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One of my aims in life is to try and hear everything that is supposed to be good! That is in the world of prog/experimental/weird music. I wonder if I'm getting there? This list regularly shrinks and grows, and is constantly changing. As always, I welcome suggestions. i.e. anything new that I should know? Before suggesting older stuff, check my collection & other lists on this site, as I may already know it! But, you never know, I'm still amazed by some things I missed!

Excepting those items listed as "Original CD's wanted of these..." I'm not after actual releases unless cheap! There are very few things that I actually want/need for myself. Generally I'm researching, clutching at straws, looking for odd missing items needed for Audion articles, or our various planned Italian and French books, etc. As much of this stuff is liable to be of little or no interest to us, some is sure to be rubbish, a recording/copy is usually adequate. I'm usually just interested in hearing the items below, as a download or CDR copy, and/or we can barter/swap. But, please do not offer us anything that is too crackly or of poor quality.

Are you looking for something? Searching in vain? Why not email me: with your wants list? We may be able to come to a swap arrangement! I've generally swapped physical CDR's. But now can cope easily with swapping online. I usually use Google Drive which is a far more stable way of uploading and sharing. So, if you want to share an album and/or swap, my Gmail address is: or alternatively you can upload via Sendspace or whatever other service you prefer.
Notes about online swapping: 320kbs mp3s are satisfactory for most things, although flac is preferable (especially for CD copies). Lower resolution rips, i.e. 128 or 256kbps are only acceptable for extremely rare old vinyl transcriptions or bootlegs. For anything that is originally a quality digital source I require better. As I like to remaster LP transcriptions to achieve CD quality in my archive, please do not offer me scratchy vinyl rips, and especially not ones with jumps or bits of tracks missing. EX+ vinyl or better please!


Things I'm wanting to hear...
actual product if cheap/reasonable, or a listening copy preferably from a source ex+ or better please!

Czech 7"
Jazz Fragment - Mini Jazz Klub 29
, 7" EP Panton 8135 0049 (1980) fusion?
Alternativa - Mini Jazz Klub 30
, 7" EP Panton 8135 0030 (1981) fusion?
Michal Pavlíček, Jiří Hrubeš  - Mini Jazz Klub 36, 7" EP Panton 8135 0094 (1983) fusion?

Anor - TASTE OF POMEGRANATE / анор узбекистан - ВКУС ГРАНАТА - obscure USSR 1978,
- LP released in 1987 on Melodia С60 26549 004, this is apparently an excellent Mahavishnu-esque fusion from Uzbekistan
Archimedes Badkar - Rumpstek (PTL 01) 1973 EP: Zeke Steppar 8:47 / Oroa Dig Inte, Det Ordnar Sig Aldrig 11:19
- got Oroa Dig Inte... track from YouTube! - so just need "Zeke Steppar"
Area - LIVE 2012, 2CD  Up Art Records UPA CD003 (2012) - cheap actual CD, looking for a wholesale source!
- Excellent reformation, based on live recordings and videos heard!

Françoise Barrière - SCÈNES DES VOYAGES D'ULYSSE (IMEB LDC 278 1111) 1999 - maybe?
Françoise Barrière / Christian Clozier - CORDES-CI, CORDES-ÇA / LA DISCORDATURA ‎(Pathé Marconi EMI 2C 053-12112) 1972

Beak> - AT THE BBC, Invada - cassette/CDR release from 2013

Blat Brut - BLAT BRUT, Wah Wah Records LPS137 - sounds great based on YouTube sample, & 1 min rips on Juno (terrible pressing), but no CD reissue?

Edgardo Canton - PROMENADE D'ÉTÉ D'ULIS NASA, CD Nepless CO 981 2004 - could be good electroacoustic? - Turns out I already have the first 3 tracks!

Elisabeth Meaulne / Guy Shelley / Bernard Verley accompagnés par Catharsis - ALBUM POP POÈMES, LP PES 528.002 - a lot of this is material also found on the "Illuminations" album, but with poetry added

Cheops - EUPHORIA FLIT 1985 cassette - debut cassette by UK space-rock band, almost a decade before their other releases that I have!
Chronicle - LIVE AT WHISKY A-GO-GO (Express – TOCT-11414) used to have, need again - only from the CD reissue

Day Is Over - DAY IS OVER, LP  Scandia SLP 616 1975 - Finnish fusion with Eero Koivistoinen etc.

