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Kontakte, cover by Alan Freeman

UK 9.00

Europe 12.50

World 13.50

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CDR Auricle AMCDR 224 63'42" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Scramble 2'25"
2. One's Kept Flourish 10'03"
3. Kontakte? 24'23"
4. Noiz Und Sieben 7'10"
5. Begone Alien 5'14"
6. Vir Un Oisen Even 9'54"
7. Descending Symphony 4'21"

Recorded direct to Fostex digital recorder at Tachyon Studio,17 Sept 2003.
Mixed 16 October and 29 December 2003, by Alan Freeman.

Endgame are:
Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Jim Tetlow
using guitars, electronics, wires, metal, objects.

A uniquely different Endgame that was in some ways a precursor to "Memento" in its contemporary avant-garde feel, largely reminding us of pioneering works from the Cologne studios in the 1960s, but intuitively re-adapted, developed and re-invented in a music that could only be Endgame!

Originally issued on the Endgame mp3 disc, and also available as Bandcamp download, this 2016 edition is the first physical disc issue of Kontakte

on YouTube...
Vir Un Oisen Even

First CDR edition (quantity not specified) - released 1/8/2016.

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Auricle CDR's

This release was also
included in mp3 format on
the Endgame MP3 Disc

Endgame mp3 disc
17 hours of music


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