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David Prescott
analogue synthesist, electronic/ambient/avant sound artist


David Prescott, an explorative synthesist/experimentalist who came to prominence with a prolific burst of releases in the late 1980's, then disappeared without a trace. We saw the importance of his early recordings in the Teutonic Cosmic type vein and managed to secure rights to four albums which we issued on cassette. Later though, when we sent him a royalty statement the letter came back, and as a courtesy we deleted the cassettes when they ran out. Two decades on, no one has heard of him since, and as there have been increasing request for a reissue we now make them available again, remastered and for all to enjoy. I was amazed how fresh and original this music still is. David was indeed an innovator. Here's to you, wherever you are!

From Audion #9, page 10, Article & Interview by Alan Freeman...

America, once a veritable desert for the synth music fan, is today awash with inventive musicians producing all types of synth music imaginable. Major innovators like Michael Stearns and Steve Roach have become household names in the synth world, and many others are rapidly gaining attention. This article however is about one David Prescott, a musician unlikely to make it up to the same height on the commercial ladder as say Stearns, but nonetheless Important Is his continually explorative work in the field of dramatic electronic music. David, an expert on psychoacoustics and one-time bass guitarist, has been interested in electronic music since the early 80ís. Eventually deciding to buy some electronic equipment (synths) himself, and after much research and experimentation he came up with a sound he was pleased with... more in the issue of Audion!



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