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Artwork and design by Jim Tetlow

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Auricle AMCDR 150/51  101'13"

1. I Was Followed Here Myself 7'25"
2. He Watched The Flames 7'20"
3. Frightening As People 8'30"
4. Contaminated 8'10"
5. Grew So Fast 8'00"
6. I Myself Don't Understand One Word Of It 7'30"
7. The Dynamic Duo 6'20"

8. Thrust The Snifter 7'35"
9. Had There Been More Of Them 8'15"
10. A Pack Of Idealists 8'30"
11. Minds Like Ships Out Of Control 8'00"
12. Every Third Person On The Planet 8'15"
13. Some Incredible Fool 7'00"

Lucie Chapman: vocals 1/6/10/12
Jim Tetlow: laptop with keyboard,vocals,  Alesis Air-FX 1/6/7/11
Pete Turnpenney: electric guitar, fx 1/5/8/11
Chris Conway: theremin, , vocals, low whistle, field recordings fx 2/4/10/11
Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy, fx 2/5/9/12
Dave Dhonau: cello, fx 3/4/7/12
Alan Freeman: Roland SH-32, fx 3/5/10/11
Steve Freeman: bowed 5-string bass, fx 3/6/8/12
Citizen Baxter: acoustic guitar, fx 4/11; kalimba, fx 9
Mel Fernandes: vocals 5/8/11
Robin Chapman: acoustic guitar 8/11
Carol Leeming: vocals 9/12

All pieces improvised by randomly selected trios and quartets at Quadelectronic 11, Quad Studios, Leicester, 28th April 2009.
Live sound by Bob Bryars and Chris Conway.
Recorded and mastered by Jim Tetlow.
All titles (except 7) selected from James Blish’s sci-fi omnibus "Cities In Flight".

Quadelectronic is a unique event, that intitially grew from gigs organised by Chris Conway at The Musician in 2004 to 2006, then our "Impromptu Electronic" sessions at Bambu in 2007-8, involving local musicians from Chris Conway improv projects: The Planet Scanners and Continuum, along with projects involving the Freeman brothers (owners of the Ultima Thule Record Shop) Alto Stratus, Endgame, Extremities and Triax.

 Hosted by Chris Conway (well-known local musician) & Bob Bryars (Quad Studios). Quadelectronic is a unique inexplicable monthly event. More of a "happening" than a regular gig. An improv, jam, workshop event for those that love to experiment and interact in free improvisation. Open house, within reason, anything can happen. Naturally, the key focus is electronics, although other instruments extensively feature. Performances have ranged from free-form chaos to space-rock to cosmic jazz, to pure synthesizer or avant-garde electronics.

"Cities In Flight" documents one of the finest, and certainly the most consistently great, diverse and creative of events to date. So good in fact that we "had to release it". Funds from the sale of this will be split between UT and Jim Tetlow who is otherwise financing all the recording, editing and duplication out of his own pocket. Good of him, but we know there's bound to be some of you out there that would love to hear this!

various at Jim's YouTube pages

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