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Catalogue # 168
(January-February 2018), online version

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AERA - HUMANUM EST (Long Hair LHC43: RM) LP 18.00 - Obscure instrumental progressive Kraut fusion ( 1975) with hints of Embryo & Kraan. Great guitars, sax & flute.

AERA - HAND UND FUSS (Long Hair LHC44: RM) LP 18.00 - Their 2nd LP ( 1976) was a touch more varied, due to the addition of violin & with ex-Wind drummer Lucky Schmidt dealing more forceful rhythms in a jazzier concoction. With fold-out insert!

ILDEFONSO AGUILAR - EROSION (Mental Experience MENT010) 2LP 20.00 - Superb atmospheric/ethereal synth music from the Canary Islands, in cosmic Conrad Schnitzler, early Neuronium, Edgar Frose vein, all analogue synths from 1978. Expanded version remastered by Ildefonso Aguilar, seems to be slightly shorter than the 1994 No-CD extended version.

ALTER NATIVES - GROUP THERAPY (SST 185) LP ex/ex+-co 8.00 - Eccentric USA fusion outfit, reminds of Elliot Sharp, Lounge Lizards, John Zorn, or RIO/ left-field vein - with some Volcano The Bear & Material edges. 1988.

AMON DUUL - PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND (Klimt MJJ386: GF) LP 17.00 - The original Amon Duul, far more aggressive, wild & demented than "Phallus Dei". 1969.

JORGE ANTUNES - MUSICA ELETRONICA (Mental Experience MENT007) LP 15.00 - Brazilian electroacoustic music composer. Reissue of his 1975 LP release of 1962-70 recordings.

ARISTIDE PADYGROS - ARISTIDE PADYGROS (Cezame CEZ 1025: GF) LP g-vg+/ex 11.00 - 2nd LP, aka "La Mouchoir". Nice mix of Breton & Celtic folk styles, hints of Gwendal, Malicorne, Alan Stivell, etc. 1976.

ARSENAL - 6 (Melodia C60 31575 005) LP m/ex+ 9.00 - Top Russian jazz-rock group, & one of their best: hints of Passport, "Guitar" Zappa, Nucleus, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc.

AVALANCHE - PERSEVERANCE KILLS OUR GAME (Guerssen GUESS144: RM) LP 15.00 - Classic Dutch folk onto trippy psychedelic & shimmery space trips. 1979.

BABA YAGA - BABA YAGA (Wah Wah Records LPS171) LP 18.00 - Debut band project by Ingo Werner (ex-My Solid Ground keyboard player) & friends.

BABLICON - THE ORANGE TAPERED MOON (Pickled Egg EGG 20: GF) LP new/vg+ 12.00 - Recorded in a Chicago underground bunker, it often sounds like early Soft Machine meeting Henry Cow, with a bit of that radical Volcano The Bear type of thing.

BETWEEN - STILLE UBER DER ZEIT/SILENCE BEYOND TIME (Wergo Spectrum SM 1023) LP ex+/vg+ 14.00 - German international band. Their last LP was an atmospheric blend of ethnic & jazz musics. 1980.

BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC - BEAT OF THE MESOZOIC (Ace of Hearts AHS 1018: PS) 12"EP m/vg+ 9.00 - 3rd release, an upbeat blend of Stravinsky, RIO, Fred Frith, Art Zoyd, Henry Cow, etc. Quite manic & extremely inventive. Roger Miller & co. 1985.

IAN BODDY - PHOENIX (Something Else SER 001) LP new/vg+ 12.00 - One of the UK's top synthesists. On this much more energetic synth LP Ian ventured towards Mark Shreeve realms. 1986.

PETER BRYNGELSSON - VIA (Slask SLALP 001: IN) LP ex+/ex 14.00 - Instrumental, typically Scandinavian blend of rock, folk, jazz, psych, etc. 1990 debut solo from former Ragnarok & Triangulus member.

BUDKA SUFLERA - CZAS CZEKANIA, CZAS OLSNIENIA (Polton LPP-011: IN) LP vg+/vg 5.00 - Polish blues-rockers. 1984.

