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ULTIMA THULE / NEWS PAGE 21 February 2018

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Ultima Thule Mail-Order List 168 online

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Ultima Thule releases

The printed version of Ultima Mail-Order Catalogue 168 (Jan-Feb 2018)
was mailed-out to subscribers 2 January 2018
The web version was posted online 10:30am on 4 January 2018

the list


new stocks!...


New release

Elephant9 - Greatest Show On Earth (Rune Grammofon RCD2198) CD, £13.00

Elephant9 - Greatest Show On Earth (Rune Grammofon RLP3198) LP+CD, £19.00


New arrivals/restocks from Electric Orange / Studio Fleisch

Electric Orange - WÜRZBURG CAIRO 2015 (Sunhair SH 0022) CD £12.99

Space Invaders - AYAKASHI (Nasoni 179) CD £11.99

Space Invaders - DREADNOUGHT (Nasoni 165.2) CD £11.99

Space Invaders & Nik Turner - PLAYING THE SONIC NOISE OPERA (Nasoni150) 2CD £11.99

Space Invaders - INVASION ON PLANET Z (Nasoni 139-2) CD £11.99

Cosmic Ground - 2 (Studio Fleisch SFCD04) £11.99

Cosmic Ground - III (Studio Fleisch SFCD06) £11.99

Electric Orange - LIVE AT THE PSYCHEDELIC NETWORK FESTIVAL 2007 (Studio Fleisch SFDVD01) DVD £8.99


New arrivals from Ohrwaschl

Dies Irae - FIRST (Ohrwaschl Records OW 026-1 LP) LP, £18.00

Franz K. - SENSEMANN (Ohrwaschl OW LP 033) LP, £16.00

McChurch Soundroom - DELUSION (Ohrwaschl OWLP 014) LP, £18.00

McChurch Soundroom - DELUSION (Ohrwaschl OW 012) CD, £14.00

Subject Esq. / Sahara - LOST TAPES (Ohrwaschl OW50) CD, £9.00 - classic collection of early live tracks, etc.


Great space-rock / neo-Kraut from Sulatron

Electric Moon - INFERNO (Sulatron-records st 1206-2) CD, £13.00

Electric Moon - THEORY OF MIND (Sulatron-records st1506-2) CD, £13.00

Electric Moon - FLAMING LAKE (Sulatron-Records ST 1511) CD, £13.00

Electric Moon - STARDUST RITUALS (Sulatron-records ST1706) LP, £19.00

Electric Moon - STARDUST RITUALS (Sulatron-records ST1703-2) CD, £13.00

Interkosmos - HYPNOTIZER (Sulatron-records st1605) CD, £13.00

Papir Meets Electric Moon - THE PAPERMOON SESSIONS LIVE AT ROADBURN 2014 (Sulatron-records st1501) LP, £19.00

Papir Meets Electric Moon - The PAPERMOON SESSIONS LIVE AT ROADBURN 2014 (Sulatron-records st1501-2) CD, £13.00

Quad - QUAD (Sulatron-records st1704) LP, £15.00 - trippy excursion by Gary Ramon of Sun Dial

Sula Bassana - LIVE AT ROADBURN FESTIVAL 2014 (Sulatron-records ST 1502) LP, £19.00

Sula Bassana - LIVE AT ROADBURN FESTIVAL 2014 (Sulatron-records st1502-2) CD, £13.00

Zone Six - LIVE WIRED 2004 (Nasoni Records NASONI 043) CD, £12.00

Zone Six - LOVE MONSTER (Sulatron-records st1504) CD, £13.00

Zone Six - ZONE SIX (Sulatron-records st1708) LP, £19.00

Zone Six - ZONE SIX (Sulatron-records ST1708-2) CD, £13.00 - new instrumental issue of the Zone Six debut


7 Feb arrivals

Ak Musick - AK MUSICK (Mental Experience MENT008CD) CD £11.00 - curious & very moody/atmospheric German 70s avant-jazz

Luciano Basso - VOCI (AMS LP 04) LP £13.00 - special purchase! - classic, little-known Italian instrumental symphonic prog album from the 70s. And a very nice looking quality reissue!

Fusioon - FUSIOON (Sommor SOMM033) LP £16.00 - classic Spanish 70s prog/psych/fusion. Debut album. Think Egg & Collegium Musicum, but using Spanish folk themes instead of classical.

Golem - ORION AWAKES (Mental Experience MENT006) LP £16.00 - lovely looking edition with metallic sleeve - excellent heavy/trippy space-rock with hints of Gila, Mythos, Faust, My Solid Ground and Hawkwind.

