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Zircon & The Burning Brains

Alan's attempt at doing a weirdo photo mutation in the style of artwork by Jim Tetlow!

UK 7.00

Europe 11.00

World 12.00

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Auricle Archive AMACDR 017 51'49" CD-R 5.00 + p&p

1. Plus One 1'23"
2. Control 2'03"
3. Bridge 1 1'17"
4. Impossible To Cure 4'00"
5. Light Trap 2'32"
6. Bridge 2 0'23"
7. Midnight 2'37"
8. Hiroshima (opening, different mix) 2'37"
9. Bis (fragment 1, backing track) 0'47"
10. Hiroshima (fragment, loop tape) 1'11"
11. Interlude 1 (different mix) 1'51"
12. Bis (fragment 4, backing track) 4'10"
13. Bridge 3 0'48"
14. Possibilities 14'04"
15. Bridge 4 1'08"
16. Industry 2'07"
17. Reality Is 2'07"
18. Lard Free 0'33"
19. An Impossibility 1'07"
20. Toward The Chasms Edge 4'14"

Composed, produced & engineered by ZBB.
Recorded at Studio Vrije/Nekrosis (1984-1986).
tracks: 1-7+13: 17-18/10/1984 - Cortex left-overs and oddments
8-12: 1986 - Out Of The Ashes fragments
14-20: 1/4/1986 - very last 1980s session

Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Nigel Harris: sounds, cassettes, loops, tapes, electronics, radio, percussion, utensils, gas cylinder, gongs, bells, metal, effects, vocals, synths, guitars.

In an attempt to complete the ZBB story I delved into some boxes of old tapes and found some lost and forgotten gems. Some of these were marked "not to be used" due to crackles, noise and/or glitches - impossible to repair at the time, but relatively easy to correct with today's digital editing technology. The resulting collection is a diverse tour through many ZBB styles, adding up to an engaging set of rarities from the Cortex and Out Of The Ashes sessions.

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The first 7 tracks

First edition (quantity not specified) - released 18/3/2012.

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