PHILIPPE CAILLAT GROUP - FRENCH CONNECTION, DIRTY RATS (JA&RO 003) LP ex+/vg+ 11.00 - Typical French jazz-fusion with an eccentric edge. 1981. Guitarist Philippe Caillat was previously in the German prog-fusion band Frob.

# CAN - TAGO MAGO (Spoon XSPOON6/7: RM) 2LP 18.00 - Can's ultimate classic! Starting intensively mantric, this gets weirder & weirder, radical to the extreme. Includes download code. 1971.

CHECKPOINT CHARLIE - GRUSS GOTT MIT HELLEM KLANG (Indigo EFA 01006) LP m/ex 28.00 - Underground polit/theatre, kinda Floh De Cologne/Frank Zappa/Fugs/cabaret & comedy. Their uncompromising 1970 debut. 300 copy official reissue!

CHECKPOINT CHARLIE - CHECKPOINT CHARLIE (Schneeball 2019: IN,RE) LP 13.00 - Aka "Die Durchsichtige" or "The Clear LP". Their 3rd album ( 1980) of political rock in German, betwixt Floh De Cologne & Ton Steine Scherben. The 1999 reissue on milky/clear heavy duty vinyl.

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - BETWEEN SPRING & AUTUMN BY STEALTH (Melodia C90 31675 006) LP m/vg 11.00 - This curiously titled 1986 album often reminds me of the explorative work of Ralph Lundsten. Released in 1991.

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - THE GREEN SYMPHONY (Melodia C90 31375 000) LP m/ex 16.00, m/vg 11.00 - Sitting somewhere between classical avant-garde & synth, hinting at Klaus Schulze (only this was earlier). 1991.

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - BOARDER STATE (Melodia C90 31377 004) LP m/m 15.00 - With elements of Peter Frohmader/Asmus Tietchens' electro-experimental rock. 1991.

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - INTRODUCTION INTO INTUITION (Melodia C90 31681 003) LP m/m 15.00, m/vg+ 9.00, ex+/ex+ 8.00 - Intuitive improvisations with electronic keyboards, rhythm computers, etc. Not at all what you'd expect!

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - CONCERTO GROSSO - II (Melodia C90 30669 004) LP ex+/ex 15.00, ex+/vg+ 9.00 - A step on from Frohmader's darker synth world towards the spooky regions of Schulze/Grosser's "Babel".

CIRCLES - CIRCLES (Mental Experience MENT001) LP 17.00 - Ambient/experimental "Krautrock" electronics & guitar duo of Dierk Leitert & Mike Bohrmann from the early/mid 1980's. Reissue of their debut, a mix of spacey & motorik Krautrock. 1983.

CIRCLES - MORE CIRCLES (Mental Experience MENT002) LP 17.00 - 2nd LP, in the vein of Cluster, Harmonia, Fripp & Eno, Camera Obscura, etc. Synths, guitars, etc. 1984.

COZMIC CORRIDORS - COZMIC CORRIDORS (Mental Experience MENT011: RM) LP 15.00 - Dark, spooky, gothic cosmic & systemic music, circa 1973-ish, with hints of Terry Riley.

CURRENT 93 - LIVE AT BAR MALDOROR (Mi-Mort MM 1) LP ex+/vg+ 60.00 - Original white label LP with stickered sleeve. Excellent weird stuff with strong Nurse With Wound influence, in a similar vein to the "In Menstrual Night" LP. 1985.

TOM EHRLICH - SUNSTAR (Trikont US-0116) LP 12.00 - An intriguing album of minimalist avant-garde that is reminiscent of Peter Michael Hamel's "Transition", being vaguely systemic & very meditational, with 1 side of very fluid entwining pianos (& very subtle synth work) & the other combining a variety of synths & piano in a more classical cum new-age hybrid mode.

EKSEPTION - 3 (Philips 6413 007: GF) LP ex/vg+ 9.00 - This also includes adaptations of J.S. Bach & L. van Beethoven. With vocalist Steve Allet. 1970.

ELECTRA - 3 (Amiga 8 55 762) LP ex+/ex 17.00 - Varied mix of psych, prog, polit & classical rock styles. DDR band, 1980. On original burgundy Amiga label!

