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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005

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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
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Welcome to
Roderick Vonhögen's
Virtual Edition
August 2007
"Unveiling more artwork as Episode VII races to its climax !"
25th August 2007
As we publish the all-but-final Act of Episode VII Plague of Doom, we follow our heroes as they escape from the Imperial machinations on Kessel ! En route, Luke Skywalker tests for the Force in Princess Alana Seren, and is surprised by the results.
Re-grouping in the coral island base of Aquilae, Leia helps plan the counter-attack, hoping to prevent the Imperials from unleashing their deadly mind-control gas drones.
Meanwhile, her brother journeys with Alana and See Threepio to the capital world of Coruscant to seek an audience with Mon Mothma and update her.
As a space battle unfolds high above Kessel, Luke and Alana race towards the Imperial Palace - the old Jedi Temple - to intercept an angry mob and reclaim it from Emperor Amedda !
The original artwork is presented here for your enjoyment, and they can also be seen in the Gallery pages too. As we create more pictures each month we will 'drop' them into the unfolding plot line.
Both Luke and his sister sense they are being followed through the streets of Ophuchi, and Leia surreptitiously indicates the location with her eyes.
In this great artwork by Nat, Leia quietly acknowledges their pursuer to Luke.
As they approach their pursuer, Luke gestures with his fingers and causes some wares to topple from a vendor's stall, revealing the Toydarian from the Hutt Palace !
In this detailed picture by Nat, Luke calls on the Force to topple the vendor's wares and reveal their pursuer.
Having escaped from Nal Hutta, Han brings the Falcon in close to Kessel's inner moons. His skill and knowledge ensures that his ship won't be easily detected.
Han brings the Falcon close in to the inner moons of Kessel. Artwork by Nat.
As they gaze upon the grey planet of Kessel, the crew discuss their options. They are aware that time is against them, and they are keen to rescue their friends.
In this image by Nat, Han and Leia discuss the options of travelling on to Kessel, while Luke and the droids listen.
Deciding to investigate, Han quietly slips the Falcon in towards the mining world of Kessel.
The Falcon moves towards Kessel. Artwork by Nat.
Aware of a hidden, but volatile, rift canyon, Han guides the ship past steaming geysers....
The Falcon settles into the geyser rift canyon on Kessel. Artwork by Nat.
.... causing quite a few jitters from his wife ! As the Falcon is buffeted, it sneaks in closer towards the Imperial mining complex.
In this picture by Nat, the crew of the Falcon review their misty surroundings.
Much later, Luke, Alana, and Threepio travel to Coruscant where they are met by Mon Mothma and her cadre of Galactic Alliance Marshalls.
Disembarking from a lambda shuttle, Luke, Alana and Threepio are greeted by Mon Mothma. Artwork by Scott.
Mothma leads them deep into the deserted Senate Rotunda to her hidden base of operations where she can be debriefed as to the findings on Kessel.
A grand image by Scott, showing Mon Mothma leading Luke and Alana into the deserted Imperial Senate rotunda.
Afterwards, hearing of an angry mob facing the Palace stormtrooper guard, Luke, Alana, and the marshalls rush to intervene, and re-take the old Jedi Temple. Master Skywalker encourages Alana to draw upon the Force and push out against the troopers.
Luke leads Alana and the GA Marshalls against the stormtroopers guarding the Imperial Palace, in this great artwork by Nat.
And I have also been able to improve on the presentation of the Opening Crawl, amending the flow of the animation as well as linking it correctly to the next picture in the sequence, the apparent dogfight in orbit over the mysterious blue world !
[Refresh this page to re-load the animation.]
Let us know what you think of this closing act of Episode VII in the forum, and next time we'll conclude our story with its thrilling climax !
Nathaniel Reed, 25th August 2007
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