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Catalogue # 168
(January-February 2018), online version

Ultima Thule releases...


12 exclusive Ultima Thule CD releases...

Cosmic Egg 2014-2016 limited editions...

awaiting repressawaiting repress.

Auricle recent special limited editions...

cover by Alan, 1st 20 come with unique insert by Dave
Triax - Integrated Circuits, cover by Alan Freeman

Ultima Thule releases: AMC AMCDR AMACDR AMDVD DSC UTCD UTCE UTSS index page news

Click on images to direct link to info/order/listen page! Stock subject to availability. Grey crossed images are currently out of print.


Audion publications...


   Latest issue  


A digital download site offering the highest quality music rips around! CD quality flacs, or almost any other format you require.
Full listen before you buy player. All albums are offered with full artwork! Some with bonus extras!


Original series of uploads: October 2010 to February 2012...


1. Triax - ARCHIVE 1 (AMDL 001) download only album info
2. Endgame - KONTAKTE
(AMDL 002) download only album info
3. Endgame - SPACED (AMDL 003)
4. Endgame - MEMENTO (AMDL 004)
6. Triax - DESOLATE (AMDL 006)
7. Alto Stratus - ACOUSTIC SURGERY
(AMDL 007) info
8. Con-Hertz - FACE ON RADIO (AMDL 008)
9. Con-Hertz - CONTRASTS CD1 (AMDL 009)
10. Con-Hertz - CONTRASTS CD2 (AMDL 010)
11. Alto Stratus - ALCHEMY (AMDL 011)
12. Alto Stratus - DEVASTATION (AMDL 012)
13. Alto Stratus - REWIRED (AMDL 013)
14. Zircon and The Burning Brains - COLD SMOKE (AMDL 014)
15. Zircon and The Burning Brains - EMBERS (AMDL 015)
16. Alto Stratus - ASYLUM (AMDL 016) download only album info
17. The Zircon Game - FIRE LANE (AMDL 017)

18. Zircon and The Burning Brains - DISSECTING HUMAN LIFE (AMDL 018) info


August 2014+ uploads have physical release catalogue numbers suffixed: DL, except the following...


19. Endgame - DARK MATTER (AMDL 019) info

20. Endgame - HORSELENGTH (AMDL 020) info

21. Alto Stratus - VISIONS (AMDL 021) info


Alto Stratus - all releases, plus exclusives and download bargain samplers, are here

Endgame - all releases, plus exclusives (excepting the Live & Plasm series) are here
Improquadelectronic - live electronic events in Leicester 2004+ here
Quadelectronic Documents -
a catalogue of all recorded events with name your price download here


Bandcamp UT: Alto Stratus  Con-Hertz  Endgame  Alan Freeman  Steve Freeman  The Newt Hounds  Quadelectronic  Triax  ZBB
Bandcamp (other): Endgame  Extremities  Jim Tetlow  2/3 



Another digital download site like Bandcamp, although simpler, with the bonus that they distribute to places like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.,
so eventually these will be available almost anywhere in the world via popular sources, and at bargain prices too! But only mp3.


Batch 1: September 2012...

1. Alto Stratus - EYE OPENER (AMCDR 168 RN) info images Amazon B009Y0IN92

2. Victoria Bourne and Endgame - ENCOUNTERS (AMCDR 183 RN) info images Amazon B00A26HGXQ

3. Alan Freeman - ELEMENTAL MEDITATION (AMCDR 143 RN) + Epilog (download only bonus) 9:48 info images Amazon B009Y0J7V0

4. Sine Wave - SINE WAVE (AMCDR 138 RN) info images Amazon B00B07BXKI

5. Triax - NECRONOMICON (AMCDR 171 RN) info images Amazon B009Y0K5IO

6. Zircon and The Burning Brains - SCHREEK (ZC 60.001 RN) rare historic cassette - download only reissue info images Amazon B00A26GRHC

7. various artists - BIJOUTERIE (AMCDR 024 RN) info images Amazon B009Y0JJTK

8. various artists - DRONSZ (AMCDR 038 RN) info images Amazon B00A35R8UW


Batch 2: December 2012...

9.  Alan Freeman - MEZZOSPHERE (AMCDR 001 RN) info images Amazon B00B0DBDH0

10. Triax - CYCLE (AMCDR 118 RN) + Tail Snake (Ouroboros Remix) 10:00 info images Amazon B00B0DEVD8

11. Alto Stratus - THE RITUAL (AMCDR 031 RN) info images Amazon B00B07GNLC

12. Endgame - STRETCHED ACROSS THE SEA (AMC 046 RN) + Nightshade (Cytoplasm edit) 3:26 info images Amazon B00A26GJAM

13. Endgame - EARLY STASIS (AMC 047 RN) + Pulsatons (Cytoplasm edit) 3:58 info images Amazon

14. Endgame - COBWEBS (AMCDR 125 RN) info images Amazon B00B07FII6

15. Extremities - CAULDRON (AMCDR 184 RN) info images Amazon B00B07KFES

16. Extremities - FRACTURE (AMCDR 112 RN) info images Amazon B00B0DCY3W

17. Endgame - CAGE (AMCDR 063 RN) info images Amazon B00AYVEA7Y

18. Endgame - HORIZONS (AMCDR 084 RN) info images Amazon B00AYSR1KA


Batch 3: October 2014...

19. Alto Stratus - Vrije - AZAZEL EBLIS (ZC 60.003 RN) rare historic cassette - download only reissue info images Amazon B00O940A5S

20. Escape Route - COLUMNS OF HERAKLES (AMCDR 146 RN) info images Amazon B00O94FGKM

21. New 7th Music - NEW 7TH MUSIC THE EXPLODING HEADBAND (AMCDR 132 RN) info images Amazon B00O95CPK0


Batch 4: 30/31 January 2016...

