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Although this release is no longer
available, it is possible that copies
may turn up. i.e. refound stock,
promos or second-hand.
If so, it will either be listed on
Discogs or the UT catalogue.


Auricle AMEGL1 73'33" CDR 5.00

1. Endgame: Twilight Terminal (incomplete) 31'00"
2. Jim Tetlow: A Hybrid 21'20"
3. Alan Freeman: Xylem I Am 9'55"
4. Alto Stratus: In Tension 7'30"
5. Steve Freeman: Accordionizer (edit) 3'30"

Endgame in concert: Saturday 2 June 2001 (Shapeshifter support) &
Saturday 7 July 2001 (First Endgame evening, with over 2 hours of music,
continues on VOL II) at The Victory, Leicester.
Recorded via a cassette deck linked to a PA amplifier, with only marginal
EQ balancing, filtering, reverb. Some recordings are mono masters, and
have been balanced for stereo imaging.
Compiled by Alan Freeman, 7 October 2001

Documenting the unique spontaneous music of Endgame in concert from 2001 to 2006, this 11 disc series collects all the most coherent music from these gigs, only marginally mixed and edited, with authentic a live sound was possible. All the material in this collection is unique and not found on any other Endgame releases!

First edition (quantity unknown) - released ?/10/2001.

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