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David Gate, Rob Andrews, and friends
unique electronica meets prog instrumentals

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1. Termination Point
2. Coming Forth In Light
3. Nadir And Eventual Decay


Rob Andrews and Davis Gate in 1983

Obscure instrumental, synth, space-rock, electro post new-wave band from Shrewsbury in the 1980s.

Despite getting some prestigious exposure at Electronica Festivals in Sheffield and London, and regular local gigs, The Land Of Yrx had to be one of the most unstable of bands, in that they kept splitting up and trying out other projects before getting back together for a while, expanding to four or five piece on at least two occasions before splitting again. I guess if it weren't for our two Auricle cassette releases, there would be even less info on the web these days.

The 30th anniversary of "Coming Forth In Light" seemed to be the apt time for reissuing three of their finest releases, all now with superior sound, and for the first time the complete 33 minute "Annus Mirabilis 1983"

Land Of Yrx web pages

Other references to The Land Of Yrx on the web are scarce...


Calaméo - File Under Jurassic Rock - L (2012)




Electronic space music duo from the UK.




Encyclopedia of Electronic Music - L



Land of Yrx (UK)

Environmental Studies Group Glee Club Wallow In Arrogant Self Gratification (1982)

Oh Look! There's A Red Door! (1983)

...And Damn the Consequences (1983)

Cerebration (1984)

Nadir & Eventual Decay (1984)

Miracles of Modern Surgery (1984)

Termination Point (1985)

Coming Forth In Light (1987) (recorded in 1983 - 1985)

A Place Under the Sun (1990)

Walking Into the Sky (1993)

The Rhetorical Answer 1981 - 1990 (1993)

Free Live Performance With Your Poster & Chocolate (1993) (recorded in 1984)

Long Night Falling (2002)

A Waiting Dawn (2004)


A rather obscure British experimental electronic band with Dave Gate and Rob Andrews. Mark Jenkins participates on several albums. The first cassette was privately released for Dave Gate in one copy only.


See also: Aerie, Gate, David, Andrews, Robert.


New Gibraltar L - Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock



Land of Yrx [UK]

Termination Point (85), Coming Forth in the Light (87)

Rather grating English electronic duo.

Synth space rock.


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