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Catalogue # 164
(May-June 2017), online version

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New bi-monthly listing now online. Click on the right arrow above to browse by page, or use the page links below. How to order here.


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Welcome to the new bi-monthly Ultima Thule list. Been very busy with negotiating releases, mastering and issuing new titles on Auricle. Some are featured on the front cover. The full list of recent and upcoming titles are on the right.

†† As to new stocks, Krautrock fusion fans don't miss the unlikely Greek band Zenerik, and vinyl fans note the recent Wah Wah stocks, and especially the GŁnter Schickert GAM 1976 LP. Lots of classics from former East Europe of the 70s/80s too, bargain restocks of some Throbbing Gristle CDs, and lots more!

†† As usual, this list is a snapshot of what we're promoting for these 2 months that will fit into these pages (2 pages bigger this time). We have more stock here, and even more stock comes and goes that doesn't make it to these pages, usually snapped up by those who visit us, or those that keep an eye on the UT news page and Discogs listings.

Cheers - Alan.

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