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Rancid Poultry, Clothearz, AMA
experimental rock, electronics, etc. from Yorkshire

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1. Rancid Poultry - Controlled Exposure
2. Clothearz - Plipsqueak
3. AMA - Not Blobs
4. Rancid Poultry - Rock 'N' Roll Won't Never Die
5. Clothearz - Stig
6. AMA - Loudliveandlumpy
7. Rancid Poultry - Lungs Full Of Lead
8. Clothearz - Gig
9. Rancid Poultry - Live In Leeds (But Steve Doesn't)
10. Rancid Poultry - Qaotic Pestilgence
11. AMA II - Genuflex
12. Rancid Poultry - Delicate Creatures
13. Rancid Poultry - Hello There, I'm A Balloon Rabbit!

14. Rancid Poultry - The Politics Of Monotony
15. Rancid Poultry - Zyxt
Clothearz - Bib
17. Rancid Poultry - Musicide

18. Clothearz - Blod

sampler: Rancid Poultry - Look Out!



Rancid Poultry were a Yorkshire (UK) indie new-wave band formed in the early 1980s who first came to light via releases on Land Of Yrx Products.
During the course of 10 years or so, along with other related projects, they went on from strength to strength, totally reinventing themselves as the foremost experimental rock outfits of the era.
It's a great shame though that more people didn't discover them. We did our best to promote them, but even then cassette sales were starting to slow down. We were going to release an LP by them, but we lost touch. So when re-establishing contact one of my first questions was "can we have permission to do some reissues" to which the answer was yes!
This "Poultry Products" series will include all their finest releases, as well as some that have never been released before, mostly remastered and restored by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio.

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Some reviews


Rancid Poultry - DELICATE CREATURES (Own label) MC

An odd name for an odd band. These "decomposing chickens" are quite an inventive trio, playing a mixture of rhythmically aggressive and atmospheric electronic music that doesn't conform to the usual strict rules.

Their influences are often quite obvious - Heldon, Kingdom Come (JOURNEY) and early Hawkwind to name but three. Undoubtedly, my favourite cut is Beneath The Dead Sun, a long majestic work with a strangely contorted vocal sound, swathed with shimmering effects and drones that, after the introduction of a rhythm, builds up slowly like a restrained bolero - never climaxing - as to do so would ruin the feel of the whole piece. I must also make a point about the excellent Mellotron sections, one of my all-time favourite instruments - but, surprise surprise, I'm informed by one member that they haven't got a Mellotron, and they in fact sampled it from Jasun Martz's classic THE PILLORY, well - I suppose that's the next best thing.

From Audion #3, page 28 (January 1987) Review by Alan Freeman.


Rancid Poultry - Controlled Exposure. 1989 Poultry Productions. Cassette only release.

Rancid Poultry came out of the 1980s festival scene, but arrived with some influences out of the industrial movement. Had they stuck around another year or two, most likely they would've been on a label like Mystic Stones or Demi Monde. Good raucous space rock - with some interesting screamed vocals. They had other cassettes, but this is the only one I purchased back then. Comes with a nice booklet as well.
From Tom Hayes CD reissue wish-list blog site


Clothearz (UK)

Experimental duo of Leeds-based musicians Michael Clough and Richard Errington (both members of avant-rock band Rancid Poultry). They are inspired by such electronic acts as Cluster, Peter Frohmader, Alto Stratus, Heldon and more.

Encyclopedia of Electronic Music


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