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The printed version of Ultima Mail-Order Catalogue 170 (May-June 2018)
was mailed-out to subscribers 28 April 2018
The web version was posted online on 1 May 2018 at 12:00 noon

the list



New simple Buy Now buttons are now on all our releases and Audion magazine pages. So, where items are available - just click and go! I've had a few customers use the new buttons so far, so it seems to all be working well. Of course, if you want to do a bigger order (for 2 or more items) it will be better to request a PayPal invoice due to lower p&p costs per item in heavier packages. Or you can buy via our Discogs shop which has custom invoicing, and for Audion you can go via our Bookogs shop where you'll extra image pages of most issues.


New: in stock now!

Heldon - THIRD "IT'S ALWAYS ROCK'N'ROLL" (Bureau B) 2LP £28.00 / 2CD £18.00 - just arrived!

Heldon - IV "AGNETA NILSSON" (Bureau B) LP £21.00 / CD £13.00 - just arrived!

- re Heldon Bureau B reissue vinyl, I only pre-ordered one of each as that's all I've sold of the first two. I can re-order, if requested.

M.A.L. - MY SIXTEEN LITTLE PLANETS (Sub Rosa SR 432CD) CD £13.00 - lovely previously unreleased echo guitar based recordings from the 70s by member of Kosmose, sometimes akin to Ash Ra Tempel's "Inventions For Electric Guitar" and early Ashra

M.A.L. - MY EIGHT LITTLE PLANETS (Sub Rosa SR432) LP £17.50 - vinyl version of the above (with less tracks)

Richard Pinhas - RHIZOSPHERE (Bureau B BB 279) LP £20.00 - new LP reissue of the classic Pinhas synth album

Günter Schickert - ÜBERFÄLLIG (Bureau B BB096) LP £21.00 - reissue of the Sky album

Günter Schickert - LABYRINTH (Marmo Music) LP £20.00 - new LP only - similar material to the rare Echodrive 2000 CDR release


Replica Records...

Just arrived (8 June) an order with this Musea associated label, 20 vinyl titles and a few CDs, including a 3 LPs on the Souffle Continu label as well. Choice vinyl releases include the Quad Sax album (first time on vinyl), and an Etron Fou Leloublan live album on LP and CD. Some are gone already, so don't hang around. Look on Discogs


Esoteric Recordings...
restocks and new titles: Brainticket, John Cale & Terry Riley - Church Of Anthrax, Robert Calvert, Clear Blue Sky, Colosseum, Comus - First Utterance, East Of Eden, Flash, Fruupp, Fuzzy Duck, Gilgamesh, Happy The Man, Hatfield And The North, High Tide, Machiavel, Man, Osmosis, Terry Riley, Second Hand - Death May Be Your Santa Claus, Soft Machine, Touch, The United States Of America, Wigwam, Machiavel, etc.


Other recent CD arrivals...
Elephant9 - Walk The Nile (top class Norwegian organ rock/fusion trio, think Bo Hansson and 1970 instrumental Brian Auger with the energy ratched-up! Comes in a nice triple-fold Digipak cover), Bland Bladen - I Grevens Tid, Kaipa - Kaipa (70s Swedish prog), Quad - Quad (Gary Ramon's instrumental trippy project), Tasavallan Presidentti & Jukka Hauru & Superkings - Pop Liisa Live In Studio 01 / 02, Kingdom Come With Arthur Brown - Live 1973, Hugh Hopper - Monster Band, Delired Cameleon Family, Curved Air - Air Cut, Clearlight - Visions, Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique (early ones), Octopus - The Boat Of Thoughts,
Third Ear Band - Necromancers Of The Drifting West (inc. BBC In Concert), Daevid Allen - The Death Of Rock & Other Entrances, Kama Loka, Wonderland Band - Nº 1, EYE - Vision And Ageless Light, Probe 10 - There Is A Universe, Third Ear Band - Abelard And Heloise, Supersister - Long Live Supersister! (previously unreleased archives), Sergius Golowin - Lord Krishna Von Goloka, Amon Düül II - Live In London, Agusa (third studio album), July, and many more. Full details will be on our next catalogue, and meanwhile at Discogs


new release 18/6/2018...

Ruin - A DIFFERENT PLACE (AMCDR 283) ltd.ed. CDR £8.00
New album from Leicester experimental rock band.  In keeping with the title this ventures to places they've never been before, with some unusual instrument combinations, many abstract pieces, and so much more. So, not just "A Different Place" but eight different places!


