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One of my aims in life is to try and hear everything that is supposed to be good! That is in the world of prog/experimental/weird music. I wonder if I'm getting there? This list regularly shrinks and grows, and is constantly changing. As always, I welcome suggestions. i.e. anything new that I should know? Before suggesting older stuff, check my collection & other lists on this site, as I may already know it! But, you never know, I'm still amazed by some things I missed!

Excepting any listed as "Original CD's wanted of these..." I'm not after actual releases unless cheap! There are very few things that I actually want/need for myself. Generally I'm researching, clutching at straws, looking for odd missing items needed for projects. As much of this stuff is liable to be of little or no interest to us, some is sure to be rubbish, a recording/copy is usually adequate. I'm usually just interested in hearing the items below, as a download or CDR copy, and/or we can barter/swap. I like to remaster LP transcriptions to achieve CD quality in my archive, so please do not offer me scratchy vinyl rips, nor ones that are low bandwidth or not transferred directly, and especially not ones with jumps or bits of tracks missing. EX+ vinyl or better please!

Are you looking for something? Searching in vain? Why not email me: with your wants list? I have a huge archive. We may be able to come to a swap arrangement! I can swap physical CDRs, or online via flac or mp3. Or you can buy.

[r#######] = Discogs reference (paste into Discogs search bar)

items crossed out have been located (and only remain here for my future reference)


Things I'm wanting to hear...
actual product if cheap/reasonable, or a listening copy preferably from a source ex+ or better please!

Ángeles de Opio - ÁNGELES DE OPIO, LP New Records NRC003 (2016) A Protogénesis 21:29 / B Demónico Inmódico 19:21 Spanish psychedelic jamming long tracks with the guitarist from Interkosmos
Brainticket mit Stephanie Wolff - NEW AGE CONCERT
, MC Sphinx Tapes 240-00702-1 (1985) knew about this back in the 80s but only just rediscovered its existence, be great if someone out there has it!
Brigitte & The Hansen Experience - LIVE
, MC Dom DOM 77-31 - if it exists!
Cervello - LIVE 1974
, LP Progup! Records, also exists as a CD - said to be good quality
Joco-Dev-Sextett - JOCO DEV 1969 - 1973, CDR private (2009) issued via the band website
Christina Kubisch ‎– ITER MAGNETICUM
, MC Edition Giannozzo Berlin (1986)
Phéromone - THEATRE 347
, MC Hum Rec Hum #05 (2014) live recording by the same trio

Stockhausen - POLE FÜR 2 (INTEGRALE VERSION), CD (Stockhausen-Verlag 103) 2012 version of electronic work

Alternativa - Mini Jazz Klub 30, 7" EP Panton 8135 0030 (1981) Czech 7" fusion?
Amoebic Ensemble ‎- ROAD TO WORLD DOMINATION (Simply Indefensible Records) cassette 1995
also after their 3 EPs: Space Heater, Amoebic Ensemble, ‎Driving Music ‎
Archimedes Badkar - Rumpstek (PTL 01) 1973 EP: Zeke Steppar 8:47 / Oroa Dig Inte, Det Ordnar Sig Aldrig 11:19
- I've got "Oroa Dig Inte..." track from YouTube! - so just need "Zeke Steppar"