Harry De Wit - APRIL '79, LP Bead Records BEAD 11 - probably not as interesting as his later stuff?
Harry De Wit - WANTIJ, LP DATA Records DATA:831 - piano / prepared piano - who knows?
Harry De Wit - TUMULT, LP De Wit 005 - looks the best bet here, between the 2 that I already have

Dynastie Crisis ‎– LIVE AU GOLF DROUOT, CD Big Beat Records JCMD 47 - 2014 French release of November 1972 concert

William S. Fischer - OMEN, LP Arcana QD 1002 1972 - unknown electronic music album

Richard Franecki - WELCOME TO THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS - maybe

Isaiah - ISAIAH, 2LP/2CD Digatone DIG 002 - only need the CDs!

Lo Yo Yo, The / Look De Bouk - Double Dog Dare, Summer '84 ‎(Cass) Calypso Now NOW-37 1984
Liettya Project - STURM (Finland) on Tom Hayes' CD reissue wish list

Egisto Macchi -  BIORITMI, LP Gemelli GG.ST. A-007- avant-electronic, sounds so-so
Egisto Macchi - I FUTURIBILI
, LP Gemelli GG-ST A 10-0010 - avant-electronic - found, sounds very good Dumitrescu like!
Egisto Macchi - CONTEMPORANEA, LP Gemelli GG.ST. 10.037 - described as Nuova Consonanza meets Cosmic Jokers! Based on 2 YouTube tracks I wonder where?
Egisto Macchi & Zanagoria - NEURO TENSIVO, LP Gemelli GG-ST A 10-008 - found 3 tracks, sounds okay

Dan Morehouse - PATTERNS OF GROWTH, LP Spaceola Records CH-2 (1978) curious looking electronic LP

Costin Miereanu - JARDINS OUBLIES, LP Poly-Art Records PAR 4303 - I recently found 3 others in this series, thanks to Bosko now got this one too
Costin Miereanu - FATA MORGANA, MC Poly-Art International PAI 2702 - have track "Miroitements" need the B-side title track
Costin Miereanu - LE ROYAUME DE LA REINE PELLAPOUF, MC Poly-Art International PAI 2701 - probably got one side of this "Première Coïncidence"

Ennio Morricone - CONTROFASE, LP GG. ST. 10.019 (1973) obscure library LP with some Nuova Consonanza pieces - sounds about half good maybe, based on 3 links

Musik Werks - SONGS YOU'VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE - US 80s synth, used to have, want to hear again, must be a near mint source
Musik Werks - INTERSKETCHES - US 80s synth, used to have, want to hear again, must be a near mint source
- I have the Musik Werks cassette anthology release

Newtone Experience - OPTRAL, LP AKN 001

Nexus - ABSOLUTELY LIVE 76 - 81 Vol 1, CD ? listed on RYM and krautrock-musikzirkus
Nexus - ABSOLUTELY LIVE 76 - 81 Vol 2, CD ? archives by Tuebingen band as on PROTON 1 2LP

Leo Nilsson - "That Experiment H²S" - track from: Andromeda A3 []

Las Orejas Y La Lengua  - EN VIVO EN LA CARBONERA (2001) no working online sources
Out To Lunch ‎– 7.15.2000 LIVE AT YUKOTOPIA (OUT-TL7001)

Pulsar - SORROW IN MY DREAMS (bootleg) 2CD live Angers 27 January 1978

Reportaz - WITRAŻ ( STAINED GLASS ) (MC A.R.S. 01) 1983 cassette only
Reportaz - DOMATOR ( STAY AT HOME ) (MC A.R.S. 02) 1984 cassette only
Josef Anton Riedl ‎– KLANGFELDER (Loft 1012) LP 1986 electronic?
Josef Anton Riedl ‎– KLANGREGIONEN 1951- 2007 (Ed. RZ 1020-21) 2CD £12 or less

Michel Ripoche - VOLUPTA, LP Spalax 8.68322 - reputedly great fusion by former Zoo musician

Kyriakos Sfetsas - SMOG (Scorpios SC 109403/4) 2LP electroacoustic music for a ballet, maybe

Tears - TEARS (Spectator Records SL 1011) 1970 Denmark, supposedly good jazz-rock
Terrain Vague - POUR QU'IL TE RESTE UN PEU DE MOI (SRC 543 954) 1981 French folk, could be interesting?

