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Auricle AMCDR 122  54'44"  CD-R £7.00 + p&p

1. Entrance 28'47"
2. Cathedral 21'16"
3. Exit 4'40"

Recorded at David Prescott's Studio.
All composition, programming and engineering by David Prescott.
Produced by Auricle Music.
Cover art by Peter Harrison.
MC (Auricle AMC 031) © June 1988

David Prescott: Sci Pro-One & Korg Poly 800 synthesizers, Kramer 6000 E-bass with Moog Parametric EQ.

"New Music For Cathedrals" finds David teaming up his synths with his trusty bass guitar for some atmospheric ramblings that uncannily resemble the quieter moments of Tangerine Dream live circa 1974. David’s fluid bass style complements his synths perfectly. No doubt this tape, never officially available before our cassette version, should win David a lot of convertees, as this is a rare music genre that has scarcely been explored.

on YouTube...
Cathedral (extract)

Originally a cassette - 62 copies - released ?/6/1988.
First CDR edition - released ?/11/2007.
Second CDR edition - released 16/10/2016

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