EMBRYO - EMBRYO'S RACHE (Mirumir MIR100707) LP+CD 15.00 - 2nd album (1971), this defined the atypical Embryo sound, a free flowing fusion of rock, jazz & world musics, & much more. Plus 6'40" bonus track "Back To Africa" (taken from "Anthology/Every Day Is Okay").

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER (Island ILPS 9132: picture label) LP vg-ex/vg 5.00 - Supergroup of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake & Carl Palmer. 1970.

EPSILON - EPSILON (Bacillus 9862012: GF,1xBT) LP 21.00 - Heavy Krautrockers with a thick wedge of classical music mixed in, their 1971 debut. Also comes with download code.

ETERNAL WIND - TERRA INCOGNITA (Flying Fish FF422) LP new/vg-co 7.00 - US ethnic-jazz-world music fusion, much more radical than Oregon or Cadona. 1987.

ETERNAL WIND - WASULA (Flying Fish FF481) LP new/vg-co 7.00 - 1988.

FAMILY - IT'S ONLY A MOVIE (Raft RA 58501: IN) LP vg-vg+/vg 3.50 - Leicester's most famous 1960's/1970's prog act. 1973.

FAR EAST FAMILY BAND - NIPPONJIN (Phoenix ASHLP3009: #1000,180g vinyl) LP 17.00 - Re-recorded versions of material originally on Far Out "Nihonjin" & FEFB "The Cave Down To Earth" mixed by Klaus Schulze. 1976.

FAUST - THE FAUST TAPES (Virgin VC 501) LP ex+/vg+ 29.00 - Archive material (originally released in 1973 at the price of a single!), rock & avant-garde invention of high Krautrock calibre.

FLOWERS MUST DIE - KOMPOST (Rocket Recordings Launch113) LP 18.00 - A different new direction from Flowers Must Die, has more Hawkwind & folk/ritual edges, female vocals too, slightly towards Goat territory. Yellow vinyl, 2017.

FUSIOON - FUSIOON (Sommor SOMM034: IN) LP 15.00 - Spanish progressive classic. Their 2nd circa 1974, blending complex Egg, Collegium Musicum, Granada, Ibio & uniquely Fusioon styles.

BRIAN GODDING - SLAUGHTER ON SHAFTESBURY AVENUE (Reckless RECK 16) LP m/m 14.00 - Obscure solo of gliss/tonal guitars & spacey rock/jazzy fusion from ex-Blossom Toes/Magma/Mirage/etc. guitarist & band. 1988.

# GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR - LUCIFERIAN TOWERS (Constellation CST126) LP 24.00 - Excellent new album! 180g vinyl gatefold edition, with printed inner sleeve, 24"x24" poster & MP3 download coupon. All this means the P&P = 8 units. 2017.

SVEN GRUNBERG - OM (Melodia C60 27019 002: RE) LP m/ex+ 12.00 - Estonian electronic music pioneer who began his career with E. Artemiev & V. Martinov. 2nd LP of cosmic electronic music.

GURU GURU/ULI TREPTE - HOT ON SPOT/INBETWEEN (Tripkick 001: 180g vinyl) LP new/nc 6.00 - Side 1 = Guru Guru live 1972 (23'48"): a crazed & extended version of the classic "Der LSD-Marsch" full of scattering rhythms, shattered guitars & manic drives, heading of into space. Side 2 = Uli Trepte sessions 1974 (20'14"): Uli's hybrid band in between Guru Guru & Kickbit Information/Spacebox, delightful off-kilter Krautrock that shouldn't be overlooked!

HALLELUJAH - HALLELUJAH BABE (Long Hair LHC148: 1xBT,GF) LP 18.00 - Anglo-German duo of Keith Forsey & Paul Vincent. Though based in Munich their LP was recorded in London with 2 top session musicians: Rick Kemp & Pete Wood. 1971.

BO HANSSON - MUSIC INSPIRED BY WATERSHIP DOWN (Charisma 9124 015: IN) LP ex+/g+ 5.00 - 4th album, 1977. Again featuring Kenny Hakansson & Thomas Netzler.

