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cover by Alan.

2x90 UK 17.50

2x90 Europe 21.00

2x90 World 22.00


This cassette release is now down
to the last 6 remaining copies at
this price. It is now a rare
collectible item!
Note: these final copies are
duplicated on high quality
chrome Maxell XL II cassettes.


A CD-R version is also available
via our Discogs shop


Auricle AMC 028 158'40" DELETED: LAST COPIES

Con Brio (Parts 1-24) 40'38"
including several pieces for small mock orchestra

Con Spirito (Parts 1-28) 41'16"
abstract dances and bizarre happenings

Con Fuoco (Parts 1-11) 37'42"
mysterious sounds from beneath the earth

Con Dolore 18'55"
Con Moto (Parts 1-9) 19'49"
returning from whence we came...

Composed by Con-Hertz.
Recorded at Con's home studio in Berlin: A - 15 January 1987, B - 20 January 1987, C - 28 January 1987, D1 17 December 1986, D2 26 January 1987.
Coordinated by Con. Production and titles by Auricle Music. Cover by Alan.

Conrad Schnitzler: composing.
Wolfgang Hertz: voicing.

Some of the finest from the early digital era of Conrad Schnitzler, even better than the LP of the time "Micon In Italia" this is a mixture of avant/melodic hybrids, pieces that sound a bit like The Residents in instrumental "Mole" mode or the quirkier end of Sky era Asmus Tietchens. In all, a great value release!
Wolfgang Hertz can also be heard solo on the "Historical Auricle" CDR release, with the enigmatic but powerful "Return 9" dating from 1984, originally from the now deleted "Journey To The End Of Night" Auricle double cassette.
Note: Licence was for 200 copies, however only the first 100 were numbered (written in silver ink #/200 on the cassette case). Set comes in a large (137mm x 105mm) clear cassette case, with insert printed black on marlmarque (card first 120, paper later ones). A CDR version is also available via download.

Originally a 2xc90 cassette - planned 200 copy edition - released ?/?/1988.
First CDR edition - released ?/?/2016 - buy via Discogs.

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