of ethnic musics: European (Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Balkan), Eastern & Oriental, in a kind of rock music that covers the psychedelic & cosmic sounds through to heavy jazz ...Krautrock..." © 2002.

TANGLE EDGE - COSMORAMA (Auricle AMCDR 228: RM) CDR £8.00 - 2nd pressing. Live in Italy 1991. © 2004. These are both limited numbered reissues of Tangle Edge private CDR releases.

TANTRA - MISTERIOS E MARAVILHAS (Musea FGBG 4224.AR) CD £11.00 - Excellent 1970's Portuguese progressive, akin to French bands (Pulsar, Artcane, etc.) with Yes & Pink Floyd-isms.

TARTOVISTI - MERCURY AND THE MOON (Auricle AMCDR 189/90) 2CDR £12.00 - This album started as a new Dave Powell solo, but ended up as the birth of a new musical project, the duo Tartovisti. Nigel & Dave had played in the past. With this release they explore a variety of styles on disc 1 (some of this is solos by Dave), and then a free guitar wielding tripping on disc 2, the Schwankungen variations, they venture into the world of fuzz, distortion, & the Kosmische... Numbered edition of 20 copies.

TARTOVISTI - HALLUCINATIONS ON THE SECRET COAST (Auricle AMCDR 276) CDR £8.00 - Largely all acoustic, but with lots of live electronic processing, bridging dirge like folk through to ritualistic incantations, & a general out-there atmosphere. © 2017.

TERPANDRE - TERPANDRE (Musea FGBG 4150.AR: 2xBT,RE) CD £11.00 - French instrumental progressive & fusion band hinting at The Enid, Camel, Bo Hansson, etc. © 1981.

THIRD EAR BAND - ALCHEMY / ELEMENTS (BGO BGOCD864: RM) 2CD £13.00 - 1st 2 LP's (© 1969 & 1970) from the intense & devilish raga-rock weirdos, totally acoustic with infectious rhythms & a totally avant-garde wigged-out mindset. Complete with O-Card sleeve.

THIRD EAR BAND - MUSIC FROM MACBETH (BGO BGOCD61: RE) CD £11.00 - Their classic soundtrack to Roman Polanski's classic film, from authentic medieval onto the very bizarre! © 1972.

THIRD EAR BAND - LIVE GHOSTS (Materiali Sonori MASO CD 90004: 1xBT,RE) CD £11.00 - Revolutionary British band. After over a decade off the scene, 1988 saw them back with a vengeance. Electric raga-rock!

THIRD EAR BAND - NEW FORECASTS FROM THE THIRD EAR ALMANAC (Gonzo Multimedia HST312CD) CD £13.00 - Excellent live & trippy raga-rock from the late-1980's incarnation, recorded live at the 'Teatro Impavidi', Sarzana, Italy (11/1/1989). Reissue of ADN cassette.

THIRD EAR BAND - LIVE (Voiceprint VP157CD: RE) CD £9.00 - Previously unreleased 1990's recordings of wild intensive Third Ear Band, venturing onto pretty weird realms!

#  THIRD EAR BAND - ABELARD & HELOISE (Voiceprint VP607CD) CD £9.50 - Reissue of the CD element from the "Necromancers Of The Drifting West" release. Incredible 1970 soundtrack to a German TV movie based on the Abelard and Heloise story.

THIRD EAR BAND - THE MAGUS (Angel Air SJPCD173) CD £12.00 - Previously unreleased 1972 LP recorded for Harvest. This features bizarrely twisted songs, & lots of new surprises.

THIRD EAR BAND - EXORCISMS (Gonzo Multimedia HST371CD) CD £13.00 - 2016 collection of "The Cambodian Embassy Rehearsals 1988" & "The Magic Music Demos 1989".

THIS HEAT - THIS HEAT (This Is 1: DP) CD £12.00 - Innovation beyond the rock idiom: one part industrial, one part Canterbury-ish, & the other part pure radical use of the studio as an instrument. © 1979.

THIS HEAT - HEALTH & EFFICIENCY (This Is 3: DP) CDM £8.00 - Another innovative release, containing two very different tracks. © 1980.

TIEMKO - PARADE (Musea FGBG 4057.AR: RE) CD £11.00 - Excellent French instrumental progressive rock trio, with a fiery style a la Steve Hackett, Halloween, Holding Pattern, et al. © 1992.

#  TOUCH - TOUCH (Esoteric ECLEC 2310: 5xBT,RM,RE) CD £11.50 - Originally released in the UK as "This Is Touch". Legendary 1969 USA psych-prog, with Earth & Fire, Analogy, Vanilla Fudge stylings.

TRAD, GRAS OCH STENAR - TRAD, GRAS OCH STENAR (Silence SRSCD 3602: RE) CD £12.00 - Swedish stoned trip: folky/acid/psych jams. Obscure 1969 LP from the band also known as Harvester.

TRIADE - 1998: STORIA DI SABAZIO (VM2000 VM CD 105: CC) CD £13.50 - Richly crafted keyboard fronted Italian progressive with hints of Egg, Banco, Camel, etc. An Italian classic from 1973!

TRIANA - EL PATIO (Fonomusic 2564610376: 4xBT,RM,CC) CD £13.00 - 1975 debut by the most acclaimed of "Flamenco progressives" (or "Andalucian rock" as the Spanish call it). Complex & innovative.

TRIANA - HIJOS DEL AGOBIO (Fonomusic 5046617632) CD £10.00 - Their 2nd, © 1977, & their most complex & unusual, lots of fast fiddly guitars, complex time changes, chop & change schizo invention, etc.

TRIANA - SOMBRA Y LUZ (Fonomusic 5046617652: RE) CD £10.00 - Classic Spanish 1970's progressive. The 3rd LP is kinda King Crimson-like with flamenco & Arabanian influences.

UFO - UFO 2: FLYING (Repertoire REP 4743-WG) CD £11.00 - UFO's classic space trip, a guitar effects fans delight, out beyond Hawkwind, a cosmic hour (well 59'51" actually).

UFO - LIVE (Repertoire REP 4698-WY) CD £11.00 - Recorded in Hibiya Park, Tokyo, Japan circa "UFO 2: Flying" period, but mainly contains material from their debut LP. Last with guitarist Mick Bolton. © 1972.

#  THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Esoteric ECLEC 2449: 10xBT) CD £11.50 - Highly influential US 1968 psych trip, with electronics, effects & collage, great female vocals too!

UNIT WAIL - BEYOND SPACE EDGES (Soleil Mutant 46) CD £12.00 - French experimental Zeuhl. 3rd album, an experimental mix of avant King Crimson, Present, Zeuhl, etc. © 2015, with colour cover.

UNIVERS ZERO - CLIVAGES  (Cuneiform RUNE 295) CD £13.00 - 2010 album from the Belgian fusion pioneers, one of their finest of later years.

VAK - AEDIVIDEA (Soleil Zeuhl 49) CD £12.00 - French Zeuhl fusion band in Eskaton vein. Their debut album that's compiled from 2 CD-EP releases (circa 2011 & 2014).

VIDEO-AVENTURES - CAMERA (IN FOCUS)/CAMERA (AL RIPARO) (Spalax SPALAXCD14973: 1xBT) CD £11.00 - Dominique Grimaud & Monica Alba's experimental dadaist/punk/jazz/electronic project, also featuring: Gilbert Artman, Jac Berrocal & other French eccentrics. 2nd album, © 1984.

VIDEO-AVENTURES - OSCILLATIONS (Gazul GA8857) CD £11.00 - A collection of solo works by Dominique Grimaud performed on synthesizers (AKS, Korg 700, Moog Source), drum machine & organ. Part of Dominique's "Les Zut-O-Pistes" series of releases. © 2011.

