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Auricle AMCDR 101/2 99'44"

1. Fire On I Must Go 37'30"
2. Jazziz 7'45"
3. City Wolf 4'39"
4. Demo (extract) 6'00"

Model 81
1. Part 1 14'59"
2. Part 2 5'45"
3. Part 3 4'40"
4. Reprise 0'55"
5. Heavy Street 4'33"
Wolfgang Hertz
6. Return 9 13'00"

Produced & engineered by Wolfgang Hertz.
Executive producer Auricle Music.

Wolfgang Hertz: keyboards, tapes, effects.
Jan Kuchler: drums, generator, tapes (Aussenminister)
Gobo: sax, tapes, effects (Aussenminister)
Chris Lunch: vocals, keyboards (Model 81)
Ellen Strap: vocals, tapes (Model 81)
Annette Koch: drumulator (Input)
Jan Kuchler: keyboards (Input)

In the early 1980's Berlin was rife with experimental electronics bands. These two groups were part of the complex history of sound experimenter Wolfgang Hertz (also known for his work with Conrad Schnitzler as "Con-Hertz"), Aussenminister are caught live with a lengthy spaced-out electronics/sax piece recalling early Cluster and Kraftwerk. The Model 81 material is selected from three hours of archive recordings, is more varied and industrial, and often recalls Cluster, Kraftwerk, or Harmonia.

CDR anthology notes...

This CD collection is respectfully dedicated to Wolfgang "Hertz" Heusmann, a prolific and pioneering Berlin electronic musician/multi-instrumentalist from the new-wave of the late-1970's and early-1980's. He was active in numerous obscure groups, i.e. Aussenminister, Input, Model 81, and others - as leader and/or collaborator throughout this period - as well as working solo. He also collaborated with Conrad Schnitzler on a few releases. Attempts to find Wolfgang today have proved fruitless, and even Conrad hasn't heard from him for some ten years or so, and he fears the worst. So, to avoid this obscure corner of Krautrock history being lost altogether as a few old cassette relics, we collate all the recordings we have, including the full length (and better quality) cosmic mind-trip "Fire On I Must Go"

Fire On I Must Go (extract) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9cz8ycgAmw

2xCD-R 11.00 + p&p

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