Open Your Mind cover by Curly 


new release 4/6/2018...

Cell Block Z - SPLINTER RECESS (Auricle AMCDR 282) ltd.ed. CDR £8.00
remastered edition - only previously a cassette demo - this is The Interstellar Cementmixers incognito as an experimental industrial electronics band of the more abstract old Konstruktivits / Throbbing Gristle type of thing, but with an original approach and style of their own.




new edition...

Embryo - RIDING (Cosmic Egg UTCE 005 CDR) ltd.ed. CDR £8.00 - 6th press, released: 21/5/2018


Embryo - Riding 


special limited editions / reissues...

Con-Hertz - Contrasts (AMC 028) 2x c90 £15.00 - 6 copies - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Endgame - Stretched Across The Sea (AMCDR-LTD 046) 2CDR £9.00 - #10 copies - 1 copy available

Peter Frohmader - Jules Verne Cycle (AMC 018) c60 £5.00 - last 40 copies - duplicated on branded chrome cassettes

Robert Rich - Live (AMC 021) MC £9.00 - 7 copies (#163-169) - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Robert Rich - Live (AMCDR-LTD 021) 2CDR £9.00 - 20 copies

Robert Rich - Inner Landscapes (AMC 029) MC £5.00 - 20 copies - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Robert Rich - Inner Landscapes (AMCDR-LTD 029) 2CDR £9.00 - 20 copies


May new stocks!...


Get The Blessing, Soft Machine, Eberhard Weber - assorted titles

Klaus Schulze - MIRAGE, Stephan Micus - IMPLOSIONS, Qintessence - COSMIC ENERGY, Soft Machine - BBC RADIO 1967-1971

Drum Circus - MAGIC THEATRE (Garden Of Delights LP 028) LP £22.00 - Surreal hybrid drum project (plus voices, instruments, electronics) with members of Brainticket, and lyrics by Timothy Leary, recorded in early spring 1972. Includes 12 page large booklet (so, more expensive p&p)
Embryo - RIDING (Cosmic Egg) CDR £4.00 - uncased/misprint/promo copy, not numbered
Elephant9 - DODOVOODOO (Rune Grammofon  RLP3075) LP £19.00 - hard to get debut by this excellent Norwegian fusion trio
Eloy - OCEAN (Harvest 7243 5 35160 2 4) CD £10.00 - classic German 1970s prog
Eloy - DAWN (Harvest 7243 5 35159 2 8) CD £10.00 - classic German 1970s prog, sequel album to Power And The Passion
Escapade - SEARCHING FOR THE ELUSIVE RAINBOW (Mother West MWR030896) CD £10.00 - very last copies! Their debut.
Escapade - INNER TRANSLUCENCE (Mother West MWR010497) CD £10.00 - very last copies! Great US space-rock & jam band
Kraan - KRAAN (Intercord 7243 8 22668 2 2) CD £11.00 - classic German 1970s prog-fusion / Krautrock, excellent remaster with 4 bonus tracks
Kraan - ANDY NOGGER (Intercord 7243 8 22670 2 7) CD £10.00 - innovative Kraut fusion from the 70s
Langsyne - LANGSYNE 2 (Garden Of Delights LP 027) LP £22.00 - Nice folk, largely in the British folk vein, and some tracks that hint at Popol Vuh, John Fahey, Incredible String Band. LP release of what was first issued as bonus tracks on CD. Includes large format booklet.
Magdalena - Lanean Sartzen (SPA1001) CD £9.00 - Spanish import - Little-known Basque prog, mixing in local cultural elements.
The Myrrors - ARENA NEGRA (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond BBIBR018) CD £11.00 - Arizona band that sound a bit like Harvester on this!
The Myrrors - ENTRANCED EARTH (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond BBIBR028) CD £11.00 - wonderful trippy rock with an ethnic touch

Siloah - SILOAH (Garden Of Delights LP 029) LP £22.00 - Hippy Krautrock underground, often in Amon Düül Paradieswarts vein, including the same bonus tracks as the CD reissue, plus 16 page large format booklet (which means more expensive p&p)
Acid Mothers Temple / Escapade - A THOUSAND SHADES OF GREY ‎(Fünfundvierzig 142) CD £9.00 - 1 off, long-time deleted!


Wah-Wah order...

