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cover by Alan.

cassette UK 7.00

cassette Europe 9.00

cassette World 10.00


2xCD-R set UK 12.00

2xCD-R set Europe 15.00

2xCD-R set World 17.00




1. Approach 9'24"
2. Ascent 12'07"
3. Descent Into The First Chamber 21'00"

1. First Chamber 11'07"
2. Second Chamber 11'34"
3. Third Chamber 10'21"
4. Ascent 8'36"

Composed by Robert Rich.
Recorded in Berkeley, California (9 March 1985).

Robert Rich: synths, bamboo flutes, guitar.


Opening with the sequential Approach one can see a new music in the making, for Robert this is exceptionally vibrant and melodic. Ascent comprises various bird and insect noises, metallic tones and swelling, oozing string synth. Descent Into The First Chamber / First Chamber / Second Chamber / Third Chamber take us from side 1 and through a lot of side 2 with some of the most surreal organ, whale-call like moans and glissando effects. The closing Ascent reprises with flute and Peter Michael Hamel style drones replacing the string synth.

This is not the same release as the CD of the same name, although the source masters are from the same sessions! There is some material in common, however this is a much more evocative and flowing "live" excursion, without the plush remix that Robert later gave to such recordings. Well-over 20 years old now, these are the last copies of this original release!


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Descent Into The First Chamber

First edition of a planned 200 numbered copies, of which 160 have been sold - released 20/6/1988.

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Auricle CDR's

200 covers were made, of which the last 50 were unsold, basically because we no longer have a source for the original unbranded blank cassettes. After some customers requested that we do a CD reissue, we instead made a few CD-R copies. So, what we have left is as follows...

20 copies have been duplicated on quality Maxell chrome tapes instead...
5.00 + p&p

2xCDR edition
20 more covers have been allocated to a special 2xCDR edition. This comes as 2 discs in a slim 2CD jewel case with front card and cassette insert......
9.00 + p&p



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