VISITORS - VISITORS (Musea FGBG 4106.AR) CD £11.00 - 1974 French psych-prog classic obscurity, conceived by Jean-Pierre Massiera (the man behind "Horiffic Child"). Much of this sounds more Italian than French, especially "Dies Irae" - all a kind of space trip! A supergroup really, featuring the Lockwood brothers.

VOLCANO THE BEAR - GOLDEN RHYTHM/INK MUSIC (Rune Grammofon RCD2127: DP) CD £13.00 - Their last album (includes recordings from 2006 & 2008). © 2012.

WAPASSOU - MESSE EN RE MINEUR (Musea FGBG 4111.AR) CD £11.00 - The "new formula" Wapassou (1976) created an even more unique & eclectic blend than the original, devoid of percussion, spacey, with just 1 track per side.

WEIDORJE - WEIDORJE (Musea FGBG 4058.AR: 2xBT,3rd pressing) CD £11.00 - The best album Magma never made! Almost like "Udu Wudu" continued. Bernard Paganotti, Patrick Gauthier, etc. © 1978.

#  WIGWAM - BEING (Esoteric ECLEC 2183: RM,RE) CD £11.50 - Finnish progressive legends, featuring Pekka Pohjola, Jim Pembroke, etc. © 1974.

WLUD - CARRYCROCH' (Musea FGBG 4166.AR: 1xBT) CD £11.00 - Unique instrumental 1970's French progressive from near Strasbourg (Leicester's French twin town)! All instrumental, complex, urgent punky/folky symphonic prog, with hints of Arachnoid, Shylock & Asia Minor.

ROBERT WYATT - THE END OF AN EAR (Columbia Rewind 493342 2: RE) CD £9.00 - (Esoteric ECLEC 2324: RM) CD £11.50 - Strange & fascinating fusion, betwixt Soft Machine's "Third" & his later opus "Rock Bottom". This is full of invention: tapes at wrong speeds, loops, electronic trickery, etc. © 1970.

ROBERT WYATT - ROCK BOTTOM (Domino REWIGCD40: DP) CD £9.00 - The classic & very strange 1974 album (originally on Virgin), with Henry Cow members.

XING SA - CREATION DE L'UNIVERS (Soleil Zeuhl SZ 24: DP) CD £12.00 - Another recent excellent Zeuhl band (three members are also in Setna). © 2010.

YUGEN - LABIRINTO D'ACQUA (AltrOck ALT 001) CD £14.00 - Excellent album by contemporary Italian prog/RIO/fusion band, who comprised the backing band for a recent excellent Picchio Dal Pozzo reformation. This is largely in the realms of Cartoon, National Health, with a little bit of that chamber rock feel associated with "Di Terra" era Banco & 80s era Art Zoyd & Univers Zero. © 2006.

ZAMLA MAMMAZ MANNA - SCHLAGERNS MYSTIK/FOR ALDRE NYBEGYNNARE (Silence SRSCD 3610: RE) 2CD £15.00 - The legendary Zamla double, disc 1: crazy songs & rock opus, disc 2: live improvisations beyond Henry Cow & normal Samla, © 1978. In slim 2CD case.

ZAMLA MAMMAZ MANNA - FAMILJESPRICKOR (Silence SRSCD 3612: RE) CD £12.00 - Extraordinary & powerful rock fusion, with lots of strange twists typical of RIO. © 1980.

ZAO - LIVE! (Musea FGBG 4492.AR) CD £11.00 - Previously unreleased concert at L'Ouest de la Grosne (5/12/1976). Just after "Shekina" (when Yochk'o Seffer had left) they existed without winds, thus it's pretty unique!

ZNR - BARRICADE 3 (ReR ZNR1: RE) CD £9.00 - 1976 debut from the duo of Hector Zazou & Joseph Racaille. The title refers to this being "technically" the third incarnation of the French underground band Barricade, although musicially they'd moved on to new territory, a kind of Satie/Zappa/Residents-like mixture of synths/jazz/chamber music.


Electronic, non-rock & weird stuff


AEOLIAH - ANGEL LOVE (Oreade Music OR 2848: RE) CD £13.00 - Celestial dreamscape meditations from USA musician Jonathan Fairchild. © 1985.

ALTO STRATUS - Experimental synth/avant-rock duo of Alan & Steve Freeman. >> full listing

#  ÅKE ANDERSSON & ANTERO HONKANEN - REIDARIN SÄHKÖISET KUVAT (Svart SRE129CD: DP) CD £13.00 - Reissue of the mega-rare Love Records release. Fascinating, esoteric electronics from Finland, vaguely Ralph Lundsten like. © 1977.

ANTRILON - MIND ERASE (Dead Earnest DERNUSA 2) CD £8.00 - 2008 experimental synth album from Greg Kozlowski (member of Secret Saucer). For those into free-form Cluster, Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, Endgame, Mark Shreeve, Zanov, Tangerine Dream. This has elements of all of these & none. The overall album is unique!

ART & TECHNIQUE - CLIMA-X (Spalax SPALAXCD14914: 2xBT) CD £11.00 - Obscure 1981 French underground/industrial/electronic, hints of TG/Cabaret Voltaire, but more C.O.M.A./Die Form vein really.

AMIR BAGHIRI - PLANET X (Bluebox BB002) CD m/m £8.00 - Synthesist & multi-instrumentalist of Iranian origin based in Germany. Using nature soundscapes on this one. © 2006.

PETER BAUMANN - ROMANCE 76 (Reactive EREACD1034: RM) CD £11.50 - Classic debut solo from ex-Tangerine Dream member, for "Stratosfear"/"Sorceror" fans. © 1976.

PETER BAUMANN - TRANS HARMONIC NIGHTS (Reactive EREACD1035: RM) CD £11.50 - 2nd solo, significantly remastered edition. © 1979.

BAUMANN/KOEK - BAUMANN/KOEK (Bureau B BB 217: DP) CD £14.00 - Nothing to do with Tangerine Dream or Peter Baumann at all! These are a synth-sequencer duo from southern Germany. Still quite a nice one, & a must for those that love the repetetive "Berlin School" type sound. © 1979.

FRANCOIS BAYLE - LES COULEURS DE LA NUIT (Sub Rosa SR371: DP) CD £13.00 - Classic French electroacoustic/musique-concret music. © 1982.

BIOMECHANOID - ATMOSPHERES & MELODIES INSPIRED BY THE PAINTINGS OF H.R. GIGER (Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 003: 1xBT) CD £8.00 - A musical visualisation of the art of H.R. Giger, with sequencers & guitars, elements of Cluster & Heldon, early atmospheric TD, via Frohmader onto freaky psychedelic rock.

TIM BLAKE - CRYSTAL MACHINE (Esoteric ECLEC 2578: 3xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - Legendary synth/space-music album by "Hi T Moonweed" of Gong. © 1977.

TIM BLAKE - BLAKE'S NEW JERUSALEM (Mantra 068) CD m/m £20.00 - (Esoteric ECLEC 2579: 3xBT,RM) CD £11.50 - Synth & space-songs with Gong style, includes "Lighthouse". © 1978.

VICTORIA BOURNE & ENDGAME - ENCOUNTERS (Auricle AMCDR 183) CDR £7.00 - We'd hit it off so many times in various combinations at Quadelectronic that it was inevitable that we'd have to get it together and record an album. So, immerse yourself in the weird world of Endgame fronted by the extraordinary voice of Victoria Bourne, a one-off event to savour! © 2012.