(IMEB LDC 278 1111) 1999 - maybe?
Elisabeth Meaulne / Guy Shelley / Bernard Verley accompagnés par Catharsis - ALBUM POP POÈMES, LP PES 528.002 - a lot of this is material also found on the "Illuminations" album, but here is with poetry added
Cheops - EUPHORIA FLIT 1985 cassette - debut cassette by UK space-rock band, almost a decade before their other releases that I have!
Chronicle - LIVE AT WHISKY A-GO-GO (Express TOCT-11414) used to have, need again - only from the CD reissue. Recently got a copy that was supposedly from the CD but wasn't, was just 2 LP side tracks, complete with crackle, glitches and jumps :(
Harry De Wit - APRIL '79, LP Bead Records BEAD 11 - probably not as interesting as his later stuff?
Harry De Wit - WANTIJ, LP DATA Records DATA:831 - piano / prepared piano - who knows?
Harry De Wit - TUMULT, LP De Wit 005 - looks the best bet here, between the 2 that I already have
Dynastie Crisis ‎– LIVE AU GOLF DROUOT, CD Big Beat Records JCMD 47 - 2014 French release of November 1972 concert
Embryo - NEWS, LP Ultimate Records (2006) - Swiss vinyl only of Berlin concert
Fifty Foot Hose - KILOWATT CLUB SF 6/1/97 (bootleg?)
Fifty Foot Hose - LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO MARCH 16, 2003 CD Anthology Recordings (2009 USA)
The Fisherman's Walkband - ¿SUERTE? - LP, 1981 private press - Very Xhol / Out Of Focus like based on - Hopefully the rest is up to that standard. They later turned into a Latino / Salsa type band, and after a few albums changed name to Agua Loca. Heard a couple more samples on a sale site, also good. Need the whole thing.
Richard Franecki - WELCOME TO THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS - maybe
Pierre Henry - LA REINE VERTE (Unidisc UD 30.3005) 1965 version. I have the Philips 1971 version with 16 tracks & a different track list (plus 1 extra track from Mass For The Present Time). Complete album rip from an ex or better vinyl please.
Ibiza Sound - Ad Lib, 7" Ariola 14.964-A - rare Spanish freaky rock single (one side incomplete on YouTube)
Jazz Fragment - Mini Jazz Klub 29, 7" EP Panton 8135 0049 (1980) Czech 7" fusion?
Franz Kamin - BEHAVIORAL DRIFT II / RUGUGMOOL (Station Hill Press M8001) artist quoted by way of a dedication on NWW's Homotopy To Marie insert. Could be interesting. A rip of the cassette version would probably be best, if anyone has it!
Takehisa Kosugi / The Taj Mahal Travellers - AUGUST 1972 LONDON (Otherside Recordings) CDR 2014
Las Orejas Y La Lengua  - EN VIVO EN LA CARBONERA (2001) no working online sources
Franco Leprino - 1977-1987 ORIGINAL VERSIONS, CD Giallo Records MMM 113
Lo Yo Yo, The / Look De Bouk - Double Dog Dare, Summer '84
‎(Cass) Calypso Now NOW-37 1984 - just the Look De Bouk really
Liettya Project - STURM (Finland) on Tom Hayes' CD reissue wish list
Meka Cerného Humoru - MUSIK AUS CSSR, MC Independance EFA 8513 - reputedly early rare MCH Band
Dan Morehouse - PATTERNS OF GROWTH, LP Spaceola Records CH-2 (1978) curious looking electronic LP
Necronomicon - LIVE IN CONCERT 1973, 2LP Best Brehodi
Newtone Experience - OPTRAL, LP AKN 001
Leo Nilson - "That Experiment H²S"
- rare track from LP with Ralph Lundsten: Andromeda A3 [r3393084]
Out To Lunch ‎– 7.15.2000 LIVE AT YUKOTOPIA (OUT-TL7001)
Pulsar - SORROW IN MY DREAMS (bootleg) 2CD live Angers 27 January 1978
Reportaz - WITRAŻ ( STAINED GLASS ) (MC A.R.S. 01) 1983 cassette only
Reportaz - DOMATOR ( STAY AT HOME ) (MC A.R.S. 02) 1984 cassette only
Eberhard Schoener - THE BOOK
(Ariola 28 706 IU) - great album I recall, but pressings were lousy - anyone got a good sounding copy?
Kyriakos Sfetsas - SMOG (Scorpios SC 109403/4) 2LP electroacoustic music for a ballet, maybe
Robert Wood And Woodlands - LIVE AT LONS LE SAULNIER, 1974 - LP Monster Melodies Records MMLP 06 - sounds good quality based on snippet - quite a lot different to the LP version

Various - 25 JAHRE FEEDBACK - CD Feedback Studio Verlag Köln, 1996 - inc. Johannes Fritsch/Rolf Gehlhaar/David Johnson, Peter Eötvös, David Johnson - Ton-Antiton, etc. Discogs [r892412]

Live/demo/session/unreleased obscurities...