Mark Tindle ‎– RITUAL STRUCTURES, CD Ancient Sun Music ASM2004CD - looks intriguing

Vespero "Словно Луну" aka LIKE THE MOON - CDR 2004, early Vespero private release
Victor - SPECTOR, LP Gemelli GBN 304 - apparently experimental electronic library LP

Adrian Wagner - DISTANCES BETWEEN US (Atlantic: LP) I have an original LP which is now well-worn & crackly (badly worn sizzle on the Mellotron too), so I need a a near mint LP or recording from a mint or ex+ LP, not from the Music Suite CD which is remixed & ruined! The downloads I've found (inc. the Mutant Sounds one) are all from the remixed CD (note: instant clues are the added electronic percussion and sound effects)!!!
x CD-rip: weirdwardhoblog directs to

Stomu Yamash'ta - IROHA: TEN/CHI - I have the RVC: 2LP, but would love to get a flac rip of the Japanese CD reissue. I can't believe how obscure the CD's are of this! All web links I've found are dead!

v/a - GURU GURU FEST 2010, w/ Acid Mothers Temple SWR, Manitatsu, Acid Mothers Guru Guru
CD Chaotic Noise Recordings CHAOTIC-009 - limited edition release from Japan

German research/wants, see:

Live/demo/session/unreleased obscurities...

Amon Duul II - Live in Viareggio 1972 (if good quality)
Ange -
Live RTL Radio 28.04.1972

Art Zoyd
- Live Á Vandoeuvre 1983
Birth Control 1975-03-30 Morgens um 7, Hamm, Germany
Birth Control
1974-11-30 Bonn-Muffendorf Underground
Toto Blanke's Electric Circus - Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart - Villa Berg 31 March 1980
Roman Bunka - 1981-03-31 Lebach Tanneck
Floh De Cologne 1972-12-17 Bielefeld, Germany

Ax Genrich Und Band - 2013-05-17 - Heidelberg, Jazzhaus
Grobschnitt - Live At Rockpalast (have a VHS rip, but a satellite/digital rip is out there)
Guru Guru - 1972-10-13 Biel, CH La Rotonde
Guru Guru - 1972-11-25 Filderstadt-Bernhausen (10 track, 81 min)
Guru Guru - 1973-05-27 Allschwil, CH (16 tracks, 111 min)
Henry Cow - Town Hall Wandsworth London 13/2/1977 - 2 tracks in "The Road" set from this gig
Henry Cow - Civic Hall Guildford UK 6/6/1977 - ?
Henry Cow - Casa Del Popolo Firenze Italy 19/9/1977 - 2CD Hals & RRCF blog links dead
Ibliss - Moers Festival June 1972
Jane - 1973-08-09 Speedway Stadium, Scheessel
Kraftwerk (Organisation) - 08/04/1970 - Karlsruhe - Germany
Kraftwerk (Organisation) - 11/07/1970 - Tivoli Pop Festival - Reiter Stadion - Aachen - Germany
Kraftwerk - 26/12/1970 - Creamcheese - Düsseldorf - Germany
Kraftwerk - 15/02/1971 - Forum Kleiner Saal - Leverkusen - Germany
Kraftwerk - 17/02/1971 - Werkkunstschule - Krefeld - Germany
Kraftwerk - 29/02/1971 - Olympia - Paris - France
Mahjun - Grenoble 1975-05-17
Klaus Doldinger's Passport - Montreux Jazz Festival, 24 June 1972 music or video (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi)
Tiere Der Nacht 1992-10-09 Club Alpha Schwaebisch Hall, Germany
Ziguri (Günther Schickert, Udo Erdenreich, Dieter Kölsch) - 2014-06-21 - Avantgarde-Festival, Schiphorst, Germany

John Peel / Top Gear Sessions
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - 28/12/1971 [14/01/1972] Night Of The Pigs, Bathroom
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - 29/08/1972 [08/09/1972] Director General, Time Captains
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - 05/09/1972 [19/09/1972] Van Gogh's Not Ear, Triangles, Slow Rock
[this 05/09/1972 session is apparently what's documented on Journey Esoteric CD2, but could do with better quality]

High Tide - 09/05/1969 [21/5/1969] Walking Down Their Outlook, Pushed But Not Forgotten, Missing Out

High Tide - 0?/0?/1969 [?/08/1969] have Nowhere 5:35, Dilemma 5:45 [not documented on Peel BBC pages]
High Tide - 23/03/1970 [?/03/1970]
have The Joke 9:45, Saneonymous 11:15 [not documented on Peel BBC pages]
are these complete? Or did they do more material on these two sessions