GRAHAM BOWERS - OF MARY'S BLOOD (Red Wharf RWCD001) CD £12.00 - Sonic excursion of disturbing surreal quality, dark melodic/abstract, for NWW & weird TG fans. © 1994.

GRAHAM BOWERS - ETERNAL GHOSTS (Red Wharf RWCD003) CD new/vg+ £9.00 - Part 3 of the trilogy. An oozing thunderous crashing vivid soundscape! Betwixt Xenakis & atmospheric NWW. © 1998. Special purchase copies that have slight cover wear.

STEVEN BROWN & BLAINE REININGER - CROATIAN VARIATIONS (Materiali Sonori MASO CD 90041: RE) CD £11.00 - Nice ethnic flavoured music that feels somewhat like the very best instrumental Tuxedomoon, Cudu' or Minimal Compact. © 1992.

MICHAEL BUNDT - ELECTRI CITY (Bureau B BB 225: DP) CD £14.00 - His 3rd album (© 1980) is a little known experimental synth gem, in the vein of early Pyrolator & Asmus Tietchens, with an underlying eccentric edge, melodic, sequential - but far from normal! With help from Steve Robinson.

#  JOHN CALE & TERRY RILEY - THE CHURCH OF ANTHRAX (Esoteric ECLEC 2448: RM) CD £11.50 - Systemic Riley + underground rock of Cale = Faust like aggressive/cyclic fusion. A qualified masterwork! © 1971.

#  CELL BLOCK Z - SPLINTER RECESS (Auricle AMCDR 282: RM) CDR £8.00 - Only previously a cassette demo (called "War Crimes" © 1996). This is The Interstellar Cementmixers incognito as an experimental industrial electronics band of the more abstract old Konstruktivits/Throbbing Gristle type of thing, but with an original approach & style of their own.

#  CENTROZOON - THE CULT OF BIBBIBOO (Burning Shed bshed 0202: DP) CD m/ex £9.00 - Frippian abstract artist Markus Reuter & co. Experimental guitar sonics & recycled rhythms with synths & Fripp-like textures. © 2000.

CLOTHEARZ - PLIPSQUEAK (Auricle AMCDR 222) CDR £8.00 - Half of Rancid Poultry producing experimental music that manages to strike a good balance between weirdness & accessibility, hinting at Nurse With Wound, Conrad Schnitzler, Ron Geesin, Bruce Gilbert, Peter Frohmader, etc. Previously released on cassette in 1987.

CLOTHEARZ - STIG (Auricle AMCDR 230: RM) CDR £8.00 - Extended experimental works for odd instrumentation (inc. teacup, kettle, chair), with much use of tape delay. Official reissue of the 1988 cassette.

CLOTHEARZ - BIB (Auricle AMCDR 272: RM) CDR £8.00 - An obscure early one from the two Rancid Poultry sound explorers. Musically it's as diverse & creative as you'd expect from a Clothearz release with 17 segments, with many diversions never heard before, from Cluster to Nurse With Wound, via musique-concrete through to industrial, to...? © 1989.

CLOTHEARZ - GIG (Auricle AMCDR 239) CDR £8.00 - Only ever published as a review cassette on Poultry Productions in 1993, this is the first official issue of this live document. A sizzling froth of electronics, guitar & unfathomable tonalities, just one 38'43" improv that goes through a lot of changes.

CLOTHEARZ - BLOD (Auricle AMCDR 280: RM) CDR £8.00 - The Clothearz concept album. Industrial meets ritual & a ton of surprises. © 1988.

CHRIS CONWAY - SCANNING PLANET 3 (Auricle AMCDR 029) CDR £7.00 - A vast CD-long cosmic opus, with synths, theremin & guitar, lots of electroacoustic elements, melodic yet elusive & thoroughly creative, hints of Terry Riley, The Rain Garden, Terje Rypdal, etc. © 2003.

CHRIS CONWAY - CONTACT LIGHT (Auricle AMCDR 045) CDR £7.00 - Outer space music for Theramin & electronics. Special CDR release. © 2004.

CORRENTI MAGNETICHE - LIVE (Alma De Nieto/ReR Italia DNN 003 C: CC) CD £11.00 - Project of Riccardo Sinigaglia & Gabin Dabire (both ex-Futuro Antico) plus guests, an ethnic spiced strange ambient concert recording in Milan 1989.

COSMIC GROUND - 2 (Studio Fleisch SFCD04) CD £11.00 - Aka Dirk Jan Müller, like the first album this has much Froese, Schulze and Tangerine Dream influence. © 2014.

CURRENT 93 - I AM THE LAST OF ALL THE FIELD THAT FELL (The Spheres Eight: DP) CD £13.50 - Largely semi-sung poetry over musical background. © 2014.

DEAD CAN DANCE - AION (4AD CAD 2710 CD) CD £10.00 - Progressive mediaval music? Neo-baroque futurist? Whatever, this certainly fascinates! © 1990.

THE DELTA NUDES - THE RESIDENTS PRESENT THE DELTA NUDES (Klanggalerie gg231: CC) CD £12.00 - Collection of recordings by the band before The Residents.

TOD DOCKSTADER - LUNA PARK/TRAVELLING MUSIC/APOCALYPSE/TWO FRAGMENTS/ DRONE/FOUR TELEMETRY TAPES (Starkland ST-202: RE) CD £13.50 - Extraordinary pioneer of "organised sound" re-composing sound into music by tape & effects. All these works date from the early-1960's, but sound so modern they could almost be 1990's product. Unbelievable? Dockstader had the imagination of Pierre Henry & the invention of Stockhausen!

TOD DOCKSTADER - WATER MUSIC/TWO MOONS/QUATERMASS (Starkland ST-201: RE) CD £13.50 - Including his greatest opus, the startling "Quatermass". 1963-64 recordings. "Two Moons" was previously unreleased.

TOD DOCKSTADER & DAVID LEE MYERS - POND (ReR TDDM1) CD £9.00 - Collaboration by two electronics innovators. Some of this is quite intense in the manner of Pierre Henry's "Cortical Art" works, although it does run from very subtle to shuddering. © 2004.

TOD DOCKSTADER & DAVID LEE MYERS - BIJOU (ReR TDDM2) CD £9.00 - Unusual mixture of electroacoustics & instruments/sound collage, sometimes a bit Nurse With Wound like. © 2005.

DOME - 1 & 2 (The Grey Area DOME 12 CD: RE) CD £9.00 - Industrial rock & new-wave from Wire members Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis. Their 1st 2 LP's (both 1980) complete on 1 CD!

DOME - 3 & 4 (The Grey Area DOME 34 CD: RE) CD £9.00 - Experimental industrial venturing onto systemic rock realms. Their last 2 LP's (1981 & 1982) complete on 1 CD!

BOB DOWNES - EPISODES AT 4 A.M. (Paradigm Discs PD 24) CD £9.00 - His rare 1974 album for flutes, electronics, percussion, etc. Plus 7 bonus tracks recorded 1972-2005.

IANCU DUMITRESCU - MEDIUM III/COGITO/AULODIE MIORITICA/PERSPECTIVES AU MOVEMUR/APOGEUM (Edition Modern ED MN 1001: RE) CD £12.00 - Anthology of 1972-84 works, all different to the LP versions. Featuring NWW list bassist Fernando Grillo.

ENDGAME - Steve & Alan Freeman (Alto Stratus) with Jim Tetlow (Hemamorphite). >> full listing

ENDGAME - AVATAR (Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 006/7) 2CD £13.00, m/ex £8.00 - © 2001.

ENDGAME - ENDOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD4: CC) CDR £4.00 - Unique material (1999-2002).

