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Electroacoustic Surrealism 1982-84

Auricle AMCDR 251  67'46"  CD-R £8.00 + p&p

1. The Threshold Of Liberty  9'16"
2. No  8'10"
3. Hermetic Discourse  6'37"
4. Birth Of Venus  6'30" *
5. The Great Forest  5'55" *
6. Call And Answer  3'56" *
7. Nostalgia Of The Infinite (Homage to De Chirico)  7'44"
8. Dream Logic  4'35"
9. The Return Of The Poet  14'33"

Composed, performed and produced by Steve Moore at
Durham University Electronic Music Studio, England, 1982-84.
Special thanks to Peter Manning.

Guest voices on track 2: Caroline Stockmann, John Stockmann, Clare Manning.

Digital transfer and remaster by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio, 2017.
Produced by Alan & Steve freeman for Auricle Music.
Exclusive license from Steve Moore.

Original cassette art and photography by Steve Moore.
CD cover art by Alan Freeman, after René Magritte.
Typography, design, layout, project coordinator: Alan Freeman.

This reissue collects the complete recordings from two different versions
of what was basically the same cassette album...
The Return Of The Poet Mirage M611 (1983) tracks 1+4-9
The Threshold Of Liberty Inner Ear (1990) tracks 1-3+7-9
(* 4-6 = bonus tracks)

All tracks (except 3) have never been issued in digital format before!

"Beautiful as the chance encounter of a telephone and a lion with a tape recorder..." the cassette release proclaimed. Scots sound explorer Steve Moore was always an enigma stating 'In composing The Threshold of Liberty I had no precedents in any electronic or acoustic music I had heard, and I felt free to devise my own logic for it, based on that of surrealist art, and let my imagination do the rest. If it works, it is because I have followed such an inner voice’ which doesn't give much away. My first declaration of his genius was in Audion #3 (1986) when reviewing the first Re Quarterly compilation 'No. 1 would be worth having for Steve Moore's track alone, an amazing piece of tape montage in the vein of Stockhausen's Hymnen, but quite different'. In my series 50 Years Of Electronic Innovation In Music (Audion 53) I wrote 'A little-known innovative talent, working in the Luc Ferrari cum Stockhausen field of sonic collage, mixing location recordings and musical elements in unlikely concoctions. ...in the vein of the best Roger Doyle, sometimes almost unbelievably dense, sometimes hardly there at all...' Indeed, we knew that Steve Moore should have been world famous, yet he burnt-out all too soon. Maybe this extended reissue will rectify that in some way?


A nice blog review of The Threshold Of Liberty cassette by one "Continuo"...

Scottish surrealist composer Steve Moore has a logic of his own when it comes to juxtaposing dream-like, vaguely familiar sounds – though we’d rather call it un-logic in his case. No heaven-like, fluffy dreams here, but arresting, para-normal sonic events where ESP and surrealist exquisite corpse technique play a major role. That each side is symbolized by ! and ? only stresses the bewilderment and stupor capacities of the music. In this respect the concluding track ‘The Return of the Poet’ is an absolute, unforgettable masterpiece with unsettling suggestive power on the listener. ‘The Threshold…’ is a collection of electronic and tape music tracks realised at Durham University Electronic Music Studio, 1982-4. The cassette is structured with 2 surrealist paintings. The ! side is based on Magritte’s ‘The Threshold of Liberty’, pictured on top of this post. The ? side with De Chirico’s ‘Nostalgia Of The Infinite’ [+]. The music lies somewhere between those 2 stalwart masterpieces of metaphysical surrealism.

on YouTube...
Birth Of Venus

First edition of 20 numbered copies - released 3/4/2017.

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