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A special budget CDR series, reissuing choice old cassettes.

Alto Stratus - Gravamina For Uxoricide

1. Alan Freeman - Dark Corridors (DSC16 CDR) 39'59"
2. Alto Stratus - Contaminate (DSC 60.012) 62'00"
3. Alto Stratus - Vrije 4 (DSC 60.009 CDR) 54'00"
4. Alto Stratus - Gravamina For Uxoricide (DSC 60.018 CDR) 60'20"
5. Alto Stratus - Diabolik Trepidation (DSC DS201 CDR) 56'07"
6. Alto Stratus - New Life! (DSC DS213 CDR) 61'11"
7. ZBB - Mana (DSC DS304 CDR) 58'16"
8. ZBB - Anam (DSC DSC01 CDR) 60'27"

Looking through and sorting out some of our old cassette releases recently, I decided to re-check some of them and see if they were still up to scratch. Of course, some old releases are best left in the vaults, forgotten, some others still have a good deal going for them, and here are a few that we thought were still rather good. So, although not up to modern production standards, these were certainly worthy of a CD-R reissue. So, we thought - why not?!

Alan Freeman - Xylem - Dark CorridorsAlto Stratus - ContaminateAlto Stratus -Vrije 4Alto Stratus - Diabolik TrepidationAlto Stratus - New Life!ZBB - ManaZBB - Anam

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