ENDGAME - BIOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD5: CC) CDR £4.00 - Rehearsal session (1/8/2001).

ENDGAME - NUCLEOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD6: CC) CDR £4.00 - Live & studio recordings.

ESCAPE ROUTE - Alto Stratus plus Chris Conway's Continuum. >> full listing

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH - MESMERISED (Space Age Recordings ORBIT024CD) CD £9.00 - Minimal drone electronic works from Sonic Boom & co. 2000 reissue of 1994 album.

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH - BEYOND THE PALE (Space Age Recordings ORBIT031CD) CD £9.00 - One of the finest by this English esoteric electronic outfit, here with AMM's Eddie Prevost on percussion & bowed cymbal. © 1996.

EXTREMITIES - Endgame plus Dave Powell. >> full listing

#  FORREST FANG'S SANS SERIF - UNBOUND (Projekt PRO257: CC) CD m/ex+ £8.00 - "Creating large-scale sonic environments from very small sounds." = an album of sparse & droning atmospherics utilising material from previously unreleased works. © 2011.

FARYUS - LUCID DREAMS (Faria FAR-15: CC) CD vg+/ex+ £5.00 - Russian synthesist Andrey Sadovnikov. Atmos synth chords that just hang there! © 2007. Elaborate arty postcard size portfolio cover/package with 5 inserts.

LUC FERRARI - INTERRUPTEUR/TAUTOLOGOS 3 (Blue Chopsticks BC1: RE) CD £13.50 - 1970 avant ensemble works, in the realms of Stockhausen, Nono, Ligeti or Xenakis.

ALAN FREEMAN - Member of Alto Stratus, Endgame, Extremities, Triax, etc. >> full listing

STEVE FREEMAN - Member of Alto Stratus, Endgame, Extremities, Triax, etc. >> full listing

BRUCE GILBERT - INSIDING (Mute CDSTUMM 71) CD m/ex+ £11.00 - Instrumental industrial from Wire/Dome member. Music composed for soundtracks. © 1991.

MATHIAS GRASSOW - CALIBRATION (Practising Nature PN09028) CDR m/m £6.50 - © 2009.

GRAVITY ADJUSTERS EXPANSION BAND - ONE (Paradigm Discs PD 20) CD £9.00 - Excellent USA 1973 avant/cosmic/abstract ensemble, kinda AMM/Taj Mahal Travellers/Sonde territory. Extended version of their 1973 LP, with longer opening track & 7'49" bonus track!

JEFF GREINKE - PLACES OF MOTILITY (Hypnos hyp1809: 3xBT) CD m/ex+ £8.00 - Hints of Eno's "On Land" & a lot of O Yuki Conjugate stylisms, & quite pioneering for its time. © 1986.

JEFF GREINKE - TIMBRAL PLANES (Linden Music LM 2015: 3xBT) CD ex+/ex+ £11.00 - 1987 album of dark ambient music, mysterious Eno "On Land" type textures onto O Yuki Conjugate.

OLE HOJER HANSEN - NUDITY (Auricle AMCDR 123: RE) CDR £7.00 - Undoubtedly amongst the greats of European synth music (though in debt to Klaus Schulze) with a unique angle of his own, beyond the realms of "X" or "Mirage" to where Klaus only hinted. It's wondrous space music, often very understated & mysterious, yet on occasions greatly dynamic & powerful, a little towards Ragnar Grippe's "Ten Temperaments" too. © 1988.

OLE HOJER HANSEN - THE DOME (Olga CD 90052) CD £13.00 - 1990 CD of cosmic Schulzian hybrids. A touch more classical spiced than his Auricle cassette "Nudity", this has classic KS "X", "Dune" type motifs, in long tracks, with a little Ragnar Grippe & Tangerine Dream in too!

DAVID HINDMARCH - THE DEVIL'S WAVE (Auricle AMCDR 179) CDR £7.00 - Electroacoustic works of great invention by Leicester's uniquely talented blind musician. Largely, David's method of sound construction is in the vein of INA.GRM artists like Parmegiani, Bayle or Zanesi, although his compositional style is quite different. Numbered 2011 reissue of his 2004 debut.

LASZLO HORTOBAGYI - TRADITIONAL MUSIC OF AMYGDALA (Erdenklang 91349: RE) CD £13.00 - Bizarre music blending synths, samplers, etc., to create something unique! © 1991.

INTERSTELLAR CEMENTMIXERS - MANEQUIN AMBERGINE (Auricle AMCDR 252: RM) CDR £8.00 - An oozing slab of synths & dark soundscaping. Typical of their style, although a bit more melodic than previously, getting closer to some earlier works by Nightcrawlers & Lightwave. © 1996.

INTERSTELLAR CEMENTMIXERS - ENCAPSULATED TURQUOISE VOID (Auricle AMCDR 253: RM) CDR £8.00 - Ambient/cosmic sound-worlds in the nether regions beyond synth music, with bubbling electronics & sub-rock avant-garde structures. It's deep stuff, & amongst their best. © 1996.

INTERSTELLAR CEMENTMIXERS - CATACOMB DISCORD + (Auricle AMCDR 261/2: RM) 2CDR £11.00 - Eclectic & oozing dark stuff, with lots of analogue bubbling, wooshes & twitters. The complete "Catacomb Discord" c90 cassette release plus 36 minutes of unreleased bonus material.

INTERSTELLAR CEMENTMIXERS - DISLODGED RESONANCE (Auricle AMCDR 278: RM) CDR £8.00 - Cosmic & twisted Teutonic inspired electronics, mysteriously growing out of subconscious reactions & macabre flights of fantasy. File next to: Lightwave, Conrad Schnitzler, Industrial music. © 1999.

INTERSTELLAR CEMENTMIXERS - NIGHT RADIATION (Planet X PX2035) CDR £7.00 - This takes another twist to more ethereal & abstract realms, again refining their style, with analogue & digital synths, guitars & loads of processing. © 2001.

INTERSTELLAR CEMENTMIXERS - SUBMERGED REALITY (Planet X PX2038) CDR £7.00 - Most recent release from Nottingham’s cosmic crusaders. Just 7 tracks, 2005-2009 recordings.

INTERSTELLAR CEMENTMIXERS - DIMENSION Z (Auricle AMCDR 266) CDR £8.00 - Selections from 4 private archive tapes documenting unreleased material from 1995 to 2001.

JÜRGEN KARG - ELEKTRONISCHE MYTHEN (Bureau B BB 226: DP) CD £14.00 - Deep dark cosmic synthesizer in the realms of Tangerine Dream's "Zeit" & atmos Stockhausen. © 1978.

BERND KISTENMACHER - HEAD-VISIONS (Green Tree GTR 060: 1xBT) CD ex+/ex+ £8.00 - (Bureau B BB 214: DP) CD £14.00 - 1986 debut of very cosmic Schulzian synth-sequencer.

BERND KISTENMACHER - WAKE UP IN THE SUN (Bureau B BB 215: DP) CD £14.00 - 2nd album (© 1987) from this Berlin synthesist. 3 cosmic & sequential synth tracks.

HEINZ LEONHARDSBERGER - IT IS (Erdenklang 971.169) CD £12.00 - The weird eccentric Austrian yoedler & musique-concret/synth sonic artist. © 1988.

RUDIGER LORENZ - INVISIBLE VOICES (Anthology Recordings ARC005: CC) CD £11.00 - German synthesist, after a few cassette releases this was his debut on LP. © 1983.

RALPH LUNDSTEN - ELEKTRONISK MUSIK FRAN 60-OCH 70-TALEN (Andromeda 497801 2) 4CD £36.00 - Anthology of early works, inc. "Tellus/Fagel Bla" from Lundsten & Nilsson, unreleased obscurities, "Gustav III", "Nattmara", the unique "Suite For Electronic Accordion" & lots more!

