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art supplied by Jean-Luc Hervé

Although this release is no longer
available, it is possible that copies
may turn up. i.e. refound stock,
promos or second-hand.
If so, it will either be listed on
Discogs or the UT catalogue.


Auricle AMC 036  DELETED

1. Ocean 8'48"
1. Promothee Foudroye 4'52"
1. Phineos 1 3'44"

1. Phineos 2 2'51"
1. Variation 9'49"

Produced by Auricle Music.
Recorded in Paris (13 January 1989).

Alain Ballaud: bass.
Sylvette Claudet: voice.
Jean-Luc Hervé: guitar.
Michel Kervinio: drums.
Jean-Pierre Lourdeau: voice.
Véronique Verdier: bass trombone, percussion.

Although often touted as Magma inspired, Shub Niggurath were always much more that, with influences that include: Stravinsky, H.P. Lovecraft (the author), Henry Cow and King Crimson, their concoction was always radical, weird and fascinating, amounting to a kind of neo-Gothic horror fusion. That's especially so on this exclusive concert recording, which is a brooding menacing affair beyond early Univers Zero to darker realms!

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