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ULTIMA THULE / UT Web Encyclopedia

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Welcome to the UT Web Encyclopedia - a beginner's handy reference tool in discovering the unique range of music stocked at Ultima Thule. Designed to be a useful buying aid and a handy reference guide that you'll keep coming back to, you'll find reviews, comparisons, buying tips, recommendations, etc. Those unfamiliar with this musical "scene" will find this a useful starting point, with all the pointers you should need to be able to start exploring. The guide details many of the artists we try to stock at Ultima Thule constantly, or what we can get hold of without much delay, and is only a fraction of what we handle. Not everything listed here is in stock, and some is here purely for information purposes. The current stock lists are updated every two months, and available as a printed list by mail or accessible via this web site.

To get an idea of all the music we know, here's an A-Z list of over 4,700 prog & experimental artists compiled in 2002.

note: this current version of the list is compiled from the 1994 "UT Yearly" and old Ultima Thule catalogues, and is currently undergoing revision.

Alan Freeman [Ultima Thule web page manager]