MNEMONISTS - HORDE (ReR MN1: RM) CD £9.00 - This US combo started as a kind of free-jazz outfit called Mnemonist Orchestra. After dropping the orchestra & most of the jazz, on this their third album they'd moved on to totally reinventing music. As such "Horde" is bizarre sonic soup of rock rhythms, twisted jazz & electronic effects, amounting to a dark & surreal experience beyond classification. Extraordinary weirdness! © 1981, pre-Biota.

MNEMONISTS - GYROMANCY (ReR MN2: RM) CD £9.00 - Refining the style developed on "Horde", but a little bit more "musical" - so also a little more accessible. © 1983. This also contains the "Nailed/Tic" single tracks.

STEVE MOORE - THE THRESHOLD OF LIBERTY (Auricle AMCDR 251) CDR £8.00 - Scottish sound explorer working in the Luc Ferrari cum Stockhausen field of sonic collage, mixing location recordings & musical elements in unlikely concoctions. This reissue collects the complete recordings from different versions of what was basically the same cassette album: "The Return Of The Poet" (Mirage M611, 1983) & "The Threshold Of Liberty" (Inner Ear, 1990).

MORPHOGENESIS - STROMATOLITES (Vintage Electronics VER 1) CD £11.00 - Kinda Stockhausen/Xenakis semi/part improv & studio constructed electroacoustic in AMM/MEV vein. Extended version of the Direction Music cassette release.

MORPHOGENESIS - IN STREAMS, VOL. 1: 1996-1999 (Paradigm Discs PD 16: DP) CD £9.00 - A much more challenging concoction than usual, quite diverse & schizophrenic.

MORPHOGENESIS - IN STREAMS, VOL. 2: 1997-2000 (Paradigm Discs PD 17: DP) CD £9.00 - Very varied selection of fragmentary sonic oozes & abstract excursions.

DAVID LEE MYERS - ARCANE DEVICE: ENGINES OF MYTH (ReR DLM1) CD £9.00 - Innovative electronic music created by feedback loops & devices, partly inspired by Tod Dockstader & the noise machines of Futurists Filippo Tommaso Marinetti & Luigi Russolo. Reissue of his 1988 LP + "Improvisations For Feedback" RRR Records 2x7" EP.

THE NEWT HOUNDS - Alto Stratus incognito. >> full listing

NURSE WITH WOUND - HOMOTOPY TO MARIE (United Jnana 366: extended,DP) CD £13.50 - Ranking easily as one of their top 5 classics, file under: weird, beyond classical & rock, avant-garde Dadaist dementia... © 1982. This sounds different to the United Dairies CD version!

NURSE WITH WOUND - GYLLENSKOLD, GEIJERSTAM & I AT RYDBERG'S (United Jnana 399: DP) CD £13.50 - Original vinyl version (31 minutes) of this strangely Dada & really twisted trip + reworked versions (19 minutes) that were previously released on the "Large Ladies With Cake In The Oven" CD.

NURSE WITH WOUND - DRUNK WITH THE OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAINS (United Jnana 1978CD: DP) CD £13.50 - Reissue of the 100 copy edition that was "never to be reissued"! Classic Bar Maldoror recordings (1983-1987). © 1987.

NURSE WITH WOUND - ALICE THE GOON (United Jnana 2002: DP) CD £13.50 - Originally released as a limited edition MLP, now everybody can do the chique jazz twist & trip-out! © 1995.

NURSE WITH WOUND - AN AWKWARD PAUSE (United Jnana 1921: CC) 2CD £17.00 - "Special Edition" of this bizarre 1999 offering mixing psych & free electronic forms. Schizophrenic is an understatement! The bonus CD features previously unreleased tracks.

NURSE WITH WOUND - A SUCKED ORANGE / SCRAG (United Dirter DPROMDCD101: CC) 2CD £15.00 - "A Sucked Orange" = 29 Nurse bits, ideal nibbles for the newcomer, or the connosieur. "Scrag" = More nibbles, previously only released on cassette. © 2012.

NURSE WITH WOUND - BAR MALDOROR (United Jnana UJ0034: DP) 2CD £15.00 - CD1 is a reissue of the "Live At Bar Maldoror" CD, CD2 = live recording in Ghent (6/2007).

NURSE WITH WOUND - LUMB'S SISTER (United Jnana UJ2008: DP) CD £13.50 - 1986-87 recordings for the film project "Lumbs Sister" by Chris Wallis, that were never used. Remastered & about 70% re-recorded version of this classic NWW album. © 2014.

NURSE WITH WOUND - DARK FAT (United Dirter DPROMCD120: DP) 2CD £15.00 - "Recorded at various rehearsals, sound checks & live situations 2008-2016" © 2016.

NURSE WITH WOUND - THE GREAT ECSTASY OF THE BASIC CORRUPT (United Dirter DPROMCD130: DP) CD £14.00 - Spooky ambient outing. © 2016.

#  ODE TO MARILYN - ODE TO MARILYN (Svart SRE130: 1xBT,DP) CD £13.00 - Reissue of the mega-rare Scandia Records release from 1973, inc. Antero Honkanen, Edward Vesala, etc. Percussion, instruments & electronics, recorded underground! © 1974.

PAULINE OLIVEROS - ELECTRONIC WORKS (Paradigm Discs PD 04: RE) CD £9.00 - Extraordinary electronic music from 1965 & 1966. 3 works that swell & glide ominously like a cosmic surreal hybrid of Karlheinz Stockhausen & Morton Subotnick, yet unlike either. Groundbreaking & still fresh 30 years on.

KEVIN O'NEILL - ICON (Auricle AMCDR 234: RM) CDR £7.00 - "An Electronic Music Album" Reissue of the 1984 debut cassette by pioneering Welsh synthesist Kevin O'Neill, a unique talent with a distinctive personal style.

KEVIN O'NEILL - METAMORPHOSIS (Auricle AMCDR 244: RM) CDR £7.00 - Kevin covers a lot of ground on this his 2nd album, from melodic synth to the bizarre! Includes an extended version of his contribution to the Auricle release "Journey To The End Of Night". © 1985.

KEVIN O'NEILL - INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY (Auricle AMCDR 235: RM) CDR £7.00 - His 3rd album (© 1986) was acclaimed by many as his finest. We wouldn't argue!

KEVIN O'NEILL - ISLANDS (Auricle AMCDR 247: RM) CDR £7.00 - The most ambitious (arguably) of Kevin's releases, in that it is just 3 big works, including an extended 28 minute suite & a majestic 20 minute opus, blending his familiar style with elements that recall some of the earlier works of Edgar Froese & Cluster/Roedelius, & a kind of neo-baroque approach to keyboard melodies. © 1987.

KEVIN O'NEILL - OMEGA (Auricle AMCDR 248: RM) CDR £7.00 - A much more introspective outing from Kevin, with some gentle whimsy & romantic elements, plus a couple of collaborations with special guests. Some obvious art & sci-fi dedications, & a totally stunning finalé make this an ideal entry point for those wanting a balance of light & dark in more manageable smaller pieces. © 1988.

KEVIN O'NEILL - LIVE! + (Auricle AMCDR 255/6: RM) 2CDR £11.00 - This release collects all the known live recordings of Kevin O'Neill during the 1980s: Lotus Electronika '86 (13/9/1986), U.K. Electronica '88 (3/9/1988) & Network 23 Festival (18/3/1989), plus his contribution to the "Myths Of Far And Near" various artists release from 1985.

