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Ultima Thule Mail-Order List 171 online

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The printed version of Ultima Mail-Order Catalogue 171 (July-August 2018)
was mailed-out to subscribers on 28 June 2018
The web version was posted online on 1 July 2018 AT 1:10 PM


Recent arrivals


new delivery of "East Euro" special imports...

BUDKA SUFLERA - CIEŃ WIELKIEJ GÓRY (Muza PNCD 1596) CD £14.00 - at long last a great sounding reissue of this classic Polish prog album, which vaguely resembles some early Jane and Emergency, it also features a guest apperance by Niemen (sealed copies)

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM - COLLEGIUM MUSICUM (Opus 91 0018-1) LP £22.00 - deluxe edition - classic debut album by this innovative Slovakian classical rock band (heavy package = more expensive p&p if ordered alone)

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM - KONVERGENCIE (Opus 91 2772-2) 2CD £15.00 - deluxe edition - classic double album, well-known amongst classical rock fans and connoisseurs of the Nurse With Wound list!

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM - KONVERGENCIE (Opus 91 0136-1) 2LP £32.00 - first vinyl reissue of this classic in decades!

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM - LIVE (Opus 91 2773-2) CD £12.00 - deluxe edition - classic live album by the trio version of the band

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM - MARIAN VARGA & (Opus 91 2774-2) CD £12.00 - deluxe edition - live album by quartet version of the band
FERMATA - FERMÁTA / PIESEN Z HÔL (Opus 91 2808-2) 2CD £15.00 - includes the first complete CD release I know for the debut album. Excellently mastered too! Think Mahavishnu Orchestra with Modry Efekt and Finnforest / Pekka Pohjola elements

EAST - JÁTÉKOK (Gong HCD 17679) CD £11.00 - their debut album, latest issue of this classic Hungarian prog album

EAST - HŰSÉG (Gong HCD 17733) CD £11.00 - their 2nd album, latest issue of this classic Hungarian prog album.

KLAN - LIVE FINLAND 1972 (GAD Records GAD CD 039) CD £17.00 - historic, previously unreleased live recording by this legendary Polish band, here in a more bluesy mode with English vocals and quite a lot of improvisation.

NIEMEN - VOL.1 · VOL.2 (Muza ‎01902 9 58019 4 6) 2CD £14.00 - the two complementary albums that started the experimental phase of Niemen's career, both featuring the band that became SBB, in fact Vol.1 is one of my 3 favourites by Niemen

PROGRES 2 - DIALOG S VESMÍREM / STUDIO & LIVE (FT Records FT0115-2) 2CD £15.00 - bargain 2CD collection with the complete original LP version & the very different live version, plus a single and other bonus tracks - the ultimate classic of this Czech prog band's output

SBB -  SBB (Muza/Warner 01902 9 59439 7 4) LP £18.00 - classic debut by the Polish space-fusion-blues-trippy innovators!

SKALDOWIE - KRYWAŃ, KRYWAŃ (Kameleon KAMCD 07) CD £13.00 - the all-time classic by Skaldowie, and one of the finest Polish prog albums of the 1970s - this also has a whole bonus album's worth of material including unique instrumental session versions and a radio session!

SKALDOWIE - KRYWAŃ, KRYWAŃ (Muza/Warner 59077 8 34888 8 7) LP £18.00 (heavy package = more expensive p&p if ordered alone)

SOLARIS - MARSBÉLI KRÓNIKÁK / THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES (Gong HCD 17819) CD £11.00 - finest by this Hungarian prog legend - a mostly instrumental mix of prog and space-rock, with lots of synths, flute and guitar, elements of East, Modry Efekt, etc.

STERN-COMBO MEISSEN - WEISSES GOLD (Sechzehnzehn BF 05862) CD £11.00 - one of the finest of all former DDR prog albums

MICHAL URBANIAK CONSTELLATION - IN CONCERT (Warner 01902 9 56807 6 3) CD £14.00 - classic live recording by this Polish fusion pioneer on electric violin, with an all-star band featuring the ever extraordinary Urszula Dudziak on avant-scat/space-whisper type vocals

brown text = first time we've ever had the item in sock!


new releases and restocks...

CURVED AIR - AIR CUT (Esoteric Recordings PECLEC2617, DP) CD £12.50 - first ever re-release from the original master tapes.

