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Specialist cassette label, established in the mid-1980s to present our own private recordings, and for other obscure artists worthy of further exposure.

Auricle CDR's

Robert Rich - Live

Endgame - Stretched Across the Sea

Alto Stratus - Catharsis

available old titles...

Alto Stratus - Svet Ozveny (AMC 001) c90
Alto Stratus - Tension! (AMC 002) c60
Peter Frohmader - Jules Verne Cycle (AMC 018) c60
Robert Rich - Live (AMC 021) c90
Robert Rich - Inner Landscapes (AMC 029) c90
Zircon & The Burning Brains - Out Of The Ashes (AMC 022) c45
Moore/Myers - Reaching Beyond the Sphere (AMC 026) c60
Con-Hertz - Contrasts (AMC 028) 2x c90
Ole Højer Hansen - Nudity (AMC 032) c70
Alto Stratus - The Ritual (AMC 035) c60
- can be duplicated to order
Courtyard Moth - Alive 'n' Gigging + (AMC 045) c90

Late 1990s cassette only...

Endgame - Stretched Across the Sea (AMC 046) c92 - 50 copy edition
Endgame - Early Stasis (AMC 047) c92
- 50 copy edition - CDR reissue sold out
Endgame - Treppenhaus (AMC 048) c92
- 50 copy edition - CDR reissue sold out
Alto Stratus - Catharsis (AMC 049) c92
- 50 copy edition

Auricle was originally a cassette only label, launched in 1986 alongside Audion Magazine. It was the successor to the Dark Star label and other brands. All original cassettes were duplicated on quality Chrome unbranded tape. Replication was by Colin Potter, at his ICR Studio, in York or Preston. Colin no longer does cassette duplication, so titles available on this page should be considered as the last remaining stocks, otherwise - deleted, but available until we run-out that is!

Note that the "Late 1990s cassette only" items AMC 046 - 049 are 50 copy limited editions on cassette. These are all currently down to 10 or less copies.

Many titles here are now also available as CDR releases.

Recent duplications are replicated on branded tapes (of the same quality).
These vary in price due to the quantity available.

See full chronology of Auricle cassette releases


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