KEVIN O'NEILL - KATHARSIS (Auricle AMCDR 259: RM) CDR £7.00 - A much more reflective & melodic release, featuring collaborations from two other synth artist of the era (Greg Truckell & Leif Keane). This is one for late night or ambient low level listening. © 1990.

KEVIN O'NEILL - YGGDRASIL (Auricle AMCDR 263: RM) CDR £7.00 - This was a kind of concept album, with more accent on subtle melody than most of his other releases. It also contained as a bonus some recordings from one of his last concerts. © 1991.

KEVIN O'NEILL - A HOSTAGE TO FORTUNE (Auricle AMCDR 264: RM) CDR £7.00 - 76 minutes of timeless space-music, atmospheres & ambience, with guest appearances from Andrew Pinches & N.R. Hills. © 1993.

KEVIN O'NEILL - DEPARTURES (Auricle AMCDR 273/4) 2CDR £11.00 - "An oddments anthology 1985 to 1996" that compiles all the other released recordings of Kevin O'Neill not already documented in this Auricle collection of reissues. The majority of these are from various artist releases, most being very rare & long out of print, amounting to a great value set documenting Kevin's music in its many facets, from the melancholic, via the joyous to the down right strange, and many places he never visited on any of his album releases.

KEVIN O'NEILL - THE SECRET TAPES (Auricle AMCDR 275) CDR £7.00 - Exclusive & previously unreleased! This release collects all the best unreleased recordings from Kevin's old archive of tapes. These are sketches of ideas & completed works that didn't (for some reason) make it onto any album.

OOPHOI - TIME FRAGMENTS, VOL. 1 1995-1997 (Umbra 037: CC) CDR m/m £5.00 - Reissue on unlabeled disc (has wrong catalogue number on artwork). "A collection of lost pieces..."

OOPHOI - TIME FRAGMENTS, VOL. 2 1998-1999 (Umbra 038: CC) CDR m/m £5.00 - Reissue on unlabeled disc. Both are packaged with 18cm x 13cm printed card inside a PVC sleeve.

OOPHOI - MARE TRANQUILLITATIS (Nextera ERA2026-2) CD m/m £9.00 - Atmos/ambient opus. Reissue of a 2001 CDR on Due Acque.

OPERATING THEATRE - RAPID EYE MOVEMENTS (United Dairies UD 011CD: 1xBT) CD £11.00 - Roger Doyle's much celebrated sonic art opus. Created by music-concrete techniques, & often close to Stockhausen's masterwork "Hymnen". Now rare CD!

O YUKI CONJUGATE - PEYOTE (Multimood MRC·011: RE) CD £11.00 - Superb album from the British ethno-ambient-wave pioneers, kinda Steve Roach meets CTI & Zoviet France. © 1991.

JEAN-FRANCOIS PAUVROS - MUSIQUES POUR ANNE DREYFUS (Spalax 14276) CD £11.00 - Strange & highly creative music by master French avant-garde guitarist. © 1993. (He's worked with Catalogue, with 1001 Guitars, in jazz, etc.)

POLYMORPH - SHAMAN (Auricle AMCDR 023) CDR £7.00 - Endgame + Maureen Anderson (of Shapeshifter) = Polymorph, kinda Mother Gong ventures to Musica Elettronica Viva's "Leave The City"?

HENRI POUSSEUR - EARLY EXPERIMENTAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1954-61 (Sub Rosa SR415: DP) CD £13.00 - Bizarre sonic imagery from one of the masters of the avant-garde. Includes tracks from his "Acousmatrix 4" release.

DAVE POWELL - Extremities, Triax, Tartovisti & Etherwheel member. >> full listing

DAVID PRESCOTT - FOUR MILLION YEARS (Auricle AMCDR 119) CDR £7.00 - The nearest any American synthesist has come to the classic cosmic synth of Klaus Schulze, with massed string synths to the fore, accompanied by gentle sequential patterns, rambling melodies & wafts of sound reverberating into the distance. Despite the Schulze-ian aura, this is unmistakably Prescott - lighter & more accessible than before, whilst still being mysterious & enigmatic. © 1987.

DAVID PRESCOTT - NEOLOGISMS (Auricle AMCDR 120) CDR £7.00 - "Neologisms In E" was his first published recording in 1985, reissued by ourselves in 1987 as "Neologisms". This release displays David’s affinity with the early-1970’s Berlin school of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze et al., as well as his liking for the avant-garde electronic composers. 2 lengthy works display a unique approach to synth music making, whereby melodies entwine & meander in seemingly endless webs, continually evolving, developing, dying resurging.

DAVID PRESCOTT - THE DREAMER (Auricle AMCDR 121) CDR £7.00 - This is a more reflective work with more expressive keyboard soloing, meandering yet intricate & spacious. I’m reminded as much here of Kevin O'Neill’s subtle textures as those of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, & the like. © 1988.

DAVID PRESCOTT - NEW MUSIC FOR CATHEDRALS (Auricle AMCDR 122) CDR £7.00 - This finds David teaming up his synths with his trusty bass guitar for some atmospheric ramblings that uncannily resemble the quieter moments of Tangerine Dream live circa 1974. David’s fluid bass style complements his synths perfectly. No doubt this should win David a lot of convertees, as this is a rare music genre that has scarcely been explored. © 1988.

QUADELECTRONIC - CITIES IN FLIGHT (Auricle AMCDR 150/151) 2CDR £11.00 - Quadelectronic is more of a "happening" than a regular gig. An improv, jam, workshop event for those that love to experiment & interact in free improvisation. This is one of the finest ever. Featuring Chris Conway, Dave Dhonau, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Dave Powell, Jim Tetlow, etc.

MICHEL REDOLFI - DESERT TRACKS (Sub Rosa SR418: DP) CD £13.00 - The French master of water music, gets time to dry out in the desert! And comes up with even stranger results! 1983 & 1987 works.

ROBERT RICH - LIVE (Auricle AMC 021) 2CDR £9.00 - In concert 1984. A mix of systemic & atmospheric/space music, almost 90 minutes to fall asleep to!

ROBERT RICH - INNER LANDSCAPES (Auricle AMC 029) 2CDR £9.00 - 1987 live in concert, 88 minutes of ethereal/ambient dream music, synths, flutes & guitar.

ROBERT RICH - GEOMETRY (Spalax 14279) CD £11.00 - Recorded 1986-87 but only released in 1991, it now features 4 extra tracks to the demo Robert sent us many years ago!

ROBERT RICH - NUMENA+GEOMETRY (Fathom 11077-2) 2CD £15.00 - The remixed (1993) version of "Numena" (a sublime & overtly ethereal album) & "Geometry" (live in concert 1987, with flutes, organ, percussion, synths, etc.) with 4 tracks remastered. © 1997.

ROBERT RICH & ALIO DIE - FISSURES (Fathom 11076-2) CD £13.00 - Very ambient collaboration in Lull/Main minimal vein, © 1997.

#  TERRY RILEY - A RAINBOW IN CURVED AIR (Esoteric ECLEC 2306: RM,RE) CD £11.50 - His revolutionary classic. © 1969.

#  STEVE ROACH - QUIET MUSIC (Fortuna 18043-2) 2CD m/m £12.00 - Compilation of tracks from the cassette series of 1983-86 works. CD 1 was previously released alone.

STEVE ROACH - THE MAGNIFICENT VOID (Fathom HS11062-2) CD £13.00 - Superb atmospheric music, very musical yet devoid of form, getting really deep & serious. © 1996.