Ange - 1970-05-?? ORTF / Strasbourg? tracks: Dignité, Dame Nation, Le vieux de la Montagne, Mannequin de Cire, Tout Feu Tout Flamme, Les Vieux Livres.
Ange - 1973-07-?? Reading Festival, UK
Art Zoyd - Live Á Vandoeuvre 1983
Birth Control 1975-03-30 Morgens um 7, Hamm, Germany
Birth Control
1974-11-30 Bonn-Muffendorf Underground
Toto Blanke's Electric Circus - Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart - Villa Berg 31 March 1980
Brainticket - live tapes from 1979-81 once advertised by a seller in Record Collector mag
Wolfgang Dauner Et Cetera -
Moers Festival, 9 June 1973 (same line-up as Live 2LP)
Guru Guru - 1972-10-13 Biel, CH La Rotonde
Guru Guru - 1972-11-25 Filderstadt-Bernhausen (10 track, 81 min)
Henry Cow - Civic Hall Guildford UK 6/6/1977 - ?
Henry Cow and Faust sets at The Rainbow (only good quality, the YouTube rip of Henry Cow is terribly low-fi)
Ibliss - Moers Festival, 11 June 1972
Jane - any quality live Jane 1971-74 (had 1973-08-09 Speedway Stadium, Scheessel which was lousy quality)
Kraftwerk (Organisation) - 08/04/1970 - Karlsruhe - Germany
Kraftwerk (debut gig) - 11/07/1970 - Tivoli Pop Festival - Reiter Stadion - Aachen - Germany (small film snippet exists)
Kraftwerk - 26/12/1970 - Creamcheese - Düsseldorf - Germany
Kraftwerk - 15/02/1971 - Forum Kleiner Saal - Leverkusen - Germany
Kraftwerk - 29/02/1971 - Olympia - Paris - France (probably don't exist)
Mahjun - Grenoble 1975-05-17
Klaus Doldinger's Passport - Montreux Jazz Festival, 24 June 1972 music or video (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi)
Michal Urbaniak Constellation -
Moers Festival, 10 June 1972

Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze - any good recordings up to 1982 that I don't have on this page: (ask me for a list of what I do have)

Old Grey Whistle Test "in the studio" video...
Can - 18/11/75 "Set The Controls..." now got the audio! What a track! -- still seeking the video
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - ?/?/1973
Isotope - 26/3/1974 - "Bite on This" & "Upward" (have the audio)

- Old Grey Whistle Test 24 February 1976 Nam Nam 8'51"
Tasavallan Presidentti - complete Old Grey Whistle Test 1974/75 (have video extracts)
videos (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi) [the BBC seem to have lost all these]

German TV...
Birth Control  - Klatschmohn  - ARD  - 14.07.1973
Brainstorm  - Rhinozeros  - WDR  - 1972
Checkpoint Charlie  - Sympathy for the Devil  - NDR  - 1970
Hoelderlin  - Probleme '73  - SWF/BR  - 1973
Pell Mell  - Pop '73  -  1973
Satin Whale  - Pop '76  - 25.04.1976
Thirsty Moon  - Diskus  - ARD  - June 1973

Tonkraft Radio, Sweden...
Berits Halsband - 13/10/73, 18/12/74 (9/12/74 according to Tonkraft LP, have 1 track)
Dice (ur Tonkraft 1977) Progglådan Disc 26 - 03
Energy - 20/4/74
Etron Fou Leloublan - 23/8/78
Horizont (ur Tonkraft 1977) Progglådan Disc 26 - 02
Kebnekaise (ur Tonkraft 1973) Progglådan disc 13 - 01 - I have Tonkraft 72
Kornet (inspelat Sr Luleå 1976) Progglådan Disc 27 - 01
Kvartetten Som Sprängde - 8/9/73 - Gånglåt från Valhallavägen, Andesamba, The Sudden Grace, Ölandsshuffle
Levande Livet (ur Tonkraft 1973) Progglådan Disc 39 - 02
Made In Sweden (inspelat På Uppsala Universitet 1970) Progglådan Disc 25 - 01
Moose Loose - 5/1/77
Piirpauke - 7/4/76
Ragnarök - 30/10/74, 4/2/76
Solar Plexus - 11/9/74
Splash - 12/3/75
Trace - 21/5/75
Trotsålderns Barn (ur Tonkraft 1976) Progglådan disc 2 - 03

In fact, if you have any live video, recordings or radio sessions (of fine quality) that may be of interest, let me know!


