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Tangle Edge
Psychedelic, ethnic, space-rock from Norway

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Out of print...
1. Tangle Edge - Improvised Drop-Outs

New 24 October 2016...
2. Tangle Edge - Sumerian Kings And Joyful Doubts
3. Tangle Edge - Cosmorama

Tangle Edge: Hasse & Ronald


The torch bearers of underground instrumental space rock from Norway since the 1980s. They have almost constantly been the line-up of Ronald Nygård (guitar) and Hasse Horrigmoe (bass), plus various drummers and occasionally a winds player. Both Ronald and Hasse are also adept multi-instrumentalists, which has kept the palate of the recordings varied although nearly always within a recognisable style.

Their brand of instrumental rock draws in a wide range of influences, not least a lot of Nordic culture, and a wide variety of Eastern ethnic influences, with references to early Amon Düül II, Popol Vuh and Hawkwind, their sound is both familiar and unique.

Improvised Drop-Outs was one of our biggest sellers for a while, and is now available (as a different mix) on LP & CD. The two new ones were previously issued on Tangle Edge's own CDR label, and have been remastered for these new reissues.

Expose review of Tangle Edge's "Tarka"
Always of interest, the Norweigan trio Tangle Edge have been around for quite a while now, putting out great instrumental rock. "Tarka" is a worthy comeback from a band we haven't heard anything studio-wise from since the belated "Eulogy". The band is still a trio and this album seems to be more like "In Search Of A New Dawn" than "Eulogy" with an equal tradeoff between ethnic tinged and acoustic oriented soft pieces, and those ripping jams with tons of guitar soloing. I do lament the fact that Tangle Edge don't find a fourth member, as on "Eulogy" the addition of sax and flute was a good idea. At times, when the band goes into a long jam, the bass lines can get fairly repetitive, it's like you're waiting for that fourth melodic or rhythmic line that gives it something else to listen for. Ronald Nygard fills this in sometimes, especially when there is both an electric and acoustic playing simultaneously - these parts are absolutely beautiful. Nygard is certainly one of the best guitarists of the current progressive scene, his playing is as sublime as some of the masters. Yeah, I like it - a lot in fact, the more I listen to it the more I uncover. It's their best in many years. Mike McLatchey.

Fom GEPR - http://www.gepr.net/ta.html
Tangle Edge are a relatively new Norwegian psych band that like to go off on extended guitar excursions. They have made quite a stir among psych fans. I have two albums, In Search of a New Dawn and the live, 2CD set Entangled Scorpio Entrance. In Search... is a good blend of acoustic and electric guitars, flutes, bowed guitar (sounding like an electrified hybrid of violin and sitar), moog and a variety of percussion (such as bells and bongos) weaved together into a cerebromorphing series of songs. The eight minute "A Secret Inside Clopedia" is a celestial blend of bongos, acoustic guitar and the bowed electric guitar; other songs, such as "Caesar's Integrated Flaw" and the 15 minute "Solorgy" are mind-bending electric jams. Most of the songs are in the 2-5 minute range. This album is a solid doses of psychedelia! Entangled Scorpio Entrance finds the band down to a trio (they had been five members) in a live setting so their sound is parred down relative to In Search.... On this outing, you can hear the band's propensity to go off on long guitar jams. The longest track is nearly 30 minutes and four others are between 14-20 minutes. Heck, the remaining two songs are each more than nine minutes in length and the total set runs just shy of two hours. None of these songs appear on In Search of a New Dawn. The trio is just electric guitar, bass and drums. The long (relatively speaking) songs tend to run on a bit but I don't mind so much when I have a buzz on. It's not the recommended starting place though. Tangle Edge are recommended only to psychedelia fans. Most prog fans will find it boring, I'm sure. -- Mike Taylor


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