HELDON - IV "AGNETA NILSSON" (Urus 000011) LP ex+/ex+ 50.00, ex+/vg+ 45.00 - The transitional Heldon album ( 1976), with a bigger more powerful sound: Mellotron, synths, Frippian guitars galore! 2nd pressing with silver print on the rear cover.

# PIERRE HENRY - MALEFICES (Cacophonic 6CACKLP) LP 16.00 - Side A contains the "Malefices" soundtrack (released as a 7" EP in 1962), side B contains 4 tracks (1 from 1958, the other 3 seem to be previously unreleased 1962 works). 2013 compilation.

MICHEL HUYGEN - BARCELONA 1992 (AMP AMP-L 005) LP ex/ex 7.00 - (Thunderbolt THBL 056) LP new/ex+ 9.00, new/vg+ 8.00 - 1986. TV movie soundtrack from Neuronium leader.

JADE WARRIOR - WAVES (Island L-35,826) LP vg+/nc 3.00 - 1975. More subtle & flowing, this also has a more symphonic feeling.

OLDRICH JANOTA - OLDRICH JANOTA (Panton 81 0961-1311: IN) LP m/ex+ 25.00 - Mysterious Czech music, a blend of ethnic, folk & other musics, featuring Irena Havlova & Vojtech Havel. 1990.

JEAN MICHEL JARRE - EQUINOXE (Polydor POLD 5007) LP ex+/ex+ 6.00, ex/vg+ 4.00 - Renowned French synthesist. His 2nd album, 1978.

KARAT - DER BLAUE PLANET (Amiga 8 55 929) LP vg/vg+ 4.50 - DDR progressive with Pink Floyd & Novalis influence. Not one of their best, but not bad. 1982.

# KAYAK - PHANTOM OF THE NIGHT (Vertigo 6413 507: IN) LP ex/ex 6.00 - Dutch lightweight progressive, here with a Genesis edge. 1978.

KEDAMA - LIVE AT SUNRISE STUDIOS (Sommor SOMM038: RM,IN) LP 15.00 - Classic Swiss instrumental prog album, 1976. Numbered edition of 550 copies. Comes with download code for a free bonus album of 1973-77 sessions & rarities.

KITARO - IN PERSON DIGITAL (Kuckuck 054) LP ex-m/ex 6.00 - You'd hardly know this was live, yet the 3 additional musicians are very noticeable, very spacious & almost rock music at times. 1980.

LILY - V.C.U. (WE SEE YOU) (Long Hair LHC116) LP 18.00 - Bacillus rarity, slightly jazzy & totally eccentric, with an air of Zappa, but in that typical heavy German Bacillus rock style, kind of betwixt Nosferatu, Cornucopia & Nektar.

GEORGES LOCATELLI - ECLECTIC GUITAR (Musica MUS.3015) LP m/m 9.00 - Acoustic & electric guitars in varying moods, some of it is very strange indeed! 1980.

MIDNIGHT CIRCUS - MIDNIGHT CIRCUS (Long Hair LHC119: GF) LP 18.00 - Folky duo often comparable to Witthuser+Westrupp, but with English vocals & a less outrageous style, with some bits reminding of the most esoteric Moody Blues! 1972. Plus their not so hot "Coloured Is Gay/Get It" single ( 1971) & previousy unreleased (?) track "Seagull".

PATRICK MORAZ - THE STORY OF I (Charisma CDS 4002: GF,IN) LP vg-ex/ex 3.50 - French Swiss keyboard wizard. This solo is shortly after he left Yes. 1976.

THE MOTHMEN - PAY ATTENTION! (On-U Sounds LP 2) LP ex+/vg+ 75.00 - The Mothmen's debut ( 1981) is a rare UK Krautrocky classic, with Can, Metabolist, & very cleverly twisted funk/dub ala Public Image Ltd. or Suns Of Arqua. 1981.

NICK MOTT - THE VISITORS (alt.vinyl av037) LP 13.00 - Now this is almost exactly the album I would have expected from an El Monte/Lorenzo collaboration, but Nick's gone & done it all on his own. Those bizarre Volcano The Bear looping elements mixed together with freeform guitars & other instruments. The feel is like an extremely weird Dada-esque Brian Eno, or a side-step from similar Nurse With Wound. 2012.

