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April 2012
General Dodonna greets King Oxus
29th April 2012
Much later in the story of Episode VII Plague of Doom, our heroes have successfully rescued King Oxus and his niece, Alana Seren, from Imperial-held Kessel. Now they have escorted them to the Galactic Alliance's military headquarters on the ocean world of Mon Calamar.
Here, the elderly strategist General Jan Dodonna greets Oxus, and the learns first-hand of the Imperials' dastardly scheme to subjugate the populace of the galaxy using the dociling aura gas. Starting with his home world of Ondos, the King confirms that his people are like puppets in the face of this new and terrifying gas !
General Dodonna greets King Oxus and Alana Seren, as they disembark from the Falcon.
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Mon Cal' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
The official site recently posted a video interview with one of the supervising technical directors of the Clone Wars show, to illustrate the effort that went into bringing to life the returning character of Darth Maul. The pioneering technology has enabled the animators and lighting effects artists to provide much more subtlety and canonical accuracy in giving this favourite villain life, and the result - for a TV animation - carries great sophistication. I've seen a few clips of Maul's scenes, and they do indeed look very exciting and convincing ! We are assured that great thought went into resurrecting this character and his new story arc, with maximum input from George Lucas himself !
Nathaniel Reed, 29th April 2012
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