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The printed version of Ultima Mail-Order Catalogue 169 (March-April 2018)
was mailed-out to subscribers 27 February 2018
The web version was posted online 14:30 on 1 March 2018

the list


new stocks!...

a few more April new stocks
Alphataurus - Alphataurus LP
Bardo Pond - Under The Pines CD
Biglietto Per L'Inferno - Il Tempo Della Semina LP
Cherry Five - Cherry Five LP - pre Goblin
Current 93 - The Moons At Your Door CD
The Deviants - Ptooff! CD
Elephant9 - Greatest Show On Earth CD
Eloy - Power And The Passion CD
Eloy - Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes CD
Gentle Giant - Three Friends / Octopus 2CD
German Oak - Down In The Bunker 3xCD
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Between Nothingness & Eternity / Visions Of The Emerald Beyond 2CD
May Blitz - May Blitz / The 2nd Of May
Nucleus - Elastic Rock / We'll Talk About It Later
Portraits - Portraits
LP, Ltd - big meditational drone outings from Barn Owl and friends
SubArachnoid Space - Eight Bells CD

and some 50+ more - see: https://www.discogs.com/seller/ultimathulerecords/profile

new batch of European imports
The Bridge - OVERDRIVE - ROCK/JAZZ-PARTY (Sommor SOMM040) LP £16.00 - great 70s fusion

Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies - THE AMERICAN METAPHYSICAL CIRCUS (Columbia MS 7317) LP £8.00 - bargain reissue, quality GZ pressing - ex United States Of America, 1969 weirdo psychedelic
Ergo Sum - MEXICO
(Replica Records RPC01) LP £16.00

Fusioon - FUSIOON (Divucsa 32-516) CD £13.00 - classic Spanish 70s prog/psych/fusion. Debut album

Fusioon - FUSIOON (Sommor SOMM033) LP £16.00 - Debut album

Fusioon - FUSIOON (Divucsa 32-517) CD £13.00 - classic Spanish 70s prog/psych/fusion - 2nd album

Fusioon - FUSIOON (Sommor SOMM034) LP £16.00 - 2nd album

Galactic Explorers - EPITAPH FOR VENUS (Mental Experience MENT014CD) CD £11.00

Kay Hoffman - FLORET SILVA (Sommor SOMM029) LP £16.00

Lady June - LADY JUNE'S LINGUISTIC LEPROSY (Mental Experience MENT017) LP £16.00

Magdalena - LANEAN SARTZEN (SPA SPA1001) CD £9.00 - obscure Spanish prog

Kimio Mizutani - A PATH THROUGH HAZE (Therapeutic Records THR1001) LP £16.00 - wonderful Japanese psych-prog

Osanna - PRELUDIO TEMA VARIAZIONI CANZONA (Vinyl Magic, Fonit VMLP 092, lpx 14) LP £13.00 - aka Milano Calibro 9

Temple - TEMPLE (Mental Experience MENT019CD) £11.00 - Heavy space-rock and folky, mix of Cozmic Coridors, Golem and Hawkwind styles

Temple - TEMPLE (Mental Experience MENT019) LP £16.00

Triana - EL PATIO (Fonomusic 2564610376) CD £13.00 - classic Spanish 70s prog - nice card gatefold reissue with bonus tracks!

Zauber - ZAUBER (UM 104) LP £13.00 - classic debut album by this Italian prog band, with trippy and baroque touches, female vocals, etc.

new batch of second-hand vinyl
Energit - ENERGIT (Supraphon 1 13 1787) LP ex+/g £13.00

King Crimson - IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON (EG EGLP 2) LP ex/ex £8.00

King Crimson - LIZARD (Polydor 2302 059) LP ex/ex £7.00

Pink Floyd - ATOM HEART MOTHER (Harvest SHVL 781) LP vg+/ex+ ex+/ex+ £7.00

New Trolls - SENZA ORARIO SENZA BANDIERA (Vinyl Magic, Cetra VMLP 130, LPX 3) LP ex+/ex+ £11.00

New Trolls - CONCERTO GROSSO PER I NEW TROLLS (Vinyl Magic, Cetra VMLP129, LPX8) LP m/ex+ £14.00 heavy vinyl

Czesław Niemen - IDÉE FIXE (Polskie Nagrania Muza SX 1570-1571, SN 0770) 2xLP+7"EP ex/vg-vg+/g/ex £13.00

Premiata Forneria Marconi - PHOTOS OF GHOSTS (Manticore K 43502) LP vg+-ex/ex £7.00

Premiata Forneria Marconi - COOK (Manticore K 53506) LP ex+/vg+ £9.00

Premiata Forneria Marconi - THE WORLD BECAME THE WORLD (Manticore K 53502) LP vg+-ex+/g+ £9.00

long overdue Heldon reissues
Heldon - ELECTRONIQUE GUERILLA (Bureau B BB 280) CD £13.00
Heldon - ELECTRONIQUE GUERILLA (Bureau B BB 280) LP £21.00
Heldon - HELDON II "ALLEZ-TÉIA" (Bureau B BB 281) CD £13.00
Heldon - HELDON II "ALLEZ-TÉIA" (Bureau B BB 281) LP £21.00


new Garden Of Delights stocks
Cosmic Circus Music - WIESBADEN 1973 (Garden Of Delights CD 168) CD £13.00 - space improv

Dr. Aftershave* - IN THE DIVING BELL (Garden Of Delights CD 181) CD £13.00 - ex Missus Beastly
Embryo - UMSONST UND DRAUßEN - VLOTHO 1977 (Garden Of Delights CD 182) CD £13.00
Emma Myldenberger - TOUR DE TRANCE (Garden Of Delights CD 127) CD £13.00
Exponent - UPSIDE DOWN (Garden Of Delights CD 177) CD £13.00 - excellent unreleased prog

Gila - GILA "FREE ELECTRIC SOUND" (Garden Of Delights CD 179) CD £13.00 - classic space-rock
Ibliss - SUPERNOVA (Garden Of Delights CD 146) CD £13.00 - ex Organisation
Missus Beastly - SPACE GUERILLA (Garden Of Delights CD 176) CD £13.00
Morpheus - RESTLESS DREAMS (Garden Of Delights CD 183) CD £13.00
Out Of Focus - RAT ROADS (Garden Of Delights CD 064) CD £13.00
Radio Noisz Ensemble - YNIVERZE (Garden Of Delights CD 148) CD £13.00
Sunbirds - SUNBIRDS (Garden Of Delights CD 161) CD £13.00
Xhol - ESSEN 1970 (Garden Of Delights CD 152) CD £13.00

Zoppo Trump - ZOPPO TRUMP (Garden Of Delights CD 154) CD £13.00 - largely unreleased prog

Various - PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND 18 (Garden Of Delights CD 180) CD £4.00


Latest UT releases: Auricle, Cosmic Egg


Web problems
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Email: recently I was bombed with spam on utle2uk with thousands of mails per minute and the only way to stop it was to report it, which means the spam has stopped but I can't send mail on that account. I will set up a new main account on btconnect if they can't restore it. But, for now I have to send mails on gmail. So, if you wish you email me (Alan) direct, please email xylem777@gmail.com instead.


Unofficial products
Discogs are stopping the sale all unofficial items via their database. This means that a few of the items we have in stock can no longer be sold via Discogs (even though these were purchased via official UK distributors). They include the following labels: Bamboo, Germanofon, Phoenix, etc.



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