22. Alto Stratus - ALCHEMY (AMCDR 002 RN) info images Amazon B01CG576SA

23. Alto Stratus - SVET OZVENY (AMCDR 007 RN) info images Amazon B01CG56WU8

24. Alto Stratus - ASYLUM (AMDL 016 RN) info images Amazon B01CG56YYM

25. Alan Freeman - CAPTURED FLUX (AMCDR 011 RN) info images Amazon B01CG583RI

26. Alan Freeman - MELTING PHASE (AMCDR 006 RN) info images Amazon B01CG57NUQ

27. Alto Stratus - TIME DILATION / METAMORPHOSIS (AMCDR 098 RN) info images Amazon B01CG58BWU

28. Dave Powell - INDUSTRIAL FOLK MUSIC (AMCDR 051 RN) info images Amazon B01CG588NC

29. Ruin - TENTACLES OF THE TRIPOD MASK (AMCDR 195 RN) info images Amazon B01CG57AAY

30. Steve Freeman - CONUNDRUM (AMCDR 010 RN) info images Amazon B01CG56JA6

31. Zircon and The Burning Brains - ZIRCOGNITION (AMCDR 057 RN) info images Amazon B01CG56GCM

32. Triax - COLLISIONS (AMCDR 211 RN) info images Amazon B01CG57DA6

33. Various Artists - A BREEZE OF TIME (AMACDR 015 RN) info images Amazon B01CG55WSQ

34. Various Artists - A CAGE WENT IN SEARCH OF A BIRD (AMSCDR 006 RN) info images Amazon B01CG55KCY

35. Alto Stratus - REGION 5 (AMACDR 008 RN) info images Amazon B01CG553SU

36. Alto Stratus - ADHARA (AMACDR 010 RN) info images Amazon B01CGMU7I4

37. Alto Stratus - ELECTRIC JUNK (AMACDR 009 RN) info images Amazon B01CGMZ9ZU


Batch 5: April/May 2017...

38. Rancid Poultry - LOOK OUT! Cassettes Selection 1986-1992 (AMDLS RP1) info images Amazon

39. Ruin - SPONTANEOUS VOL.1  Album selections 2011-2012 (AMDLS RS1) info images Amazon

40. Ruin - SPONTANEOUS VOL.2 Album selections 2013-2016 (AMDLS RS2) info images Amazon

41. Ruin - PSYCHO GROOVE remixes by Alan Freeman (AMCDR 210 SDL) info images Amazon


Batch 6: ? 201?...

38. Dave Powell - FRIED ROSIN (AMCDR 042 RN) info images Amazon

39. Endgame - TREPPENHAUS (AMC 048 RN) info images Amazon

40. Any requests?


All these are top quality 320 kbps. A good few exclusives here, an extra track on "Elemental Meditation", various other little extras, a very early piece of history in the form of ZBB's 1981 "SCHREEK" and no doubt many other such things to come! The more people buy - the more I will upload!

RouteNote Direct: http://routenote.com/r/ultimathulerecords RouteNote site only hosts the front cover. Use the images links here to get full cover art!


300+ UT items & 1,400+ other items! New stocks put up weekly!

This useful site is not only an excellent discography research tool, managed by volunteer music fans around the world, it makes its money by running the Discogs Marketplace, which sells globally with only minimal sellers fees and has flexible / integrated PayPal billing.

The nature of this site means you can check-out the details, cover graphics, and often get easy access to YouTube preview videos.


In general, Steve's been uploading the info, track details etc., and I've been responsible for the graphics and video samples, links, etc.


So far, we've put up all of our available releases...

Auricle cassettes and CDR's: https://www.discogs.com/label/36198-Auricle

Ultimate Transmissions: https://www.discogs.com/label/45193-Ultimate-Transmissions

Cosmic Egg: https://www.discogs.com/label/130065-Cosmic-Egg

Virtually all of these include full cover art displays, and there are preview audio-videos galore!


Nearly all Ultima Thule stocks are now for sale via Discogs, some not on the UT catalogue!

We are attracting a good few new customers, and it's still early days as yet! Some mega-rare stuff is listed there, as well as many other oddities


You need to register with Discogs to access the Ultima Thule seller hub: http://www.discogs.com/seller/ultimathulerecords

Registering with Discogs is free and with no obligation. It also makes Discogs run faster with no adverts!


Ultima Thule tend to use Amazon as a hub for selling other "not your normal UT stock" stuff, like books, DVD's (mostly sci-fi and horror at bargain prices), jazz, classical, pop CD's, etc. Also listed are a few UT releases and stock items. A good way to cash in Amazon gift vouchers? Note that with Amazon Marketplace, Amazon control all payment facilities and fix p&p rates. A totally safe and quick ordering system! We always try to despatch on the day of ordering too. Check-out the Ultima Thule Amazon "shopfront" page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/shops/ultimathulerecords


I have Ultima Thule registered as a private seller on Ebay under my own name: Alan Freeman. I largely use Ebay for selling obscurities, rarities and collectables, old magzines, tour guides, press packs, etc., sometimes things that Ultima Thule wouldn't stock, or just other stuff I'm trying to get rid of!
I generally make use of their special free-listings days, and thus I've only occasionally got stuff listed on Ebay. Check-out the UT Ebay profile page:
http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/ultimathulerecords to see what I have on auction (Ebay auctions are typically 10 days).




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Another useful upload site. Really fast upload means big files can be hosted there, so I uploaded some rare and unreleased material...










YouTube videos

Special audio/video previews of all UT releases & many other items via the Discogs player and Ultima Thule YouTube index

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