DDAA - HAZY WORLD (Nefryt N 026) CD £9.00 - Typically strange genre defying weirdness from these long-running French innovaotors.

IF, BWANA - THE ICE MOONS (Nefryt N 027) CD £9.00 - Spooky and abstract drone/acoustic/concrete melanges.

VOLCANO THE BEAR - YAK FOLKS Y'ARE (Nefryt N 028) CD £9.00 - debut LP plus bonus tracks, never on CD before

VOLCANO THE BEAR - VOLFURTEN (Nefryt N 029) CD £9.00 - previously a very limited LP

- above Nefryt releases are limited editions presented in large format 6" x 8½" covers.


second-hand items...

AGUSA - HÖGTID (Kommun 2 KOMMUN2-24) LP m/vg £18.00 - as new, played twice. Cover: arrived new but with the top seam split (by the record) and slightly bashed on the corners. Includes new release promo sheet. Great Swedish psych-prog-folk in Flasket Brinner and Kebnekajse vein (heavy package = more expensive p&p if ordered alone)

AHORA MAZDA - AHORA MAZDA (Pseudonym CDP-1064-DD) CD vg+/vg+ £6.50 / Discogs £7.49 - A well-used copy, but still in fine playing condition (plays perfect). Classic Dutch psychedelic underground from early 70s, with Group 1850 / Hans Dulfer & Ritmo Naturel connections, plus bonus tracks

AMON DUUL II - CARNIVAL IN BABYLON (Repertoire) CD ex/vg+ £5.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £5.99 - close to "as new" disc, with only minor marks. Insert has handling wear. This issue contains 3 singles tracks (also on Lemmingmania)

AMON DUUL II - ALMOST ALIVE (Revisited Rec.) CD ex+/ex £7.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £7.99 - close to "as new" disc, digipak has edge and handling wear but is all intact with no rips or damage. Half excellent later 70s album.

ANGE - LE CIMETIERE DES ARLEQUINS (Philips) ex/vg+ £6.00 / Discogs grade: vg+/vg+ £6.99 - our actual shop grade: ex/vg+ = disc has only very minor marks, insert has handling wear. Classic very French prog of the 1970s.

ANGE - EMILE JACOTEY (Philips) ex+/vg+ £6.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £6.99 - as new disc, insert has handling wear. Classic very French prog of the 1970s.

ARSENAL - SECOND WIND (Melodiya) LP vg-ex+/vg £8.00 / Discogs grade: vg+/vg £9.49 - My actual shop grade: vg-ex+/vg = slight noise on the run-ins, but mostly pays closer to ex+ / Cover is slightly worn around the edges with a slight split on the spine, but remarkably good for an old cover made with such fragile card. Third album by Russian jazz fusion band, originally in the Nucleaus type vein, this record finds them with a music that wouldn't be out of place in late-70s cop series or thrillers, with some lively groovy beats and synthesizers

ASHRA - NEW AGE OF EARTH (Virgin) CD m/ex+ £6.00 / Discogs grade: nm/nm £6.99 - as new disc, insert also pretty close to mint. The authentic reissue of this classic space synth/guitar album

TIM BLAKE - BLAKE'S NEW JERUSALEM (UK Barclay) LP ex+/g £15.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg £17.99 - plays close to mint, although you can tell it's second hand / Cover is well-worn around the edges and with some print rub-off and minor cracks, but all intact apart from that. This is the more obscure UK issue of Tim Blake's second solo album.

BRAINTICKET - COTTONWOODHILL (Phonag) CD m/ex+ £16.00 / Discogs grade: nm/nm £18.99 - as new disc, insert also pretty close to mint. The definitive CD reissue of this Swiss Krautrock mind-trip!

BRAINTICKET - PSYCHONAUT (Bellaphon) CD ex+/ex £11.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £12.99 - as new disc, insert has only minor handling wear. The original LP mix, not remastered!

CAN - MONSTER MOVIE (SACD) CD ex+/ex £7.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £7.99 - as new disc, insert has only minor handling wear.

