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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
And he shall bring Balance to the Force.
"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
Welcome to
Roderick Vonhögen's
Virtual Edition
December 2007
"John Williams, Movie Music Maestro"
22nd December 2007
2007 marked the 75th birthday of one John Towner Williams, the leading composer of popular movie music, and the force behind the many Star Wars themes, which spanned nearly thirty years of production. Although he didn't invent the leitmotif structural approach to narrative musical composition, he is possibly its greatest proponent, influencing many of his peers. 'Leitmotif' introduces a unique theme for a character (or situation), and is developed as the story progresses and as that character evolves.
In the Star Wars panoply of musical melodies, the strongest example of this is 'Darth Vader's Theme'. First introduced in Episode V : The Empire Strikes Back, it is a thundering percussion and brass piece underscored with sizzling violins. It's grand, proud, oppressive, and triumphant. Changes to the key make it more menacing, a change in speed delivers an over-powering sense of destiny and futility. Come Episode VI : Return of the Jedi, and the same theme becomes more thoughtful and introspective as the character's destructive revelations affect also himself. Private agendas and terrible subjugations subtly change the theme and we gain a new insight into this complex character. At his death, the melody is drawn out into a haunting refrain that is key to the son's loss, as well as the tragedy of the Chosen One. And finally, when we first meet him as a young slave boy in Episode I : The Phantom Menace, the bright and bouncing tune is centred with a hint of the ubiquitous theme that will shape the character much later.
Born in February 1932 in New York state, Williams' oeuvre spans over fifty years, and on most occasions he has been able to produce an instantly hummable tune, surely a mark of a great composer. His ever-present collaboration with Steven Spielberg first introduced him to George Lucas in the mid 1970s, and the result of which was of course 1977's Star Wars !
On the 7th of December 2007, to mark the birthday year, the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra of Wales played a selection of Williams' themes from both popular and less well-known movies. The first half, preluded by three local school choirs singing three welsh Christmas carols, introduced the stirring suite from THE COWBOYS, followed by the fun and bluster of the March from Spielberg's "favourite film" 1941. With the former, one could hear the trademark confidence and skilled scoring of themes, bold and subtle, while the latter painted a picture of zany fun and confusion ! The less familiar three-part 'Holiday' suite from HOME ALONE was also performed, including an original carol sung by the afore-mentioned school choirs. The main themes from E.T. and HARRY POTTER were stirring and moving, showcasing Williams' skill in capturing, musically, the sense of wonder of flight.
And then the second half was an amazing presentation of themes from all six Star Wars episodes. This was the first time I had heard music from them chronologically played live, and it was a wonderful opportunity, really describing the skill and success of such colourful and popular music whose creation spanned a quarter of a century. From A New Hope's 'Opening Titles and End Credits', to 'Ani's Theme' and 'Duel of the Fates', 'Across the Stars' and 'Battle of the Heroes', 'Princess Leia's Theme' and 'The Imperial March' and 'Yoda's Theme', culminating in A New Hope's 'End Ceremony and Credits'. It was beautiful to behold such sublime and familiar music played fleetingly before my eyes and ears. The concert finished with an encore of the ever-popular march from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.
Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening's musical entertainment, and I remarked to her that we're ostensibly living in the time of someone like Mozart, truly a living legend.
Our Virtual Edition Sequel Trilogy (VE-ST) artwork continues apace this month !
This dynamic alternate version by Scott of the scene where Luke scales the Kessellian cliff face shows the young Jedi Master disturbing the nest of baby hawkbats. The blind chicks squawk loudly as they sense danger nearby.
As Luke climbs he disturbs a nest of hawk-bats below the Hutt castle tower. Artwork by Scott.
Later, on Coruscant, the angry mob gathered outside the Imperial Palace suddenly hear the whine of anti-grav reverse thrusters above them, and turn their attention skywards.
In this picture by Nat, the angry mob gathering outside the Imperial Palace suddenly look up at the sound of an approaching ship !
Deep inside the Palace, Luke Skywalker faces the onslaught of Darth Kayos and the tenacious Sith. The darkened control room flickers in the green and red light reflecting from their swords, as they duel for control of the galaxy !
A dynamic image by Nat showing Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker duelling Sith Lord Darth Kayos in a Palace control room !
Gaining the upper hand, Kayos pushes out with the Force, and Luke is somersaulted backwards. The young Jedi, however, manages to keep his wits and focus, and lands on his feet, ready to re-engage the battle !
In this exciting illustration by Nat, the Sith Lord Force-pushes Luke backwards, but the Jedi masterfully lands on his feet and resumes battle !
This new artwork can be seen incorporated into the online version of POD, as well as in the gallery here. And please let us know what you think of the VE-ST in the forum !
A new reference book entitled 'Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force' has been released. It appears to be a fairly comprehensive tome, combining film canon material with EU and game spinoff additions. It may yet become the one-stop reference point for all things 'Force' related !
Some of the older parts of the VE website have recently had to be re-hosted, so please accept my apologies for any broken links.
Finally, let me wish you a very Merry Christmas, and all the best regards for 2008 !
Nathaniel Reed, 22nd December 2007
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