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August 2014
See things BEFORE they happen !!
30th August 2014
The end of July saw at least two major location visitis for the OFficial Episode VII production, namely Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK, and Skellig-Michael island off Ireland's Atlantic coast.
In last month's editorial, I recalled the fan-rendered reported concept art as outlined here, describing a "tree-snow-capped forest" (?!) as a setting for a "lightsabre duel between a Jedi and a Sith" ! In true Roderick Vonhögen fashion, I thought it'd be fun to create an image depicting this event....
Master Luke Skywalker duels a dark-clad foe !
In other Official-ST Episode VII news, fan news site starwars7news.com picked up on a report by a fan blog outlining the plot for a forthcoming Dark Horse comic (their final edition, before Marvel Comics resume the franchise), set a hundred-plus years ahead, and involving characters and events recently described as plot rumours for Episode VII ! The question, then, is whether, by accident or by design, the internet had been fed the wrong story elements for Episode VII ! Since there had been generally a concern - at the very least - to what we had been hearing for the film's plotting, then do we breathe a sigh of relief that some or all that we had learned is wrong ?! Or does it remain correct, and either LFL have mistakenly overlapped two distinct stories....... or they are deliberately the same, and utilising George Lucas' favoured motif of "symphonic mirroring", where across generations similar events occur presenting different characters with the same moral choices ? Of course, the recent internet backlash might also have an undesirable effect on this comic that is due out in September !
In light of this, starwars7news posted two reports in August : the first paraphrased a Pablo Hidalgo interview where the LFL storygroup member discounted the use of "flashbacks" in the new Star Wars : Rebels show, but implied their possibility in other - Episode VII ? - material ; the concern being that this new timeframe may require a fair amount of exposition, and Force-visions may be part of the stylistic structure that Lucas has laid down, but flashbacks aren't, yet recent rumours suggest we'll see a young Leia. The other report indicated that LFL/Disney were now looking at the exisitng and forthcoming Star Wars material more as a whole, interconnecting all the elements far more coherently, and since the post-ROTJ EU material has now been all but discarded under the new 'Legends' banner, the SW storygroup is in a far better position to map out a longer and wider connected story arc.
Meanwhile, the aerial dogfight above the stoney desert of Kessel continues to blaze away in our Virtual Edition of Episode VII : Plague of Doom !
With dusk falling, Jedi Elder Master Gri San Wei and his two Jedi students catch the sentry TIE fighters in a devastating crossfire !
Master Gri San Wei and his wingmen destroy several TIE fighters !
Meanwhile, Master Oppo Rancisis chases down three TIE fighters, destroying one, then swiftly peeling off to pursue another....
Master Rancisis targets one TIE fighter, and pursues another !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Nathaniel Reed, 30th August 2014
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