Research wants...

German/Krautrock releases we still need to hear...

Attention - Greenville, Carolina / Green Kitchen, 7" Polydor 2041 179 - 1971 probably pop - on Discogs

Changes - IMAGES TO REMEMBER, LP - KS 9005 - Swiss 1990 - [r5688165] - Don't know if I'm interested, this turns out to be the same band as issued THE GROWING NUMBER in 1994 which wasn't so great.

CONTACT, LP Blackfield Tonstudio Bts 721 (1972) Pseudo Krups / Osmose / Laubentanz / Faktotum - this is pre Contact Trio, but with a clarinet player instead of guitarist. Likely to be too jazz for me. An mp3 track sample will do.

Eulenspygel - TRASH (Spiegelei 23-707-3 U) - please has anyone out there got the 8-Track and able to copy it?

Ex Ovo - IN DER RHEIN-MOSEL-HALLE, CD private - a bootleg?

Peter Michael Hamel - Other Voices, Other Rooms, 7" Calig CAL 17 009 (1974)

Hans Kopf Terzett - SO ... UND NICHT ANDERS!, cassette (Aleph² MC 002) 1982 - Shoulder Of Mutton A - related

Leaf - ONE MORE...LEAF (Biton Bit 2124) 1981 - fusion, ex Abraham - rather mediocre

Mariposa - GEDANKENSPRUNGE, LP WK 30.389, 1984 - looks like a naff folk album - actually quite pleasant

Mountain Ash - Smokers Sorrow / Devils In The Sky/ Mountain Ash III, 7" EP TCH 76 007 (1976)

Necronomicon - HAIFISCHE - reformation, have doubts that it will be any good!

Nexus - ABSOLUTELY LIVE 76 - 81 Vol 1, CD - listed on RYM and krautrock-musikzirkus

Nexus - ABSOLUTELY LIVE 76 - 81 Vol 2, CD - archives by Tuebingen band as on PROTON 1 2LP

Phrydderichs Phaelda - BRUCH-STUECKE ? - seems to be some sort of jazz - - found: "Bruch" - sounds promising, a bit National Health like. need to hear more!

Josef Anton Riedl ‎– KLANGFELDER (Loft 1012) LP 1986 electronic?

Oskar Sala - ELECTRONIC KALEIDOSCOPE (Wergo SM 1040) LP only soundtracks collection

Salt - BE MY FISHERMAN, LP S 15748 - doubtful, God rock! [r4449978]

Saytenspiel - KONZERTANZ, MC 1992 - or is it called: TANZHEFT ? German band - also definitely folk

Schmandelekker ‎– TOURDION, LP Ornament ‎– CH 7.336 - found at [r6070988] - turns out to be mellow folk in German based on " Mosella in Trauer" on - found a different one!

Rolf Schulz' Largo - BAUMSARG (private release) 1988 - if it's anywhere near as good as his previous two!

Sonatinenblues - instrumental folk? representative?:

Steinzeit  - GEBURTSTAG, LP (Absurde Geburten 8511101) 1982 - [r5358908] according to seller, on Popsike...

Recorded at the Ougenweide-Studio in Hamburg. Musically totally avantgarde, somewhere between early FAUST, CAN in their "Tago Mago" phase, Lothar & The Hand People and some hints of 80s Berlin bands like Malaria or Einstürzende Neubauten.

Tracks: Steinzeit / Japan / Schützenkönige / Wie Du Dir so ich mir / Karibische Messer / Falkland / Liebe ist kälter als Eis / Der Araber / Die fromme Helene - Morgenstund hat Volt im Mund

Toxyne - NUR NICH NERVOES WERDEN, cassette (Aleph² MC 001) 1981 - Shoulder Of Mutton A - related

Treasure Island - CHANGE THE PRISONER, LP Interphon 214 801 382 - Austrian acid folk? Seems unlikely [r4613122]

Welcome - NOWHERE, LP Jazz Haus Musik JHM 03 ST (1979) - some sort of jazz fusion [r2400970]

Yatra - THE THIRD EYE, MC (199?)

