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Ultima Thule Mail-Order List 176 online

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The printed version of Ultima Mail-Order Catalogue 176 (May-June 2019)
was mailed-out to subscribers on 29 April 2019
The web version was posted online on 1 May 2019 at 3:30pm
Ordering instructions: look here



Visiting Ultima Thule

All you need to do is phone or email us to arrange a mutually agreeable time. Our advertised business hours are best, but we can be flexible!
If you are visiting the VIP record fair in Leicester on Sunday 19th May, we are only a short walk away (half a mile) from there. Best time to visit on Sunday: between 10am & midday (afternoons also possible).


P&P / shipping rates

Royal Mail have revised their prices, and new rates have been added on this site & Discogs


Recent arrivals

Nothing much new yet, as we've just published the May-June catalogue. On that you'll find lots of new stuff, all "easy find" tagged as #. The are lots of releases from Mellow Records, Italy (a label we've been out of stock of for many years, including the two classics by Living Life and a great but little-known one by Tangle Edge), a large delivery from a French distributor (Musea and other labels, and many international prog rarities), a delivery from Materiali Sonori with restocks of all available Embryo titles, plus releases on Bureau B, Cuneiform, GAD Records, Klanggallerie, Subliminal Sounds, etc., and late arrival batches of second-hand CDs and LPs, etc., etc.


Galactic Explorers

At long last, Mental Experience managed to get a decent pressing of EPITAPH FOR VENUS, and copies of the vinyl issue are now in stock.


The Dustman Dilemma

FIRST TRIP TO THE ROARING PLAINS (Baboon Fish Label) CD £10.00 - sold-out & now restocked!

ON SECOND THOUGHT (L'étourneur, Atypeek Music, Baboon Fish Label) CD £10.00

excellent current French jazzy-edged prog fusion band, with all sorts of influences, hints of Moving Gelatine Plates, Canterbury and RiO bands, and I hear nods to The Muffins, Bablicon, Need New Body, Black Carrot as well, and a little bit of that Didier Malherbe Gong thing going on (of course, everyone else will see other connections). All that in a unique twist of their own and vocals in English

Also from the same region of northern France...
F.A.T. - ANIMAL (L'étourneur, etc.) MLP £15.00 / CD £6.00 - 21m of excellent 2016 French experimental rock
NOOUMENA - CONTROLLED FREAKS (L'étourneur, Decagon) CD £10.00 - second album by this modern French experimental rock band, related to Dustman Dilemma with all sorts of influences ranging from Canterbury to Krautrock, and lots of heir own invention
VI!VI!VI! - II (L'étourneur, etc.) LP £15.00 - rather good 2019 French instrumental experimental rock with Faust and La STPO connections, and quite a bit of Faust influence


items listed with grey strikethrough are sold


latest arrivals and for sale re-listings shown first here...



Ultima Thule releases


Audion magazine...
Many are now last copies, some are out of print. Grab them before they go! Look here and here


Available again on Cosmic Egg...

ALCATRAZ - NO. 4 (UTCE 008 CDR) all instrumental fiery 1980's styled cross genre jazz-rock with a funky edge, akin to instrumental "guitar" Zappa, or the likes of David Torn or Terje Rypdal & The Chasers.


new Auricle downloads on Bandcamp...

Auricle music page

catalogue page


new Auricle...
Auricle CDR page
DAVID HINDMARCH - THE LONG TRICK (AMCDR 289) electroacoustic works featuring voice.
RANCID POULTRY - ARCHIVES 1993-05-04 (AMCDR 290) 73:48 previously unreleased free-rock jam sessions

APPROACHING INFINITY - INVISIBLE CONVERSATION (AMCDR 291) 2nd album of duo works by Alan Freeman & Jim Tetlow

RANCID POULTRY - ARCHIVES 1995-04-04 (AMCDR 292) 60:46 previously unreleased free-rock jam sessions

RUIN - MENTAL DISTURBANCE (AMCDR 293) 2017 session recordings by current experimental jam/space rock band

RANCID POULTRY - ARCHIVES 1996-08-13 (AMCDR 294) 58:34 previously unreleased
Interstellar Cementmixers related

You can order these individually via the PayPal buttons on the above linked pages. If you wish to order all of them, then send me an email requesting a PayPal invoice to: utle2uk@btconnect.com or pay using your registered credit/debit card, or request a quote to pay by UK bank cheque, etc.


coming soon...

