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Auricle AMCDR 119  58'36"  CD-R £7.00 + p&p

1. Part One 29'26"
2. Part Two 29'03"

Recorded 'live' with 2 playbacks at David Prescott's Studio.
All composition, programming and engineering by David Prescott.
Produced by Auricle Music.
Cover art by Peter Harrison.
MC (Auricle AMC 019) © April 1987

David Prescott: Sequential Circuits Sci Pro-One & Korg Poly 800 synthesizers, digital delay.

"Four Million Years" is the closest Dave has come to the cosmic synth music of Klaus Schulze, here massed string-synthetics are to the fore, accompanied by gentle sequential patterns, rambling melodies and wafts of sound reverberating into the distance. Despite the Schulze-ian aura, this is unmistakably Prescott - lighter and more accessible than before, whilst still being mysterious and enigmatic.
Dave gave a bit of background on this one - ‘It essentially is three live performances at once. I took some ideas and recorded them, I played this back and "jammed" along with It, and repeated the process once more. For me, the essential ingredient is the use of digital delays (described previously). The way I use the delay lines necessitates using two channels at all times, so that multi-tracking is difficult. I do not overdub, nor do I like to. That is, I don’t do punch-ins, etc.’

on YouTube...
Part One (extract)

Originally a cassette - 62 copies - released ?/3/1987.
First CDR edition - released ?/11/2007.
Second CDR edition - released 16/10/2016

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