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David Prescott
analogue synthesist, electronic/ambient/avant sound artist

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1. Four Million Years
2. Neologisms
3. The Dreamer
4. New Music For Cathedrals

Also recommended: https://davidprescott.bandcamp.com/

David Prescott in his studio

David Prescott history

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Here are 4 unique releases in the annals of David Precott's early cassette album history. These showcase his love of German synth / cosmic music, and prove that of the genre he was a great talent.
After completing these 4 he decided he couldn't really go any further without ending up sounding like everyone else, so he pushed on in a new direction of avant-garde electronics.
So, these 4 releases are a time capsule exclusively given to Auricle as a "thank you" by the artist, with specially commissioned artwork by Peter Harrison, who was also a fan.
David dropped-out of making music in the 1990s to pursue a different career, leaving behind a great body of work worthy of investigation.


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