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Audion #51: 
Black Carrot
Utopic Records
prpGroup Audion #52:
Xhol Caravan
New German Psychedelic
Obscure Krautrock Audion #53:
Tangerine Dream
Femme Musicale
Konrad Plank Audion #54:
Soft Machine
Faust live
Øresund Space Collective
Altres Audion #55:
Tomorrow's Gift & RMO
Escape Route Audion #56:
Egg & Steve Hillage
French obscurities
Jean-Pierre Masseira
Agitation Free

A unique voice, exploring adventurous music that others ignore! Audion Magazine (established in 1986) has a reputation for its different stance on modern music, ever willing to embrace the unusual, and seek-out those that have helped shape the face of new-music, from rock/folk/jazz through to the avant-garde. Audion doesn't adhere to trends or fashion, it exists purely for the love of the music. So, if you're into anything musically progressive or unusual, you are sure to find Audion essential reading! And, of course, if you're into Krautrock, genuine progressive, and the music the mainstream and general alternative press ignore - this is the place!

Full A-Z index of Audion Magazine issues #1-#58


Audion Info / Purchase Pages

Audion #1 (6/1986) reprint Peter Frohmader, Eno Bros, ECM New Series, Guru Mani, etc.

Audion #2 (9/1986) reprint Michael Stearns, Uppsala, New 7th Music, Gavin Bryars, etc.

Audion #3 (1/1987) reprint United Dairies, Michel Huygen, Stephan Micus, Peter Frohmader, etc.

Audion #4 (4/1987) reprint Sub Niggurath, Riccardo Sinigaglia, Muslimgauze, Bill Nelson, etc.

Audion #5 (7/1987) reprint Steve Roach, Synergy, Ken Moore, Hungarian Rock, Nik Tyndall, etc.

Audion #6 (10/1987) reprint Robert Rich, Mnemonists, Haruomi Hosono, Catherine Ribeiro, etc.

Audion #7 (1/1988) reprint Steve Hillman, Ron Berry, Eloy, Yochk'o Seffer, Polish rock, etc.

Audion #8 (5/1988) reprint Popol Vuh, Tim Story, Mexican music, Recommended Records, etc.

Audion #9 (8/1988) reprint Embryo, David Prescott, Baschet Brothers, Recommended, etc.

Audion #10 (11/1988) reprint Ole Højer Hansen, Eberhard Weber, Steve Roach, Djam Karet, etc.

Audion #11 (3/1989) Brain1000 series, East Germany, Clonicos, Eduardo Polonio, David Torn

Audion #12 (6/1989) reprint Kosmische Musik, Günter Schickert, Shylock, Walter Holland

Audion #13 (11/1989) reprint Faust, Jap prog, Tangle Edge, Rascal Reporters, USSR, etc.

Audion #14 (3/1990) Silence Records, French Prog, Finnish Fusion, Jack Tamul, Grrr, Musea

Audion #15 (7/1990) Italian Prog, Peter Schaefer, Musea, Far Out, Artis, Grobschnitt

Audion #16 (10/1990) reprint Ohr, Emma Myldenberger, Look De Bouk, etc.

Audion #17 (1/1991) Thinking Plague, Czech 70's, Isildurs Bane, Necronomicon, Tim Stebbing

Audion #18 (6/1991) Pilz, Cramps Records, Jeff Greinke, IC, East Euro, Sky, Ohrwaschl

Audion #19 (8/1991) reprint Amon Düül, Nurse With Wound, Steve Moore

Audion #20 (11/1991) reprint Ash Ra Tempel, Parmegiani, ECM, Justine, etc.

Audion #21 (5/1992) Klaus Schulze, La Monte Young, Kraftwerk, Ron Geesin, Ozric Tentacles

Audion #22 (7/1992) Sound Sculptures, Alquimia, Ian Boddy, Igra Staklenih Perli

Audion #23 (11/1992) reprint Richard Pinhas, John Cage, Italian Prog, Faust

Audion #24 (3/1993) Lard Free/Urban Sax, Morphogenesis, Dumitrescu, Lightwave, Supersister

Audion #25 (6/1993) Battiato, Carpe Diem, Dome, Goblin, Takemitsu, Xenakis, Änglagård

Audion #26 (11/1993) Arthur Brown, Russolo, Peter Michael Hamel & Between, Anekdoten

Audion #27 (3/1994) Ozric Tentacles, Bacillus, Geinoh Yamashiro Gumi, Happy Family

Audion #28 (6/1994) Nurse With Wound, John Cage, M.Garrison, SFF

Audion #29 (10/1994) Urban Sax, Jac Berrocal, Richard Pinhas, J-F Pauvros, Jacques Remus

Audion #30 (2/1995) RIO: Univers Zero/Present, 5uu's, Rufus Zuphall, Änglagård, Morphogenesis

Audion #31 (4/1995) RIO: Henry Cow/Art Bears, Bi Kyo Ran, Jorge Reyes, Tony Conrad & Faust

Audion #32 (6/1996) reprint  Kraftwerk, Neu!, Cluster, Ame Son, Fille Qui Mouse, Dockstader

Audion #33 (10/1995) Agitation Free, Chris Cutler, Fushitsusha, Hoelderlin, Nuova Consonanza

Audion #34 (2/1996) reprint Ashra/Göttsching, François Bayle, Nik Tyndall, Artgallery, Fathom

Audion #35 (6/1996) reprint Florian Fricke, Michel Redolfi, This Heat

Audion #36 (11/1996) reprint Embryo, Samla Mammas Manna, Pyramid reissues, etc.