Nucleus - 02/03/1970 [07/03/1970] Elastic Rock, 1916, Orpheus, Persephone’s Jive, Twisted Track
PFM - 11/06/1973 [14/06/1973] Photos Of Ghosts, Mister Nine Til Five, Celebration, River Of Life
PFM - 12/11/1973 [22/11/1973] Il Banchetto, La Carrozza Di Hans, Dove E Quando
Supersister - 20/03/1973 [03/04/1973] Pudding And Yesterday
Third Ear Band - 11/02/1969 [27/07/1969] Hyde Park Raga, Druid, Ghetto Raga - Glen Sweeny (drums), Richard Coff (violin), Paul Minns (oboe), Benjamin Courtland (violin) and I thought I had all their BBC stuff!
Third Ear Band - 25/01/1972 [11/02/1972] Air, I The Key - Denim Bridges (guitar), Simon House (violin), Michael Merchant (guitar, vocal), Peter Pavli (bass)

Stomu Yamashta's East Wind - 07/03/1974 Hey Man, Optical Dream, Wind Words, One By One - Stomu Yamash'ta: percussion, Sammi Abu: flute, Hugh Hopper: bass, Brian Gascoigne: keyboards, Frank Tankowski: guitar, Mike Travis: drums
- may not be so exciting as it's the proto One By One incarnation, LP I only liked half of.

Other BBC shows
Third Ear Band
- 21/03/1972 - Pete Drummond show - Groan's Dance, Fleance's Song, Hierophant
Third Ear Band - 18/05/1973 - Sequence - I The Key, The Magus, Ten Dimensional Landscape

Stomu Yamash'ta & East Wind - 16/4/1974, BBC Radio One In Concert - line-up as Peel session, plus: Hisako Yamash'ta: violin
- may not be so exciting as it's the proto One By One incarnation, LP I only liked half of.

Anyone got listings and/or know of sessions from "The Sequence" on "Sounds of the 70's" show?

Old Grey Whistle Test "in the studio"...
Can - 18/11/75 "Set The Controls..." (aka "Senoussi" but not track on "Spoon over Babaluma" bootleg LP = "Tony Wanna Go")
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - ?/?/1973 -
Isotope - 26/3/1974 - "Bite on This" & "Upward" (have the audio)

- Old Grey Whistle Test 24 February 1976 Nam Nam 8'51"
Tasavallan Presidentti - complete Old Grey Whistle Test 1974/75 (have video extracts)
videos (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi) or audio [the BBC seem to have lost all these]

"Jazz on Four: Crossing Borders" (Channel 4 TV) 1983 programmes on: Fred Frith, Ron Geesin, Brian Godding

Tonkraft Radio, Sweden...
Archimedes Badkar - 23/2/77
Berits Halsband - 13/10/73, 18/12/74 (9/12/74 according to Tonkraft LP, have 1 track)
Energy - 20/4/74
Etron Fou Leloublan - 23/8/78
Kvartetten Som Sprängde - 8/9/73 - Gånglåt från Valhallavägen, Andesamba, The Sudden Grace, Ölandsshuffle
Moose Loose - 5/1/77
Piirpauke - 7/4/76
Popol Vuh (Norway) - 16/10/74
Ragnarök - 30/10/74, 4/2/76
Solar Plexus - 11/9/74
Splash - 12/3/75
Trace - 21/5/75

VARIOUS ARTISTS Progglådan = 40 CD Box = 1999 SEK / £200
40 cd box with live recordings from the Swedish National Radio archives. Over 80 artists, the box includes never before released material from these bands. Anyone got loads of money and want to buy me a present? No - thought not!
about 10 discs of it I would like to get...
disc 2 - 03 Trotsålderns Barn (ur Tonkraft 1976)
disc 13 - 01 Kebnekaise (ur Tonkraft 1973) - I have Tonkraft 72
disc 15 - 02 Ramlösa Kvällar (inspelat På Gärdet 1977)
disc 18 - Träd Gräs & Stenar Med Fyra Dalaspelemän (ur En Tvekamp Mellan Polska Och Pop I Studio 2 1971)
disc 21 - 01 Ragnarök (ur Tonkraft 1975 Och 1979) - I have Tonkraft 79
Disc 25 - 01 Made In Sweden (inspelat På Uppsala Universitet 1970)
Disc 26 - 02 Horizont (ur Tonkraft 1977)
Disc 26 - 03 Dice (ur Tonkraft 1977)
Disc 27 - 01 Kornet (inspelat Sr Luleå 1976)
Disc 39 - 02 Levande Livet (ur Tonkraft 1973)

From Pop 2, INA France...
now got everything needed!