# FRITZ MULLER ROCK - KOMMT (Roth-Handle 6.23159) LP ex/ex 25.00 - Aka Eberhard Kranemann (early Kraftwerk member). Very much a mixed bag, with heavy psychedelic sounds, hints of new-wave, rock satire & Zappa-like madness. 1977.

# MUSHROOM - MUSHROOM (Belmondo Discs BEL 004: IN) LP m/m 45.00 - USA 1997 instrumental acid-jam album. A) Can you imagine Faust with David Cross & Robert Fripp? B) Cul De Sac/Chillum/Can riffing. Limited edition of 125 copies on transparent green vinyl!

NEU! - NEU! (Gronland LPGRONI: GF,white vinyl) LP 15.00 - Inventive industrial Krautrock from 2 ex-Kraftwerk members. Highly influential & an all-time classic! 1972.

NEU! - NEU! 2 (Gronland LPGRONII: GF,RE) LP 15.00 - Featuring more atypical Kraftwerk drum riffing, walls of guitar & much weirdness. 1973. All of these are sealed copies, they should all be on white vinyl (based on previous copies we've opened).

NEU! - NEU! 75 (Gronland LPGRONIII: GF,RE) LP 15.00 - The embryo of La Dusseldorf: Dinger, Rother, Dinger & Lampe. Varied album with atypical Neu! & Rother solo styles. 1975.

NO ZEN ORCHESTRA - INVISIBLE COLLEGE (Interfisch 01704) LP f/nc 55.00 - 1987 test pressing featuring 3 tracks that appeared on the 1988 CD release, plus a 2'11" non-CD track called "The Atonal Trailer". Comes in a plain card sleeve with artist/title written in marker.

NURSE WITH WOUND - DRUNK WITH THE OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAINS (United Dairies UD 025) LP ex+/ex+ 210.00 - The 100 copy edition that was "never to be reissued!" (but was). With original artworks & insert. Bar Maldoror recordings (1983-1987). 1987.

MIKE OLDFIELD - TUBULAR BELLS (Virgin V2001: 2nd pressing) LP ex/ex+ 6.00 - (Virgin V2001: 3rd pressing) LP vg-ex/ex 4.50 - The Mike Oldfield classic! With guests: Viv Stanshall, Jon Field, Lindsay Cooper, etc. 1973.

MIKE OLDFIELD - HERGEST RIDGE (Virgin V2013) LP vg-ex/ex+ 5.00 - This seems to be a 2nd undocumented version, with A-3U & B-3U matrixes on the run-off! 1974.

MIKE OLDFIELD - OMMADAWN (Virgin V2043: IN) LP ex/ex 5.00 - 1975.

THE ORDINAIRES - THE ORDINAIRES (Dossier ST7509) LP ex/ex 9.00 - New Yorkers in Fred Frith meets chamber RIO mix, like a rocky Michael Nyman? Very lively! 1985.

OUT OF FOCUS - NOT TOO LATE (Tripkick 004: 180g vinyl) LP 15.00 - Lost for 25 years, this is very much in the spirit of LP1 from "Four Letter Monday Afternoon" with great Out Of Focus songs, & brilliant Softs "Third" era cum Embryo instrumentals! Kuckuck withdrew interest in Krautrock in the mid-1970's, leaving Out Of Focus without the chance of a contract elsewhere. There were plans for a release with the April/Schneeball collective in 1975, in fact an album was recorded, & then lost as band leader Remi eventually gave-up trying to keep the band afloat. This is that lost 4th Out of Focus album, restored from those old lost tapes. 1999. Getting rare.

PELL MELL - FROM THE NEW WORLD (Long Hair LHC121) LP 17.00 - 2nd album, much more symphonic prog styled, with strong arrangements & classic adaptations. 1973.

ANTHONY PHILLIPS - SIDES (Passport PB 9834: IN) LP ex/ex-co 6.00 - 1978 varied prog/songs based album in the Genesis vein, & it's quite nice too!