Yatra - COMEBACK, CD private (2000) - found a CD's worth of demos - really good stuff!!!

elusive singles.... 
Second Movement - Fool's Dance / Rainbow
, 7" Castle Records CAS 027 (1976) not on "Blind Man's Mirror"
Two Of A Kind - What's It Worth / Two Of A Kind, 7" Cornet 5027 (1970) - no references anywhere
Xerxes - Fortune Teller / For Uncle Sam - 7" Philips 6003 300 (1972) - thought I'd found this, but...
Yggdrasil - Out Along The Highway / Tango Blackout, 7" private SYD 030 AB ????


We'd love to eradicate the "Rumours & Mysteries" sections...
and at least need to know if any of these are of interest
a sample typical track as mp3 will do
blue = got picture

CPG = Cosmic Price Guide (book)


Agnetha - LISTEN TO THE FUTURE, LP Agnetha Records (1980) - reputedly sort of hard rock - pretty average

Carry On  - CARRY ON, LP private 16098201 (1983) - Supposedly a "prog rock masterpiece"

Change - CHANGE, LP private RB1 (1976) - Apparently some sort of jazz fusion

Constellation - Tears / Attitudes, 7" private 7 F 65227 (1974) - from CPG - some sort of jazz [r5435086]

Crazy Diamond - I Want To Love You / You Can Make It, 7" Stiers 30402 (1977) - from CPG - no info except RYM mention

Desire - Was Du Gern Möchtest / Darüber Reden, 7" EMI 1C 006-46 246 (1980)

Desire - FRUSTIGE ZEITEN, LP Desire Musikproduktion DL 8101 (1981)

Dreirad - SELBSTGEMACHT, LP Musikiste 17-6-310 (1985) - some sort of folk outfit

Drum - War Child / Sunlight, 7" ? (1970) - heard "War Child" on KRAUT-BLOODY-RAGEOUS!

ES - IN CONCERT "LIVE AT ALADDIN" (Fran L-00210, 1977) Not "Wham Bang"

Fire Group - FIRE GROUP, LP Sound SPA 1576 (1976) ???

Flyght 6.6 - NWT, LP Tel-Star X 2-45001 (1979) - pop rock?
Graufabrik - Plattenfließband / Chamäleon, 7" Kanal ELZ 304 (1974) - from - inc. Singer-Songwriter Werner Aurin (Mitglied der VocalGruppe Headline)

Grendel - THE FIRST CURTAIN, see:
Ho Turn Air - TAUBE VÖLKER TAPES, MC Transmitter TC 44 (1981)

Husky - WOBI MADAONDO - WEG WEIßE TEUFEL, LP TBS B 1075 1151 (1984) some sort of jazz-fusion? - nice piano and drums focused fusion based on the samples at growingbin - reminds me of Ginger Baker's Unseen Rain

Helmut Kagerer - GAMBLIN', CD Jardis JRCD 9714 (1997) - jazz guitarist

Eric Klaus - Going On / I Feel So Fine, 7" Wildsau Scheiben 9001 (?)

Der Klimek - MIT SCHMERZ IM HERZ, LP Brutkasten 85 C036 (1983) - said to be Weirdo-Schlager post-NDW-pop

Gerd Kraus - RHYTMUS & ENTSPANNUNG, MC Transmitter TC 63 (1981) - Member of Limbus.

Mara - HUMANE ZEITEN, LP SMB F 668.645 (1984) some sort of pop/rock, rare folk jazz fusion on ebay [r2566158]

Medusa - Sympathy / Salamanda, 7" Lava TCH 76004 (1976) - A different Medusa again, from Hannover.

Aleida Montijn - INSPIRATION, LP Art Production 60-5617 (1986) easy listening jazz?, just a track sample needed [r6368131]

Munich Big Band - MUNICH BIG BAND, LP Intersong 004 (19??) - Only documented on a library LP, these amounted to an international supergroup. Probably crappy TV theme jazz, or maybe could be good?

