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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005

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December 2010
Han and Wedge review the space battle !
27th December 2010
In the space battle above Kessel, there are surprised parties on both sides. The Galactic Alliance fleet had hoped for a swift turn-around and pre-emptive strike against the Imperial factory producing the dociling aura gas, while the six Star Destroyer captains had rushed to carry out Commander Kane's order to ready the deployment of the gas droids. Instead, both war fleets had met each other above the atmosphere of the Hutts' infamous spice mining world.
Flying through the melée of the close quarters battle, one-time Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles spies the Millennium Falcon up ahead, and lines up alongside it. He hails General Solo, and the two of them review the course of the battle.
Wedge hails the Millennium Falcon and reviews the battle with Han.
They see that Admiral Ackbar's starship Home One is being hammered by a Star Destroyer. Han boldly proposes that they attempt a 'Corellian Eclipse' manoeuvre against the Imperial cruiser. It involves Wedge flying wing-to-hull beside the Falcon so closely that the ships appear as one, and then loosing a surprise volley of proton torpedoes. Han alerts Chewie secured in the dorsal quad canon to get ready with the guns !
Han suggests using the 'Corellian Eclipse' manoeuvre.
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
With Christmas 2010 just passed, I can report that I am now the happy owner of Rinzler's 'Sounds of Star Wars' book, an historical record of Ben Burrt's life and work researching and creating an aural world for George Lucas. It covers in historical order the six movies, as well as the new CG Clone Wars series directed by Dave Filoni. I've only had a glance through the book but it looks sumptuous and fascinating, with the embedded sound effects player an obvious bonus and attraction bringing the SW Universe to life. The player has easy-to-use controls to play 250 effects ranging from lightsabres to droids to snippets of dialogue to engine roars to Darth Vader's breathy hisses. My only complaints thus far are that certain locales seem to be missing, such as Cloud City's Carbon Freeze Chamber - however, the preface implies that even now certain sound effects are closely guarded secrets - and the effects player can only select the sounds sequentially, you can't go directly to a later audio track. Nevertheless, it looks like a great tome illuminating an often over-looked aspect of the movie experience, the auditory colour to the Star Wars universe !
TFN has a link to an intruiging essay re-evaluating the six-part Star Wars Saga looking specifically at mirrored themes within the two trilogies and across all episodes. Most fans I imagine would appreciate much of the content anyway, but sometimes such articles can enlighten not only the casual viewer. A similar online article can be found here, where the author has collated paired images to describe repeating themes, be they dialogue or frame composition.
Although a little belated, may I wish you Season's Greetings and a peaceful New Year for 2011 ! :o)
Nathaniel Reed, 27th December 2010
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