THE PINK MICE - IN SYNTHESIZER SOUND (Europa E 1011) LP ex/g+ 7.00 - Classical rock adaptations of Bach, Tschaikowsky, Schumann, Mozart, Suppe & Beethoven, with kitshy synth lead. A session band featuring Lucifer's Friend musicians.

VALENTINA PONOMAREVA - ISHUKENIE "TEMPTATION" (Melodia C60 28293 005) LP m/vg+ 15.00 - Amazing Russian vocalist, weird & totally innovative avant-garde. 1989.

PULSAR - BIENVENUE AU CONSEIL D'ADMINISTRATION (Musea FGBG 2020: IN) LP 12.00, new/vg+ 9.00 - A very different ballet performance soundtrack, with different Pink Floyd angles (a bit of "Animals" era sound), punky Arachnoid edges. Excellent & full of surprises. 1981.

RITMIA - FORSE IL MARE (Robi Droli RD 003) LP ex/ex 28.00 - 1986 Italian cross-culture folk/ethnic mix, 4 long tracks towards Canzionere Del Lazio.

# HANS-JOACHIM ROEDELIUS - DURCH DIE WUSTE (Sky 014) LP m/vg+ 25.00 - Roedelius' 1978 classic, with Conny Plank, Joso Christo & Dieter Moebius. Elements of Neu!, early Kraftwerk, Harmonia & Cluster's "Grosses Wasser".

ROUSSEAU - SQUARE THE CIRCLE (Musea FGBG 2017) LP m/ex 6.50 - Camel inspired German progressive. Their 3rd LP, 1988.

SANTANA - CARAVANSERAI (CBS S 65299: GF) LP ex/vg+ 5.00 - Santana's most esoteric but powerful album, with dual guitars overdose!

SBB - NOWY HORYZONT (Muza SX/SXL 1206) LP vg-ex/ex 25.00 - 2nd LP, recorded in 1975. Dazzling guitar mixes with space-rock & Mahavishnu Orchestra fusion.

SBB - SBB (Supraphon 1 13 2218 H: IN) LP ex+/vg+ 23.00 - 5th album (aka "Slovenian Girls"), uniquely esoteric but powerful 1 track a side LP, originally only released in Czechoslovakia.

SBB - WELCOME (Wifon LP 004) LP ex/vg+ 9.00 - More commercial 1979 outing.

KLAUS SCHULZE - DUNE (Brain 0060.225: IN,RE) LP m-vg+/ex 9.00 - Album 11 ( 1979), with a stronger classical edge due to Wolfgang Tiepold's cello. With Arthur Brown (a dab hand at lyric improvisation) on side 2. 2nd 1979 pressing, with orange picture Brain labels, metallic sleeve & inner bag with lyrics.

SECRET OYSTER - STRAIGHT TO THE KRANKENHAUS (CBS 81434) LP vg-ex/vg 14.00 - LP #4 ( 1976), in a similar vein to LP #3, but with even more diverse elements at work, definitely the most Scandinavian/Nordic sounding of their albums.

SEVENTH WAVE - THINGS TO COME (Janus JXS7008) LP vg?/g+-co 3.00 - Highly synthesized progressive, ex-Second Hand keyboardist & drummer. 1974.

MARK SHREEVE - CRASH HEAD (Jive Electro HIP 42) LP 8.00, new/nc 3.00 - Nothing like his earlier cosmic synth albums, here he was the top UK power-synthesist. 1988.

SKELETON BIRDS & THE NUMBER OF GOD - THESE DARK ROOTS OF HEAVEN (alt.vinyl av.024: 220g vinyl) LP 11.00 - New project from Nick Mott (ex-Volcano The Bear) with Tiffany Bryant & Andrew Jarvis. 2010.

SONDE - EN CONCERT (Music Gallery Editions MGE 14: IN) LP ex/ex 55.00 - Canadian electroacoustic ensemble, largely using their own instruments & sound sculptures. A collection of live recordings: Montreal (13/7/1977) & Toronto (14+17/1/1978).

