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Although this release is no longer
available, it is possible that copies
may turn up. i.e. refound stock,
promos or second-hand.
If so, it will either be listed on
Discogs or the UT catalogue.


Auricle AMCDR 028 55'46" DELETED

1. Ashtar 4'58"
2. Courtyard Of The Lion 2'19"
3. Temple Dance I 2'41"
4. Reflections 1'55"
5. Sea Child 4'35"
6. Chamber Of The Moon 3'27"
7. Silver Sleep 7'27"
8. Valley Of Enchantment 4'41"
9. Ancient Dawn 4'17"
10. Temple Dance II 5'27"
11. Pillars Of Sand 2'22"
12. Golden Flame 4'28"
13. Awakening Dream 3'39"
14. Twilight 3'24"

Recorded July to September 1984.
Additional new synth parts added to 1, 4 & 7 in 1987.

This is a licensed release, issued by courtesy of Steve Hillman and Malcolm Parker (whose Cyclops Records also owns copyright on certain compositions), published by Auricle Music as a limited numbered first edition of 50 copies.

Linda Hillman: flute improvisations.
Steve Hillman: synthesizers & keyboards.

"Ashtar" was originally released on cassette on the Mirage label in 1985. It was then re-released on the Eye Tapes label in 1987. This is its first release on a CD format. Steve is one of a rare breed, as far as British synthesists go. A unique talent. This CD is the reissue of a collaboration with his wife Linda, who plays flute. The music was a development on the "Jewelled Eye" track off his "From Distant Shores", being Eastern in style and using various musical modes to create different moods and atmospheres. A most beautiful album of ethnic spacious music, tranquil and soothing, yet also mysterious and haunting. Linda's flute is generally played with subtle echo and delay effects, sometimes tuneful, at other times - kind of just rambling, always with a subtle beauty that paints images of the Far East and ancient civilisations. I'm reminded of the flute bits on Nik Turner's Sphinx "Xitintoday", its tonal fabrics also feel like an out-there TD "Alpha Centauri" drift & the mood of the most esoteric early Kraftwerk! This is "new-age" Auricle style - dark, rich and mysterious!

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Contact: www.stevehillman.net

First edition of 50 numbered copies - released ?/?/2003.

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