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Catalogue # 168
(January-February 2018), online version

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New bi-monthly listing now online. Click on the right arrow above to browse by page, or use the page links below. How to order here.


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Welcome to the new bi-monthly Ultima Thule list. Can't believe how fast we ran through 2017, and thus it's time to wish a happy new year to you all!

   As usual, lots of new one-offs, obscure deletions/rarities and special imports on this list, including some rarities we haven't had for years and yet more that we've never had before! Also here - the welcome return of the January sale. No new Auricle releases this time, as I almost caught up on everything last year. I have one new item for March release, and am open to ideas and contacts from musicians who'd like to see their old tapes or LPs as special digital editions.

   As usual, this list is a snapshot of what we're promoting for these 2 months that will fit into these pages. We have more stock here, and even more stock comes and goes that doesn't make it to these pages. Keep a look-out on Discogs or our website news page. Buying direct by phone/email most items are 99p less when avoiding Discogs/PayPal fees.

Cheers - Alan.


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