Mut - ÄMOL IS KÄMOL, Krypton Music KR 84004 - Rock? "Folkrock Schallplatte einer Band aus der Pfalz" [r8322074]

Nose - Layla / Sunny Morning, 7" Harvest 1C 006-29 960 (1972) - Ubopopland say these are German Kraut prog.  "Layla" is the Derek & the Dominoes song (arranged by Rainer Pietsch) in Epitaph vein. They are rumoured to be Janus related, so maybe they are British not German?

Onyx - MENSCHEN, LP private (1981) - Some sort of folk outfit, compared to Schariwari and Reifrock. Also: NIKE, LP Happy Sound HS 08543 (1985), Der Erste Bayerische Astronaut / Breakdance-Zenzi, 7" vlw 88.33 (1985)

Pentagon - Get Alive / War, 7" Elrec pn 1011 (1972) - different Pentagon, from Gelsenkirchen, with Heinz Kunert (of Epidaurus)

Pinocchio - JAZZ EROTIC, MC Transmitter TC 28 - ex-Xhol, cassette only release - more likely free-jazz

Razzia - IN STUDIO, LP Pro Sound (1982) - Band from Hannover. Either prog, new wave or indie rock?

Repent Walpurgis - THE OUTSIDER, LP private (1974) only on Krautrock Discography at Angelfire - Name is a Procol Harum song!

Roccata - A ROCKIN' GAME, LP private (1985) - nothing on the web

Rollsplytt - FLAPPERGRANNY, LP private 0784121410 (1982) Unknown instrumental fusion sextet according to CD reissue wish list site - says pop rock at [r6356732]

Scara Brae - SCARA BRAE (private, 1985) - Genesis members guest apparently (but don't think so) - side 1 is a 19m experimental track? YouTube track: "Steelyard Blues" runs through many styles, ending with a good freak-out. Either 200 copies, or 60 it says here!

Snowblind - FIRST TIME OUT, LP Brutkasten 85 R031 (1982) tracks: Poor Boy / Starvin' / Haze / Limbo / Rock Against Disco / Nasta-rovje Kossygyn / Groove (Freedom Song) - possibly straight pop/rock/NDW? - [r8566488]

Store Evil - LIVE AUS DEM LEINE-DOMICIL, LP Lava TCH 77350 (1977) - jazz-rock of some sort (on Discogs). Sounds good based on the one track (streaming sample) on Fagostore site, a bit Ibliss, Aera, Kraan like. Review there says some of it is funky. Need to hear the whole album!

Störopor - FÜR KOPF UND OHR, LP Coloured Rain CR 002/74 (199?) - probably never released?

Tenderness - TENDERNESS, LP Stahl or Intercord (?) - probably fiction?
Touch - Bonanza (Rock'n'Roll Gambler) / It's Done, 7" Klangstadt SA 1001 (1978) - Not to be confused with other bands

The Trademark - Find Your Way / Watch The Garden, 7" Elrec pn 1010 (1972)

Nick Uhlsteyn - AUTUMN SONGS, LP Racket Records RRK 15.003 (1981) - Prog or dance-electronic.

United Four - MIXTOUR, LP private 66.22922 (1985) some sort of rock, seller's notes: Unknown and obscure but nevertheless quite good german rock band. Amazing organ / synthie / keyboard work here.

Uranus - My Friends / People Talking Around, 7" BASF 05 11252-1 (1971) - Early band featuring top German 1980s pop star Drafi Deutscher, and co-composition of the A-side by Les Humphries. Unlikely to be of interest, and listed as: Rock, Pop, Pop Rock, Europop by one seller.

Venus - VENUS, LP private AK 1 (1975) - Supposedly progressive underground. No idea quite what the whole album will be like based on the extract heard - starts with phase modulation, acoustic guitar with female voice in German, goes a bit boogie jamming - curious, could be good.

Manni von Bohr - MANNIFEST, CD Blue Flame 398 50242 (1998) - solo by the well-travelled rock drummer

Zeberon - ZEBERON, LP Mullbinde (1971) - probably fiction?

We also welcome any rare music and videos!
Do you have some unpublished Krautrock material? To be able to use any such material we need permission from the artist and/or owner of the work. Any such material is used as "promo" only with the rights remaining with the artist. We cannot pay for any such material, but the more multimedia elements we can add the better future editions will be.