ROEDELIUS - JARDIN AU FOU (Bureau B BB23: 6xBT,DP) CD £12.00 - Introspective 2nd album (© 1979) from ½ of Cluster, with a whimsical Satie-esque feel & akin to his "Selbstportrait" albums. Produced by & recorded at Peter Baumann's Paragon Studio.

ROEDELIUS - LUSTWANDEL (Bureau B BB 055: DP) CD £12.00 - Recorded at Peter Baumann's Paragon studios, with medieval touches & ambient moods.

ROEDELIUS - SINFONIA CONTEMPORA NO. 1 (Prudence 398.6164.2: RE) CD £11.00 - Very strange 1994 album, like a mixture of "Der Ohrenspiegel", Kluster/Cluster & all sorts of other musics.

ROEDELIUS - LA NORDICA (Multimood MRC 023) CD £11.00 - Sequel to "Sinfonia Contempora No. 1", though very different in feel & approach. For starters, there's no symphonic element to it, being largely like a more subdued "Der Ohrenspiegel". Strange though!

THE SCANNER GAME - Endgame meets The Planet Scanners. >> full listing

EBERHARD SCHOENER - BALI-AGUNG (MiG 00282: DP) CD+DVD £15.00 - Amazing meeting of synths, rock & Gamelan musics, featuring Pete York & Siggi Schwab. © 1976. Note: the DVD contains a 43'30" documentary film by Eberhard Schoener (on location in Bali), unfortunately this is mainly in German without subtitles!

EBERHARD SCHOENER - TRANCE-FORMATION (MiG 00272: DP) CD £13.00 - His cross-culture gothic & synth trip, with Andy Summers on cosmic guitar. © 1977.

SONDE - EN CONCERT (Oral CD21) CD £9.00 - Canadian electroacoustic ensemble, largely using their own instruments & sound sculptures. Reissue of their 1978 LP (dedicated to Mario Bertoncini). A collection of live recordings: Montreal (13/7/1977) & Toronto (14+17/1/1978).

SONDE - EN ONDES (Oral CD16) CD £9.00 - Collection of previously unreleased 1980-1986 compositions, most of which "were broadcast by CBC-Montreal approximately in 1984".

ARTURO STALTERI - SYRIARISE (Materiali Sonori MASOCD 90036) CD £13.00 - Ambient, semi-classical & systemic music for piano & other keyboards from ex-Pierrot Lunaire member, often towards the lighter Brian Eno/Harold Budd and modern classical school. © 1992.

MICHAEL STEARNS - M'OCEAN (Groove Unlimited GR-047/Earth Turtle ET 2005) CD £13.00 - Quite a change here, with 7 tracks of melodic, rhythmic & celestial music. © 1984.

SUSPENDED MEMORIES - EARTH ISLAND (Fathom HS11043-2) CD £13.00 - Steve Roach (USA), Jorge Reyes (Mexico) & Suso Saiz (Spain). 1994 sequel of cross-culture atmos/ambient/ethnic.

SUSPIRIUM - ORPHEE (private: RM,CC) CDR £5.00 - Experimental duo from Ramsgate, England. Dark & menacing experimental synth/borderline psych-weirdness. © 1992.

#  SUSPIRIUM - LYGOPHILLIA (private: 1xBT,RM,CC) CDR £5.00 - One of their darker & more industrial outings, with a menacing feel to it. © 1992.

#  SUSPIRIUM - LES VALSEUSES (private: RM,CC) CDR £5.00 - Surprisingly dark & varied, 2 x huge sprawling 30 minute suites + bonus. © 1992.

#  SUSPIRIUM - BURNING FOR BURNING (private: RM,CC) CDR £5.00 - Varied experimental synth, etc. Seems to be an extended version of the 1992 cassette.

#  SUSPIRIUM - MODERN PRIMITIVES (private: 1xBT,RM,CC) CDR £5.00 - One of their earlier experimental cassettes, © 1993.

#  SUSPIRIUM - METAMORPHOSIS (private: RM,CC) CDR £5.00 - Very varied one, with atmos & rhythmic pieces - some of the rhythms get very close to breakbeat & trip-hop though. © 1994.

TIBOR SZEMZO - SNAPSHOT FROM THE ISLAND (Leo CD LR 277/Bahia Music CDB 057) CD £12.50 - Weird ambient & industrial/ethnic, hints of early Kraftwerk flute style. © 1987.

JIM TETLOW - HEART OF GLASS (Auricle AMCDR 015) CDR £7.00 - Member of: Endgame, Extremities, Hemamorphite, etc. His 3rd album: subtle, deep & powerful. © 2002.

THROBBING GRISTLE - THE SECOND ANNUAL REPORT (The Grey Area TGCD2: CC) 2CD £13.00 - This is where the legend started! CD2 contains 1976-77 live recordings plus their "United/Zyklon B. Zombie" single. © 2017.

THROBBING GRISTLE - HEATHEN EARTH (Mute TGCD5: 2xBT,RM,RE) CD £9.00 - Possibly the finest example of TG: industrial, electronics & weird rock meets punky psych. © 1980. Plus the "Adrenalin/Subhuman" single.

THROBBING GRISTLE - CD1 (Mute TGCD1: RE) CD £9.00 - All instrumental 1979 studio work in "Heathen Earth" vein (unreleased until 1986). A lengthy excursion in mature TG style.

ASMUS TIETCHENS - NACHTSTUCKE (Bureau B BB CD 155: DP) CD £12.00 - Asmus' debut is dark & very strange, a bit like the weirder Oskar Sala, with hints of Cluster. © 1980.

ASMUS TIETCHENS - MARCHES FUNEBRES (Die Stadt DS 112/Auf Abwegen aatp 32: 1xBT) CD £11.00 - His very dark & mysterious music, gothic, mournful & strange 1989 album. This has a different bonus track to the Multimood CD: " Grünschattiger Nachmittag 1979".

ASMUS TIETCHENS & TERRY BURROWS - WATCHING THE BURNING BRIDE / BURNING THE WATCHING BRIDE (Die Stadt DS 117/Auf Abwegen aatp 62: 2xBT) 2CD £20.00 - Compilation of their two collaboration LP's from 1986 & 1998. © 2017.

DAVID TOLLEFSON - NEW EYES ON THE UNIVERSE (Hypnos hyp1805) CD £12.00 - Minimal Frippian soundscapes, with Schulzian edges & barely recognisable as guitar. © 1998.

TRIAX - Alan & Steve Freeman (Alto Stratus) plus Dave Powell. >> full listing

UNICAZURN - TEMPORAL BENDS (uZu Music UZ01: DP) CD £10.00 - Wonderful dark & abstract stuff from David Knight & Stephen Thrower, doing music that sound/feels closer to early Cluster or the spookiest abstract Throbbing Gristle. © 2009.

VANGELIS - L'APOCALYPSE DES ANIMAUX (Polydor 831 503-2: RE) CD £9.00 - Cosmic film soundtrack (to the movie by Frederic Rossif) from top Greek synthesist. © 1973.

CYRILLE VERDEAUX - NOCTURNES DIGITALES (Clearlight 888 Music C8M-102) CD £11.00 - Cyrille (ex-Clearlight) in a very sedate classical mood, with tinkling ivories & flutey synths. © 1981 (originally a Fortuna cassette).

VIDNA OBMANA - MEMORIES COMPILED 1 (Relic 7: DP) 2CD ex+/ex £16.00 - Ambient space music: subtle, dark & mysterious. A doubleback of "Monument Of Empty Colours" & "Gathering In Frozen Beauty" cassette releases (both from 1989). © 1994.

ADELBERT VON DEYEN - ATMOSPHERE (Bureau B BB 239: DP) CD £14.00 - 3rd album (© 1980). Vaguely in the realms of Klaus Schulze & Tangerine Dream, with Zabba Lindner on drums.