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - MAHAVOX SYMPHONY (private) CD ex+/ex+ £8.00 - Russian electronic

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - PORUGANIE PATSIFIKA (Direktmedia) DVD, PAL ex+/ex+ £8.00 - Russian electronic

CLEARLIGHT- CLEARLIGHT SYMPHONY (Clearlight) CD ex+/ex £8.00 / Discogs grade: vg+/vg+ £9.49 - my actual shop grade ex+/ex means this has only very minor signs of disc damage and is closer to nm than vg+, insert has only minor handling wear. Great classical & space-rock mixture with members of Gong and Lard Free as backing bands. The Clearlight888.com issue is the best CD remaster available.

DRUM CIRCUS - MAGIC THEATRE (Garden Of Delights) CD ex/ex £6.00 / Discogs grade: vg+/vg+ £6.99 - My actual shop grade: ex/ex = disc has minor marks but plays perfect, insert is obviously handle and not like new. Classic Brainticket related project fronted by Peter Giger shortly before he joined Dzyan

FORREST FANG - THE WOLF AT THE RUINS (Ominous Thud) CD ex/ex £11.00 / Discogs grade: vg+/vg+ £12.99 - Has a few very slight marks on disc, insert is printed on thin paper and has been handled quite a bit - eclectic mixture of ethnic and ambient

FLYING LIZARDS - SAME (American Virgin) g-ex/g £3.00 / Discogs grade: vg/g £3.49 - My actual shop grade: g-ex/g = mostly plays ex or nm, except fpr 3 scratches through the end of B1 and start of B2. Obscure (at least in the UK) American Virgin press on a white and blue label. Offbeat avant-pop / underground, famous for eccentric version of "Money (That's What I Want)" by David Cunningham and General Strike (aka: David Toop, Steve Beresford)

EDGAR FROESE - AGES (Virgin) CD vg+/vg+ £6.00 Discogs: £6.99 - a little marked and handled but plays perfect. Fine Edgar solo with lots of Mellotron and Klaus Kreiger on drums. Omits one track from the 2LP. A bargain!

GIRON - STONES (Music2dream M2D02) CD m/ex+ £8.00 - Spanish melodic synths and sequencers, vaguely Baumann and Tim Blake like

GIRON - CLOUDS (Music2dream M2D03) CD m/ex+ £8.00 - Spanish melodic synths and sequencers, vaguely Baumann and Tim Blake like

GONG - CAMEMBERT ELECTRIQUE (Decal) CD ex+/ex £6.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £6.99 - close to "as new" disc, whereas the insert has some handling wear (but no actual damage). Classic Gong (authentic original mix)

KING PING MEH - KING PING MEH (Universal) CD ex/vg+ £5.00 / Discogs: £5.49 - lower end of nm grade / digipak has obvious signs of handling and edge wear (plus sticker on rear)

ALAIN MARKUSFELD - ROLL OVER THE EIGER TRAIL (Aloha Music) CD m/ex+ £8.00 - compilation

MYTHOS - MYTHOS (Spalax) CD vg/vg £4.50 / Discogs: £5.49 - a very used copy with a marked disc and worn digipak cover (with faded spine) but all intact. This is the different mix of the classic Ohr space-rock album

PFM - PHOTOS OF GHOSTS (Victor) CD ex+/ex £10.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £11.49 - my actual shop grade: ex+/ex = close to "as new" disc, whereas the insert has quite a bit of handling wear and minor creasing (but no actual damage). This is a Japanese issue, but does not have an obi.

QUINTESSENCE -  IN BLISSFUL COMPANY (Repertoire) CD ex+/vg+ £5.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £5.99 - close to "as new" disc, with only minor marks. digipak has edge and handling wear, plus a minor bash/rip on the rear. Includes 2 bonus tracks

CATHERINE RIBEIRO + ALPES - PAIX (Mantra) CD m/vg+ £16.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £18.99 - classic French 70s experimental cosmic rock band fronted by a Nico-esque vocalist

TERJE RYPDAL - ODYSSEY (ECM) CD ex+/ex £8.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £9.49 - My actual shop grade: ex+/ex = lower end of nm grade / insert has obvious signs of handling and age. This CD is sides 1-3 of the classic 1975 space-fusion double album

KLAUS SCHULZE - DIG IT (Brain) + printed inner LP ex/vg £8.00 / Discogs grade: vg+/vg £9.49 - My shop grade: ex/vg = plays mostly ex+/nm except for some noise on the run-in and start of A1, cover has some minor wear around the edges. Original 1980 orange Brain label issue with printed inner sleeve and "Digital Recording" text at bottom-right of front cover