French 1970/80s acts of possible interest and/or need to hear...

rip needed, please has anyone out there got?...
Iris - single A-side "Aux Portes Des Villes" - or at least that's what I think I want!
of which the 1st 40 secs can be heard at 1:16 + on this:
important: the B-side "Opus 340" (which I have already) is listed wrongly as "Aux Portes Des Villes" in many places, i.e. = Opus 340!
Ideally I require a flac/wav rip of both sides from someone that has it!
So, the Jungle Vibe thanks to Bosko was premature, but at least I now know how to record a stream!

Abramose ‎- ABRAMOSE, LP private 808 (1975) most curious looking, could be good? single is nice!
Agartha -  Fini Pour Toi / Jacky Et Freddy, 7" private (1982) reputedly prog - 30secs at - sounds like a funky Steve Hackett with a bad drummer and punky female vocals, so not very promising!
Aiguade - CHANSONS DES TEMPS FIGÉS, LP Baccara International BI 001 732 (1976) prog-folk?
Amalgame - LES BILLARDS VERTS, LP private AMA 30 CM 1 (1979) Apparently more Memoriance or Ange vein
Ananke - Veprabilly/C'ui Qui L'dit Qui Y'est - almost unanimously listed as jazz-rock! Musea: Quatuor de Dijon, ANANKE produit un jazz-rock technique, virtuose et teinté d'humour. Le 45 tours "Veprabilly/C'ui Qui L'Dit Qui Y Est" (1982) peut évoquer les oeuvres de Frank ZAPPA ou ZAO, tout en empruntant à Albert MARCOEUR et ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN leur fantaisie et leur goût du pastiche. It also gets listed in the French punk discography!
Roger Bellon - ROGER BELLON (RCA Victor ) 1977 - Balance series jazz-rock with Magma connections
rather unexciting based on: - other track recently added on YT is much more interesting akin to Clivage gone jazzy
Pascal Chassin - La Nouvelle Européenne / Don Juan 80, 7" Ballon Noir ‎BAL 45004 - curious sounding 1979 single (based on 30 sec sample on by band that's almost Komintern!
Claude Demet - HORDE, LP Crypto ZAL 6404 (1982) ???? doubt it'll be of interest.
Giani Esposito - BOUDDHA - MÉDITATIONS, LP PES 301031 (1971) looks curious, with Serge Franklin
Madhya - Les Chants Du Soir À La Villa Carlotta, Le Kiosque d'Orphée KO/ 81.0909, 1981 obscure synth/neo-classical?
Alain Markusfeld - L'Epave / La Croix De Modez ‎(7", Single) Barclay 61.532 L 1972 need B Side
Alain Markusfeld - Le Gluemour / Le Requin Central ‎(7", Single) Barclay 61.812 1973 need B Side
Metabolisme - Highway Over You / Tempus - 7" FLVM 4517 (1979) need non LP single A side - b-side on LP
Sanctus - Jane / Go To Hell, 7" Studio 35 BM 66 (1973) Go To Hell = nice heavy/brassy psych prog, need A Side
Soixante Étages - SOIXANTE ÉTAGES, MC private 1986 - another AYAA related band
Soixante Étages - VOISINS DE PALIER, MC private 1986
other stuff at:
Véhicule Léger - Lame De Rasoir / Nez Rouge, 7" FLVM 4540 (1980) sounds like some sort of bizarre Zeuhl based on 30sec sample of Nez Rouge at
L'Association Des Musiciens Et Artistes De Touraine Presente "live in Tours 1977" (Disques Barrier 11001) 2LP 1977 - Les Anges Noirs / Avalanche / Deep Feeeling Blues Band / Novelo "Tandava"
Terrain Vague - POUR QU'IL TE RESTE UN PEU DE MOI (SRC 543 954) 1981 French folk, could be interesting?
Jean-Louis Vincent - RÉSONANCES, LP Barclay 90.032 (1975) may just be folk, but has some interesting musicians on it

