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December 2009
Episode VII and VIII story summaries online !
23rd December 2009
Whilst I begin to re-locate certain worlds and routes on my 'Star Wars Galaxy', and consider naming hyper lanes too - the whole venture turning out to be far more time-involving than I had originally expected ! - another task I had set myself was to provide a story summary for Episode VII : Plague of Doom to sit alongside the one I published earlier this year for Episode VIII : The Darkness Within. In December, I was able to finish drafting the summary for Episode VII.
The two summaries can be found here, off the main Virtual Edition Sequel Trilogy portal page. By its very nature of completion, the summary for POD is far more detailed than the one for TDW. Nevertheless, both summaries not only provide a taste of what to expect in the action-packed drama-filled sequel plot, but also an easier alternative, in the case of POD, to the ongoing illustrated version of the story and the large Word doc file holding the scripted version. When the time comes, the TDW version will no doubt be replaced with a fuller more detailed synopsis.
Finally, may I wish you a Merry Christmas, festive Season's Greetings, and I hope 2010 will be a good year.......
Nathaniel Reed, 23rd December 2009
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