SUPERSISTER - PUDDING EN GISTEREN/SUPERSTARSHINE (Polydor) CD ex+/ex £8.00 / Discogs grade: nm/vg+ £9.49 - My actual shop grade: ex+/ex = lower end of nm grade / insert has obvious signs of handling and age. A bargain way to get these two classic albums by one of Holland's finest

TRIUMVIRAT - OLD LOVES DIE HARD (Harvest) CD vg+/ex £4.50 / Discogs grade: vg+/nm £5.49 - some slight marks on the disc, but otherwise a nice bargain copy

VANGELIS - THE DRAGON (Charly) LP vg+/vg £13.00 / Discogs: £14.99 - My actual shop grade: vg+/vg = record is obviously second-hand but plays with only minor noise or defects, cover is worn around the edges and with some price sticker damage. Dutch Charly copy that I'd never seen before! Excellent instrumental prog-ethnic-fusion instrumentals made during the sessions for the Alpha Beta and Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band sessions for BYG Records

VANGELIS -  BEAUBOURG (RCA Victor PL 25155) LP £4.00 / Discogs: £4.99 - Although obviously an old second-hand album, this plays mostly closer to nm with only some minor noise in the very quiet moments. Gatefold cover is worn, mostly around the edges/spine. [no inner sleeve, although I don't believe this ever actually came with one]

VANGELIS - BEAUBOURG (RCA) CD m/ex+ £6.00 / Discogs grade: nm/nm £6.99 - pretty close to mint. Classic dark avant-garde electronic album.



items listed with grey strikethrough are sold


Latest UT releases: catalogue page, Auricle, Cosmic Egg


Ultima Thule releases


new Auricle on pre-order, due out 30 August...
(AMCDR 284) live at The Church Of Sound in Nottingham
Approaching Infinity - EN PASSANT (Auricle AMCDR 285)
duo works from Quadelectronic by Alan Freeman & Jim Tetlow
Tartovisti - FULL MOON (AMCDR 286) third by this enigmatic folk/unfok duo
Endgame - ELECTROACOUSTICS (AMCDR 287/288) 2xCDR an almost lost album from late 2006


Quadelectronic Bandcamp downloads...

All recorded events to QE122 are now available to listen or buy at https://quadelectronicdocuments.bandcamp.com/


new editions from Cosmic Egg & Auricle...

Embryo - RIDING (Cosmic Egg UTCE 005 CDR) ltd.ed. CDR £8.00 - 6th press, released: 21/5/2018
Rancid Poultry -
ROCK 'N' ROLL WON'T NEVER DIE (AMCDR 229) ltd.ed. CDR £8.00 - 2nd press, released: 8/7/2018


special limited editions / reissues...

Con-Hertz - CONTRASTS (AMC 028) 2x c90 £15.00 - 6 copies - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Endgame - STRETCHED ACROSS THE SEA (AMCDR-LTD 046) 2CDR £9.00 - #10 copies - 1 copy available

Peter Frohmader - JULES VERNE CYCLE (AMC 018) c60 £5.00 - last 40 copies - duplicated on branded chrome cassettes

Robert Rich - LIVE (AMC 021) MC £9.00 - 6 copies (#164-169) - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Robert Rich - LIVE (AMCDR-LTD 021) 2CDR £9.00 - 20 copies

Robert Rich - INNER LANDSCAPES (AMC 029) MC £5.00 - 20 copies - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Robert Rich - INNER LANDSCAPES (AMCDR-LTD 029) 2CDR £9.00 - 20 copies


recent Auricle releases...

Ruin - A DIFFERENT PLACE (AMCDR 283) ltd.ed. CDR £8.00
New album from Leicester experimental rock band.  In keeping with the title this ventures to places they've never been before, with some unusual instrument combinations, many abstract pieces, and so much more. So, not just "A Different Place" but eight different places!


Cell Block Z - SPLINTER RECESS (Auricle AMCDR 282) ltd.ed. CDR £8.00
remastered edition - only previously a cassette demo - this is The Interstellar Cementmixers incognito as an experimental industrial electronics band of the more abstract old Konstruktivits / Throbbing Gristle type of thing, but with an original approach and style of their own.



very last stock copies of these Auricle releases...