Rancid Poultry - Archives 1997-01-14 (AMCDR 296) 66:54 previously unreleased - now on pre-order!
Triax - 44 (AMCDR 297)
January 2018 session recordings - now on pre-order!
Rancid Poultry - Archives 1998-06-02 (AMCDR 298)
previously unreleased
Ruin - TBA (AMCDR 299)
Rancid Poultry - Archives Fragments 1994-1998 (AMCDR 300)
previously unreleased
Ruin - TBA (AMCDR 301)
Approaching Infinity - Triton (AMCDR 302)
trio works by Alan Freeman & Jim Tetlow + 1
Ruin - Wired Up (AMCDR 303)
March 2018 session
Triax - TBA
? - TBA

See all the latest Auricle releases here

all the original un-reissued 1984 Alto Stratus releases
Alto Stratus - Urban Decay (DS101 CDR) 12/83? © 1/84 reissue of the 1984 cassette

Alto Stratus - Tales From Tomorrow (DS102 CDR) 12/83-1/84 © 1/84 reissue of the 1984 cassette

Alto Stratus - Epatant! (DS103 CDR) 1/84 © 1/84 reissue of the 1984 cassette

Alto Stratus - Trauma (DS104 CDR) 9/1/84 © 1/84 reissue of the 1984 cassette + bonus track

Alto Stratus - Chaos (DSB3 CDR) 17-18/1/84 unreleased

Alto Stratus - Kronos (DSB11 CDR) 23/1/84 unreleased

Alto Stratus - Xolotl (DSB24 CDR) 30/1/84 unreleased

Alto Stratus - Logos (DSB12 CDR) 31/1/84 unreleased

Alto Stratus - Thor (DSB20 CDR) 1-2/84 unreleased

Alto Stratus - Liquid Sky (DS107 CDR) reissue of the 1984 cassette + bonus tracks

Alto Stratus - Iblis (DSB9  CDR) 27-30/9/84 unreleased

Alto Stratus - Live In Studio 9/10/84 (DS110 CDR) reissue of the 1984 cassette

See all the latest Dark Star reissues here


refound Auricle...

Endgame - CUPOLA (AMCDR 040) CDR £7.00 - 4 covers rediscovered! buy here
Endgame - PARADOXE
(AMCDR 036) CDR £7.00 - 20 covers rediscovered! buy here

Dave Powell - FRIED ROSIN (AMCDR 042) CDR £7.00 - 7 covers rediscovered buy here

Jim Tetlow - ONEIROMANCER (AMCDR 009) CDR £7.00 - 17 covers rediscovered -1 copy sold buy here
these will be duplicated to order


very last stock copies of these Auricle releases...

Endgame - FLUXION (AMCDR 050) CDR £9.00 - last new copy

Endgame - FLUXION (AMCDR 050) CDR £7.00 - ex-display insert new/vg+ copy

Endgame - KHIMAIRA (AMCDR 108/9) 2xCDR £11.00 - last copy of original (will be reissued with a slightly revised cover)

Endgame - COBWEBS (AMCDR 125) CDR £7.00 - one-off hand-labelled copy

Endgame - JUST CURIOUS (AMCDR 154/155) 2CDR £11.00 - last copy of second edition

Endgame - MP3 DISC (AMP3 CDR 001) CDR £11.00 - last copy (17 hours of Endgame as mp3)

Moore/Myers - REACHING BEYOND THE SPHERE (AMC 026) c60 cassette £9.00 - last copy

various artists - A BREEZE OF TIME (AMACDR 015) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

various artists - AURICLE CASSETTES SAMPLER (AMSCDR 001) CDR £9.00 - last copy (inc. rare Courtyard Moth, Robert Rich, Shub Niggurath)

various artists - HISTORICAL AURICLE (AMSCDR 002) CDR £9.00 - last copy (inc. rare Con-Hertz, Peter Frohmader, Colin Potter, etc.)

various artists - AURICLE CDR 2001 SAMPLER (AMSCDR 005) CDR £3.00 - last 4 copies

various artists - AURICLE CDR 2002 SAMPLER (AMSCDR 010) CDR £3.00 - last copy

various artists - DRONSZ (AMCDR 038) CDR £7.00 - one-off hand-labelled copy
various artists - RARITIES 2 (AMACDR 013) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

various artists - UT GOLDEN HOUR (AMSCDR 003) CDR £3.00 - last 4 copies


very last stock copies of Endgame Live discs...