In fact, if you have any live recordings or radio sessions (of fine quality) that may be of interest, let me know!



German/Krautrock things we still need to hear...
see "Crackin-needed" file

French 1970/80's acts of possible interest and/or need to hear...

Abramose ‎- ABRAMOSE, LP private 808 (1975) most curious looking, could be good? single is nice!

Agartha -  Fini Pour Toi / Jacky Et Freddy, 7" private (1982) reputedly prog

Aiguade - CHANSONS DES TEMPS FIGÉS, LP Baccara International BI 001 732 (1976) prog-folk

Amalgame - LES BILLARDS VERTS, LP private AMA 30 CM 1 (1979) Apparently more Memoriance or Ange vein

Ananke - Veprabilly/C'ui Qui L'dit Qui Y'est - almost unanimously listed as jazz-rock! Musea: Quatuor de Dijon, ANANKE produit un jazz-rock technique, virtuose et teinté d'humour. Le 45 tours "Veprabilly/C'ui Qui L'Dit Qui Y Est" (1982) peut évoquer les oeuvres de Frank ZAPPA ou ZAO, tout en empruntant à Albert MARCOEUR et ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN leur fantaisie et leur goût du pastiche. It also gets listed in the French punk discography!

Atoll - Je T'aime Quand Je Te Vois / Change Ta Vie, 7" Eurodisc Pop 12806 (1973) non-album tracks
Atoll - Le Secret Du Mage / Je Fais Un Rêve, 7" Eurodisc Pop 12811 (1974) different version/non-album track (not live)

Roger Bellon - ROGER BELLON (RCA Victor ) 1977 - Balance series jazz-rock with Magma connections
rather unexciting based on:

Pascal Chassin - La Nouvelle Européenne / Don Juan 80, 7" Ballon Noir ‎BAL 45004 - curious sounding 1979 single (based on 30 sec sample on 45 Tours) by band that's almost Komintern!

Claude Demet - HORDE, LP Crypto ZAL 6404 (1982) ???? doubt it'll be of interest.

Guidon, Edmond, Clafoutis - Be A Rock N' Roll Star / Stormy Sunday - 7" private 1974

Madhya - Les Chants Du Soir À La Villa Carlotta, Le Kiosque d'Orphée KO/ 81.0909, 1981 obscure synth/neo-cassical?

Alain Markusfeld - L'Epave / La Croix De Modez ‎(7", Single) Barclay 61.532 L 1972
Alain Markusfeld - Le Gluemour / Le Requin Central ‎(7", Single) Barclay 61.812 1973

Metabolisme - Highway Over You / Tempus - 7" FLVM 4517 (1979) non LP single A side - b-side on LP

Sanctus - Jane / Go To Hell, 7" Studio 35 BM 66 (1973) Go To Hell = nice heavy/brassy psych prog, need A Side

Patrice Sciortino, Le Quatuor De Percussion De Paris - Espaces, LP Arc En Ciel ‎– SM 30-841

Stratageme - Le Sorcier Et Moi / Repent Wal Purgis

Situations Sonores ’76, LP Le Kiosque d’Orphée, KO 760508, 1976 - apparently unusual experimental

Soixante Étages - SOIXANTE ÉTAGES, MC private 1986 - another AYAA related band
Soixante Étages - VOISINS DE PALIER, MC private 1986

Véhicule Léger - Lame De Rasoir / Nez Rouge, 7" FLVM 4540 (1980) sounds like some sort of bizarre Zeuhl based on 30sec sample of Nez Rouge at

L'Association Des Musiciens Et Artistes De Touraine Presente "live in Tours 1977" (Disques Barrier 11001) 2LP 1977 - Les Anges Noirs / Avalanche / Deep Feeeling Blues Band / Novelo "Tandava"

Clues and more info welcome. Some of the musicians we know as members of bands, but not solo.
Some may never have released anything!...

