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label for projects of Alan & Steve Freeman & related artists, working in the field of experimental, avant-garde, ambient, industrial & electronic musics..

Ultimate Transmissions label

first release...

ZBB - Cortex!

1. Zircon & The Burning Brains - «Cortex!» (UTCD 001) CD 69'44"
2. Alto Stratus - Tachyon (UTCD 002) CD 70'12"
3. Biomechanoid - Atmospheres & Melodies Inspired By The Paintings Of H.R. Giger (UTCD 003) CD 62'34"
4. Endgame - Catalyst (UTCD 004/5) 2CD 141'07"
5. Endgame - Avatar (UTCD 006/7) 2CD 150'57"
6. The Newt Hounds - The Poignant Device (UTCD 008) CD 70'20"
7. Endgame - Tundra (UTCD 009/10) 2CD 151'35"
8. Alto Stratus - Psychosis (UTCD 011) CD 76'18"

Ultimate Transmissions - probably the most unique eclectic label on the planet! We would have loved to have been able to issue all our releases as proper CD's on the Ultimate Transmissions label. But, the reality is that, as our own music is so seemingly uncommercial / uncategorisable, we've never been able to get any serious distribution at all. In fact we've only ever sold enough to break-even, if that. Yes, even with The Newt Hounds project, which we envisaged Nurse With Wound fans lapping-up, sales haven't been huge. So, it's great that CD-R's came along as an affordable viable alternative!

Alto Stratus - Tachyon Biomechanoid Endgame - Catalyst Endgame - Avatar The Newt Hounds - The Poignant Device Endgame - Tundra Alto Stratus - Psychosis

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