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psychedelic jams, lysergic blues, freeform space-outs, etc.

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Alto Stratus Endgame
Endgame Triax

1. The Knitter
2. Tentacles Of The Tripod Mask
3. Slight Return Of The Half Baked
4. Rolling Head
5. The Clockwork Movement Of Plasma
6. Elastic Egg
7. Psycho Groove remixes by Alan Freeman
8. Play - October 2014 videos
9. Open Your Mind
10. Go To Zero
11. The Uncertain World Of Folds & Creases
12. Radio Active

caricatures by Curly
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1. Spontaneous Vol.1 - Album selections 2011-2012
2. Spontaneous Vol.2 - Album selections 2013-2016

Ruin history
Ruin, a Leicester band that have existed for many years, kind of lurking in the "underground" refining and developing their style from more basic post-punk, blues and rock roots. A brother of the band leader, who we know as Wilf brought in some discs to the Ultima Thule shop a few years back that he thought we may like... I guess they'd put themselves into a special frame of mind and decided to do some post-rock type jams that would fit the Auricle Music ethos. The fresh vitality, disregard of convention (all buzzing, crackles and noises are intentional) and spirit of it all reminds me of Can in their heyday. Put that against their punky roots, and they come up with surprising results, a bit Public Image, a bit This Heat or Metabolist, and quite Krautrocky too... Audion #58

from The Kitter
Curly artworks, looking for a publisher!



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