Belle De Jour - Sustain Love/Etoiles de la Nuit
Bestiole - MLP Dans les marais/Le voyageur/Rue du chevau fug
Sylvain Carrel - Look over the Nile - electronic rock?
Distance - Moshi, Moshi (Mercury 6313.143) 1981 - some sort of fusion?
Dynamo - jazz-rock tinged with humour 1979


Ena - LP Ena (Fika FK 1002) 1980 Café Mozart - Outre tombe = Post Punk "cold" Wave --- various artists!
a Discographie Du Rock Francaise this is a compilation with 5 bands performing. Full listing is as follows :

"This recording is a compilation of five very musically different formations. MEGOT and CORRESPONDANCE play an energetic, muscleband rock, close to hard rock. HARALD prefers an insane urban rock, CAFE MOZART plays slightly new wave rock and DAMOCLES proposes a rebellious, declamatory rock which sometimes evokes ANGE or MONA LISA."


Fmr - Identité/Le serpent - 7" MAGIC M0019 (1980) punky pop based on 30 sec sample at

Claude Guillan-  Anita/Je me fais tout petit - pop, it seems
Imbroglio - SAUF LA PANTOUFLE - free-jazz, ex Confluence - info:
Jazz Virus Quartet - seems to be a Didier Lockwood project?
Korman - ?????????
Master Key - Tears of Love/Oh Salome (Context CTX 105) 1971 - reputedly psychedelic pop & rather naff too!
Neophyt - Tout seul tous les deux/Le noir - un rock mélodique dans la lignée de ICARE, bénéficiant d'une emphase vocale ...
Ogoun Ferraille "Jazz Septet" - A CORTO MALTESE - old-timey jazz apparently, varied jazz actually, so-so.
Ogoun Feraille - Ogoun’s comin / Samba à la Jef (PES 451 133)
Rackham-Le-Rouge (R 8201) Alain Gautier & others, seems to be pop
Roger La Honte - could be interesting, Uppsala related
Trouble - unknown single from 1977
Wild Beauty Of Sadness - aka WBS seems they just released a single? = pop / mor /easy listening, not prog at all!
Yecta Plus Band (pre Flamen Dialis) same info everywhere "After releasing a 45 in England in 1971..." - anyone got it?

Solitude - 3 singles on Theleme label (got Been Gone So Long on Puissance 13+2, Le Roi Du Monde on YouTube)

Croque Mitaine - LA CHANSON DU FOU - apparently akin to Malicorne, so should be worth investigating! Found a picture, seems we've had it in the past & didn't keep

Italian research...
see the page: Italian Wants and/or Need To Hear, etc.


D.D.Records, cassette label from Japan...
After rediscovering Kamada & Koshi and Juma, I'd like to retry some others
But, they're very obscure, some were good, some weren't!
01 T.Kamada - Home Made Music 1
02 T.Usami - Nature Silent
03 K.Yoshimatu - Puls
04 Pop Company - Soap
05 T.Kamada - Home Made Music 2
?? A. Koshi - Dresser - 1981
11 Juma - Jurassic Cycle - recall this one being good
17 K.Yoshimatu - Mirror Inside
20 A.Koshi - Dresser
27 T.Kamada - Home Made Music 3
28 Fuma - Amonite Legend
33 T.Kamada - Home Made Music 4
37 Juma - Ocean Zero
38 Humanamot - Puppets System
43 K.Yoshimatu - Spherical Voyage
45 T.Kamada - Aftermusic
54 Vados
55 K.Yoshimatu - Pentagram Music
63 System Project - Yellow Ice Cream
66 K.Yoshimatu - Fossil Papillon
69 Fory
70 System Project - Symic P
73 Usami & Kamada - Hisaichino Yoake


If you know of any brilliant albums that aren't in our collection, wants, or other pages on this site, then we'd like to know!
You see, there are bound to be other awesome revelations like The Beat Of The Earth (whom we'd never heard of until very recently),
who turn out to be pre-Friendsound (same organist), or Japanese esoterica like Kimio Mizutani or People, and we only just recently
discovered there was a third Atila album. There's bound to be many other things we're missing. (written 2007)
Our basic tastes are Krautrock, experimental/cosmic/space-rock, the more unusual (less vocal) end of prog, jazz-rock (more solo driven,
rock & ethnic spiced, rather than fiddly/technical), non-genre electronic and cross-culture, 1970's Euro-rock/prog, some synth, ethnic, etc.
Some favourite bands? What do we already have? See our collection list!
What do we already know? Check the A-Z list of over 4,700 prog & experimental artists in our UT Web Encyclopedia!

Note: Some items on this page we may have previously had but forgot about. A small front cover jpg may jog my memory!

Do you have anything that we're after? Contact me by email to discuss: