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UK 9.00

Europe 12.50

World 13.50

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Auricle AMCDR 211 47'10" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. At War With The Clouds 7'34"
2. Puzzle Box 4'13"
3. Secret Passage 0'32"
4. Surge & Divert 3'52"
5. In Focus 1'55"
6. Ghost Machine 9'43"
7. Iceland 0'58"
8. Ode To... 3'12"
9. Meditation On Destruction 14'49"

All material improvised by Triax.
Recorded direct to digital at Tachyon Studio, 5 Jan 2014 and 25 Jan 2015.
Transfer and mix by Alan 20 to 21 Sept 2015.
Concept, titles and cover art by Alan.

Alan Freeman: synthesizers, laptop (virtual synths, sampler, loops), guitar
Steve Freeman: synthesizers, bass, loops, acoustic CD, cymbal, turntable
Dave Powell: flute, guitar, U-bass, effects, etc.

Culled from two very unusual sessions, either side of the previous album "Impossible" this the first to be devoid of hurdy-gurdy for a while (except for some recycling of old Triax recordings that is) with some familiar typically Triax ideas and a lot that isn't like any Triax before. One could almost say it's a more accessible album!

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Ghost Machine

First edition of 12 numbered copies - released 21/10/2015

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