Lady June - LADY JUNE'S LINGUISTIC LEPROSY (Mental Experience MENT017) LP £16.00 - special import - wonderful trippy mixture from a crazy lady - she was a genius, to put it mildly - features Kevin Ayers and other well-knowns

Mśsica Dispersa - MŚSICA DISPERSA (DiscMedi Blau DM 896-02) CD £10.00 - stoned hippy trippy stuff from Spain of the early 70s, some of it with a Krauty underground folky feel. Nice digipak with poster style fold-out insert

Nascita Della Sfera - PER UNA SCULTURA DI CESCHIA (AMSLP 06) LP £13.00 - special purchase! - A 70s group of session musicians assembled by a composer and keyboardist Carlo Barbiera, dedicated to the life and works of sculptor Luciano Ceschia (1926-1991). Extraordinary avant-garde in the realms of Pierrot Lunaire, Franco Leprino, Battiato, Tisocco - but just as unique. Note: this is a heavy package. p&p is at the 4CD rate

The Nazgūl - THE NAZGŪL (Mental Experience MENT016) LP £16.00 / CD £11.00 - deep space Kosmische meets free floating avant-garde, somewhere between TD Zeit, Wired, Kluster/Eruption and WDR 60s pioneering electronic.

Osanna - PRELUDIO TEMA VARIAZIONI CANZONA (Vinyl Magic VMLP092) LP £13.00 - special purchase! - gatefold cover official reissue. Classic album composed by Luis E. Bacalov, and largely used as material for the excellent Italo-gangster movie "Milano Calibro 9"


New Repertoire CD restocks, £11 each...

Cressida - ASYLUM (Repertoire Records REPUK 1201)

Cressida - CRESSIDA (Repertoire Records REPUK 1200)

Cressida - CRESSIDA (Repertoire Records REPUK 1126)

Jade Warrior - JADE WARRIOR (Repertoire Records REPUK 1244)

Jade Warrior - JADE WARRIOR (Repertoire Records REPUK 1019)

Jade Warrior - RELEASED (Repertoire Records REPUK 1245)

Jade Warrior - LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM (Repertoire Records REPUK 1246)

Jade Warrior - FIFTH ELEMENT (Repertoire Records REPUK 1123)

Steamhammer - REFLECTION (Repertoire Records) REP 4871) - 1st album!

UFO - UFO 2 - FLYING - ONE HOUR SPACE ROCK (Repertoire Records) REP 4743-WG) CD

UFO - LIVE (Repertoire Records) REP 5109) CD


Bardo Pond, Current 93, Gnod - 2 titles by each, see Discogs

German Oak - 3 CD set back in stock - see CD catalogue page

Guru Freakout - MOTHERSHIP (CD, Album) (Purple Pyramid CLP1906, 1906) CD, £15.00


plus many other restocks & second-hand items, see Disogs

Important note about older Auricle releases

As we no longer have a printer capable of printing A3 pages many releases will no longer be re-pressed.
All the Auricle Archive releases will be deleted once current stocks are depleted. Some of these are now the last one or two copies.
Dark Star series and other budget titles are also down to the last copies and will not be re-pressed.
Only certain titles of Alto Stratus, Endgame and Triax be kept on release, with just a few as new editions.
So, if you were thinking of ordering some of these, do it now, before they are gone forever!
The complete Auricle AMCDR listing is here

all Quadelectronic events now online!

free streaming and pay whatever you want / free downloads
all recorded events up to 115 (December 2017)

Latest Auricle releases - out now!...

  Triax - Integrated Circuits, cover by Alan Freeman


Rancid Poultry - Musicide ‎‎(AMCDR 279) reissue
Septic Egg: a) Small https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO7598QubOM

Smegmic Flap extract https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiMQ17cKKA4

Clothearz - Blod ‎‎(AMCDR 280) reissue
Blod (extract) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of9jFocj_wY

Triax - Petrified (AMCDR 281) new release
Manganese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0s6aE6B570

Iron https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSvMjHYvXSc


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Web problems
PayPal: For some unknown reason the View Cart PayPal Buttons don't seem to be working. I'm awaiting a solution from PayPal for this fault (i.e. they used to work fine and nothing has changed here). If you need to review your basket meanwhile, add an extra item and then remove it before paying. Sorry for this inconvenience. For more economical multi-disc orders it is best to either request a PayPal invoice or order via Discogs. Seems they don't have a solution, and have gone and changed all such automations to a new system (very nice of them - not!), so please do as I advise above when ordering multiple titles. For new releases I've gone back to using the Buy Now buttons instead.
Email: recently I was bombed with spam on utle2uk with thousands of mails per minute and the only way to stop it was to report it, which means the spam has stopped but I can't send mail on that account. I will set up a new main account on btconnect if they can't restore it. But, for now I have to send mails on gmail. So, if you wish you email me (Alan) direct, please email xylem777@gmail.com instead.


