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Richard Franecki & Hadley Kahn


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Auricle AMCDR 233  53'15"  CD-R £8.00 + p&p

1. Just A Simple Malfunction 10'41"
2. In A Blue Haze 3'56"
3. Be Careful What You Look For 11'15"
4. A Scavenging Of Echoes 3'26"
5. Yes I Am 0'36"
6. Diagnosis 5'56"
7. Licorice & Lime 7'12"
8. Fragment 6 3'18"
9. Eddies Other Hallucination 6'36"

Original release:
No recording info.
Special thanks to Martha Goode & Vinny Giangola.
CDR (Slippy Town SLIPT025) © 2004

Recording history:
Mail collaboration, completed over 3 years.
Hadley Kahn: Mother West Studios, New York.
Richard Franecki: The Purple Room, New Berlin, WI (Wisconsin).

This reissue:
Remastered by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio, 10/11 September 2016 from the original CD, except track 6 which is an unreleased alternative mix (supplied by Hadley Kahn).
License: Hadley Kahn (with agreement by Richard Franecki).
Cover layout by Alan Freeman.
Procuced by Steve & Alan for Auricle Music.

Richard Franecki: guitar, Danelectro bass, Buchla 200 synth, ARP Odessey, Mirage sampler, assorted pedals & processing.
Hadley Kahn: drums, Octave Cat synth, tapes, Danelectro bass, loops, processing.

Collaboration by multi-instrumentalists Richard Franecki (from F/i and Vocokesh) on guitars etc., and Hadley Kahn (from Escapade) on drums, etc. - with a superb album that bridges Pink Floyd, Faust and Can teritory, and stops off some other places too!


To quote Hadley "it was done through the mail over a period of three years. (!)  Each of us created some basic tracks, and mailed them to the other to overdub and process at will. So some pieces started with just a drum track, others with just guitar or synth or a combination. One by one, each piece was then sent back again to the originator, and we continued this process back and forth until one of us was satisfied that the piece felt complete. If the other agreed, that was it! "A Scavenging of Echoes" is one which had no overdubs added on my end because I thought Richard's original track was perfect as it was! I did my end at Mother West Studios and I have to guess that Richard did his at home..."


Nice Exposé review here

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Licorice & Lime

20 copy numbered first edition - released 3/1/2017

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