TREVOR WISHART - JOURNEY INTO SPACE (Paradigm Discs PD 18: DP) CD £9.00 - Reissue of the very strange atmospheric/collage 2LP set (© 1973).

TREVOR WISHART - MACHINE (Paradigm Discs PD 25) CD £9.00 - 1971 work originally released over 3 sides on the "Electronic Music From York" 3LP set in 1973.

IANNIS XENAKIS - LA LEGENDE D'EER (mode 148) CDR £15.00 - 7-channel 47 minute version of his "Light and sound composition for the Diatope at the Centre Georges-Pompidou, Paris". Different version to the Montaigne CD release.

STOMU YAMASH'TA - RED BUDDHA (Spalax SPALAXCD14512: RE) CD £12.00 - Amazing solo percussion, one track per side, high quality multi-tracked & layered. © 1971.

ZIRCON & THE BURNING BRAINS - Alan & Steve Freeman plus Nigel Harris. >> full listing

THE ZIRCON GAME - FIRE LANE (Auricle AMCDR 055) CDR £7.00 - 2004 impromptu sessions from Endgame/ZBB hybrid. Radical electroacoustic excursions, betwixt INA.GRM & NWW. The complete recordings of 2 sessions, buzzing with creative energy.


Various artists...


A KRAUTROCKSAMPLER (Kraut Head collector's series AKS 1-5) 5CDR £20.00 - Collection of tracks from 1969-75: Agitation Free, Amon Duul II, Brave New World, Can, Code III, Emtidi, Faust, Gila, Kollektiv, Mythos, RMO, Sand, Tangerine Dream, Wired, Xhol, Yatha Sidhra, etc.

#  A THOUSAND SHADES OF GREY (Funfundvierzig 142: DP) CD £9.00 - 2 psychedelic freak-outs by Escapade & a sonic ooze from Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO. © 2003.

AURICLE CDR 2001 SAMPLER (Auricle AMSCDR 005) CDR £3.00 - Nifty bargain sampler (now even cheaper), introducing Alto Stratus, Endgame & solo projects by Alan, Steve & Jim.

AURICLE CDR 2002 SAMPLER (Auricle AMSCDR 010) CDR £3.00 - Nifty bargain sampler (now even cheaper): Jim Tetlow, Endgame (4 tracks), Hemamorphite, Eruption, Polymorph. Plus CD-ROM.

COLOGNE CURIOSITIES · THE UNKNOWN KRAUTROCK UNDERGROUND, 1972-1976 (Mental Experience MENT005CD) CD £11.00 - Compilation of the unreleased elsewhere tracks from the Virgin "Unknown Deutschland" CD series: The Astral Army, Spirulina, Chronos, Neil Andersen, Baal, Ten To Zen & Fuerrote. With booklet notes by Alan Freeman.

#  JAZZ LIISA LIVE IN STUDIO 01 / 02 (Svart SRE021) CD £13.00 - Two 1970s jazz fusion groups. Unisono Quartet (Unisono without Pekka Pohjola) are a bit Koivistonen/Garbarek like, Taivaantemppeli are more Jukka Tolonen or Jukka Hauru like.

#  JAZZ LIISA LIVE IN STUDIO 03 / 04 (Svart SRE024) CD £13.00 - Two jazzy fusion radio concerts from Finland in the mid 1970s. Big sessions works by former Tasavallan Presidentti guitarist Tolonen & an all-star band, plus the very unusual KOM Quartet featuring another talented guitarist: Jukka Hauru. © 2016.

LIVE EQ & SOL 2008 (Auricle AMCDR 191) CDR £5.00 - Split release of live recordings: Alto Stratus at the EQ Festival (22/3/2008), Triax at the Solstice Festival (21/6/2008).

LUCID DREAMING (NAMA 2001) CD £11.00 - "New Age Music Association" sampler, with much unique music: Symbiosis, Lawrence Ball, Annie Locke, Woo, Mark Jenkins, etc.

PONDER THIS... (Submergence SUB 5007) CD £9.00, ex/ex+ £5.00 - A collection of avant-noise-atmos-experimental musics by Conrad Schnitzler, Mystery Hearsay, Rapoon, Colin Potter, Asmus Tietchens, Merzbow, David Myers & Thomas DiMuzio, F/i, Endgame.

#  POP LIISA LIVE IN STUDIO 01 / 02 (Svart SRE003) CD £13.00 - Two prog-fusion radio concerts from Finland in 1973: the legendary Tasavallan Presidentti on top form, & the never documented before Jukka Hauru & Superkings = high flying guitar-fronted instrumental fusion. © 2016.

#  POP LIISA LIVE IN STUDIO 03 / 04 (Svart SRE006) CD £13.00 - Two 1973 radio concerts from Finnish radio: Wigwam during their most progressive phase, & the previously undocumented Taivaanvuohi = excellent fusion band with all sorts of influences including a great Zappa cover

#  POP LIISA LIVE IN STUDIO 05 / 06 (Svart SRE009) CD £13.00 - Four radio concert support slots from Finnish radio in 1976/77. Especially worth hearing for the fiery Jukka Hauru set, rare Finnforest, & the only known document of Elonkorjuu live. © 2016.

PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND 16 (Garden of Delights CD 160) CD £5.00 - Garden of Delights series of numbered limited edition samplers. Tetragon, Xhol, Yggdrasil, Zoppo Trump, Radio Noisz Ensemble, Guru Guru, Embryo, Sündenfall II, Surgery. Refound copy.

PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND 17 (Garden of Delights CD 170) CD £5.00 - Sunbirds, Missus Beastly, Embryo, Guildenstern, Tetragon, Langsyne, Pancake, Cosmic Circus Music, Virus.

PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND 18 (Garden of Delights CD 180) CD £4.00 - Promo label sampler (3000 copy numbered edition). Virus, Panko, Embryo, Sunbirds, Gaa, Missus Beastly, Exponent, Reaktor 4, Gila. © 2017.

PUISSANCE 13+2 (Musea FGBG 4087.AR) CD £11.00 - All original recordings, classic French early-1970's progressives & obscure bands, etc. Ergo Sum, Magma, Spectre, MOR, Solitude, Voyage, Design, Contrepoint, Catherine Ribeiro+Alpes, Claude Engel, Catharsis, Alain Markusfeld, etc.

RECOMMENDED RECORDS SAMPLER (ReR 25 A/B) 2CD £13.00 - "25th anniversary edition". 2CD reissue of the album that introduced a lot of unique & innovative music to the wider world, bands like: Aksak Maboul, The Art Bears, Art Zoyd, Henry Cow, This Heat, Univers Zero, etc. Quite a bit of it is still unique and/or different takes or versions to those on albums. If you don't know the "Rock In Opposition" genre - start here!

UT GOLDEN HOUR (Auricle AMSCDR 003) CDR £3.00 - Sampler from CD releases: Alto Stratus, Biomechanoid, ZBB, Shapeshifter, Endgame, The Newt Hounds, Out Of Focus.

VARIATIONS: A LONDON COMPILATION (Paradigm Discs PD 01) CD £8.00 - Experimental, avant-garde, industrial, etc. All new music by: John Wall, Andrew Jacques, Crow, Alquimia, John Grieve, Kymatik, Adam Bohman.

VARIATIONS 2 (Paradigm Discs PD 05) CD £8.00 - Avant-garde/electronic/bizarre sounds from: Akemi Ishijima, Michael Ormiston, Tom Wallace, Hugh Davies, Bob Cobbing & Lawrence Upton, John Grieve, Clive Graham, Rolf Gehlhaar.

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