Unofficial products
Discogs are stopping the sale all unofficial items via their database. This means that a few of the items we have in stock can no longer be sold via Discogs (even though these were purchased via official UK distributors). They include the following labels: Bamboo, Germanofon, Phoenix, etc.


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Cosmic Egg label Cosmic Egg label Ultimate Transmissions label 



Audion magazine...

Although no longer printed, Audion is a vast archive of articles and reviews spanning almost 3 decades. Many issues are now down to their last copies. Some are out of print altogether. Best to order along with LPs or orders of 4CDs or more to economise on postage!
Full A-Z index of Audion Magazine issues #1-#58 - new revised update!
Audion Guide to Nurse With Wound - (printed version sold out) online version revised inc. Steve Stapleton's Krautrock and film lists!
http://astoundedbysound.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/hungry-krauts-daddy.html - a nice blog!


Audion East Euro Discography New free online edition - now revised and expanded!

Audion #0 New free online edition - ancient reviews from Face Out and Neumusik

Selection of stock Audions recently reduced to £3.00 each! see stock list with current prices: here!


Audion #56:
Egg & Steve Hillage
French obscurities
Jean-Pierre Masseira
Agitation Free

Audion magazine #58



A PORTISHEAD LEGACY : Get The Blessing, Beak

GARDEN OF DELIGHTS (label feature): Embryo, Emtidi, Guru Guru, Ibliss, Joy Unlimited, Radio Noisz Ensemble, etc.



CANTERBURY SCENE PIONEERS 5: Catapilla, Centipede, Isotope, Nucleus, Mike Oldfield, Sun Treader, etc.

SOLEIL ZEUHL (label feature): Serge Bringolf, Eider Stellaire, Neom, Rialzu, Scherzoo, Setna, Unit Wail, Xing Sa


ESOTERIC RECORDINGS (reviews): Ache, Earth & Fire, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Pekka Pohjola, Solution, etc.

CUNEIFORM (reviews): Gösta Berlings Saga, Isotope, Radio Massacre International, Soft Machine, Univers Zero, etc.


See: Audion #58 information for full details & PayPal payment


DVD Collection

over 500 titles - bargain pressies!

Virtually all purchased new, immaculately looked-after - all "as new" m/ex+ - m/m (unless stated)

Part of a large collection of top quality horror, sci-fi, world, weird movies including lots of rare titles.

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Ultima Thule moved in June 2010!

Sadly, the Ultima Thule shop is no more. But we keep on going! Ultima Thule relocated in June 2010 to a private office for our mail-order service.

Customers and/or local friends are welcome to visit by appointment, i.e, email or phone us first to check it's convenient. more info can be found here

Revised business address: Steve & Alan Freeman, Ultima Thule, 21 Heather Road, Leicester, LE2 6DF, England

Our new phone number: 0116 270 2354 (email contacts are the same)


How do I order?
All Ultima Thule products releases & Audion have PayPal shopping cart on this site. You can also order or pay by other methods.
As it's not practical to add shopping cart to everything on the UT catalogue, instead copy text from the listing and paste it into an email.
Ask to reserve, pay by registered credit/debit card: utle1uk@btconnect.com or request a PayPal invoice: utle2uk@btconnect.com
You can also phone 0116 2702354, or message Alan Freeman on Facebook via ultimthulemusic
See: mail-order for more detailed info, p&p rates, etc. More options...


Registered customer orders: utle1uk@btconnect.com
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Want to listen before you buy? Most UT releases can be auditioned via links on this site. You can find lots of stuff as audio-clips on YouTube and even more conveniently via the nifty inbuilt player on Discogs pages. Virtually all UT releases can be sampled/previewed via the Discogs player.


p.s. Alan's wants lists service: Impossible to satisfy your wants lists? Can't afford originals, don't want grotty downloads or mp3s? Not in stock at UT, and don't want to use unknowns on the web? I may have the solution. Email Alan: xylem777@gmail.com for more info.

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