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Escapade & related projects
American 1990s+ experimental free-rock/space-rock band

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Ultimate Transmissions label

Cosmic Egg label

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Out of print...
1. Escapade - if / or

2017 releases...
2. Escapade - Obscured Dialogues
3. Richard Franecki & Hadley Kahn - Eemn
4. Escapade - So You Know

Escapade - live circa 1998 (from Citrus Cloud Cover)


Mother West

Limited edition releases of classic
material by one of the finest of US instrumental Krautrock style bands. Escapade existed for a decade since 1996, with a rotating cast of high quality musicians led by extraordinary drummer Hadley Kahn.

Also here (for convenience), any related projects like a little-known collaboration Hadley did with guitarist (multi-instrumentalist), F/i & Vocokesh member Richard Franecki.


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