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Partners: Alan Freeman & Steven Freeman

July 1989 - Easter 1991 7-8 Exchange Buildings, Rutland Street offices with retail area
Easter 1991 - August 2009 1 Conduit Street record shop
August 2009 - June 2010 1c Conduit Street (third floor) offices with retail area
June 2010+ 21 Heather Road...


The UT shop is sadly no more. After 10 months upstairs at 1C Conduit Street it became apparent that we no longer needed the expense of a retail unit. Thus, as we were forced to move again, we instead relocated the business to a private office for our mail-order service & all other operations.
The location is about 2 miles south of the old UT shop, which is just a 25 minute walk or short bus/car/taxi ride.

Visitors are welcome. We still want to meet friends and customers! So, why not contact me about visiting. We are not a shop and do not have actual "opening times" but we are pretty flexible. We can probably cater for visits at any time you desire within reason. It's best to make an "appointment" if possible. That is you should email or phone me for further information and to check it's okay. Best not to chance a visit unannounced, as we may not be here! But, if you are passing by, then why not? Still, a phone call would be handy!

Coming to Leicester, want to buy something but can't get here? We can also meet up somewhere, as I go out shopping 2 or 3 times a week. Or, you can catch us at one of our gigs, or at Quadelectronic. Nothing is too much trouble really, well - within reason that is!

Steve & Alan Freeman
Ultima Thule
21 Heather Road

Telephone: 0116 270 2354 [+44 116 270 2354]
We welcome visitors (friends/customers) as long as...
Best times to phone
10:00am-12:45pm / 1:15pm-5:00pm
Usual office times: Monday-Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm

Directions: Leicester city centre buses: 48, 49, 49A, 49B
From Leicester train station use bus stop: Train Station 1 Arriva bus 48
to Welford Road, Heather Road (
2 stops after Grimsby Fish & Chip shop)
cross over Welford Road & turn right into Heather Road, we're #21.
Return journey: Bus stop: Heather Road (on Welford Road) Arriva bus 47
to Leicester Train Station, or any other Arriva bus to the city centre.
More detailed directions available by email. Or use this map

You can chat with me (Alan) at Ultima Thule on Facebook

Ultima Thule owners Steve Freeman (left) & Alan Freeman (right)

best wishes
Steve & Alan at Ultima Thule...


Closed shop in 2010 - now run from a different address - see info on this page!Closed shop in 2010 - now run from a different address - see info on this page!
The view from Conduit St. entrance to Leicester train station....

Historical picturesHistorical pictures.Historical pictures
Steve tilling a mail-order sale & Alan to the right, plus 2 views inside the UT shop: CD racks, LP racks, cassettes, new arrivals, etc.

The above is just for reference & of historical interest. The old shop is now part of a Tesco Express!
The offices we moved to upstairs at 1C Conduit Street for 10 months are now flats.

Note: the P.O. Box address we used for Audion Magazine and Auricle label & other releases is no longer in use.
If you see the following address: P.O. Box 225, Leicester, LE2 1DX - do not use it!


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