Clues and more info welcome. A sample mp3 may do. Some may never have released anything!...
Belle De Jour - Sustain Love/Etoiles de la Nuit - is on the French new wave discography where it says "progresif"
Bestiole - MLP Dans les marais/Le voyageur/Rue du chevau fug - turns out to be a 7" EP, first track sounding like Simon & Garfunkel in French, 2nd track sounds like some bubblegum pop band (i.e. Sweet or Mud - French style), whereas the B side is quite a nice prog number.
Croque Mitaine - LA CHANSON DU FOU - apparently akin to Malicorne, so should be worth investigating! Found a picture, seems we've had it in the past & didn't keep
Distance - MOSHI, MOSHI (Mercury 6313.143) 1981 - some sort of fusion? "Melodic AOR" according to some sources! "jazz funk" according to an Ebay seller! [r2349214]
Dynamo - jazz-rock tinged with humour 1979
Claude Guillain -  Anita/Je Me Fais Tout Petit - pop, it seems? Only listed in La Discographie Du Rock Français
Imbroglio - SAUF LA PANTOUFLE - free-jazz, ex Confluence - so, not so likely to be of interest to us, and just need to hear a track - info:  r179589]
Jazz Virus Quartet - seems to be a Didier Lockwood project?
Korman - ?????????
Neophyt - Tout Seul Tous Les Deux/Le Noir - un rock mélodique dans la lignée de ICARE, bénéficiant d'une emphase vocale ...
Ogoun Feraille - Ogoun’s Comin / Samba À La Jef (PES 451 133) - wonky jazz based on snippet at ddonline
Rackham-Le-Rouge (R 8201) Alain Gautier & others, seems to be pop
Roger La Honte - SAME, LP KI Records RLH 1112 (1983) could be interesting, Uppsala related w/ Serge Korjanevski, Michel Laporte
Solitude - 3 singles on Theleme label (got Been Gone So Long on Puissance 13+2, Le Roi Du Monde on YouTube)
Trouble - unknown single from 1977
Yecta Plus Band (pre Flamen Dialis) same info everywhere "After releasing a 45 in England in 1971..." - anyone got it?

Italian research...

Need a recording...
Lydia Et Hellua Xenium - Diluvio / Conoscevo Un Uomo, 7"  Radio RRS 1063 (1974) got: Diluvio side, also Guai A Voi / Invocazione - found 1:38 of Conoscevo Un Uomo at
Mediterranea Mesolella Band - Jonium
/ Vai Facile, 7" Amiamoci  AM 2007 (1980) - thanks BA. Terrible rip, crackly and off-centre, but pleasant sympho prog fusion with soundtracky feel

Need to hear at least snippet...
Officina Meccanica - The Land Of A Thousand Dances / Un Prato E Poi Sognare, 7"  Picci LG 3020 (1973) - - found B-side

New unknowns...
Gruppo Odissea - ODISSEA, LP AEDO LPK 3357 (197?) - looks like a pop LP, but has only 5 tracks
- found on Discogs tagged as Space-Rock = rather naff and almost m-o-r Eurovision based on the YouTube track found by Bosko

Are any of the following Italian bands/soloists worth hearing?...
Cuncti Gens Una - L'alba di Gretel / Autunno - said to be: halfway between pop and melodic progressive
Human Expression - BEING IN THE BECOMING, LP  private HE 7 (1985) - 80's prog, supposed to be a good one!
- Not prog at all, pretty drab new wave
Lorenzo Lazzarini - CIRILTÀ or CIVILTA ?? - LP  Red Records ZPL RE 34024 (1977) - jazz?
Punto 2 - ODORE DI CAPRA - LP  Ghibli CD 3304 (1977) - a little known melodic pop album? - turns out to be a funny one, partly bubblegum Eurovision pop with some very prog bits!
Tunnel - Speed Up/Tunnel Lights - 7"  Splash SPH 1034P (1980) on same band as Luna, Funk / Soul, Rock / Disco?
Vieta - Lo Stalliere / Giorni Neri - 7"  Sombrero DM 210 on - rather naff funky stuff based on:

Suggestions on any of the above welcome.
If of no interest, confirmation of style, and maybe a sample (email me a 1-2 minute 56k rate mp3, or the link to where I can find it).

Time period covered...
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