Just arrived, including LPs by: Agitation Free, Amon Düül, Baba Yaga, Blat Brut, Dider Bocquet, Brave New World, Code III, Gregor Cürten/Anselm Rogmans - Planes, Delired Cameleon Family, Emtidi, GAM, Hölderlin, Wolfgang Orschakowski - Zippo Zetterlink, Günter Schickert, Spacecraft, Urban Sax, Zanov, and Atila - INTENCION CD. Look here for what's available: Discogs listing


Guerssen order...

Cozmic Corridors - COZMIC CORRIDORS (Mental Experience MENT011) LP £16.00 - back in stock
Kay Hoffman - FLORET SILVA (Sommor SOMM029) LP £16.00 - back in stock
Might Of Coincidence - THE BIRTH OF (Mellotron Records MLP 003) LP £18.00 - classic Swiss 1970s psych-folk that will appeal to fans of Emtidi, Kalacakra, Broselmaschine, et al. Mega rare on original vinyl and never released on CD as yet.
Pyramid - PYRAMID (Mental Experience MENT022CD) CD £11.00 - big space-rock trip
Pyramid - PYRAMID (Mental Experience MENT022) LP £16.00 - first reissue on vinyl!

Mental Experience titles in stock via Discogs


very last stock copies of these Auricle releases...

Alto Stratus - THE RITUAL (AMC 035) c60 cassette £9.00 - last copy

Continuum - BEST KEPT SECRET (AMCDR 105) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - SLIDEWAYS (AMCDR 017) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - CUPOLA (AMCDR 040) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - HORIZONS (AMCDR 084) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - OBVIOUS (AMCDR 086) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - ELEMENTAL TRAVELLER (AMCDR 110) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - OCULAR (AMCDR 111) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - GRAVITY WELL (AMCDR 139) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - NO RANDOM SPLICE (AMCDR 140) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - JUST CURIOUS (AMCDR 154/155) 2CDR £13.00 - last copy of original with silver disc + on body printing (reissue also available)

Endgame - INSTINCT (AMCDR 159) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - VAPOURS (AMCDR 160) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - ENIGMA (AMCDR 161) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - UNDER CONSTRUCTION (AMCDR 162) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - TACTILE (AMCDR 170) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - REMOTE VIEWING (AMCDR 176) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - MP3 DISC (AMP3 CDR 001) CDR £11.00 - last copy (17 hours of Endgame as mp3)

Eruption - LAVA (AMCDR 019) CDR £7.00 - 2nd edition, last copy (Endgame + Nick Mott of Volcano The Bear)

Ole Højer Hansen - NUDITY (AMC 032) c70 cassette £9.00 - last copy

Impromptu Electronic - LIVE @ BAMBU (AMCDR 115/6) 2xCDR £11.00 - 2nd edition - last copy - reserved

Moore/Myers - REACHING BEYOND THE SPHERE (AMC 026) c60 cassette £9.00 - last copy

The Planet Scanners - IN ORBIT (AMCDR 077) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Dave Powell - FRIED ROSIN (AMCDR 042) CDR £9.00 - last copy

The Scanner Game - MUSICI (AMCDR 053) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Triax - ALIEN FOLK (AMCDR 082) CDR £9.00 - last copy

Triax - 13 (AMCDR 100) CDR £9.00 - last copy of original with silver disc + on body printing (reissue also available)

Zircon & The Burning Brains - OUT OF THE ASHES (amc 022) c45 cassette £9.00 - last copy

various artists - A BREEZE OF TIME (AMACDR 015) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

various artists - AURICLE CASSETTES SAMPLER (AMSCDR 001) CDR £9.00 - last copy (inc. rare Courtyard Moth, Robert Rich, Shub Niggurath)

various artists - HISTORICAL AURICLE (AMSCDR 002) CDR £9.00 - last copy (inc. rare Con-Hertz, Peter Frohmader, Colin Potter, etc.)

various artists - AURICLE CDR 2001 SAMPLER (AMSCDR 005) CDR £3.00 - last 4 copies

various artists - AURICLE CDR 2002 SAMPLER (AMSCDR 010) CDR £3.00 - last copy

various artists - ¿DRONSZ? (AMCDR 038) CDR £9.00 - last copy

various artists - ILLUMINATED PLEASURES (AMACDR 014) CDR £9.00 - last copy

various artists - RARITIES 2 (AMACDR 013) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

various artists - UT GOLDEN HOUR (AMSCDR 003) CDR £3.00 - last 4 copies


very last stock copies of Endgame Live discs...