SONGS OF NORWAY - DESPITE THE CLOAK (Beta-lactum ring mt058) LP 20.00 - Volcano the Bear alter-ego project of Aaron Moore & Nick Mott = freeform abstractions, duets & trios, scuttle & writhe. This is one of a limited number that come with a bonus 7" EP, P&P = 7 units!

STERN-COMBO MEISSEN - WEISSES GOLD (Amiga 8 55 636: blue labels) LP ex+/vg 13.00 - Classic DDR symphonic spacey progressive. 2nd album, 1979.

TAMMLES - TAMMLES (Escalibur BUR 810) LP ex/ex+ 23.00 - Obscure 1980's Breton folk band, very varied & highly creative mix of trad & originals, bit Malicorne-like.

TANGERINE DREAM - OPTICAL RACE (Private Music 209 557: die-cut cover,IN) LP vg-ex+/ex 4.50 - Down to a duo (Edgar Froese & Paul Haslinger) on this 1988 album.

ASMUS TIETCHENS - LEUCHTIDIOTEN (Die Stadt DS 44) 10" 10.00 - 2 rhythmic tracks (14 minutes duration) recorded during the "Teilmengen" sessions, but deemed too different for those releases. Apparently only 500 copies were pressed - we have the black vinyl version! 2002.

# ASMUS TIETCHENS & TERRY BURROWS - WATCHING THE BURNING BRIDE (Hamster HAM 16) LP m/vg+ 18.00 - Some of Asmus' finest, with Terry "Push-Button Pleasure" Burrows. 1986.

TRIANGLE - TRIANGLE (Mantra 016: IN) LP 18.00 - Paris early-1970's psych-prog legend. Complex blend of styles, English & French vocals. 1989 limited edition reissue!

TRIUMVIRAT - SPARTACUS (Harvest 1C 062-29 567: IN) LP vg-ex+/ex 7.00 - Often quoted as the German ELP, but more progressive styled. 1975.

TYLL - SEXPHONIE (Mental Experience MENT004: RM) LP 15.00 - Eccentric Krautrock underground with folky & psychedelic touches, sometimes close to Floh De Cologne & Eulenspygel. 1975. Contains liner notes & Teflon Fonfara interview by Alan Freeman.

UNEVEN ELEVEN - LIVE AT CAFE OTO (Sub Rosa SRV391) LP 17.00 - Charles Hayward, Guy Segers & Kawabata Makoto. Kinda hot Krautrock meets RIO, but with no German musicians! 2015.

# UNICAZURN - TRANSPANDOREM (Touch Tone 57) LP 13.00 - Another dose of excellent drone electronics/synth music from David Knight & Stephen Thrower. 2017.

VANGELIS - IGNACIO (Egg 900 531) LP ex/vg+ 7.50 - 1977 reissue of the bizarre & very varied film soundtrack to "Entends-tu Les Chiens Aboyer?" or "Can You Hear The Dogs Barking?" directed by Francois Reichenbach.

VANGELIS - OPERA SAUVAGE (Polydor 2473 105: GF,RE) LP vg-ex/vg+ 8.00 - (Polydor 2490 161) LP ex+/vg+ 4.50 - Music for a TV series by by Frederic Rossif. 1979.

VANGELIS - CHARIOTS OF FIRE (Polydor POLS 1026) LP vg+-ex/vg 3.50, vg-ex/vg 2.00 - 1982 version with "Accademy Award. Best Original Score 1981" on front cover.

VANGELIS - SOIL FESTIVITIES (Polydor POLH 11) LP ex+/ex 6.00 - The sounds of nature carefully crafted & blended into Vangelis' rich sound. 1984.

VANGELIS - MASK (Polydor POLH 19) LP vg/ex 3.00 - Spacious with a deep gothic feel. 1985.

THIJS VAN LEER - INTROSPECTION (CBS S 64589) LP vg+/vg+ 4.00 - 1972 album of flute fronted tracks by Focus leader, includes versions of "Focus I" & "Focus II".

VIDEO-AVENTURES - CAMERA (IN FOCUS)/CAMERA (AL RIPARO) (Spalax SPALAXLP14173) LP 10.00 - Dominique Grimaud & Monica Alba's experimental dadaist/punk/jazz/electronic project, also featuring: Gilbert Artman, Jac Berrocal & other French eccentrics. 2nd album, 1984.

