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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
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"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
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February 2005
'Goodbye old friend' - John Williams' cue in Revenge of the Sith.
7th February 2005
Under the baton of maestro composer John Williams, the London Symphony Orchestra has begun recording the musical score for Revenge of the Sith !
Recorded out of sync of the movie plot, so as to keep the musicians in a musical theme for as long as possible, there are sweeps of romance and cuts of chilling darkness ! Existing themes return, and are mingled in with the new material : one good example is the 'Across the Stars' love theme from Episode II with the Episode V 'Vader's Theme' emerging from the shadows to entwine with it.
In the first HS article, a similarity is suggested to the foreboding scene and melody that accompanies Vader as he pummels Luke with torn machinery in Cloud City. When prompted by Lucas, Williams replies that the Episode I 'Duel of the Fates' will indeed return ... but towards the climax of the Master-Padawan Duel !
In the second HS article, it's revealed that one of the principal horn players was finally able to reprise a melody that he hadn't played for 25 years : 'Princess Leia's Theme' ! Additionally, the LSO have now recorded the 'Episode III Suite', a titular stand-alone theme that will be used to help promote Revenge of the Sith in April and May.
What marks the LSO out as the principal film score recording orchestra is their ability, within the confines of tight budget and time, to sight-read and perform without rehearsal and with minimal re-takes. For decades, film producers have utilised this orchestra for its instruments as well as the players, and each time the group has delivered. Williams has often praised the LSO for its brass section, especially for the fanfares that are required in the Star Wars films, and the audience can but only agree ! :o)
And on the 3rd of february, Hayden Christensen and Frank Oz both popped in to the Abbey Road recording studios to gaze upon the scoring session for the last ever Star Wars film. Hayden had just finished some brief pick-up shots of Anakin the day before at Elstree - the british studios where it had all begun back in 1975 - while Frank was due to record more of Master Yoda's dialogue that would be laid in to the evolving sound mix.
In other news, fansite continues to reveal plot and character detail, most recently some of the dilemmas faced by Anakin, and the events that bring Amidala, Bail, and Mon Mothma towards rebellion.
And apparently has a descriptive breakdown of the forthcoming march trailer .... which might be previewed to a select few as early as the 11th of february !
.... Less than 100 days to go .... :o)>
Nathaniel Reed, 7th February 2005
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