Discover Endgame live, an improvising electronics band from Leicester, UK. These bargain priced releases amount to a selection of choice live recordings from 2001 to 2005, some featuring special guests and culminating as support to Arthur Brown. Some of this is the most out-there Endgame recorded. Styles: drone, ambient, electroacoustic, dark ambient, kosmische, industrial. Available direct or via the Ultima Thule Discogs shop.

Endgame - LIVE VOL. II (Auricle AMEGL2) CDR £7.00 - white cased - last copy

Endgame - LIVE VOL. IV (Auricle AMEGL4) CDR £7.00 - white cased - last copy

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VI (Auricle AMEGL6) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VI (Auricle AMEGL6) CDR £2.50 - white cased - ex display copy - hence special offer price!

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VIII (Auricle AMEGL8) CDR £9.00 - white cased - last copy, one of the first 10 published with misprinted cover!

Endgame - LIVE VOL. IX (Auricle AMEGL9) CDR £7.00 - white cased - last copy

Endgame - LIVE VOL. X (Auricle AMEGL10) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - LIVE 2001 SAMPLER (Auricle AMEGS1) CDR £3.00 - white cased - ex display copy - last copy


very last stock copies of Endgame Plasm set...

Discover Endgame in a nutshell, an improvising electronics band from Leicester, UK. These bargain priced releases amount to a selection of session and live specials, plus remixes and rarities, largely in the more accessible vein of drone, ambient, electroacoustic, dark ambient, kosmische, industrial. Available direct or via the Ultima Thule Discogs shop.

Endgame - PROTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD1) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last copy

Endgame - PROTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD1) CDR £2.50 - copy with case marked PROMO and silver disc - hence special offer at half price

Endgame - PROTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD1) CDR £4.00 - sleeved - last copy

Endgame - CYTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD2) CDR £4.00 - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - CYTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD2) CDR £3.00 - sleeved - last 2 copies

Endgame - ECTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD3) CDR - sold-out

Endgame - ENDOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD4) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last copy

Endgame - ENDOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD4) CDR £4.00 - sleeved - last 3 copies

Endgame - BIOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD5) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - BIOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD5) CDR £4.00 - sleeved - last 2 copies

Endgame - NUCLEOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD6) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - NUCLEOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD6) CDR £4.00 - sleeved - last 3 copies

Endgame - PLASM SET (Auricle) 6xCDR bagged - sold-out


special limited editions / reissues...

Con-Hertz - CONTRASTS (AMC 028) 2x c90 £15.00 - 6 copies - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Peter Frohmader - JULES VERNE CYCLE (AMC 018) c60 £5.00 - last 40 copies - duplicated on branded chrome cassettes

Robert Rich - LIVE (AMC 021) MC £9.00 - 6 copies (#164-169) - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Robert Rich - LIVE (AMCDR-LTD 021) 2CDR £9.00 - 20 copies

Robert Rich - INNER LANDSCAPES (AMC 029) MC £5.00 - 20 copies - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Robert Rich - INNER LANDSCAPES (AMCDR-LTD 029) 2CDR £9.00 - 20 copies


copies of these can be duplicated to order...


I still have covers for these (quantities as stated), but no way to print on silver discs, so these will be "hand labelled" like this


Endgame - HORIZONS (AMCDR 084) - 2 copies

Endgame - OBVIOUS (AMCDR 086) - 2 copies

Endgame - ELEMENTAL TRAVELLER (AMCDR 110) - 2 copies

Endgame - OCULAR (AMCDR 111) - 2 copies

Endgame - VAPOURS (AMCDR 160) - 1 copy

Endgame - ENIGMA (AMCDR 161) - 1 copy

Endgame - UNDER CONSTRUCTION (AMCDR 162) - 1 copy

Endgame - TACTILE (AMCDR 170) - 1 copy

Endgame - REMOTE VIEWING (AMCDR 176) - 1 copy

Extremities - COLLISION THEORY (AMCDR 141) - 2 copies

Endgame - TACTILE (AMCDR 170) - 1 copy


Important note about Auricle releases
As we no longer have a printer capable of printing A3 pages many releases will no longer be re-pressed. All the Auricle Archive releases will be deleted once current stocks are depleted. Some are last one or two copies. Also, the Dark Star series were only intended to be limited issues, and other budget titles that are also down to the last copies will also not be re-pressed. Only certain titles of Alto Stratus, Endgame and Triax be kept on release, with just a few as new editions.
There is also a number of other factors as to why we are doing this: 1. Keeping the whole catalogue of releases available is not really practical, 2. We only have so much storage space, so in order to do more new releases we need to free-up some shelf space, 3. The old printing systems we used are no longer available, 4. Redesigning artwork to do new editions is time consuming (and thus will only be done for best selling titles), and 5. printing to silver discs is no longer possible. Besides those last copies on this page, I've also add low stock level warnings on the Auricle CDR listing page.