LITO VITALE - EN SOLITARIO (Grabaciones Accidentales 4GA-0408) LP vg-ex/vg+ 7.00 -Argentinian rock synthesist,

LITO VITALE CUARTETO - LITO VITALE CUARTETO (Messidor 15994) LP ex/ex 8.00 - Curious neo-clasical & folk hybrids from MIO leader & band, with hints of Egberto Gismonti, fringe ECM territory, etc. 1988.

# VOLCANO THE BEAR - GOLDEN RHYTHM/INK MUSIC (Rune Grammofon RLP 3127) LP 17.00 - heir last album (includes recordings from 2006 & 2008). 2012. With mp3 download voucher.

RICK WAKEMAN - JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH (A&M AMLH 63621: GF,BK) LP vg-ex/ex 4.00 - Concept work narrated by David Hemmings. 1974.

RICK WAKEMAN - WHITE ROCK (A&M AMLH 64614) LP ex/ex 4.00 - 1976 film soundtrack.

WISHBONE ASH - NEW ENGLAND (MCA MCG 3523: GF) LP vg+/vg+ 4.00 - 1976.

WONDERLAND BAND - N 1 (Polydor 2371 125) LP m/vg 80.00 - Outrageous psych-progressive by Achim Reichel & Frank Dorstal circa 1970. Elements of The Mothers, early Jade Warrior, "Atom Heart Mother" period Pink Floyd & those unique Reichel songs.

# YES - GOING FOR THE ONE (Atlantic K50379: triple-GF,IN) LP vg-ex+/ex 4.50, vg/vg 3.00 - 1977 album, with the return of Rick Wakeman. With very lavish triple fold-out cover.

ZANOV - IN COURSE OF TIME (Ondes J. 7001) LP 14.00 - Legendary cosmic French synth, his 3rd LP from 1982. Rare original French vinyl pressing.

ZENERIK - YENESIS (Positive/Negative 001C) LP 21.00 - Extraordinary experimental fusion from Greece, remarkably with many Krauty elements, hints of Annexus Quam, Exmagma, Kollektiv, plus some nods to Embryo too. 250 numbered edition on 180g white vinyl. 2015.


Various Artists...


COLOGNE CURIOSITIES THE UNKNOWN KRAUTROCK UNDERGROUND, 1972-1976 (Mental Experience MENT005) 2LP 20.00 - Compilation of the unreleased elsewhere tracks from the Virgin "Unknown Deutschland" CD series: The Astral Army, Spirulina, Chronos, Neil Andersen, Baal, Ten To Zen & Fuerrote. With liner notes by Alan Freeman.

GARETH HARDWICK & MACHINEFABRIEK (Low Point LP014) LP ex+/m 10.00 - Pressed on semi-clear vinyl! Side each: Gareth Hard wick (ooze drone stuff towards Troum/very floaty Vidna Obmana), Machinefabriek (slabs of sound in Asmus Tietchens/Maeror Tri vein).

HALLO NR. 9 (Amiga 855 339) LP ex/vg+ 23.00 - Mainly rare live in East Germany (12/1972-9/1973). Skaldowie (as Die Skalden), Blue Effect (issued as bonus on "Modry Efekt & Radim Hladik" CD issue), Omega, Die Puhdys, Breakout, Maryla Rodowicz Group, WIR, Bayon.

PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE (Syn-Phonic SYNPHO 10: GF,IN) 2LP ex+/ex 24.00 - Compilation of US progressive bands, all original or rare material: side each by: Lift, Happy The Man, Yezda Urfa, Netherworld, Djam Karet, Episode, Now, Kalaban. 1990.

# SEMIKOLON (Paradigm Discs PD 29: 1xBT) LP 14.00 - Radiophonic compositions by Lars-Gunnar Bodin & Bengt Emil Johnson. Very strange sound-text/concrete poetry elements, mixed with acoustic montage, electroacoustic, musique-concrete materials, dadaist style theatrics, etc.


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