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Auricle AMCDR 171 51'08" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Open The Book 0'36"
2. Look Inside 8'12"
3. Unearthly Creatures 6'46"
4. Do They Really Exist? 9'05"
5. It Could Be A Trap 2'47"
6. Around The Next Corner 3'20"
7. Close The Book 1'19"
8. A Strange Encounter 6'04"
9. In The Dark 0'19"
10. And Over The Edge 9'12"
11. Into The Abyss 3'00"

Recorded 5 April 2010 at Tachyon Studio, and then much later remixed,
layered & messed around with by Alan Freeman: 16-29 December 2010.

Alan Freeman: digital electronics, sampling, synths, guitar, etc.
Steve Freeman: analogue electronics, loops, tapes, bass, etc.
Dave Powell: hurdy gurdy, flute, bells, percussion, etc.

It immediately became obvious, when I got down to mixing this session, that the resulting release was going to be a really scary one! And by that I mean: intense, on the edge and powerful. almost disturbingly vivid. Obviously I was going to have to be choosy about what to use and what to discard. There were a lot of sections in the original session where we either languished or stormed on one level, some of use, some not, I chose the best moments, and also isolated all the best pieces that seemed to flow as "compositions" - sprucing up, splicing and editing where necessary, ending up with a tight 40 minute album, after which I reorganised the tracks adding some special effects, reverse and pitch shifted collages, and ended up with what feels like a 51 minute suite (of individual tracks) with pauses.

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Look Inside
A Strange Encounter

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/12/2010.

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