Endgame - LIVE VOL. I (Auricle AMEGL1) CDR £7.00 - last copy

Endgame - LIVE VOL. II (Auricle AMEGL2) CDR £7.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - LIVE VOL. IV (Auricle AMEGL4) CDR £7.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - LIVE VOL. V (Auricle AMEGL5) CDR £7.00 - last copy

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VI (Auricle AMEGL6) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies - 1 copy reserved

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VII (Auricle AMEGL7) CDR £7.00 - last copy

Endgame - LIVE VOL. IX (Auricle AMEGL9) CDR £7.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - LIVE VOL. X (Auricle AMEGL10) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies - 1 copy reserved

Endgame - LIVE 2001 SAMPLER (Auricle AMEGS1) CDR £3.00 - last copy


very last stock copies of Endgame Plasm set...

Endgame - PROTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD1) CDR £5.00 - last copy

Endgame - CYTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD2) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

Endgame - ECTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD3) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

Endgame - ENDOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD4) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

Endgame - BIOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD5) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

Endgame - NUCLEOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD6) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

Endgame - PLASM SET (Auricle) 6xCDR bagged £20.00 - last copy - reserved


Important note about older Auricle releases
As we no longer have a printer capable of printing A3 pages many releases will no longer be re-pressed. All the Auricle Archive releases will be deleted once current stocks are depleted. Some are last one or two copies. Also, the Dark Star series were only intended to be limited issues, and other budget titles that are also down to the last copies will also not be re-pressed. Only certain titles of Alto Stratus, Endgame and Triax be kept on release, with just a few as new editions.
There is also a number of other factors as to why we are doing this: 1. Keeping the whole catalogue of releases available is not really practical, 2. We only have so much storage space, so in order to do more new releases we need to free-up some shelf space, 3. The old printing systems we used are no longer available, 4. Redesigning artwork to do new editions is time consuming (and thus will only be done for best selling titles), and 5. printing to silver discs is no longer possible. Besides those last copies on this page, I will also add low stock level warnings on the Auricle CDR listing page.


Soon?: not in stock yet


new releases ordered...



new Auricle releases / due soon...

Alan Freeman & Jim Tetlow - NEAR INFINITY (AMCDR 284) remastered abstract duo works from Quadelectronic - actual project name and title yet to be decided - probably out in July


new releases / yet to order...

Simon Steensland - A FAREWELL TO BRAINS (Transubstans Records TRANS154) CD - release date 6 July

Agusa - AGUSA (Kommun2 K242) LP - release date 6 July


Svart Records...

Just made an order with this Finnish label. I have a few titles in stock now from the UK distributor. But there's much more available direct, including a few bargains. Releases on LP and CD include rare 70 radio concerts, reissues from the Love Records label and more (including some interesting sounding recent Finnish prog bands). Also, they've just reissued two electronic classics from the 70s: Åke Andersson & Antero Honkanen - Reidarin Sähköiset Kuvat, and the very strange Ode To Marilyn with Edward Vesala and others - two albums I never dreamed of ever getting a reissue!
Expected delivery: due on 26 June


Monster Melodies Records...

Thinking of stocking a few releases on Monster Melodies Records ‎from France. Mostly unreleased recordings of the French 1970s underground. These are LP only, and are not cheap (will be around £25 retail I think), and include: Xalph (moody Shub Niggurath / Eskaton type band), Robert Wood And Woodlands - Live at Lons Le Saulnier, 1974 (excellent trippy psych/prog by electric vibes player, Gong & Lard Free related), Eclosion - Eclosion (excellent trippy folk-psych/experimental, ex Ame Son), Moving Gelatine Plates (unreleased sessions and live), etc.
Anyone interested? More info at: https://www.discogs.com/label/613034-Monster-Melodies-Records


still waiting for...

Galactic Explorers - EPITAPH FOR VENUS (Mental Experience) LP - delayed due to pressing problems


items listed with grey strikethrough are sold


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Web problems
Email: recently I was bombed with spam on utle2uk with thousands of mails per minute and the only way to stop it was to report it, which means the spam has stopped but I can't send mail on that account. I will set up a new main account on btconnect if they can't restore it. But, for now I have to send mails on gmail. So, if you wish you email me (Alan) direct, please email xylem777@gmail.com instead.


Unofficial products
Discogs are stopping the sale all unofficial items via their database. This means that a few of the items we have in stock can no longer be sold via Discogs (even though these were purchased via official UK distributors). They include the following labels: Bamboo, Germanofon, Phoenix, etc.



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