Audion #37 (5/1997) Chris Karrer, Brainticket, Moving Gelatine Plates, Faust, Caravan, Cluster

Audion #38 (8/1997) RIO: Etron Fou/ZNR/Marcoeur/Art Zoyd, Deviants, Krautrock, Urban Sax

Audion #39 (2/1998) Space Explosion, Stormy Six, Cosmic Joker: Brian Barritt, Silver Apples

Audion #40 (11/1998) Guru Guru (Neumeier & Trepte interviews), Roedelius, Igor Wakhevitch

Audion #41 (11/1999) Third Ear Band, Zeuhl part 1: Magma, Felix Jay, Faust, Paradigm, Embryo

Audion #42 (7/2000) Zeuhl part 2: Magma family, Snyder & Thompson, Ambiances Magnetiques

Audion #43 (11/2000) Zeuhl part 3: The French scene, Ralph Lundsten, Volcano The Bear

Audion #44 (5/2001) Out Of Focus, Clearlight, Zeuhl part 4: Zeuhl around the world, Boheme

Audion #45 (12/2001) Pierre Henry, Piirpauke, Estonia, Cuneiform, Emprientes Digitales

Audion #46 (7/2002) Futura Records, Kraan, Goblin, Arturo Stalteri, Pip Pyle, Stockhausen, etc.

Audion #47 (12/2002) New Trolls & Osanna, Nurse With Wound, Dweller At The Threshold, etc.

Audion #48 (7/2003) Italian Futurism, Triumvirat, Nurse With Wound, Roberto Cacciapaglia, etc.

Audion #49 (5/2004) Endgame, Godspeed You Black Emperor, RMI, Djam Karet  interview

Audion #50 (7/2005) Bernard Szajner, Garden Of Delights label, Makam & Kolinda, Estonia, etc.

Audion #51 (4/2006) Black Carrot, Can, Utopic Records, Escapade (Interview), prpGroup, etc.

Audion #52 (9/2006)  Xhol Caravan, Eruption, New German Psychedelic, Obscure Krautrock, etc.

Audion #53 (6/2007) Tangerine Dream, Femme Musicale, Polit-Rock, Konrad Plank, etc.

Audion #54 (9/2008) Soft Machine, Trip-Rock, Faust live, Øresund Space Collective, Altres, etc.

Audion #55 (2/2009) Caravan, Kraut-Folk, Tomorrow's Gift & RMO, Escape Route, etc.

Audion #56 (7/2010) Egg & Steve Hillage, NDW, French obscurities, Agitation Free, Frumpy, etc.

Audion #57 (12/2012) Japanese Underground, American: Psychedelic, Trip-Rock, Phil Miller / Pip Pyle, etc.

Audion #58 (11/2013) Throbbing Gristle, Get The Blessing, Beak, Mythos, Mikhail Chekalin, etc.


The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - CD-Rom edition (2007) definitive Krautrock encyclopedia - expanded CD-Rom - last copies!

Audion #0 (1979-81) Early articles from Face Out & Neumusik
East-Euro Discography (12/1994)
prog & experimental music from former Eastern bloc countries
The Audion Index (2/2004)
index to Audion magazines.

Nurse With Wound Guide (12/2005) history, discography, catalogues, "NWW list" guide, etc.
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - book (1996)
The definitive Krautrock encyclopedia!

The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - reprint set (2007) 24 x magazine edition
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - Special abridged 2007/2013 edition (11/2013) 128 page special reprint
Of Cuckoos And Scrambled Eggs (11/2013) condensed reprint

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Audion #0:
Early articles from
Face Out & Neumusik East-Euro Discography:
etc. The Audion Index:
revised index to Audion magazines Nurse With Wound Guide
Revised edition The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
Krautrock Encyclopedia
CD-Rom Of Cuckoos And Scrambled Eggs


Contact: Steve & Alan Freeman, Audion Magazine, 21 Heather Road, Leicester, LE2 6DF, UK

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SUBSCRIPTION RATES SUSPENDED As from January 2014 we no longer have an in-house A3 laser printer, and thus cannot run-off Audions whenever we please any more. Because of this subscription rates are suspended, as the cost of printing future Audions is unknown, and increases in postal costs make it impractical honouring subscriptions that may take years to complete. Audion will hopefully continue in some form. Anyone with outstanding subscriptions can or use credit against other Ultima Thule orders.
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