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The Newt Hounds Present The Poignant Device, design by Alan, based on a B.Kliban cartoon.

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Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 008  70'20"  CD £8.00 + p&p

1. Schmaltz 0'35"
2. Sewer Rat 9'25"
3. A Severe Lack Of Oil 0'32"
4. Into The Fire 0'20"
5. Wit Who Runs Nude 5'45"
6. Mamma's Got A Brand New Dada 1'29"
7. Behold - The Poignant Device 3'26"
8. Fragments Of Time 0'51"
9. A House Well-Stocked 13'04"
10. An Elusive Exit 0'55"
11. Psychedelic Underground 5'43"
12. Never Creek Unless You Have To 0'32"
13. Beggars To Disaster 2'28"
14. Ensnaring The Siren 6'15"
15. Orifice Bldg 2'14"
16. Fuelling Banjos 2'00"
17. Spiral Stars & Decay 4'40"
18. Millennium Dome 2'55"
19. Primitive Accountants 2'02"
20. Kerrang! 3'20"
21. How They Get Watermelon! 1'21"
22. You're Joking! 0'20"

Created, performed & recorded by The Newt Hounds.
Recorded at Tachyon Studio (1 January-20 February & 30 October 2000), with further edits & mix-down in November 2000.

The Newt Hounds: Steve Freeman, Alan Freeman
electronics, effects, sound construction, editing, guitars, voice, percussion, etc.
El Monte
: violin & Arnie: percussion (courtesy of Volcano The Bear),
Maureen: voice (courtesy of Shapeshifter).

"Could this be an irreverent homage to Nurse With Wound…
...or is it a Dadaist/surreal musical vision of the world of B. Kliban?"

A Nurse With Wound dedication, originally inspired by "Scrag" and Diana Rogerson's solo's where quotes from B. Kliban's book "Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head" are used. Add to that the surreal diversity of styles mixed in "Alas The Madonna Does Not Function" and "A Sucked Orange" and a name/concept based a Nurse With Wound T-shirt bearing the words "The Newt Hounds?" ...

Behold - the poignant device
Its use is deceptive
Its design is elusive
Its character is sure to raise a smile

Behold - the poignant device
It appears part creature
It's a regular feature
It'll make you laugh for quite a while

Behold - the poignant device
It can also be scary
Its shocks make you wary
But its charm means it's never vile

More info? - Check-out the project history page!

Amusing web review...
The Newt Hounds is a fictional Nurse With Wound-inspired group comprised of a core duo of British brothers Alan Freeman and Steve Freeman, authors of a book on krautrock called The Crack in the Cosmic Egg and the publishers of Audion, an experimental music magazine. The Poignant Device offers up a full 70-minute program of slightly organized chaos. The CD’s 22 tracks, released in the year 2001, range from grainy, murky ambience to silly, amateurish outbursts to dense sound collages full of delay and echo. Plenty of feedback electronics, sampled voices and even a bit of live drumming can be found peppered throughout.

Sometimes, there’s not a whole lot of subtlety at work, though, what with slightly embarrassing sounds like flushing toilets, cartoon-like sound effects and a breaking glass sample on repeat making themselves heard loud and clear. At other times, Alan and Steve’s efforts occasionally amaze when, for example, some understated and heavily reverberated violin makes a brief appearance, or when the proceedings coalesce into a thick, pleasant and impressive aural blast furnace. But, in the end, who cares what I think? As the press release claims, this music is “dada in almost every respect imaginable,” which leads me to believe that Alan and Steve have, in essence, already told me to fuck off. Right on! Fans of Nurse With Wound, who this CD is dedicated to, may want to give it a try.

review by Arcane Candy

on YouTube...
Beggars To Disaster
Ensnaring The Siren
Never Creek Unless You Have To
Psychedelic Underground

First edition of 500 copies - released 25/10/2001.

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