Alto Stratus - THE RITUAL (AMC 035) c60 cassette £9.00 - last copy

Endgame - JUST CURIOUS (AMCDR 154/155) 2CDR £13.00 - last copy of original with silver disc + on body printing (reissue also available)

Endgame - MP3 DISC (AMP3 CDR 001) CDR £11.00 - last copy (17 hours of Endgame as mp3)

Eruption - LAVA (AMCDR 019) CDR £7.00 - 2nd edition, last copy (Endgame + Nick Mott of Volcano The Bear)

Moore/Myers - REACHING BEYOND THE SPHERE (AMC 026) c60 cassette £9.00 - last copy

Triax - 13 (AMCDR 100) CDR £9.00 - last copy of original with silver disc + on body printing (reissue also available)

Zircon & The Burning Brains - OUT OF THE ASHES (amc 022) c45 cassette £9.00 - last copy

various artists - A BREEZE OF TIME (AMACDR 015) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

various artists - AURICLE CASSETTES SAMPLER (AMSCDR 001) CDR £9.00 - last copy (inc. rare Courtyard Moth, Robert Rich, Shub Niggurath)

various artists - HISTORICAL AURICLE (AMSCDR 002) CDR £9.00 - last copy (inc. rare Con-Hertz, Peter Frohmader, Colin Potter, etc.)

various artists - AURICLE CDR 2001 SAMPLER (AMSCDR 005) CDR £3.00 - last 4 copies

various artists - AURICLE CDR 2002 SAMPLER (AMSCDR 010) CDR £3.00 - last copy

various artists - RARITIES 2 (AMACDR 013) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

various artists - UT GOLDEN HOUR (AMSCDR 003) CDR £3.00 - last 4 copies


very last stock copies of Endgame Live discs...

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VI (Auricle AMEGL6) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies - 1 copy reserved

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VI (Auricle AMEGL6) CDR £2.50 - ex display copy, so has some minor discolouration - hence special offer at half price!

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VIII (Auricle AMEGL8) CDR £9.00 - last copy, one of the first 10 published with misprinted cover!

Endgame - LIVE VOL. X (Auricle AMEGL10) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies - 1 copy reserved

Endgame - LIVE 2001 SAMPLER (Auricle AMEGS1) CDR £3.00 - last copy


very last stock copies of Endgame Plasm set...

Endgame - PROTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD1) CDR £5.00 - last copy

Endgame - PROTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD1) CDR £2.50 - copy with case marked PROMO and silver disc - hence special offer at half price

Endgame - CYTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD2) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

Endgame - ECTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD3) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

Endgame - ENDOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD4) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

Endgame - BIOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD5) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

Endgame - NUCLEOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD6) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies


these are last copies reserved awaiting a promised order in August

Endgame - HORIZONS (AMCDR 084) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - OBVIOUS (AMCDR 086) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - ELEMENTAL TRAVELLER (AMCDR 110) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - GRAVITY WELL (AMCDR 139) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Impromptu Electronic - LIVE @ BAMBU (AMCDR 115/6) 2xCDR £11.00 - 2nd edition - last copy - reserved

The Scanner Game - MUSICI (AMCDR 053) CDR £9.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - LIVE VOL. II (Auricle AMEGL2) CDR £7.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - LIVE VOL. IV (Auricle AMEGL4) CDR £7.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - LIVE VOL. IX (Auricle AMEGL9) CDR £7.00 - last copy - reserved

Endgame - PLASM SET (Auricle) 6xCDR bagged £20.00 - last copy - reserved


Important note about older Auricle releases
As we no longer have a printer capable of printing A3 pages many releases will no longer be re-pressed. All the Auricle Archive releases will be deleted once current stocks are depleted. Some are last one or two copies. Also, the Dark Star series were only intended to be limited issues, and other budget titles that are also down to the last copies will also not be re-pressed. Only certain titles of Alto Stratus, Endgame and Triax be kept on release, with just a few as new editions.
There is also a number of other factors as to why we are doing this: 1. Keeping the whole catalogue of releases available is not really practical, 2. We only have so much storage space, so in order to do more new releases we need to free-up some shelf space, 3. The old printing systems we used are no longer available, 4. Redesigning artwork to do new editions is time consuming (and thus will only be done for best selling titles), and 5. printing to silver discs is no longer possible. Besides those last copies on this page, I will also add low stock level warnings on the Auricle CDR listing page.


Soon?: not in stock yet


new releases ordered...



new Auricle releases / in preparation...



new releases / yet to order...

