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Although this release is no longer
available, it is possible that copies
may turn up. i.e. rediscovered stock,
promos or second-hand. If so,
it will be listed on Discogs, or in the
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Auricle AMC 043  90'10"  MC DELETED

1. Broken Heroes Are Hard To Drown 3'28"
2. New Refreshment 4'58"
3. Slow Essence/Space Party 7'14"
4. Crash-Ride 1'46"
5. Escapement For The Twangy Man 15'09"
6. Extract From "Born To Bell" 1'35"
7. Resistance Resonance 7'32"
8. Scratches Of Pain 4'33"

1. No Doubt 5'34"
2. Floating Art And Fender Flutes 4'03"
3. Electrified Variations Over The Bore 6'22"
4. Cutaway View 4'56"
5. Subjective Evaluation 11'45"
6. A Walk For The Hero's Guitar 4'16"
7. Tangosail 3'53"
8. Deep Swimming Hog 1'44"
9. Morning Of The Scape Gallows 3'32"

Composed by Tangle Edge.
Produced by Ronald Nygård & Hasse Horrigmoe.
Recorded by Ronald Nygård in Narvik (November 1982-April 1983). Remix 1990.

Ronald Nygård: guitar, voice, roto-toms, bells.
Hasse Horrigmoe: bass, voice, flute, bells.
Tom Steinberg: drums, ring modulator, synth.

Akin to Auricle's Djam Karet and Moore/Myers releases, this reissue of Tangle Edge's debut cassette (remixed and with superior colour artwork) is a great example of classic Euro-Rock. Tangle Edge hail from Norway, but have guitar stylings that recall early Amon Düül II, Embryo, or Popol Vuh, but are a unique mix of influences, a blend of ethnic elements, bluesy psychedelic, etc. You'll also hear elements of The Grateful Dead, Quicksilver, Man and such-like. But in all, it's a highly original and inventive concoction of dynamic instrumental rock with lots of unexpected complexities, topped off with fiery guitars. A sizzler!

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Resistance Resonance

Originally a private cassette from Tangle Edge - released ?/?/1983.
Revised/remastered cassette on Auricle - 104 copies - released ?/7/1990
Since reissued as an expanded version under the title Dropouts in 2010.

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