Latest UT releases: catalogue page, Auricle, Cosmic Egg


Soon?: not in stock yet


new items ordered...

various other new releases and stock finds


new Auricle releases / in preparation...

see above panel


new releases / yet to order...

Caspar Brotzmann Massaker - THE TRIBE and BLACK AXIS - new reissues!

Far Corner - RISK - CD on Cuneiform - but not showing on UK distributor lists

Forgas Band Phenomena - L’OREILLE ÉLECTRIQUE - CD on Cuneiform - but not showing on UK distributor lists

Konstruktivists - PSYKHO GENETIKA - CD reissue on Klanggalerie

Kungens Man - ‘CHEF’ - LP on Riot Season

Richard Pinhas - EAST WEST - LP/CD reissue on Bureau B

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow - ANNIHILATION (Music From The Motion Picture) (Invada LSINV193) CD/LP - release date 15/6/18 - Beak> related

Gunter Schickert - NACHTFALTER - new LP/CD on Bureau B

The Spacious Mind - THE DRIFTER - oddments compilation with 1 new track

Third Ear Band - PECLEC reissues with bonus material

Bernard Xolotl - LAST WAVE - CD/LP reissue on Bureau B


via Plastic Head distribution, possibly (all prog or psych of some kind): Frozen Planet 1969, Astral Son, Professor Tip Top - Hybrid Hymns, The Tronosonic Experience - II: The Big Blow, Adventure - New Horizon, Mythopoeic Mind - Mythopoetry (you can listen to some earlier tracks here: https://mythopoeicmind.bandcamp.com/album/train-of-mind - a bit mellow and lyrical for my taste, but not bad)


and maybe some others I've forgot!


Monster Melodies Records...

Thinking of stocking a few releases on Monster Melodies Records ‎from France. Mostly unreleased recordings of the French 1970s underground. These are LP only, and are not cheap (will be around £25 retail I think), and include: Xalph (moody Shub Niggurath / Eskaton type band), Robert Wood And Woodlands - Live at Lons Le Saulnier, 1974 (excellent trippy psych/prog by electric vibes player, Gong & Lard Free related), Eclosion - Eclosion (excellent trippy folk-psych/experimental, ex Ame Son), Moving Gelatine Plates (unreleased sessions and live), etc.
Anyone interested? More info at: https://www.discogs.com/label/613034-Monster-Melodies-Records
I'm after listening copies of those listed below to decide if we need to stock them (only edited track samples can be found online)...
Dies Irae MMLP08, Jacques Dudon - Erosion Distillée MMLP09, Satan MMLP10, Contrepoint MMLP11, Calcium MMLP12, Xalph MMLP13


still waiting for...

Galactic Explorers - EPITAPH FOR VENUS (Mental Experience) LP - delayed due to pressing problems


Web news


New Bandcamp pages, see New downloads above.
Ultima Thule blog page created, have a look: https://ultimathulemailorder.blogspot.com
Visit the Ultima Thule Facebook group for all sorts of info, chat, trivia, etc.



Triax - Underground

Approaching Infinity - En Passant

Tartovisti - Full Moon

Endgame - Electroacoustics

Quadelectronic photo slide-shows with audio from the events...

QE121 - Ten performance
- sets 1to4 montage



other news...


We were on the radio!

Zircon & The Burning Brains special on "Wavelength" show at Resonance radio (first broadcast Friday 11th January 2019)


Unofficial products: Discogs have stopped the sale of unofficial items via their database. This means that a few of the items we have in stock can no longer be sold via Discogs, including: Bamboo: Magical Power Mako box, Germanofon: Neu! (just 1 second-hand copy left), Phoenix: Brast Burn, Karuna Khyal, and the Far East Family Band - Nipponjin LP. These are all our last copies, so once gone they're gone forever!



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