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The unique portal to a world of esoteric, creative & experimental music, Ultima Thule was founded in 1989 by Alan & Steve Freeman
to fill the gap left by the demise of other specialist music retailers, with an honest out-looking but non compromising catalogue of music
from around the world. Being experimental musicians ourselves, collecting prog & weird music since the mid-1970's, and establishing
Audion magazine in 1986, we've always done it all for the love of the music, although it is handy to be able to make a living off it.
Please support us and order something! Go on, try out something new, challenge yourself, be adventurous!

You can listen to our releases & get downloads at...

Ultima Thule  Alto Stratus  Endgame  Extremities  Triax

Ultima Thule

Alto Stratus  Con-Hertz  Endgame  Quadelectronic  Triax  ZBB

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Ultima Thule  Xylem Experimental

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Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule  Auricle  Cosmic Egg  Ultimate Transmissions

Ultima Thule

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Steve & Alan Freeman, Ultima Thule, 21 Heather Rd., Leicester, LE2 6DF

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