1099 - BLINDPASSASJER (All Good Clean Records AGCRLP1803) LP - release date 6/7/18 - interesting Scandinavian post-rock band

Agusa - AGUSA (Kommun2 K242) LP - release date 6/7/18

Current 93 - THE STARS ON THEIR HORSIES (The Spheres THESPHERES21) CD - release date 29/6/18 - looks curious!

Nurse With Wound - SINISTER WHIMSY FOR THE WRETCHED (Dirter Promotions DPROMDCD140) 2CD - release date 25/5/18 - collection of “Sugar Fish Drink” and “Large Ladies With Cake in the Oven”. Both discs are remastered by Andrew Liles

Ring Van Mobius - PAST THE EVENING SUN (Apollon Records ARP011) LP/CD release date 6/7/18 - new Norwegian prog

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow - ANNIHILATION (Music From The Motion Picture) (Invada LSINV193) CD/LP - release date 15/6/18 - Beak> related

Soft Machine - HIDDEN DETAILS (Dyad DY029) CD - release date 7/9/18 - new legacy studio album

Simon Steensland - A FAREWELL TO BRAINS (Transubstans Records TRANS154) CD - release date 6/7/18

David Sylvian & Holger Czukay - PLIGHT & PREMONITION / FLUX & MUTABILITY (Gronland GRON193) 2CD/2LP - release date May, but delayed

Tractor / The Way We Live - A CANDLE FOR JUDITH (Ozit Dandelion OZITLP8001) LP - release date 6/7/18

Tractor - TRACTOR (Ozit Dandelion OZITLP8005) LP - release date 6/7/18

Traden - TRADEN (Subliminal Sounds SUB128) CD/2LP - release date 24/8/18 - ex Trad Gras Och Stenar, with Reine Fiske (guitar), could be good

- and maybe some others I've forgot!


Svart Records......

When we re-order from them, we plan on getting most of these:

Kairon; Irse! - RUINATION (SVART071CD) CD - interesting post-rock band

Malady - MALADY (SVR403CD) CD - excellent new Finnish prog band (also available on LP, second edition)

Malady - TOINEN TOISTA (SVART145) CD/LP - new album

Oiling Boiling - TWO FACES (SRE142CD) CD - 70s fusion

Pelagos - REVOLVE (SVART159CD) CD - ex Circle

Tusmörke - HINSIDES (SVART089CD) CD - Norwegian formerly stoner band getting more prog and experimental as they go along

Tusmörke - FORT BAK LYSET (SVR401CD) CD - probably their finest yet

Day Is Over - DAY IS OVER (SRE051CD) CD - 70s Eero Koivistoinen fusion project - release date 31/8/18

- if there's anything else on the label that you're after, I can check if it's available


Monster Melodies Records...

Thinking of stocking a few releases on Monster Melodies Records ‎from France. Mostly unreleased recordings of the French 1970s underground. These are LP only, and are not cheap (will be around £25 retail I think), and include: Xalph (moody Shub Niggurath / Eskaton type band), Robert Wood And Woodlands - Live at Lons Le Saulnier, 1974 (excellent trippy psych/prog by electric vibes player, Gong & Lard Free related), Eclosion - Eclosion (excellent trippy folk-psych/experimental, ex Ame Son), Moving Gelatine Plates (unreleased sessions and live), etc.
Anyone interested? More info at: https://www.discogs.com/label/613034-Monster-Melodies-Records


still waiting for...

Galactic Explorers - EPITAPH FOR VENUS (Mental Experience) LP - delayed due to pressing problems


other news...


Email: In October 2017 I was bombed with spam on utle2uk with thousands of mails per minute and the only way to stop it was to report it, which means the spam has stopped but I can't send mail on that account. I will set up a new main account on btconnect if they can't restore it. But, for now I have to send mails on gmail. So, if you wish you email me (Alan) direct, please email xylem777@gmail.com instead.


Unofficial products: Discogs have stopped the sale of unofficial items via their database. This means that a few of the items we have in stock can no longer be sold via Discogs, including: Bamboo: Magical Power Mako box, Germanofon: Neu! (3 cheap second-hand copies), Phoenix: Brast Burn, Karuna Khyal, and the Far East Family Band - Nipponjin LP. These are all our last copies, so once gone they're gone forever!


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